Woz on Windows Phone: Compared to Android, There's No Contest -
"After alerting his Twitter followers that he was intent on securing one of Nokia’s new Lumia 900 smartphones, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has revealed what he thinks of the company’s new handset and the Windows Phone platform as a whole — and it’s overwhelmingly positive. The Woz is known as a man who loves his mobile tech, so it was no surprise that he would obtain Nokia’s flagship Windows Phone smartphone when it launched to see how it operated. Steve Wozniak ✔ @stevewoz Breakfast to waste time awaiting opening of AT&T to see if Lumia 900 available. (@ Denny's) 13 Apr 12 ReplyRetweetFavorite Despite being an Apple man (regularly queuing outside his local Apple Store for every new phone and tablet launch), Wozniak has also been snapped visiting Google’s Mountain View HQ, in order to pick up a brand new Galaxy Nexus. In a recent podcast call with’s Dan Patterson, Todd Moore and Gina Smith, Wozniak spoke about how Microsoft had made its platform intuitive, easy to use and most significantly “beautiful”, adding that “compared to Android, there’s no contest.” While Apple’s iPhone still appears to be his favorite device, mainly due to the wealth of apps available on the App Store, the former Apple executive has noting but nice things to say about his new Microsoft-powered device:" - Winckel from Bookmarklet