An orgasm a day keeps the doctor away (via -
An orgasm a day keeps the doctor away (via
"We all know sex feels good but it’s also incredibly good for you! Research constantly proves that a good, close, healthy relationship and sex life is crucial to both our emotional and physical wellbeing. Which is why, when couples tell me “Sex is no longer important once you’ve been together forever”, I beg to - loudly and boisterously - differ. Share937 35 Getty Images Making love isn't a luxury, it's essential for your relationship to survive. According to research, we get about a quarter of our total enjoyment of a relationship from sex. That's if you're having good, regular sex and the rest of your relationship's in pretty good shape. If you're having bad sex, or none at all, the other three-quarters of the relationship that was good, gets cancelled out. Why? If your sex life is in drastic dire straits, it spills over into the rest of the relationship and ends up poisoning everything. What's the one thing that differentiates good friends from lovers? Sex. Think about it. These days, when we see friends separately and share lots of ourselves with same- and opposite-sex friends, it's the only thing we do with our partner that we don't do with anyone else. Good sex builds a close, intimate relationship - and it does a lot to smooth over the rough parts. Sex is good for us, both physically and mentally. It decreases stress, boosts the immune system and gives us a sense of wellbeing. We feel loved and nurtured when we're having satisfying, regular sex. More relaxed with each other and prepared to put up with more. Stop having good sex and you stop feeling connected to your partner. Feeling loved, accepted and attractive is central to our happiness - and happiness is a crucial factor for good health. If someone doesn't want to make love to you, you don't feel sexy or attractive. Your self-esteem plummets. Sexual frustration makes you irritable. Resentment means you start getting angry over things that previously didn't worry you. Without sex, intimacy disappears.... more... - Winckel from Bookmarklet
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