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What is your FF Comments/Likes Ratio? (Comments divided by Likes to 2nd decimal place - as of now) -
What is your FF Comments/Likes Ratio? (Comments divided by Likes to 2nd decimal place - as of now)
1.05 (670/633) - Micah from Bookmarklet
Can you remind me again where to find those stats? - Brian Johns
Brian, go to "Me" link ( which defaults to the Feed tab. Look at the sidebar on the right, below Discussion. - Micah
0.75 (926/1226) - still relatively new here - mikepk
I only see my stats for the last week (17/14 = 1.21) Please tell me your 670 number is for more than just a week! - Brian Johns
1.44 (566/391) for brianjohns (after week tally you should see a comma then 'all time' count - I can see it on your page) - Micah
OK, sorry. I'm a total dumbass. I stopped reading after the weekly totals... - Brian Johns
3.74, which seems way off of everybody else's. I wonder what that says. I comment a lot more than I like. - Cyrus Lendvay
FFers use FF with their own strategy or simply default tendencies. The ratio is an interesting snapshot of behaviour. Thanks for joining in everyone, hope more keep flowing in. - Micah from twhirl
0.79 - Brian Roy
0.77 - Shey
0.76 - FFing Enigma
1.39. - Rochelle
1.61 - I only 'like' when I want to throw my support behind a topic but don't have anything constructive to add. - Bjorn Stromberg
1.12 - Tinfoil 2.0
5.08 (3181/626) ! - ◄ani625Ξ ಠ_ಠ
0.66 - I tend to 'like' things without needing to comment further, I guess, and I notice I usually like the things upon which I comment. Well, frequently. - ɐ ɯıʞ sıɹɥɔ
.39 (2457/6242) I guess I don't comment much. I do 'like' a lot of things, it would seem. - Bren
0.62 then again i have over 11,000 comments - Cee Bee
1.23 (5287/4229) - I am put to shame by Cee Bee's participation, good grief! - Lindsay
@Cee Bee I think you meant 0.62 - ◄ani625Ξ ಠ_ಠ
1.27 (902/705) - Leandro Ardissone ⍨
yes, thanks for the correction. lindsay, you're making me feel bad. lol - Cee Bee
0.8576, I only like mostly when I'm going to comment - Molly Song ;)
1.55 endlessly repeating. This Like/Comment included. - Dana D
before this comment: .69 I kid you not. - InPerpetualMotion(Gina k)
So far: Average: 1.27 | Median: 0.81 ... (if you average 1 comment per like, you'd be 1.0 ... if you're 0.xx you might herd content more than discuss ... if you're whole numbers above 1 you may not 'like' much or discuss plenty or both) - Micah
CSV_A: 1.05,0.75,1.44,0.81,3.74,0.79,0.77,0.67,0.77,0.76,1.39,1.8,1.61,1.12,0.141,5.08,2.41,0.66,.39,0.62,.62,1.27,0.8576,1.551,0.69 - Micah
1.83 - Grant Bierman
I tend to like allot of photos which really don't need comments. - InPerpetualMotion(Gina k)
InPerpetualMotion(Gina k), I really liked this 'Like' of yours (in a series of pics, so I flickr fav'd it): and commented. Thanks! - Micah
.37 1002/2708 - Michael Fidler
this is what scobes walls would like if he didnt have FF - sean percival
I haven't seen Marc Canter's fabled fence (just heard about it), but I imagine this but on wood pickets :) - Micah
This week: 2.48 (1162:467) but this is not the norm, my likes usually match or are higher than comments, overall: 0.95 (14228:14846). - Kol Tregaskes
Thanks Michael, Kol! I'll recalculate average/median when we build up some more data points here. - Micah
1.03 748/723 - Keith - @tsudo
.68 6986/10194 Someone wrote a great article on the comment-like ratio a few months ago. Search on FriendFeed is crashing on me... I'll try to get the link. - Mitchell Tsai
Thanks Mitchell (btw, search crashing on me too - lots) - Micah
1316 comments/20221 likes (0.06), according to Windows Calculator, although I probably screwed up. - Tyson Key
