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RT @SarahKSilverman: Dear film writers: when u take jokes & tweets from comics ur STEALING & just b/c u get away w it doesn't make it right
Way to make the most out of the giant payroll, Dodgers. Bravo.
I really need a nap. #thuglife
RT @JamesUrbaniak: If and when the SNL plagiarist apologizes it will be the usual "I had a deadline and panicked" excuse. They always copy that too.
Look, ladies at the nail salon, I just want to get a manicure so I’m pretty for #Tabletop. What’s with all the suspicious looks?
RT @matthewcarney: One-Eyed Willy & Grace @midnight #PirateTVShows
RT @lifeinanutshel: Masters and Commander of Sex #PirateTVShows @midnight
Barnacle Bill Street Blues #PirateTVShows @midnight
Keel Haul and Peele. #PirateTVShows @midnight
Cabin Boy Meets World #PirateTVShows @midnight
RT @AnneWheaton: @midnight Booty and the Beast #PirateTVShows
Magnum PI rates of the Caribbean #PirateTVShows @midnight
DiffARRent Strokes #PirateTVShows @midnight
I just saw a store that rents videos! Like from the before times!
My two year-old godson, everyone. He's making me proud.
That time we went into the shoe store for Anne, and walked out with two pair of fancy shoes for me.
wondering if she planned it that way... - Kevin Johnson
I just said, "I really like the way these shoes make the cuffs of my pants break," and now I don't know who I am.
Superfluous question mark is superfluous.?
Buying books online is convenient. Buying them in a bookstore is an EXPERIENCE.? I <3 you, @powells.
Pretty shitty behavior, @twitter. "Twitpic image hosting service to shut down"
RT @Heather_Horton: @wilw @AnneWheaton Seamus' portrait is finished! Oil on panel, 10"x8":)
RT @techdirt: FCC's Tom Wheeler Admits There Isn't Really Broadband Competition
RT @KPeter0314: @wilw my adult son leaves drawings like this on our whiteboard all the time. This is today's gem.
I put so much sriracha on my eggs, I’m sweating. #HardcoreBreakfast
When I'm king of the world, it will be impossible to take videos in portrait. The phone's screen will just say "NO" until you turn it.
RT @mattyglesias: As I wrote earlier, it’s the whole culture of police impunity that’s the problem:
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