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Facebook down/up is a win-win for me. One hand, if FB died- MySpace might have a chance. The other- I'm a Facebook user and enjoy it.
I'm down to choosing what session I go to by power outlet availability. Apparently electricity is not part of web 2.0? #w2e.
The panel I'm listening to just said that it is a bad thing to say you're a Serial Entrepreneur. Glad to hear SOMEONE finally say it. #w2e
Visual Studio 2010 is still very buggy! They messed up Copy/Paste...really?!? #vs2010
Our Tech,Talk,&Tacos event ended with CTO Alex Maghen & VP-Product @macadaan teaching @ladygaga "Bad Romance"
Our Tech,Talk,&Tacos event ended with CTO Alex Maghen & VP-Product @macadaan teaching @ladygaga "Bad Romance"
MySpace is hiring like crazy again. Anyone looking? So far, I'm loving the new changes around here! Also- We're hiring non .NET devs now.
Today my team and I announced our decision- MySpace is officially supporting #jQuery across all #MySpace verticals!
I'm attending jQuery Conference 2010: San Francisco Bay Area --
I've finished writing my CSS Selector parser. Next up: implement querySelectorAll. This otta be fun! #nerdspeak
MySpace asked me to come back to work for them. With all the new changes, it sounded like a interesting opportunity. So- I'm back now!
What a crazy night! Studying CSS3 spec and the Sizzle selector engine. wild-n-crzy times. #nerdspeak
The PB in a PBnJ is vital. Besides being yummy, it acts as the spackle that fills the bread's holes and keeps the jelly from oozing through.
why doesn't the homepage have closing body & html tags??
I'm at Griffith Observatory Store -
What is the deal with men wearing giant wall clocks on their wrists? - Photo:
Touristville. I come for their salad and to people watch. - Photo:
great jazz- beautiful wife- new friends- perfect weather. Let's remember this. -
ooOO... FedEx just delivered my new Juniper firewall. I guess I'll be heading to the datacenter tonight.
I've been off the grid- Installed Windows 7 on my stand-by PC. I'm back on the grid, GMail is off the grid.
My MacBook Pro's video went out- so I bought a new one. They gave me a glossy screen. I retrnd it. They say i must order it online, gave up.
I'm at Santa Monica Pier Carousel -
I'm at E! Entertainment Television -
I'm at Barnes & Noble Booksellers 3rd Street Promenade -
just added http:/ to my Google reader
I'm at Jack N'Jill's of Beverly Hills -
I'm at AMC Theatres - Century City 15 -
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