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Ran into this guy in New York, and he ruined all my favorite Sci-fi movies for me.
INTERNET! I am about to be live on @peoplemag's #peoplenow. Watch it at
I haven’t even been in New York City for 12 hours, and Roman has called me to go bowling 15 times.
RT @SimpsonsQOTD: "It was I, you fools! The man you trusted isn't Wavy Gravy at all!"
Heartbreaking news. Carol Ann Susi, who was Mrs. Wolowitz on Big Bang Theory, passed away today. She was so lovely.
I only got to talk with Carol Ann a few times, but she was so kind, and so talented, and so incredibly funny. We lost a good person today.
Nigel says that he's doing fine, mum, and he doesn't need you to make any plans for him.
RT @laura_hudson: This old school prose walkthrough of Super Mario Bros kills me. In the world of books, WORDS are your screenshot
My time in New York is so short, I got the “it’s time to check in” for the flight home WHILE I am on the flight there.
A Place To Live by Jessica Lee Williamson on @TheMoth is just wonderful:
Which came first, the dickwagon, or his anime avatar? Is this correlation or causation? I need to do science.
YAY!! RT @tabletop: Oh backers.... your special episode is almost in your inbox! Get excited! <3 #TableTop
Mail … kah-hee … shimp?
I have additional thoughts, based on your comments. I have put them on my blog, if you’re interested:
Ugh. Turbulent air is turbulent.
That time a column I wrote was on the front page of Washington Post dot Com, and was the 5th most read story:
When you can't tell if you didn't express yourself clearly enough, or if people are deliberately distorting what you wrote.
Because I will be in New York for a little under 24 hours, everything I need for the trip fits into this bag.
RT @neiltyson: Mysteries of #Interstellar: In this unreal future, they teach unscientific things in science class. Oh, wait. That is real.
RT @DCComics: Wil Wheaton (@wilw) guest hosts today's new #DCAllAccess! And yes, D20 were used in the taping of this episode:
RT @PlazaAndMainSt: *discovers TableTop* *looks up from YouTube 8.5 hours later* I apparently time travelled. Curse you @wilw ! *buys all the games*
RT @tabletop: #TableTop fact: Our producer, Adam Lawson, worked on the God of War commercial for the Super Bowl last year.
Dear veterans: Thank you. It’s disgraceful that we, as a nation, don’t take better care of you after you’ve served our country.
BLOG: Regarding Anonymous Gaming Trolls, Tabletop, and More
Good night, Internet. Be kind, and sleep well.
"We were here first, so you can't make us move. It's the law. We checked."
So I’ve been thinking … why NOT Zoidberg?
RT @jonrog1: Tonight Ted Cruz stretches out on a couch, his head on Comcast's lap. Comcast strokes his hair, tells him he's special, and pretty, and good
RT @Oatmeal: Dear @SenTedCruz, I'm going to explain to you how Net Neutrality ACTUALLY works
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