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Chu Yeow
Lim Chee Aun
Making AJAX Applications Crawlable -
Chu Yeow
"ITA Software is proud to introduce Needle™, a revolutionary platform for acquiring, integrating, cleansing, analyzing and publishing data on the web. Using Needle through a web browser, without programmers or DBAs, your data team can easily: * acquire data from multiple sources: A simple tagging process quickly imports structured data from complex websites, XML feeds, and spreadsheets into a unified database of your design. * merge, deduplicate and cleanse: Needle uses intelligent semantics to help you find and merge variant forms of the same record. Your merges, edits and deletions persist even after the original data is refreshed from its source. * build and publish custom data views: Use Needle's visual UI and powerful query language to configure exactly your desired view of the data, whether as a list, table, grid, or map. Then, with one click, publish the data for others to see, or export a feed of the clean data to your own local database." - Chu Yeow
Chu Yeow
Switched away from memcached gem hack ( by using Tokyo Tyrant in place of memcached. Feels clean and perf seems good!
Chu Yeow
Got upgraded to the new MacBook Pro 13" for work. It doesn't have an i5 but I'm not complaining.
Got upgraded to the new MacBook Pro 13" for work. It doesn't have an i5 but I'm not complaining.
Is it really 10 hours and how did you manage to be the lucky one? - Sunny Wong
He's Chu Yeow. That's reason enough right? :) - Winston Teo from iPhone
Chu Yeow
"Vanity is an Experiment Driven Development framework for Rails." - Chu Yeow
This looks awesome. - Winston Teo
Stephen Mack
FriendFeed's new "Include @replies" feature -- starting April 6, FF is reducing noise by not importing @reply tweets from Twitter feeds (unless the account owner specifies they do want @replies included)
By default, "Include @replies" is off. From now on (starting today, April 6), if you have a twitter feed as one of your services, FriendFeed will NOT import any @replies UNLESS you check this box. To access this feature (only necessary if you DO want to import your @replies), go to then click on your twitter feed. - Stephen Mack
Note that it does NOT apply to @mentions in the body of the tweet, those are always included whether or not this box is checked. - Stephen Mack
Ahhhh Now me understandy..... - Roberto Bonini
After Twitter implemented this I ended up using Twitter very differently and would send @replies very freely, but didn't want them to go to my 3000 twitter followers or my 3000 FF followers, so I removed my Twitter import to FriendFeed. Now that I can choose to exclude @replies from entering my Friendfeed stream I can bring the Twitter back! - Kevin Fox
Went to check the box to include them, and apparently... "We could not find the given account". -_- - Lola Bean (Penguin)
Penguin, I get the same error. FriendFeed thinks my account is protected, too, and it isn't. - Akiva
Paul and FF team, this is very cool, thanks for implementing this! (And thanks to Kevin and Ben for pushing Paul to implement.) I really like that this is UNCHECKED by default -- that means from this day forward, no more out of context @replies unless the account owner jumped through a hoop for us to see them. - Stephen Mack
it's a good thing I already know all the people I'll ever want to meet, huh? no need to discover who my friends are talking to. :( :( :( the fact that this wasn't the case on FF was one of my favorite things about the site. really. One of, anyway. - Marshall Kirkpatrick
Marshall, I see what you're saying, but 99% of the time it's totally out-of-context and just noise. That's how I feel about it, anyway. - Stephen Mack
Clarification from Kevin: This ONLY applies to @replies that are at the beginning of the tweet ("official" @replies). It will NOT exclude any random @mentions in the body (or if you use the starting-with-a-period-or-space trick). - Stephen Mack
Nice! Who said FriendFeed is no longer innovating and the devs are all working on other projects. That's more than Buzz has produced recently. - Jesse Stay
The great thing about this compared to Twitter is you can still enable @replies. Twitter there is no option. - Jesse Stay
Akiva and Penguin McSparkles, what is the problem you are seeing? I just checked both of your accounts and they seem to be working fine. - Paul Buchheit
Jesse, let's not pick on the little guys. They're working really hard to catch up. - Bruce Lewis
By the way, just to make sure I reference the proper sources and give credit: This hasn't been officially announced on the FF blog or anything yet. The feature was added by Paul B. today. FFers found out about it from Paul's post (, and the feature was first uncovered in Kevin's post ( by Jason Fleming. I stole wording from Brian Daniel Eisenberg. - Stephen Mack
Interesting counterpoint by Jimminy here: and blog post by Johnny here: - Stephen Mack
Paul, it seems to be working okay now, but when I initially went to my services to check the box to include @replies, I got the error "We could not find the given account" after clicking to save my changes. After a few tries and a couple minutes wait, however, it did let me save the setting. - Lola Bean (Penguin)
