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Sincerely: great win, @SanJoseSharks. You totally earned this. @LAKings: Try playing 60 minutes, next time.
Okay, I’ll repost it, but only because some of you @SanJoseSharks fans asked me to. #GOKINGSGO
RT @MrGeorgeWallace: Shout out to old modems goin' beeeeeeeeeep beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep siuhoiwehpoihnbpoifnhodsihdidsgipfgpsinfgsepifw[iedho and whatnot
Sharks fans, I’m not saying you’re going to need those signs I sent you, but you may want to keep them close, just in case.
OH HELL YEAH 5-1 NOW. HOW DO YOU LIKE THAT SHARKS oh god this game is so awful for the kings just let it be over
Congratulations, St. Lous Blues! I’m claiming credit because I turned on your game and you scored within seconds. #BecauseItsTheCup
I love the Kings, but seriously …
The Kings used OVERPASS THE PUCK ON THE POWERPLAY! …it’s not very effective.
“Tonight, we’ve replaced the Kings with the Canucks. Let’s see if the fans notice…”
… ALTHOUGH … it would be a pretty epic Sharks choke if the Kings came back and won this in the 3rd. …oh god there’s a whole period left.
Kings better have a bag skate tomorrow.
It’s fun as hell to troll Sharks fans, but let’s be honest: the Kings are playing like shit tonight and should be embarrassed.
Okay, Sharks, pretty sure you get this one. But keep those charts handy, because it’s a seven game series and you’re going to need them.
The Kings use WEAK SHOTS FROM THE BLUE LINE ON THE POWER PLAY. …it’s not very effective.
Of course, this *could* be the year that the Sharks don’t choke in the playoffs…
But, seriously, @SanJoseSharks fans, you’ll need this. Maybe not in the 2nd period, maybe not tonight, but soon. <3
Oh, by the way, it’s the NHL playoffs, so you should unfollow me for the next month. #BecauseItsTheCup
I’m more of a lover than a fighter, TBH. RT @BrentonWelling: You wanna fight now or later @wilw
Oh, and a public service announcement…
I have to admit: the @SanJoseSharks are playing a hell of a great game so far, and the @LAKings seem to think it’s January.
The Kings used POWER PLAY! …it’s not very effective.
U mad, bro? RT @BrentonWelling: @wilw @SanJoseSharks @LAKings fight me irl bitch
Dear @SanJoseSharks fans, Welcome to the playoffs. As a public service, this is for you. Love, an @LAKings fan
Wow. Really surprised the officials didn’t give the Sharks an extra 2 minutes there. .. .. .. HA HA NO I’M NOT GREAT JOB GUYS.
…shit. Good forecheck by the Sharks, and Quick apparently went to Mars for a moment. Let’s go Kings!
Chinese take-out, Stone IPA, and #TeamHorsemask. This is a good way to start the playoffs. #GoKingsGo
Just watched a hilarious clip with my writers that makes me wish #TheWilWheatonProject was on TV right now. I can't wait to start my show!
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