This isn't disturbing
RT @Japh: Better get some sleep ready to have a chat with @williamsba and @dremeda on the @DradCast in a few hours!
This always seems to happen when @dremeda is around
Time to pick up @dremeda from the airport. The DRAD grows near!
Happy Veterans Day!
"Hang up! I'm trying to hack!" @TheGoldbergsABC
Just remember: Haters gonna hate
RT @CraigR3521: ICYMI: What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, except Marines, Marines will kill you:
RT @ryandonsullivan: @williamsba @DradCast FWIW there was very little context for value when you when you tweeted that, so I totally get it. xoxo
It’s hard to understand my stance on @loopconf from a few tweets and quotes on the Tavern. I’ll clarify it all on the @DradCast this week ;)
For the #Corps (at @PlanetFitness in Flourtown, PA)
Hail to the King baby!!! "'Evil Dead' TV show starring Bruce Campbell greenlit by Starz" via @EW
RT @webdevstudios: Thank you to all of our Veterans! Special thanks to our WDS Veterans -- @williamsba, @bmess, and @dremeda!
RT @raisononline: This book is awesome. About to release second plugin into the repo. Cheers @williamsba
RT @browserstack: We did get hacked. Currently sanitising entire BrowserStack, so service will be down for a while. We're on top of it & will keep you posted.
After the email I just received from @browserstack, I'm pretty sure they have been hacked. Wow
I just earned the 'Land of the Free (Level 9)' badge on @untappd!
I just earned the 'Journeyman' badge on @untappd!
Drinking a Loose Cannon by @HeavySeasBeer -
One-eyed Willie's treasure!
RT @Jtsternberg: #protip #WCRaleigh a LOT of useful tools we (@webdevstudios) have developed for client projects, open-sourced:
I always want what I can’t have. Amazon Echo and Microsoft Health are on my list, but one is invite only and the other is out of stock :(
So @loopconf tickets are $600 for early bird and $800 regular? Wow. Good luck with that. You just priced out 90% of the WP community.
RT @Jtsternberg: My CMB2 #WCRaleigh slides: (checkout @storyftw if you like the slides!)
Spending time with my ladies (@ Curtis Hall Dog Park in Elkins Park, PA)
East! (@ Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) in Philadelphia, PA)
Take me home (@ Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA) in Seatac, WA)
Live Your Moms House podcast #yourmomshouse (at @Highline_bar in Seattle, WA)
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