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David Wolf

David Wolf

Strategic Corporate Communications Counselor and blogger based in Beijing
Event: Internet Governance and China -
The Washington Post Gets On Board -
China and the Limits of History -
China and the Israel-Palestine Conflict -
Re: The Ivy League’s Asian problem -
"Jason, I would use great care in quoting anything Ron Unz wrote, and in particular his item on admissions to which you refer. You may wish to read this,, which offers a convincing case that if Unz is not a card-carrying anti-Semite, he is certainly a fellow traveler, and his article on admissions must be read as such. It is worth noting that he was dumped from The American Conservative some six months later." - David Wolf
Dodging kids: Israel, not Hamas -
Understanding Xi Jinping’s Corruption-fighting Roadmap -
China Won’t Cut off the Kim Family Regime -
Thirty-two IDF Soldiers Have Fallen -
Rabbi Menachem Creditor is Done Apologizing for Israel -
Beijing’s New Internet Buzzphrase -
Beijing's New Internet Buzzphrase -
Mincing Words on Chinese FDI -
Electric Cars and China -
trouble wth some hk folks is they suffer fm bu ren -
@WolfmanChina trouble wth some hk folks is they suffer fm bu ren zu syndrome. Refusal to recognize ancestry. Shame on these! - David Wolf
Edelman, Rui Chenggang, and China PR -
Edelman, Rui Chenggang, and China PR -
U.S. policy makers see a frustrating paradox: at a time when China’s economy is in triumphant ascendance—thanks in large part to America opening its vast markets to Chinese trade—the old hatreds that Nixon remarked upon are burning more brightly than ever. -
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