help people who are struggling with biochem, his lectures helped me and he covers alot more ie, protein and enzymes, lipids etc. Be careful he goes into slightly more detail than required. - william harrison
Atomic weights of 10 elements on periodic table about to make an historic change -
what impact will this have on our chemistry course, and chemistry overall. Atomic weights are needed for mass spectrometry vital in proetein characterization. Alter all peoples proteins analysis - william harrison
spend's half an hour trying to wotk out answer, work out answer..... Jack cox picks up calculator and not understand equation, puts in 5.82*3 and gets the the right answer
I just did maths at it. - Jack Anthony Cox
It's the best way, Jack. - Max Levin
Looked up, and I think I just thought "Half-life is 5.82, to work out the 75% time it's another half life at half concentration so it'd take twice as long, adding to the original length of time it's 3 times the length." Obviously not 100% accurate, but close enough to round to the correct answer, and not knowing the equation, a good enough estimate for a multiple choice test. - Jack Anthony Cox
cramming for tommorrow's test in #ch1070 that we have tomorrow. so much i don't know
plant diversity #bs1012, its more like plant evolution than diversity
It does seem that alot of emphasis is put on the ways in which the structure of different plants that we see now could have evolved from other structures, and all this is speculation. I was shocked that we were asked to imagine a seed-fern cupule having a bract arround it to show a transition to the carpel of a flower. The fossil record does not provide evidence for this transition,... more... - Nan Pu
The Translation Initiation Factor 3f (eIF3f) Exhibits a Deubiquitinase Activity Regulating Notch Activation -
enjoyed giving my presentation on #bs 1012 trying to define a species, learned alot and hoped my tutor will give me good feedback
Scientists turn skin cells directly into blood cells, bypassing middle pluripotent step -
Swine flu rears its ugly head as child aged 8 dies in county armagh region of northern ireland. Will this casue a wave of public panic, administering h1n1 flu vaccines or will it be an isolated incident?
Reference? - Dr Alan Cann
Yes, a reference please, I'm from NI so this will be interesting to follow! - Lindsey Freeman
I think this is the news story you're talking about: - Adam Pryor
people in group 37 for #bs1010 we need to mmet up and get on with the assignment, if people in group 37 have already got a title then i'm quit happy to continue with what you already have. Thursday help session, perhaps?
That is a good idea we can meet in the help session on thursday...i dont think any one has any ideas yet but if not we can come up with some then. - Naison Chitiyo
Yeah thursday is good with me. - Olga
Scientists discover possible cure for common cold. Until now it was believed that antibodies couldn't penetrate into a cell that had been taken over by a virus, now they believe mechanisms are activated that allow antibodies to penetrate cell and destroy viral host inside. More info check out...
Gene expression: Genomic space-savers -
thought this might be of interest to people doing genetics or interested in genome - william harrison
Got the mark back for week 3 practical report, anybody else get 96%
Trying to do write up on practical 1, do we include observations we have made over the weeks leading upto practical 4, and if so were do we put them and what to write? help
Which module? Use module tags. - Dr Alan Cann
Working on my #bs1003 tutorial assignment i came across a strange article. Whippets are normally slender dogs but this one was mutated and was incredibly weird, even if you haven't seen a whippet you'll still think this is freaky "". Check it out, but get ready to be shocked.
Not posted something in a while due to the cold that was slowly killing me, but i'm better now. The program tonight about the humone genome looks good... if only i had a tele, how i miss T.v
Might be a bad idea sharing this but hey! - this is what got me through my first year :). - Jaspreet Seehra
Thanks for that link Jaspreet!! :) - Laura
EDL march on this weekend, my advice... stay clear
Good Advice William - would be wise to stay out of the city centre on Saturday afternoon - Dr Jo Badge
Obviously 'like' in this case means 'like the comment and think other people should see it' rather than like the march. - Dr Alun Salt
I overheard some students saying they were told by a lecturer to stay away from town this weekend. My initial reaction was that those of us who strongly disagree with the views of the EDL should show up to make our feelings clear. Thinking about it some more I realized that they want confrontation and attention and the best way to treat attention seeking behaviour is to not give it any. - Roisin Thomas
Excellent BS 1003 practical today, very different form college gloves were4 a pain to get on and made my hands feel weird after taking them of, maybe slightly allergic to latex, who knows. Went well but now i've got to do the write up. peace out all boisceionces
hi will - include the hash in front of the module code #BS1003 and it will automatically make it into a search and show up in the Blackboard module for this course too - Dr Jo Badge
Just signed up to friendfeed, absolutely knackered. Should maybe have a night of from drinking, especially now my proper lecctures have started. Peace out everybody
Add a photo of yourself or another image that we can identify you by. It helps to make your account look more professional - Dr Jo Badge
Reading a interesting article for all you curry lovers out there, and active ingredient in the spice curcumin (used in curries) can kill carcinogenic cells whilst not damaging healthy cells. Interested read more news and events leicester home page.
Great post William - you could add the link to the article as well- did you mean this? - Dr Jo Badge
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