Richard Mourdock defeats Richard Lugar in Indiana primary -
Richard Mourdock defeats Richard Lugar in Indiana primary
"Richard Lugar, the veteran Republican senator for Indiana, has been kicked out by the Tea Party movement in the state primary, losing to treasurer Richard Mourdock and bringing to an end a career in the Senate spanning nearly four decades marked by his efforts on nuclear non-proliferation treaties. Lugar, the ranking Republican on the Senate foreign relations committee, received 40% of the vote to Mourdock's 60%. "I have no regrets about running for re-election. Even if doing so can be a very daunting task," said the 80-year-old Lugar as he conceded to Mourdock. Mourdock, who enjoyed the support of the conservative Tea Party movement, urged supporters to donate to his general election campaign. "We left everything on the table to win the primary," he said. Mourdock will face the Democrats' Joe Donnelly in the November general election. Within minutes of Lugar's loss, Democrats were already painting Mourdock as too extreme for the state. Republicans need to gain four seats to take control of the Senate, and a Lugar loss "gives Democrats a pickup opportunity," said Senator Charles Schumer, a New York Democrat. Earlier in the day Lugar, 80, made clear he would stand by Tuesday's outcome, ruling out running as an independent. "This is it," he said. Playing out in a conservative state, the race illustrated the electorate's animosity toward many incumbents and anyone with deep ties to Washington. That was clear when Lugar, who has not faced questions about his residency in decades, found himself on the defensive over whether he lived in Indiana or northern Virginia. Lugar also was cast as too moderate for the conservative Republican party in Indiana and he was criticised for his work with Democrats on issues such as nuclear non-proliferation, underscoring deep polarisation in the country as well as a split in Republican ranks between the establishment wing and the insurgent Tea Party, which advocates small government, deep spending cuts and no tax increases, disdaining... more... - Winckel from Bookmarklet
I don't mind US politics imploding, the yanks deserve it. But no-one could say Lugar's defeat is good for US politics. It will surely increase the silly sectarianism and raw stupidity of the conservative movement. - Winckel