The Ayatollah Under the Bed(sheets) - By Karim Sadjadpour | Foreign Policy -
The Ayatollah Under the Bed(sheets) - By Karim Sadjadpour | Foreign Policy
"In the early years of the Iranian Revolution, an obscure cleric named Ayatollah Gilani became a sensation on state television by contemplating bizarre hypotheticals at the intersection of Islamic law and sexuality. One of his most outlandish scenarios -- still mocked by Iranians three decades later -- went like this: Imagine you are a young man sleeping in your bedroom. In the bedroom directly below, your aunt lies asleep. Now imagine that an earthquake happens that collapses your floor, causing you to fall directly on top of her. For the sake of argument, let's assume that you're both nude, and you're erect, and you land with such perfect precision on top of her that you unintentionally achieve intercourse. Is the child of such an encounter halalzadeh (legitimate) or haramzadeh (a bastard)? Such tales of random ribaldry may sound anomalous in the seemingly austere, asexual Islamic Republic of Iran. But the "Gili Show," as it came to be known, had quite the following among both the traditional classes, who were titillated by his taboo topics, and the Tehrani elite, who tuned in for comic relief. Gilani helped spawn what is now a virtual cottage industry of clerics and fundamentalists turned amateur sexologists offering incoherent advice on everything from quickies ("The man's goal should be to lighten his load as soon as possible without arousing his woman") to masturbation ("a grave, grave sin which causes scientific and medical harm"). COMMENTS (224) SHARE: Share on twitter Twitter Share on reddit Reddit More... Perhaps it's not entirely surprising that Iran's Shiite fundamentalists -- not unlike their evangelical Christian, Catholic, Orthodox Jewish, and Sunni Muslim counterparts -- spend an inordinate amount of time pondering sexuality. They are human, after all. But the sexual manias of Iran's religious fundamentalists are worthy of greater scrutiny, all the more so because they control a state with nuclear ambitions, vast oil wealth, and a young, dynamic,... more... - Winckel from Bookmarklet
christians and jews similarly seem to have problems with the human condition. they seem to struggle inordinately - no doubt because in most cases they've grown up with an amazingly unreal and inaccurate view of their own species - Winckel
Karim Sadjadpour is one of my favorite guys ... These are what Khomeini said in his book ... Unbelievable how sick you have to think and write about things like this!! BTW, his book was banned by Shah's regime and one of the reasons pre-revolution 1979, Khomeini was popular by the norm ... funny and sad at the same time!! - Sepi ⌘ سپی
Strange people - reminds me how terribly screwed up humanity is - Winckel