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"A recent study has found that women who carry a little extra weight live longer than the men who mention it." (thx @Sunil__Bali )
I complimented Michael Pokocky’s page at @aboutdotme! Check it out:
RT @sidbishnoi: @woepwoep @mattd3nny @IanMCalvert @gjcaterer @alimehrkar @MsShatakshi I would define it as the ability to understand concepts and apply them
RT @alimehrkar: @ianmcalvert @woepwoep @mattd3nny @sidbishnoi @gjcaterer Intelligence is mind's battle to comprehend and relay information with simplicity.
I complimented Philip Calvert’s page at @aboutdotme! Check it out: @philipcalvert
Quote of the day: "The first piece of luggage on the carousel never belongs to anyone - George Roberts" (thx @Sunil__Bali )
"And I find it kind of funny, I find it kind of sad. The dreams in which i'm dying are the best i've ever had."
RT @NFN_Amersfoort: Nationaal nieuws: Vrijwel alle Nederlandse stranden zijn geschikt als naaktstrand. Tenzij ….
I complimented Kerry Santo’s page at @aboutdotme! Check it out:
Quote of the day: "Finally, I would say that we don’t do meditation, but rather, meditation does us."
This isn't about thinking that you're better than everyone else. It's about knowing you're not the same as everyone else. (thx @Sunil__Bali)
Quote of the day: "Moved on to another town Tried hard to settle down For every job, so many men So many men no-one needs"
What are the myths of capitalist economics?
Now listening to ... Ry Cooder - He'll Have To Go - Live 1977: via @YouTube
Now listening to ... Ry Cooder - He'll Have To Go - Live 1977: via @YouTube
A man walked into the doctor's, the doctor said "I haven't seen you in a long time." The man replied, "I know, I've been ill." -Tommy Cooper
500.000 ondernemers spreken zich uit voor Europa #wijzijnvoor
Interessant: "Roken is een belangrijke oorzaak van longkanker, maar 86% van de rokers krijgt deze ziekte niet."
Quote of the day: "People aren’t fundamentally lazy, it’s just that they set impotent goals." (thx @Sunil__Bali )
"God kunnen we nooit met ons denken kennen, alleen door lief te hebben". Augustinus zegt beknopter : "Als je het begrijpt, is het God niet."
Quote of the day: "It's not necessary to leave your heart at home when you go to work." (thx @Sunil__Bali )
Fraai geschreven artikel over #basisinkomen zie (met dank aan bijdragen van lezers van @decorrespondent)
Quote of the day: "There's a big difference between being smart and being inspired." (thx @Sunil__Bali )
I am losing weight very easily with this!
This miracle fruit has been a blessing!
De impact van 3D-printing op de Nederlandse retail en supply chain via @DeloitteNL
"Sport, business and life it would appear, are all played on a six inch course.....the space between our ears." ( thx @Sunil__Bali )
Beelddenken: normaler dan je denkt! via @Issuu
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