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I just get this song out of my head! Passing along the virus ;)
Not a bad afternoon doing some cocktail tasting. My favorite was "The Ginsetter" big thanks to all the guys...
This is news to anyone? All of the (except the coffee and jet lag) is boy scout 101 stuff....
The feeling when you know you dodged a bullet... So nice!
And I wonder what production apps are running here... :)
Darn right relax people now that we do what people have done forever in a lab dose not make it bad...
I'm at Castoro Cellars in Templeton, CA
I'm at Santa Barbara @Amtrak (SBA) in Santa Barbara, CA
I'm at Santa Barbara @Amtrak (SBA) in Santa Barbara, CA
I'm at Ventura Amtrak in CA
I'm at Ventura @Amtrak Station (VEC) in Ventura, CA
I'm at City of San Buenaventura / Ventura in Ventura, CA w/ 2 others
I'm at Van Nuys Amtrak in Van Nuys, CA
I'm at Metrolink-Van Nuys Station in Van Nuys, CA
BBQ time the lemons are starting to get to lemonade! (@ Spring Street SmokeHouse - @springstreetbbq)
Unexpected layover in LA on my way to SLO... Time to make lemonade out of the lemons. Who is down town? — at...
Wow just wow "fake geek girls" can there be such a thing?
This is what I keep in mind every time I put food in my face......
So well said! Not that anyone is looking to make the right changes.
The boys decided I needed this
Today Amazon sent me a job offer... This was my reply
And this just happened... Spencer's 5th grade promotion. I have no grade school age kids.
You have to love unexpectedly finding a demolition derby going in at the fair. The boys are loving it
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