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Chinese sex fair shows how prudishness and liberation sit side-by-side -
Chinese sex fair shows how prudishness and liberation sit side-by-side
"One-two-THREE! CONTROL! … and relax," Ma Jian urges. The 78-year-old author is addressing a few dozen men clustered around a stage in Guangzhou, but he aspires to a much bigger audience. "China has more than 2,000 years of sexual history and culture and skills. It has sexual experience which western countries have never known. I want to introduce its expertise to people here and people overseas and make all men happy," he said. "I want all women to benefit. I take guys who shoot in three minutes and teach them to hang on for 30. That's long enough." Until 10 years ago this evangelist was, he said, "an underground worker", toiling in strictest secrecy. He grew up in the sexually repressive society created by Mao Zedong. The chairman of the People's Republic may have shared his own bed with numerous women, but under his rule bodies were disguised in shapeless suits and holding hands in public was shocking. Even in the 80s, after liberalisation had begun, a man was executed for... more... - Winckel from Bookmarklet
In you want prudish, sex toys are banned in parts of the US (for example, Alabama) - Winckel
Yes, he's the one who banned sex toys in Alabama :-) - Winckel
I really want that statue in my front yard but since the wife has nixed zombie trolls i'm guessing that is a no too. - Steve C, Team Marina
BBC News - Malala Yousafzai: Pakistan activist, 14, shot in Swat -
BBC News - Malala Yousafzai: Pakistan activist, 14, shot in Swat
Din, iman, erkeklik... Hadi len, 14 yaşındaki kız çocuğunu vurmak hangi dine, hangi düşünceye sığıyor. - MugeCerman from Bookmarklet
:-(( - Winckel
bi de alkol tüm kötülüklerin anası derler - Yıldıray Karakiya
A police box is a British telephone kiosk or callbox located in a public place for the use of members of the police, or for members of the public to contact the police. Unlike an ordinary callbox, its telephone is located behind a hinged door so it can be used from the outside, and the interior of the box is, in effect, a miniature police station for use by police officers. - Halil from Bookmarklet
for Janet :-) - Halil
the first photo is from outside Earl's Court Tube. I pass it most weekends. It never opens when I snap my fingers. - Winckel
there's still some out there? - Iphigenie
I must admit I don't recall seeing any genuine ones anymore. - Halil
There's this one in Sheffield - Pete's Got To Go
it's where Clegg stays when he's there - Winckel
Former archbishop of Canterbury attacks gay marriage at Tory conference -
Former archbishop of Canterbury attacks gay marriage at Tory conference
"The former archbishop of Canterbury, Lord Carey, has accused David Cameron of "plundering" the institution of heterosexual marriage to promote same-sex marriage rights. Allowing gay marriage would cause deep divisions in society "without giving gays a single right they do not have in civil partnership", he said. At a Coalition for Marriage rally on the fringe of the Conservative conference in Birmingham on Monday, Carey joined David Burrowes, the backbench MP for Enfield Southgate, and former MP Ann Widdecombe in protesting that neither the Lib Dem nor Tory 2010 manifesto included a pledge to legalise gay marriage. Carey claimed that in some countries where same-sex marriage had been made legal – including Mexico, Brazil and the Netherlands – it had led to unforeseen consequences such as three-person marriages. Asked about opponents of gay marriage being described as "bigots" – on one occasion by Nick Clegg, the deputy prime minister – Carey said: "Let us remember the Jews in Nazi... more... - Winckel from Bookmarklet
I like these elderly white male homophobes. The claim to Shoah-style persecution is nice too. History will roll over these guys and crush them into oblivion. And I look forward to hastening their demise. This is a fight I like. - Winckel
Isola Virtuale
Dio++ - Isola Virtuale
ritenta Fissore, ma usa un linguaggio diverso - Isola Virtuale from Android
Ecco, ben articolato e motivato, ottima la metafora delle deiezioni intestinali - Isola Virtuale
no, soprattutto lo stile. Una cosa è sedersi elegantemente su un water di porcellana altro è accucciarsi in un cesso alla turca da caserma - Isola Virtuale
in fondo è uno dei momenti intimi più importanti. Un momento durante il quale siamo soli con noi stessi e in pace - Isola Virtuale
giusto lì l'ho pensata quest'immagine. Più rispetto, quindi - Isola Virtuale
vedo che ci capiamo al volo - Isola Virtuale
:) - Winckel
Our illustrious Prime Minister is now on Twitter, maybe it's time to join the throng.....
