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Every single piece of bike gear I buy ends up with a broken power button and it's getting old -
Most of America has a bike. And, expensive or cheap, it usually lives in the garage on rubber-coated hooks and gets pulled out on random sunny days and then forgotten about the rest of the time. But then there's a small percentage of the population out there, which I'm part of, that rides their bikes all the time, rain or shine, and gets real stuff done on their bikes, like commuting to work and buying groceries. To do this safely requires a few pieces of electronic hardware. Some people, like myself, ride a bit more than that. And, at least for me, I've found something really annoying in all of the biking gear I've owned... - Wirehead
Mirrorless Cameras Making Sense -
It's always tricky talking about buying camera gear. This becomes frequently a case of "Hey, please rob me!" or "Hey, look at me, I'm a douchebag with a well paying job" or other stuff. But since this story involves rage, my own stupidity, and a few thoughts about the whole freaking point of a lensless camera, I'll tell it. - Wirehead
Dissembled dreams... or the 6th Bike-a-versary -
One of my coworkers asked me the other day, immediately before tea-time, if I had always been bike-obsessed like this or if it was a new thing. And, given that I was fetching the teacups for teatime, I had to say that no, there's a bike-a-versary, it's coming up, and I'll explain the long story later, but it's just about time for tea and my response wouldn't fit in the time allotted. And I thought about that and realized it's quite a long story and that I might as well write it down. - Wirehead
Monomaniacal littlechef: launching cloud servers, user cookbook, nagios cookbook, and DNS -
I'm on a monomaniacal littlechef quest at home. See, I burned a weekend helping a friend set up her chef and vagrant infrastructure some months ago. And I wrote about it. And I figured that it would eventually get back to it and re-do all of my servers. Then I spent some time in sysadmin hell and ended up needing to re-construct my sites from the backups and realized that now was the time to fix this. - Wirehead
The tumblr of my mind... or... katas of more than one artistic pursuit -
One of my coworkers joked that he'd really love to see a tumblr of "What's on Ken's mind". Because people get used to the idea that there's usually a bunch of stuff working it's way through my brain at the same time and that if I mention what I did lately outside of work in conversation, there's this endless cycle of strange things that I will mention doing. I'm eventually going to get to something I'm looking to try doing, but I'm going to get there through a circuitous route so that you can actually understand a complete set of thoughts... - Wirehead
Olympus launches PEN E-P5 -
This seems to be the "If I had to buy a new camera" camera at the moment. A worthy upgrade from the E-P3 that I still very much like - Wirehead
Kodak joins the Micro 4/3rds party -
Kodak joins the Micro 4/3rds party. This is unexpected on one level, but Kodak has long been a member of the 4/3rds consortium, so on another level it isn't. - Wirehead
Half Dome, covered in snow -
Half Dome, covered in snow
Half Dome, from the distance, covered in snow. - Wirehead
Packing tire chains is snow problem at all -
The first photographic expedition of 2013 was east to Yosemite to play in the snow and take some pictures of majestic scenery while it's nice and snow covered... and to enjoy Yosemite while it's not loaded down with tourists looking for easy hikes... - Wirehead
A few thoughts on preserving the industry -
Some people think that digital photography has destroyed our industry. It's too easy to endlessly copy digital files in lieu of going back to the photographer for official reprints, too easy for a bad photographer to spray-and-pray their way to a good shoot, etc. - Wirehead
Anthony Citrano
The Claim: Cold Temperatures Improve Sleep | New York Times -
The Claim: Cold Temperatures Improve Sleep | New York Times
“Studies have found that in general, the optimal temperature for sleep is quite cool, around 60 to 68 degrees Fahrenheit. For some, temperatures that fall too far below or above this range can lead to restlessness.” - Anthony Citrano from Bookmarklet
Finally a study I believe! If I don't sleep in a cold room, I can't sleep. - Shevonne
Makes sense to me. It gets warm enough some evenings to where I have a hell of a time getting a good sleep in. - Jonathan Hardesty
60-68 seems REALLY low though. Dang, I thought setting the a/c to 77/78 was low enough already. - rönin
@ronin No way. 68 for me. - Shevonne
I can believe this. I much prefer a cool room, whatever the season. - John (bird whisperer)
Definitely have to have a cool room to sleep properly. Few things worse than waking up in the middle of the night sweating (and no, not in a good way...) - FFing Enigma
I don't want to be baking hot, but I can't sleep if I'm too cold. I get cold easily, and then my hands and feet go dead and white. - Kamilah Reed (K. Gill)
I was just talking about this to a friend who asked me to split the cost of a hotel room. I had to explain how I always keep the room cool, while bundled under the blankets. - Anika
Side benefit of sleeping in a cold room: Wife is much much much cuddlier. - Wirehead
For those who, as I did, wondered how cold you feel at 60-68° F : its's a temeprature between 16° Celsius and 20° Celsius. - Zackatoustra
