Arizona Outdoes Everyone With New Anti-Abortion Bill | Mother Jones -
Arizona Outdoes Everyone With New Anti-Abortion Bill | Mother Jones
"Arizona's law would actually be more restrictive than others, as the bill states that the gestational age of the fetus should be "calculated from the first day of the last menstrual period of the pregnant woman." Not to go all middle-school health on you, but that's not exactly the same as the actual date the egg and the sperm hooked up. Figuring out that exact point one became pregnant can be tricky. Most women ovulate about 14 or 15 days after their period starts, and women can usually get pregnant from sexual intercourse that occured anywhere between five days before ovulation and a day after it. Arizona's law would start the clock at a woman's last period—which means, in practice, that the law prohibits abortion later than 18 weeks after a woman actually becomes pregnant. The American Civil Liberties Union's Reproductive Freedom Project has called Arizona's proposed law the "most extreme bill of its kind," one that would be more restrictive than any others currently in force in the US." - Anika from Bookmarklet
These anti-choice people are off the deep end. It's amazing to me that Republican women are largely sitting back, silent. It's also amusing that these people claim that universal healthcare is unconstitutional and ZOMG DEATH PANELS, but they have no problem actually trying to dictate what I do with my body. - Anika
You know. I'm just gonna go back and redo all of my tax returns as far back as I legally possibly can and I'm going to declare as dependents every goddamn ovum I've ever produced. Head. Of. Household. Beyotches. - vicster.
^ Amen. - Anika
And THIS is why we can never "sit out" an election because the bad guys are always pushing - WarLord
Seems like AZ is completely nuts. - Andrew C (✔)