Penguin, glad it's working now. Akiva, is it also working for you now? - Stephen Mack
Thank God, they've updated FF with something! - Ciaoenrico
Penguin, it was probably due to Twitter server timeouts -- we don't always do a good job of distinguishing between different types of errors. - Paul Buchheit
This is great - thanks guys! - Martha
so FriendFeed IS getting dev time. whatever will Scobleizer and TechCrunch crow about now? EDIT: corrected typo/brainfart...i put TechCast and meant TechCrunch. SORRY! - Big Joe Silenced
Holy shit FF is still being developed #dead - LANjackal
Thank you Kevin, Paul and the FF team. EXCELLENT</Bill&Ted> - Micah
LOVE this! - Alix May
WIN you need to only look at my feed to see why it's necessary: it's throttled with tweets ~ if you go back a page or two, as I'm pretty sure this feature was in place yesterdayish - sofarsoShawn
when filtering the feed we get from people we follow, can we filter them back out? I already have too much "non interactive" twitter noise in my feed... guess i should just remove all their twitter, if they dont interact here :D - Iphigenie
Good, I like it. - Amit Morson
hell yeaaaah! that's great :) - N.Onur ATAHAN
Sweet. FriendFeed lives! :D - Meryn Stol
Why isn't it configurable through the Advanced Twitter Settings? - Amit Morson
Amit, but that's for how FF publishes TO Twitter, not how your feed from Twitter comes into FF. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Cool, a new feature from the FF team. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
I know hey Kol, craziness - sofarsoShawn from iPhone
More than 100 likes -- my takeaway is that there are plenty of people happy to see new features on FF. - Stephen Mack
A couple of other folks who don't like the way it was implemented. Anika: and WoH: - Stephen Mack
Not only that I've been waiting for this for more than a year, but also because I see some new developments here for the 1st time in ages... :-) - Ton Zijp
It looks like you could create an 'imaginary friend' (now a private group) and import someone's public Twitter feed and get all the @replies, regardless of the setting that the user choses on FriendFeed. Yes, you have to work to @stalk someone, but it is possible. - Ken Gidley
I'm curious if anyone else a) is trying to turn this setting to on and b) finds that the setting won't stick? It saves without an error, but it also remains turned off. - Bill Mason
Bill, still seeing the issue? Try setting it from a different browser maybe? - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Yeah, I'm still seeing it. I've tried it now in 3 different browsers, on both a PC and a Mac. The setting doesn't save. - Bill Mason
Bill, that's bizarre. It saves for me. What if you create a new twitter feed for testing purposes, does it save if you create it from scratch? - Stephen Mack
When I created a new account, at first it didn't work. Looking at it, I noticed that the 'updates are protected' box was checked by default even though the test account was not protected, so I unchecked it and it worked after that. So on my main account, I decided to toggle the protected updates box there too. And it magically started working with that box toggled to 'on' even though my account is not really a protected account. So, go figure. At least it works. - Bill Mason
This would be a good thread for a "dislike" option. :) Count me as one who doesn't like the new feature, either. I'd much rather have had the option of whether or not to see *other* people's @ replies. It *will* reduce conversations on FF that would have been generated from @ replies - especially from folks with large subscriber bases... - Thomas
Yeah, setting seems backward to me too. I don't care whether others see my @ replies or not, but I do care if I see their @ replies. I now have control over the thing I don't care about and not about the one I do. - Ghworg
The feature I would like to see is a way to mention FFers in comments by using the @ symbol or some other character but alas that will never happen :( - BRҰANSAҰS
Thomasserio and Ghworg, I see what you both are saying, but really this mirrors the changes that Twitter made. On Twitter now, you have to be subscribed to BOTH people to see someone's @replies. I think the change that was made here on FriendFeed last week best reflects the way that Twitter works. - Stephen Mack
Chu Yeow
Latest South Park episode on Facebook and Chatroulette's epic!
Ryan Tan
NICE! RT @winstonyw: Just released a Ruby wrapper for Google Visualization API. See and demo
Lim Chee Aun
Latest version of Alfred is noticeably much faster. Replacing Quicksilver for now.
Wow nice. Using this now, hope it's good. But it also fails to find my Safari ;( - Sunny Wong
Chu Yeow
Tokyo Toshokan's April Fool's day joke is nasty: Felt sad until I remembered it's April Fool's.
appdailysales - Project Hosting on Google Code -
AppDailySales is a Python script that will download daily sales report files from the iTunes Connect web site. - arunthampi from Bookmarklet
Not that impressive... < 100. - arunthampi
Lim Chee Aun
Alright, Web Developer extension for Chrome!