Just managed to get myself on Twitter, hwinckelmann , and expecting Twitter's servers to groan under the strain of traffic. Or not. But it's been fun today reading Dawkins' tweets :-) - Winckel
LOL. My first tweet was to Nick Clegg, our deputy PM. - Winckel
He doesn't seem to be engaging in a lot of conversation there. - Stephan Planken from iPhone
He isn't the most popular person at the moment...I imagine he's a bit sensitive about that... - Winckel
Victor Stenger: Is Evolution Compatible With Religion? -
Victor Stenger: Is Evolution Compatible With Religion?
"Every major scientific society has affirmed that all our knowledge of biological science convincingly supports evolution by natural selection and cannot be understood without it. At the same time, these societies have carefully avoided offending religious groups by assuring that evolution does not conflict with religious beliefs. (See, for example, National Academy of Sciences. Teaching About Evolution and the Nature of Science. Washington, DC: National Academy Press, 1998, p. 58). In fact, this attempt by scientists to convince the American public that evolution poses no threat to faith has largely fallen on deaf ears, perhaps because it is simply untrue, and believers can see this clearly enough. A 2010 Gallup Poll found that only 16 percent of Americans believe in "Naturalist Evolution," defined as the view that "Man has developed over millions of years from less advanced forms of life [and] God had no part in the process." This is exactly the same percentage of Americans who... more... - Winckel from Bookmarklet
LOL. Squared. :-) - Winckel
Pastors' sermons will defy IRS rules -
Pastors' sermons will defy IRS rules
"As part of Pulpit Freedom Sunday, religious leaders across the country will endorse political candidates — an act that flies in the face of Internal Revenue Service rules about what tax-exempt organizations, such as churches, can and cannot do. The IRS says tax-exempt organizations, or what they refer to as a 501(c)(3), are prohibited from participating in partisan campaigning for or against political candidates. Yet, despite what's in the rules, the agency continues to struggle to do anything about those who defy the law. Though the regulation has been in place since 1954, in 2009, a U.S. District Court in Minnesota ruled the IRS no longer had the appropriate staff to investigate places of worship after a reorganization changed who in the agency had the authority to launch investigations. New procedures for conducting church audits have been pending since 2009, which has left the IRS virtually impotent in conducting any kind of new investigations. The IRS did not respond to... more... - Winckel from Bookmarklet
I love the response to this - "we can do what we like, irrespective of the law, and you have to subsidise us too" - the arrogance of these people is breathtaking. This is a fight I enjoy. - Winckel
سرنوشت کسي که مي خواست عليرغم ميل ---- قوم برگزيده ---- پادشاه يهود بشه
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the dude has done well despite his torture and execution. Never underestimate the value of having lots of deluded nutjobs. - Winckel
برای من همیشه خیلی احترام داره. - پرنيا
من که عاشقشم ی جورایی - نهال
این کسخل کمونیست دوباره اومد چرت و پرت گفت. یه عکس از سانسور استالین در زمان شوروی بذار براش دمش رو می ذاره رو کولش میره پی کارش - ؛ patrick
Winckel Thanks - Prometheus
پرنيا جان از پرومتئوس هيچ وقت بي احترامي نسبت به هيچ قوم يا ديني نخواهي ديد - Prometheus
ممنون از ابراز عقيده ات نهال جان - Prometheus
patrick who ? - Prometheus
می دونم. منم فقط خواستم حس خودم رو برای یکی از انسانهایی با بی نهایت رنج و حقارت و شکنجه، تاریخ بشریت رو نغییر داد، بیان کرده باشم. - پرنيا
پرنيا بر طبق نظر مسيحيان مي دوني #مسیح چه کار براي همه ي جهانيان و نه صرفا مسيحيان انجام داد؟ مي دوني چرا در تمام فيلم هاي هاليوود مثل جن گير و خون آشام ها و جنگ هاي صليبي هالووين و ترسناک و آرماگدوني از نماد صلبيب اش به عنوان آخرين راه حل بشر ياد مي کنن ؟ - Prometheus
بگید شما. - پرنيا
پرنيا خدا وکيل جواب اون دوخط کامل بالا و لينکش همين دو کلمه بود ؟ - Prometheus
یعنی چون میخواست پادشاه بشه این رنج ها رو کشید؟ - پرنيا
نه - منظورم بيشتر اونايي که بهش اعتقاد دارن بود - Prometheus
بنظر شما جامعه اونروز رو تغییر نداد؟ - پرنيا
