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RT @cwoodruff: this is how I feel right now #.NETTheWorld
RT @DaveVoyles: This Star Wars windhsield reflector is great
RT @maryjofoley: Good post from Xamarin's @migueldeicaza on how MS open sourcing more of .NET will affect the Xamarin/MS roadmap:
Man they are eyeballing that telemetry big time! #CometLanding
RT @libbydoodle: MY "mission control" for #CometLanding... standing by for signal from @Philae2014 VERY SOON...
The tension in the control room seems to be lifted a lot! #CometLanding
How to help students remember more
Unlimited OneDrive storage now available for free to all Office 365 subscribers -
RT @b0yle: The @Philae2014 lander should have touched down for #cometlanding by now, but we have to wait for confirming signals to reach Earth.
RT @gcaughey: Download FREE Visual Studio Community Edition here: Go!
+1000 RT @nasanerd: @jamerz3294 @WinObs @VTjawo The suspense is agonizing!
RT @shanselman: It's happening. .NET goes to Mac, Linux, .NET goes Open Source. Plus Visual Studio Community is now FREE to download.
RT @bdsams: .Net server-side stack going open source, new support for OS X and Linux announced
RT @bdsams: Microsoft makes Android development easier with new emulator for Visual Studio
RT @bdsams: Visual Studio 2015 announced, preview available for download now
RT @bdsams: Microsoft has a new free version of Visual Studio, now available for download
RT @RobTiffany: Hope you're watching the Microsoft Connect() event online
RT @bdsams: Free version of Visual Studio, Open Source and on OS X and Linux...words not found on a 2003 Microsoft bingo card.
Microsoft making some pretty big announcements today about development tools, etc.
RT @VisualStudio: .@ScottGu Announcement: Visual Studio for FREE - Welcome to the family: Visual Studio Community Edition:
RT @jakrigg: Visual Studio 2015 Preview now available for download
RT @NASAJPL: Looking back, looking forward. We're awaiting signal from @Philae2014 @ESA_Rosetta re #cometlanding.
Is there an issue with #CometLanding? They muted the control room audio. Sounds like we are hearing the press room now,
RT @ardalis: Microsoft Open Sourcing .NET and the CLR. Use it all however you want, wherever you want.
Sorry about that last RT - contained some language I am not a fan of but the news is big.
The many different ways publishers define 'clickbait' (Ricardo Bilton/Digiday)
RT @sandyarmstrong: .NET now open source! holy shit!
RT @NASASocial: The @Philae2014 lander is set to touch down on the comet at 10:35 am EST. Signal confirming landing expected at 11:02am EST. #CometLanding
Social Media has become such an integral part of every aspect of life. #CometLanding
RT @datachick: #CometLanding International Cooperation, Space, Data. My day is made!
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