Chu Yeow
Phoenity theme for Firefox coming to Mac #phoenity /via @cheeaun
Phoenity theme for Firefox coming to Mac #phoenity /via @cheeaun
Jeremy Zawodny
a crazy-assed list of MySQL queries for common problems - Jeremy Zawodny
joshua schachter
i wonder why everyone think friendfeed's tech is going to magically work at facebook's scale
We use scalable magic ;) - Paul Buchheit
I wonder who this "everyone" is. - Edward Coffey
It may... - AbZ
Because it's python...from friendfeed import scaling - Dave Dash
I would wager that guys who built GMail, Google Maps have an equal if not better shot at working on Facebook scale than anyone else. - Space Cowboy
....:::::::||||:::::::.... Pixie dust! - Susan Beebe from BuddyFeed
Dave, where can I get that module? :-) - Ruchira S. Datta
be patient have faith in the FF12 - Thomas Power
Looks like this was a self-fulfilling prophecy. :) - Space Cowboy
For those at Google that is, not FB ~ lol Space Cowboy, I'm glad I can inspire people through my amazing bio - sofarsoShawn
@sofarsoShawn - on an unrelated note, my screen name (on FriendFeed) is based on my favourite cartoon character in that awesome movie - "Happy Feet". Now only if Friendfeed wouldn't bump this very irrelevant comment to the very top of all of Joshua's subscribers. :) - Space Cowboy
WoW I even inspired the creators of Happy Feet, I"m just unstoppable!!! :) - sofarsoShawn
How I reduced translation costs of 200 articles from $9000 to $46 - Cube Of M -
Surprising Answer - arunthampi from Bookmarklet
Jarrold Ong
Tang Chin Yong
Protocol of Sys Admin: Think of a mocking comment, solve problem, reply with mocking comment.
LOL yes! - Chu Yeow
Vanessa Tan
How 'hardworking' do you really want to be?
Chu Yeow
No Scrum, No More » select * -
Sunny Wong
Daring Fireball Linked List: 'Facebook Login' -
"It’s funny, yes, but it’s a fascinating glimpse at just how confused many people are about how web sites and browsers work. They don’t use bookmarks, they don’t type “” in the location field. They just Google for whatever they’re looking for and assume the first result is correct. All this argument over whether the iPad is too simple — if anything it’s probably still too complex." - arunthampi from Bookmarklet
Zhenyi Tan
Mac Genie Effect
Danny Choo
Started to do anime themed tour packages of Tokyo Includes a Land Only package too for folks outside of Singapore.
Chu Yeow
On the way to a T'ang Quartet performance. I really hope I don't get a coughing fit during the performance.
Chu Yeow
Awesome 404 page by @redha: An original design!
Very cool @redha! - arunthampi
oh, i like the site even better... - Jeffrey 'jf' Lim
Chu Yeow
Why Arel? « Magic Scaling Sprinkles - http://magicscalingsprinkles.w...
Major algorithms in Ruby -
Cant find a link to Github repository. Anything that is not on Github seems uninteresting nowadays. Too much work to get hold of the source, check out etc :) - Deepak Jois
@Deepak - Here you go I actually found the Git repo first and didn't notice that it wasn't linked to from the rubyforge page! - arunthampi
Mike Fruchter
What is your day job? Be as brief or in depth as you would like.
Product/Project Manager for a company called Carmanah. - Jon-Paul Bussoli
Elderly grad student and open source contributor. Don't know if I can call either of those jobs though :) - Michael C. Harris
Manager of IT Project Management for Nelnet Enrollment Solutions ( office in Rochester, NY). Primary work involves "IT Infrastructure Integration" management of all projects for and = FUN! Also, I am the VP of Information Technology for - Susan Beebe
Batman. Oh, day job. Web Developer. - Hao Chen
IT manager for a graphic design company. - Mark Trapp
Web, Graphic, & Print Designer, and Web Video Editor for - and also co-founder and designer of - Nathan Chase
Training Manager, b5media - Tris Hussey from twhirl
CEO, Nichenet Pty Ltd...which really means Editor, The Inquisitr, as I haven't done a consulting gig in maybe 4 years - Duncan Riley
Advisory Software Specialist (just what the heck does that mean) at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in NYC. - Kevin Shannon
Bit manipulator - Drew
pixel pusher - sean percival
It's like a rollcall. Heh. - Robert Sanzalone
RN ICU - Irene Katz
Blogger for b5media, Cell Phone Signal, and set up websites for businesses. Also a junior in high school. - Zach Flauaus
Senior managing editor at a medical certification board - Linda Mills
Web Developer at which is a travel meta search engine. My current project is to build an analytics application for internal use, analogous to Google Analytics. Right now, I program mainly with Ruby. - Winston Teo
programmer in startup + research student :) - David Petar Novakovic from twhirl
M.O.M. - Melissa Davis from twhirl
offically it is online services coordinator at but I introduce myself as the web geek - Nick Cowie from twhirl