Yes! I love sleeping at about 65/66 degrees. Like LLL, I like to use the big comforter. I feel more comfortable and relaxed if I can breathe the cooler air. - Katy S
Sent this story to my wife, who likes it a bit warmer for the kids. - Hutch Carpenter
I thought it was just me. My sleep is much worse at 76-80+ temperatures. Normally I like 72-73 indoors, so 60-68 seems cool. Maybe it is better for sleep. :-) - Mitchell Tsai
Hmmm,I normally keep my house around 68 but then I'm British and used to cold old drafty houses - Sally Church
i think there is also cultural preferences/biases. when we lived in the UK we were amazed at how almost everyone turned their heat off completely at nite, thru-out the winter. when we came back, we began sleeping cooler, and love it. - Thom Kennon
Good point Thom, I find American houses far too warm and stuffy in the winter. - Sally Church
Sally, I'm with you: 68 is good, but 65 in the winter is AOK for me as well. I can wear socks and a snuggly shirt for less than I can heat the house to 70. - FFing Enigma
So there is a reason I use my ceiling fan at full speed at night. Interesting. - Ryan Massie
Ryan - indeed. love a good sleepybreeze. although your comment reminds me of how many hotel rooms and other rooms I go into where the ceiling fans are set incorrectly... I used to work in a lighting store so I notice such things. ;) [it's supposed to blow DOWN during the summer and UP during the winter] - Anthony Citrano
I'm always frustrated by the fact that hotel rooms do not have ceiling fans. I have trouble sleeping without the breeze. - Dennis O'Neil
I seem to be at the 68 degree end of the range, while my wife seems to be closer to the 60 degree end of the range for our optimal sleeping temperatures. :) - Blank of Two Blanks
I knew it! - Shey
LOL, silly Scott! In summer, the thermostat goes to 74 at night. In winter, I usually set it for about 67 during the day and 65-66 at night. Bundling up in blankets and comforter FTW! - Ordinarybug Heather
i believe it. - Carolyn Chan
i thought it was the opposite. - Kamamiya
You forgot to include Leif Parsons' name on the artwork for this webpage. - Jon Craig
Jon, you joined FF just for that? The photo credit is proper on the linked NYT page. This is just a share. If sharing on the internet concerns you, I'd say you have your work cut out for you. - Tinfoil 2.0
Lack of speed leads to disinterest -
So I spent... well, the time starting around March of the year until very recently not doing much shooting, not doing much editing, etc. Now, some of this was because of silly drama completely unrelated to photography, but I had some conversations, made some daring moves, etc. and took care of that stuff but photography was still not happening. - Wirehead
The frustration that is trying to do DRM-free eBooks legally -
I've kinda come to terms with buying eBooks instead of physical books, even though there are a lot of archivist implications involved that bug me. However, I still heavily dislike the use of DRM, so I want to avoid this as much as possible. And this turns out to be tricky... - Wirehead
API design: Presets, pre-patched, normalized, or modular -
Making APIs is both easy and hard. See, it's one thing for a software engineer to make a piece of software aimed at a musician or artist who is deeply scared of what horrors lurk inside the chassis, because it's often times coming from a fear that you may have never understood. Writing APIs is different because you presumably are writing for someone who is closer to a like-minded individual.... - Wirehead
Lance lost the doping battle -
Frankly, I'm not especially interested in pro-level cycling. In the real world, you have to consider details like flat tires and chain life and can't toss your bike at someone to have the bar tape re-done. You can't have a follow-car trailing you with spare bits and pieces or switch bikes as needed. And it takes something that is a beautiful participatory activity that is both transportation and recreation and turns it into a spectator sport for people getting fat watching on TV. It also means that people tend to want to buy whatever bike the tour de france riders are riding instead of a more rational and comfortable and sturdy bike. - Wirehead
+wirehead - chaz2b
DevOps Automation, even for something that may stay small -
So one of my friends has a really great idea. I'm not sure if it's a profitable idea, but it's something that needs to be made. And so I made them dinner and gave them an overview of potential technological issues, given that it's something I know pretty well. - Wirehead
Canon EOS M hands-on preview: Digital Photography Review -
Canon EOS M means that Canon has decided to really compete for the mirrorless camera market. Hm. - Wirehead
DC police chief announces shockingly reasonable cell camera policy -
Being told by cops to put my camera away bothers me from both the freedom-and-civil-liberties angle and also the taking-nice-pictures angle. Nice to see occasional victories on this front. - Wirehead
A few thoughts on Yahoo and Microsoft's respective troubles -
When I was working at Yahoo!, Microsoft tried to acquire Yahoo!. And I generally thought of it as a bad idea. At the time, my feelings were that if the deal went through, it would almost certainly mean the end of both companies... and I wasn't too interested in working for Microsoft. - Wirehead
Five years ago today, I went to the store and purchased a Trek 7100 with the intention of biking to work. That's when everything changed.. - Wirehead