*bump* - Micah
Thanks, Mark! - Micah
Thanks Spidra! - Micah
0.95 (1520/1604) - it's 2+ months later, and my ratio flipped (more Likes by .05) - Micah
.7 (1204/1724) - before this comment at least. - Rachel Lea Fox
Thanks, Rachel! - Micah
3.46 (3665/1057) before this comment and like. - Kevin Fox
Thanks, Kevin. 3+ is quite the comment on your commenting activities :) - Micah
I've got stuff to say. - Kevin Fox
3.98 (900/226) - Richard Lawler
1.02 (3538/3484) for sofarsofarshaun - Micah
.34 (600/1747, not counting this comment) - Michael Hocter
Thank you, Siavash and Michael - Micah
.52 overall, but .68 this week. - Rebecca Lasley
Nice, thanks Rebecca. - Micah
1.31 - Rahsheen
0.56 - imabonehead
Rah and imabonehead - rock on! (Richard too!) - Micah
0.16 - Anne Bouey
4.62 (287/62) -- Yikes! I'm chatty. - Ted Roden
Thank you kindly, Anne, jcunwired and Ted. - Micah
2.63 - Bryce Roney
Thanks for joining in, Bryce. - Micah
.15 all time, .13 this week. - Alix May
Thank you, Alix and David! (and Alix, you're tied with Siavash for the Highest Like ratio. Wow). - Micah
2.94 - j1m
Thank you, j1m. Ok, I'm gonna roll this up into a csv and call it a night. - Micah
CSV_B: 0.95,0.7,3.46,3.98,1.02,0.15,0.34,0.52,1.31,0.56,0.16,1.39,4.62,2.63,0.15,0.52,2.94 - Micah
this week = 0.45%, alltime = 6.43% - chaz2b
CSV_B Mean: 1.49 (previous mean for CVS_A: 1.27) - Micah
Of course the numbers can easily lie, but I'm gonna say it anyway: "We're getting more conversational, people!" - Micah
0.49 (493/988) - Bluesun 2600
816 / 2502 = 0.326139089 overall | 50 / 233 = 0.214592275 this week I like much more than I comment. (maths via google) - Chris Loft
3026/5013 = 0.6036 - Roger Chen
chaz2b, Bluesun 2600, Roger, Nicholas — thank you! - Micah
5.25 but I don't know what this *means, yet. maybe I'm just stingy with my "likes" compared to others? - Marg Uerite
Thanks jamar78 and Marg! - Micah
A recent change in FF: now the comment count shows total number of comments (previously multiple comments in one thread only counted as one) so all the numbers above are from the old methodology.... - David HC Soul
My new ratio: 0.76 all time (old methodology .52).... this week 1.39 - David HC Soul
*bump* - Micah
1.26 (2965/2346) - Micah
Thanks, Glen and pea! - Micah
Looks like my ratio as flipped again (comments back to dominating again). Seems to match my own awareness I've lately been commenting without Liking (commenting is my inherent recognition of value to me and the additional Like is when it merits an extra bump to help discovery by others). - Micah
.38 - Ryan Dadey
Ryan, I have to say, that's one high caliber ratio ;) - Micah
An update it's .44 which is an improvement from .36 - Michael Fidler
2.94 1040/354 I have likes set to post to twitter automatically, so I'm careful with them. :) - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
0.85 - Steven Perez
0.73 up from 0.66 on Jan 08 - ɐ ɯıʞ sıɹɥɔ
0.37 for the week past, 0.45 on the whole. - Parth Awasthi
Michael, Anthony, Ahsan, guruvan Steven, sıɹɥɔ and Parth - thanks for dropping in your stats! - Micah
5.81 i'm not using it as does everyone else here. that is fer sure. - Marg Uerite
Ahsan, huh, I'd never considered that. - Micah
17942/30571=.59 - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Alex, thank you, sir. - Micah
ALmost 2:1 exactly. - Amani
Much obliged, Amani. - Micah
3062/5777 you do the maths. - Will Higgins™
.53 (3062/5777) for Will Higgins #math-on-demand-services - Micah
Thank you, amin/gnu - Micah
1.45 (4374/3026) - Micah
0.92 now. I think the movie reviews have been getting me closer to a 1 to 1 ratio. - Steven Perez