web designer - Andrew Smith
I run a blog network called Gear Live. - Andru Edwards
Software Engineer - iTad
Director of Technology, Navstar, inc and IC Rockstar ;) - Andrea Baker
Product Manager at a software company - Mike Doeff
sitting at a desk pretending to work, going to meetings, and wishing my work had meaning (see also "Dilbert") - Kevin L
Run a product development/manufacturing/ideation company in Greater China. No lead allowed even in the pencils. - Mark Forman
Critiquing Mike Frutcher's blog and shares - Charlie Anzman
I am an RN in theatre but I am about to start a Geek job associated with nursing next Monday - then I have the second job doing the odd website and management and my own podcast and anything else that comes along - Dave Gray from twhirl
Independent Game Developer/ College Sophomore - the two fit together nicely :P - Sean Dunn
I help large government organizations figure out how to spend taxpayer money on technology. - Chris Hollander
VP, Marketing at, Online Marketing, SEO/SEM Strategist and Tactician. - AJ Kohn
Tug boat. - Akiva
Online Giving Manager, Give Kids The World (Kissimmee, FL) - John Frost
Student and sometimes a journalist - Timo Heuer
Like the world doesn't know by now: I am the King of Antarctica - Dan Kaplan
Freelance developer / animator - Soulhuntre from twhirl
Retired Business Analyst and small business owner. - Russellreno
Senior Executive in High Tech - Stephen Terlizzi
Designer/Developer at Vertigo - Alan Le
3 Weeks of Serving Fried Food. Nope.. not much of a job for a 14 year old - Tyler (Chacha) from twhirl
Creative arts academic - Kate Foy
Old media reporter, New media bridge-builder, student of both computer and legal code. - Andrew Feinberg
Web Producer for The X PRIZE Foundation. I basically manage all of their web properties (mostly on Drupal) as well as 3rd party web services. - Mark Krynsky
LinkedIn gives it all away: - Louis Gray
Business Analyst. - Parth Awasthi
I work doing software support for Barclays small business! - Joe Dawson
breathing. It's a full time job - Mona Nomura
widget media guru - Ivan Pope from twhirl
Product Manager for Digital Asset Management and Social Collaboration at - Lars Trieloff
Louis' idea is the easiest: - Vince DeGeorge
Thanks for participating everyone. - Mike Fruchter
Mike - This is a great resource for discovering new contacts. - Russellreno
Russel for sure, It's very interesting to see what our fellow Friendfeeders do in there day job. A great thread for meetting new contacts as well, definitely agree. - Mike Fruchter
Quite a low-profile one but very interesting nevertheless: - Martin Bryant
Formerly, a social media specialist at google. Currently, enjoying an extended summer vacation and hoping when I'm 80 years old I'm still not calling myself an ex-googler. - Ginger Makela Riker
Local Govt IT Advisor - David W
Pharma and biotech marketing consultant, science and cancer geek - Sally Church
@Charlie "Critiquing Mike Frutcher's blog and shares " Your salary just increased! - Mike Fruchter
low-level fraud detection job at a very large bank. I might link this to my earlier lamentations about this job... here's that link feel free to add more to that, though I did get plenty of good feedback back then. - Kamilah Reed (K. Gill)
Garbage Man, Brooklyn New York - work the Greenpoint-Lorimer route. Ok, kidding, but I wanted to break up the monotony of design/tech jobs;) I'm a Creative Director at an interactive advertising/marketing agency. - Steve Isaacs
currently - grassroots public affairs - Marco(aureliusmaximus)
[gasp] kamilah! i do something kind of similar! :D - edythe
systems architect; currently building appliction systems unifying disparate data for law enforcement. yes, I fight crime! - RAPatton
retired - Michael W. May
In between at the moment. But normally personal / executive secretary, Any one need an assistant? Flunkie? or slave? - Adrienne Van Houten
Director of communications and public affairs at Rockefeller University (hey, @Kevin Shannon: We're neighbors!) - Joe Bonner
VP, Marketing and Product for On some days I also do some consulting through Blind Five Year Old ( - AJ Kohn
WOW, this blast from the past is back - Mike Fruchter
Since this posting I have changed jobs. Currently I'm Director of Digital Strategy at Pierson Grant Public Relations. - Mike Fruchter
I build relationships through technology - Jesse Stay
Or, more accurate: I build technology that builds relationships - Jesse Stay
Risk analyst in Compliance Management group of financial services mainly with PCI DSS - Scoble, Alex Scoble
I work for the man. - Morgan
Underpaid Bureaucrat - m9m, Crone of FriendFeed
I'm doing social media and content crap for a pretty big company - blogging as a hobby for a pretty huge network. Word. - Mona Nomura
Voice over actor, performance trainer - Kate Foy
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