Prison sex and Robert Schiro... or a fate too vile and disgusting for my worst enemy -
A good example of somebody who approaches the level of worst enemy would be something akin to Robert Schiro, who already has his license suspended, hit a cyclist with his BMW, leaving her crippled for life, then drove off and tried to hide the evidence. And then, while he was waiting for sentencing, got caught again for reckless driving. He also, by the way, complained that he doesn't live near any grocery stores as an attempt to justify why he should be allowed to continue to drive after all these driving incidents... - Wirehead
One time, Kiki and I were talking about neon tubes and the usual standard of using a piece of paper to judge if the tubing had reached the annealing temperature. And both of us recited 451 degrees Fahrenheit as the ignition temperature of paper, at which point Christian pointed out that it's not an exact number as it depends on the paper, which is why you also want to use a thermocouple to make sure that the right temperature has been reached and that you generally want to anneal at more like 700 degrees or so... - Wirehead
Sony announces Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 large sensor enthusiast compact: Digital Photography Review -
Another nice pocketable large-sensor compact. If compact camera makers want to stay relevant, they need to make cameras more like this instead of cameras that largely duplicate your cameraphone. - Wirehead
If I stop biking... -
If I stop biking for more than 2 days, I can feel it. I don't feel right. After more than a few days without exercise, the full brunt of depression starts to weigh on me. There's probably a rebound effect involved because I end up with the scary sort of depression that psychologists call Major or Clinical depression, not just a depressed mood... - Wirehead
Almost unchanging obsessiveness -
If you go into the things I was obsessed with while younger, it was something like this... - Wirehead
Surviving the Survivor Mud Run -
I've been training to run the Mud Run since mid January. And I guess I have to call it "training" because 90% of it wasn't really the sort of fun that going on an aimless biking ride that happens to go up a mountain or two is. And I recognize that becoming the sort of person who trains for an organized run is an odd and strange thing considering who I was. - Wirehead
I honestly don't care that you've seen a cyclist run a red -
Cyclists do run red lights. And, as if I'm some duly elected representative of cyclists everywhere, people will point this out to me and suggest that they'd actually feel bad for all those cyclists who get killed by motorists every year and support my cause if we'd all just behave and start obeying stop signs, all the time without realizing how incredibly stupid they sound. On the scale of stupid-and-annoying, it's only slightly less annoying, but possessing the same tone, as if you were to tell a woman with an abusive boyfriend that everything will be fine if you just don't piss him off so frequently. - Wirehead
I don't like the analogy much it misses the point. Cyclist run reds and never evah stop for stop signs. That FACT annoys people. That lawbreaking in and of itself never excuses hurting anyone BUT it sure undercuts the moral high ground of your lecture. Get your community to play nice and prhaps comity can be restored, finger pointing keps no one safe - WarLord
See, I always find myself caught in-between these sides. I think it's just as wrong to make gross generalizations about people who drive cars as it is to make them about people who ride bikes. In fact, a lot of people who ride bikes also drive cars. It does get tiresome to read articles talking about what is attempted vehicular homicide (like the hit-n-run in Berkeley) and see all these... more... - Spidra Webster
I raced criteriums in my teens. I also believe in following the rules of the road. Being on a bike doesn't entitle you to ride on sidewalks. It doesn't waive you from the responsibilities of following the rules of the road. It doesn't mean you don't signal your turns. The road is a privilege, not a right. Do it right or confine your riding to trails and your driveway. - teleken from BuddyFeed
I stay out of bike lanes, brake for bikes and watch out for bikes, pedestrains and motorcycles. But I'll admit that when a bike blows a stop sign and i have to hammer the brakes not to mow him down, its annoying. But more than that it's scary, my car doesn't stop on a dime and i eally don't want to hurt anyone. Being in 2 camps like some post-apoc SF story is not helping keep everybody safe. Drivers need to share the road and to be perfectly blunt so do bikes. - WarLord
You have the right idea WarLord. I agree that motorists need to share the road, and that's not that challenging either. I draw the line at exactly what I stated earlier - the road is a privilege, not a right, and there are rules to follow when you use it. Also, how did I forget to follow you? That's been rectified. - teleken
Drum samples: It's a trap! -
When you start to have a group of musicians, you really need some way to keep all of them together in synch. In classical music, you tended to use a conductor to keep everybody on time, such that the drums are used as an accent. But jazz, rock, and blues all come from a different root and all of these bands really need a proper drummer to keep time... - Wirehead
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