به هيچ عنوان - شايد ساليان بعد به لطف کنستانتين تمامي امپراطوري رم مجبور به پذيرش اين دين شدن ولي عملا در دوران زيستش و حتي الان قدرت واقعي در دستان يهود هست - Prometheus
ميدوني حتي تا چندسال بعد از مرگ مسيح هنوز کسي جرات گفتن اعتقاد به اونو نداشت ؟ شايد من منظور شما رو بد متوجه شدم ؟ من بيشتر قدرت حاکمه مد نظرم بود تا قدرت تاثير بر قلوب - Prometheus
من منظورم نتیجه اون رنجهایی که شما در عکسها انعکاس دادید در کل تاریخ تمدن بشر. - پرنيا
پاتریک منظورش وینکل بود - پرویز-جاوید ایران
پرويز جان - من نمي شناسم اش ؟ کجايي هست وينکل ؟ - Prometheus
فکر کنم امریکایی هستش کمونیست دو اتیشه هم هست فقط هم فکر کنم ۲۴ ساعته میگرده ببین کسی از عیسی مسیح یا نمیدونم اسرائیل یا از دولت امریکا اسم بیاره تا بپره وسط پارازیت بندازه - پرویز-جاوید ایران
ممنون ازتون - پس خدا رو شکر فارسي بلد نيست :دي - Prometheus
خواهش میکنم / بله دقیقا اگر فارسی بلد بود همین زیر فکر کنم یک هفته سخنرانی میکرد - پرویز-جاوید ایران
:DDD - Prometheus
winckel is a commie. he lives in london. - ؛ patrick
پاتریک یعنی امریکاییه انگلستان زندگی میکنه یا انگلیسیه اصلا؟ - پرویز-جاوید ایران
no, he is brit - ؛ patrick
ممنون من فکر میکردم امریکاییه - پرویز-جاوید ایران
I thought commies are extinct lol - روح مرحوم روباه آمریکایی
Roobah - LOL - ؛ patrick
Conservatives still party of the rich, says No 10's top thinktank -
Conservatives still party of the rich, says No 10's top thinktank
"David Cameron has failed to end the Tories' image as the party of the rich and is paying the price as Conservatives struggle to extend their appeal to urban areas in the north of England, according to the head of Downing Street's favourite thinktank. In a searing critique of the prime minister's faltering modernisation project, the director of Policy Exchange, Neil O'Brien, calls for an urgent round of renewal in the light of Cameron's failure to heal the "party's worst wounds". Writing for the Guardian on the eve of the Conservative conference in Birmingham, O'Brien says: "Today the Tories urgently need a new round of renewal. Tory modernisation has not yet healed the party's worst wounds. It is still seen as the party of the rich. It does badly in urban areas, particularly outside the south-east." The intervention by O'Brien, whose thinktank has been an intellectual powerhouse for the so called "Cameroons", reflects the concerns among many modernisers that the project has stalled.... more... - Winckel from Bookmarklet
I'm kinda rich, all things considered, and they are NOT my party. Perhaps I am not rich enough :p - Iphigenie
I guarantee you are not rich - or poor - enough to be a Conservative :) - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
conservatism is surely a crime against the species - quite literally a crime against humanity. As for women, where would the value be in supporting it, given all they have done to hinder progress for women?? - Winckel
But Thatcher was a woman! /sarcasm - kendrak
I don't know if that was ever medically proven.... - Winckel
Fwd: The Wizard of Oz Being Converted to 3D for Blu-ray Release | The Mary Sue - (vía
Fwd: The Wizard of Oz Being Converted to 3D for Blu-ray Release | The Mary Sue - (vía
3D seems a terrible idea. Great movie though. - Winckel
Apple’s Tribute To Steve Jobs, Yo-Yo Ma, And The Prelude From Bach -
Apple’s Tribute To Steve Jobs, Yo-Yo Ma, And The Prelude From Bach
"Camillo Miller of Italian website TheAppleLounge noticed an interesting tidbit about the brief tribute to Steve Jobs Apple published on its website today. The song that plays in the video, the prelude from Bach’s Cello Suite No. 1, is tuned down to F# major. Typically, the prelude is played in G major. So why tuning down the prelude? It comes down to an important detail related to Steve’s tastes in classical music. The version that Apple is using on the website is played by American cellist Yo-Yo Ma. As Walter Isaacson writes in Steve’s biography, Yo-Yo Ma and Steve were close friends: There was one classic musician Jobs revered both as a person and a performer: Yo-Yo Ma, the versatile virtuoso who is as sweet and profound as the tones he creates on his cello. They had met in 1981, when Jobs was at the Aspen Design Conference and Ma was at the Aspen Music Festival. Jobs tended to be deeply moved by artists who displayed purity, and he became a fan. He invited Ma to play at his... more... - Winckel from Bookmarklet
