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Some day, we’ll have a moment of silence for Net Neutrality, and some of us will have it faster than others, depending on our ISP.
RT @alexisohanian: Just got off a call with @NPR about #SaveNetNeutrality h/t @KatManalac - seriously this is a terrible birthday gift, FCC
Whenever we walk Marlowe, she does this the instant we walk in the door, and won't move until Seamus gives the ok.
Sid and Marty Krofft present Breakin' 2: Electric Bugaloo.
So cool! Sign me up! RT @RodRoddenberry: RODDENBERRY ADVENTURES LAUNCHES. Learn more here:
Because it’s a FAQ: the tattoo on my left forearm is @AnneWheaton’s heartbeat. She gave it to me for Valentine’s Day this year.
I guess Cliven Bundy didn't get the memo from John Roberts that racism doesn't exist anymore in America because John Roberts said so.
RT @nickmullen: "feminism is a cancer" he typed, vaping and chugging mountain dew "it's killing us men." The microwave dinged, his taquitos were ready
When you hear Painkiller and the sense memory from Rock Band makes your hands ache.
I’m not saying that you have to go tell @TheAshleyClem happy birthday, but I will tell you that she’s one of my favorite humans. <3
As a precaution, all the brooms in downtown should be kept away from Staples tonight. #GoKingsGo
RT @tweetsoutloud: Apollo astronauts seeing lunar craters is best game of “That’s what she said” ever. via @elakdawalla @trueanomalies
Started my day by sleeping in, and having steel-cut oatmeal with strawberries for breakfast. I’ve wrecked the curve for today already.
RT @techdirt: Weasel Language In Proposal For FCC's New 'Open Internet' Rules Actually Opens The Door To An End To Net Neutrality
RT @BoingBoing: FCC expected to propose new rules today that will kill Net Neutrality. Here’s how to contact the FCC commissioners:
Why am I just finding out now that @TVsAndyDaly is one of the funniest people on the planet?! THANKS OBAMA.
Straight Outta Avenue Q. #GangstaBroadway @midnight
The Importance of Being Easy E(arnest) #GangstaBroadway @midnight
The Importance of Being Easy E #GangstaBroadway @midnight
Jersey BoyZ in da Hood #GangstaBroadway @midnight
RT @BoingBoing: FCC plans to announce new rules tomorrow that will kill Net Neutrality. Here’s how to contact the FCC commissioners:
Bro, do you even bro, bro? #bro
Drinking a Stone Enjoy By 05.16.14 IPA by @StoneBrewingCo -
Thank you for all the gnat puns. You are truly all gnat, you lovely people. ALL GNAT CARL.
When you walk through a small cloud of gnats … and then you end up walking through a cloud of gnats for a block. Fucking gnats.
Gnats entertainment. - Spidra Webster
The key to being awesome on Twitter is to do whatever someone else tells you to do, so they won’t unfollow you because SERIOUS BUSINESS.
I have fun with the good-natured hockey rivalry chirping, but let’s remember not to take it too seriously, okay? #BecauseItsTheCup
When you get a treat, eat it too fast, throw it up, then eat it again. BOOM! Bonus treat. -From A Guide To Being A Dog, by Seamus Wheaton
RT @dangillmor: So if today's dismal reports re FCC and Net Neutrality are true, remember that a former cable industry henchman is running the FCC.
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