Steven, yep, you were a 0.85 in April. - Micah
2.10 now ... - Amani
0.97 now. - Eric Johnson
Amani, so your comments have climbed a bit. - Micah
Thanks, Eric. - Micah
yes, but i am not consciously "not liking" things - Amani from IM
Probably, just chattier then :) - Micah
I'm down from 7.16 to 6.94 :-) - Ken Sheppardson
the live NBA playoff threads have ALOT to do with it. - Amani from IM
Ken, the FCC may be interested to explore how your "I'm down" may be offensively self-deprecating ;) - Micah
.56 eeep, must try harder - Threepwood
4.52. I don't bother to like things I've commented on, since commenting already flags it as interesting. - Andy Bakun
0.46 (1698/3638) - Glenn Slaven
Threepwood, Andy, Glenn - thanks (Andy, that's my mo too; then I'll Like if it warrants a "double vote"). - Micah
1.31 (4,471/3,401) - Karoli
Thanks, Karoli. And the both of us have a _very_ similar ratio and absolute numbers. wow. - Micah
Thanks, Ryo! - Micah
Andy, scroll upward and you'll see a couple calculations from before (January: Average: 1.27 | Median: 0.81) - Micah
In March the Mean was: 1.49 - Micah
1.021276595744680851063829787234042553191489361702127659... via Wolfram Alpha - tom murphy
Thanks, tom. And though a bit verbose, your friend Wolfram is resourceful :D - Micah
0.55 (254/444) - Willem (@wim66) ☠
Thank you, Willem. - Micah
In April you were 0.97, so you're liking more / commenting less. - Micah
1.88 (779/414) - Ton Zijp
Thanks, Ton. - Micah
0.43 (3597/8305). - Parth Awasthi
0.74 (1970/2667) - Kristin of Two Everything
And thank you Parth, Scott. - Micah
Parth, compared to your April numbers, you've been consistent. - Micah
Thanks, Rick! - Micah
.54 (4148/7674) Updated! - Michael Fidler
Rick, you mean that face with glasses I photoshopped tint into with an apparently disembodied arm which is actually very much attached to my eldest son? It's mostly just me :) - Micah
Thanks, Michael. Yes, you have a rising tide of comment percentage (oh, wow, you were one of the originals from January - cool!) - Micah
1.82 from 798 comments / 438 likes - David Damore
Thanks, nivé and David! - Micah
2027/1594 = 1.27 - Brome
0.58 - Marc Dong
2.9 (3,242/1,116) mhhh.. time to straighten my use of FF a bit.. thanks for this entry - Thierry R. Andriamirado
Brome, Marc and Thierry - thank you! - Micah
Thierry - yeah, 2.9 is fairly high - got to pick the pace on like side :) [but hey, whatever works for you is fine] - Micah
1.91 - MiniMage
Thank you Nicholas and MiniMage! - Micah
Yeah, that's a decent upward rise in comments, Nicholas. - Micah
.6 (6,000/10,000) 3rd update - Now it's time to flip this on its head. My goal is to have (16,000/16,000) next time I post here. Regardless of what happens, I'm just looking forward to the next 10,000 comments, likes, posts, and new relationships I make here. It's all good! - Michael Fidler
1.76 (7539/4290) My commenting habits haven't chanced much, but it felt like I clicked Like a lot less, and this ratio confirms that for me. - Micah
It's that time again. - Micah
Thanks, Laura! (you're a 50-caliber gal!) - Micah
0.64 - Imabug
Thank you, Imabug. - Micah
4.67 (I'm greedy :p) - directeur
0.99 - Steven Perez
About 1:2 comment to likes at this time - RAPatton from iPod
.63 - metalerik
Thanks Imabug, directeur, Steven, RAPatton, Jim, Brent and metalerik! - Micah
0.78 - Pete D
.82 as of right now. edit: on January 8th it was 0.39 -- when I saw that, I decided to make more of an effort to comment. When I hit 10k "likes" I decided I wouldn't "like" anything else until I also had 10k comments. - Bren
And thank you Jimminy, Pete, Bren and Penguin! - Micah
2.47 as of right now. - Jonas, Leper of FF