"baroque pitch" was news to me. - Winckel
Just bought cello suite 1 on iTunes - Winckel
Fwd: The One Killer Thing That iOS 6 Maps Is Very, Very Good At. - (via
Fwd: The One Killer Thing That iOS 6 Maps Is Very, Very Good At. - (via
Here’s the thing. When you use Google Maps, if you zoom in or out, Google downloads new maps to show you the tiles. These are called raster graphics, which are bitmaps because they correspond bit-for-bit with an image displayed on a screen. If you’ve ever seen a file with a .BMP extension, that’s an example of raster graphics. But Apple uses vector graphics. Unlike raster graphics, vector graphics don’t come in files that correspond bit-by-bit with the same image seen on a screen. Rather, vector graphics are made up of mathematical expressions that tell iOS 6 Maps how to draw the map. And since vector maps allow you to scale by any amount without degrading quality - Winckel
Fwd: Galaxy S4, other 2013 Samsung smartphones to pack 3GB of RAM? - (via
Fwd: Galaxy S4, other 2013 Samsung smartphones to pack 3GB of RAM? - (via
Fwd: Galaxy S4, other 2013 Samsung smartphones to pack 3GB of RAM? - (via
I'd always be fairly dismissive of specs in the absence of a clear overriding customer facing benefit - Winckel
Saw it; not sure I've ever found Scoble particularly insightful - Winckel
"A message from Tim Cook, Apple's CEO. Steve's passing one year ago today was a sad and difficult time for all of us. I hope that today everyone will reflect on his extraordinary life and the many ways he made the world a better place. One of the greatest gifts Steve gave to the world is Apple. No company has ever inspired such creativity or set such high standards for itself. Our values originated from Steve and his spirit will forever be the foundation of Apple. We share the great privilege and responsibility of carrying his legacy into the future. I'm incredibly proud of the work we are doing, delivering products that our customers love and dreaming up new ones that will delight them down the road. It's a wonderful tribute to Steve's memory and everything he stood for." - Winckel from Bookmarklet
Fast-moving star is the closest yet to the Milky Way’s black hole -
Fast-moving star is the closest yet to the Milky Way’s black hole
Fast-moving star is the closest yet to the Milky Way’s black hole
"The center of the Milky Way is a messy place, full of stars and star remnants. There's so much going on that it's hard to observe in visible light, so precision measurements rely on radio, X-ray, or infrared (IR) wavelengths. Astronomers using the Keck telescope on Mauna Kea in Hawaii have been watching stars near the galactic center in IR for 17 years, providing a detailed view of their dynamics. The fruits of these observations include the measurement of the mass of the Milky Way's central black hole: approximately 4 million times the mass of the Sun. The Keck team, led by UCLA astronomer Andrea Ghez, has now identified a star that orbits the black hole in 11.5 years, the shortest orbital period for a star yet discovered. Thanks to this relatively quick motion, the astronomers have completely mapped the orbit of this star, known as S0-102, making it the second such star observed. Knowledge of complete orbits helps with modeling the black hole itself, which is invisible in IR light.... more... - Winckel from Bookmarklet
У нас есть руки, чтобы остановить это! (via
Сегодня утром активистки FEMEN оккупировали статую Венеры Милосской в парижском Лувре. Активистки требовали прекратить судебные преследования, изнасилованной полицейскими, а позже обвиненной тунисскими властями в аморальном поведении гражданки Туниса Мариам. Активистки FEMEN закрепили на статуе плакат, гласящий "Изнасилуй меня - я аморальна" и озвучили слоган акции "У нас есть руки, чтобы прекратить это!". FEMEN трактует факт изнасилования Мариам тунисскими полицейскими как геноцид против женщин, а судебный процесс над жертвой считает актом изнасилования базовых принципов прав человека. FEMEN видит в действиях тунисских властей черты исламистской деградации, грозящей Тунису введением законов шариата с их женоненавистническими идеями. FEMEN требует от тунисских властей прекратить судебное преследование Мариам и публичного суда над насильниками в полицейской форме. Во имя Венеры мы обращаемся к женщинам мира с призывом создать фронт сопротивления и не допустить расправы над безневинной жертвой тунисских дикарей. У нас есть руки, чтобы остановить это! - Winckel
here's to the crazy ones indeed. today of all days. cheers steve. - Winckel
Apple Maps up to five times more data efficient than Google Maps -
"Apple Maps has been getting its share of negative attention since being released, but some new research shines a bright spot on the comparison between Apple’s and Google’s mapping apps. According to Onavo, a company that specializes in helping customers get the most out of their smartphone data plans, there are some big differences between the apps. The company ran tests on the two apps to see which was the most efficient in its data usage. After running a number of scenarios, the tests showed that Apple Maps was up to five times more data efficient than Google Maps. For instance, when you search for a new location the mapping app has to download the street data you see on the screen — panning and zooming means even more data downloaded. “On Google Maps, the average data loaded from the cellular network for each step was 1.3MB, the company wrote on its Web site. “Apple Maps came in at 271KB – that’s approximately 80% less data! On some actions, such as zooming in to see a particular... more... - Winckel from Bookmarklet
I use Maps a lot around London these days. I miss Streetview but otherwise I prefer Apple's UI. They're snappy too, the vector graphics work well. #ios6 - Winckel
"“We are evaluating different options for non-core parts, such as real estate holdings, and that includes the headquarters,” spokeswoman Maija Taimi told Reuters. Nokia makes fun of the iPhone 5 and it can’t even sell enough phones to keep its headquarters." - Winckel from Bookmarklet
Stephen Fry: 260 animals have gay tendancies but only humans are homophobic -
Stephen Fry: 260 animals have gay tendancies but only humans are homophobic
"The author, actor and presenter also accused the Church of England of caving in to “screeching” extremists who he claims have spread lies about gay marriage. Fry, who is gay, spoke out in a new video, for the Out4Marriage campaign, which has persuaded a string of celebrities and politicians to back its calls for reform. During a three minute monologue, he says gay people “used to be regarded as villains because we were so bohemian and outrageous and we eschewed family values, but we’re not. "We’re human beings like everybody else and we believe first and foremost in love. “At least 260 species of animal have been noted exhibiting homosexual behaviour but only one species of animal ever, so far as we know, has exhibited homophobic behaviour — and that’s the human being." - Winckel from Bookmarklet
It's the Law. - Son of Groucho
:-) - Winckel
I am missing this info Bird Box Studio is a fun, new London animation house. Wildebeest May be I am a bit conservative. - Slavomira
Love this! - Son of Groucho
the king of the interweb
Only Boris could get way with this - Winckel
Because he is the only mayor who is crazy enough to do this haha - the king of the interweb
the king of the interweb
In the midst of British success at their home Olympics, The Netherlands has beaten Team GB 9-2 in the Men's hockey Semi-Final hahah
and good for them :) - Winckel
Nigeria - Actor jailed for 3 months for having sex with another man -
Nigeria - Actor jailed for 3 months for having sex with another man
At least in the west we only ostracise gays, prevent them from getting married, and tell them they are going to hell. Progress, right? - Winckel
USA - Dearborn Police mandates training after office tickets woman who didn't disclose HIV status -
USA - Dearborn Police mandates training after office tickets woman who didn't disclose HIV status
Stupid cops - Winckel
Bohr and Einstein
I wonder which of these two made the greater contribution to humanity? - Winckel
You can't have 1 without the other... - Halil
Oxford 1905
:-) - Winckel
one of yours? - Halil
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