Micah, are you doing something with these numbers? If so sounds interesting. - NOT THE CRICKET
0.58 - Absentee
Jimminy, I'm copyrighting every single number. It's kind of a honeypot ;) Actually, it was curiosity mostly, but I also hope to build a sampling (small and self-selecting as it may be) for anyone who might want to analyze it. - Micah
Jonas, James and Kurt - thanks you! - Micah
You're welcome. I hope the results do some good. :-) - Absentee
.31. I have almost 4 times as many likes as comments. - edythe
Thank you edythe and Eric! - Micah
195/245 makes 0.8 rounded not including this one which would be 196/245 making 0.8 unrounded, - tom murphy
Thanks, Tom. - Micah
1.98 (588/297) - Bryan Zirkel
1.67 (19,550/11,684) - Mitchell Tsai
Bryan, Mitchell and Jeff P. - thanks, guys! - Micah
1.18 - it's always been close to 1, since day one, for some reason. - Laura Norvig
Wow, Penguin is a prolific liker! - Laura Norvig
2.67 (875/328) - Nathalie
Thank you, Nathalie! - Micah
Thanks, Spidra and Mark! - Micah
0.49 - Jammy Lee
Jammy and Mathew, thank you very much. - Micah
I don't know I just like that picture - Brian Hendrickson
.40 - Ben Hanten
Mine was exactly 2:1 about a week ago. Did a screenshot when I had 2,000 comments and 1,000 likes. - Joe from iPod
SuezanneC, Brian, B E N and Joe - thank you all very much! - Micah
Joe, it's like see the odometer click through a nice round number - it's just inexplicably engaging. :) - Micah
1.40, nearly the square root of two. - Vezquex
Thanks, Raphael and Andy! - Micah
12.23 (844 / 69 ) I guess I take my likes seriously ;) - Chris Myles
Wow I didn't realize I was so out of whack!! 12.23 that's got to be a record (and I don't even import my feeds with the summary as a comment)!! - Chris Myles
Thanks JA, Chris (wow, 12+ is unusual :), Serkan and Nine! - Micah
Micah.. I told you I take my likes seriously; ). You *might* want to ask (in a separate post) what percentage of likes were used to "bookmark" a post or save it for later VS actually "liking it". I NEVER used like for that.. but I did use a private group that if filled with my own topics (and comments).. - Chris Myles
1.78 (8529/4782) - Micah
Likes are down relative to comments, which matches my much lower frequency of liking. I'm a more selective liker than ever. - Micah
I don't think I could argue that any particular kind of ratio is "best", because if Lurkers like to Lurk and cultivate (via Likes) and the Chatty-ites love to chat, to pump out much many more comments than Likes, each can be happy and make for a great social experience. - Micah
383/372 - Ashish
'Just clicking "Like" seems too easy' — Jason, that's because you're from the Chatty-ite tribe :) - Micah
Thanks, ashish. - Micah
wow, what a difference time makes, when i 1st posted on this thread, 6.43%, now = 1.25%, for a 5.18% difference, :o (and this is the earliest post to date i've recovered of my activity on ff) - chaz2b
chaz, I think there's been a big fluctuation for most people (maybe not that much). This is the oldest post on which you commented that you've recovered? - Micah
When I first saw this: 1.91 Sept 28: 1.94 - MiniMage
536 comments in the last month has me at .8736...still creeping toward 1.00 - Bren
Thanks, MiniMage (2x participant!), Bren (3x!) and Shannon (your inaugural visit!) - Micah
Thank you, SustainedEuphoria. - Micah
Thanks, Mark. - Micah
1.45 - Brett Kelly
Thanks, Brett :) - Micah
5.67 all time. Second highest ratio on here. Woot! I love to talk. - Kevin L
Thank you both, Kevin and mridul (the two of you balance it each well :) - Micah
1.80 (10,189 / 5,666) [compared to Likes, my Comments still continue to rise] - Micah
1.02 (10323/10161) - Bren
.5666 currently (30,084/53,093) - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Thanks, Bren. - Micah
Thank you, Alex :) - Micah
that was my third post... It's interesting to see how the number has changed. of course, I manipulated the number to a degree, because I stopped "liking" things for a while... - Bren
Bren, the other thing that can seriously throw off someone's stats is a feed that upon each item it imports adds a comment automatically. - Micah
true. that can seriously inflate comment stats, of course. Then you have someone like RAPatton, who posts a gazillion comments, in part because of his playlist posts where he will list each song in a separate comment. I found, after this post in fact, that I tended to "like" things much more frequently than comment on them, that I was lurking instead of participating. I have changed the way I use ff rather considerably, and I think for the better. - Bren
Thanks, Sarah, Tutivillus. - Micah
1.19 - Joe Bonner
Micah this is like 11 months ago, I see you have almost doubled your rate. lets make a graph for everybody now, :) - ۳۰ مرغ Loves Y'ALLLLL
Quick, someone write a greasemonkey script to inline some google charts! (tap-tap-tap...wut? don't look at me ;) - Micah
Thanks, Joe. And you thank you, Mahmood :) - Micah
Thanks, Glen! Your comments in the ratio have gone up too. - Micah
1.70 (it was 1.41 on Jan 8) - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
WorldofHiglet, thank you :) The comments are strong in this one. - Micah
0.64 (2,589/4,051) - Chieze Okoye
0.58 - Thomas Page
Chieze and Thomas - thank you! - Micah
*bumpage* - Micah
So, Micah, we never did find out what you were doing with this info.... - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
0.27 (5637/20234) - I only see a couple people lower than me. - John (bird whisperer)
4.06 (747/184) - Jan Ole Peek
WoH, World Domination. - Micah
Rene, John and Jan - thank you, all three! :) - Micah
0.97 (6,694/6,929) - NOT THE CRICKET
Thank you J., Jimminy and آقای تلخک :) - Micah
2.23 - Paola Bonomo
0.71 (8,200/11,551) updated - Michael Fidler
0.03 (284 / 10378)! - Daniel Rowley
Thanks Paola, Michael, Artemko, J. and Daniel! - Micah
*thanks Christopher thoroughly* - Micah
14.86 (1442/97) I'm going the wrong way!! - Chris Myles
1.77 (11831/6622) - Micah
0.56 (2059/3703) - Joel Webber
0.89 (1,766/1,986) - chrisofspades
Thanks, Joel and Chris! - Micah
In 4 days it will be 1 year since my first recorded stat here. My comments/like were almost a 1:1 ratio then. Now comments are almost double likes for me. - Micah
jamar78, same trend for you, it looks. :) - Micah
1.00 a year later. {edit -- screwed it up the first time. not telling what I did.} - Jim #teamFFrank
Thanks, Jim! - Micah
.52 this year. - Laruia Ingalls Botts
Thank you, Laura =) - Micah
75,415 comments/1,286 likes = 58.64 - i wish the auto inserted comments didn't get counted... the true number is probably much much close ot my number of likes - Chris Heath
1.09 (11910/10953) - Bren
1.97%. thanks again micah, this has been a great metric to measure my first year here on ff. As the year went (this being the first record of me being here that i've found): , 6.43%:1.25%:1.97% - chaz2b
Chris, Bren, thank you. And chaz2b, thank you too - glad it's a special marker for you. :) - Micah
1.79 (13620/7618) - Micah from iPhone
0.91 - Bruce Lewis
0.13 - Morton Fox
1.69 now (1.70 on Nov 10th and 1.41 on Jan 8, 2009) - - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
0.23 - Mark H
Thanks Bruce, Morton, Higlet, Brent and Mark! - Micah from iPhone
How is this thread doing in the longest-lived-ff-comment-thresds-ever contest? - j1m
5.76 right now - Kevin L
0.53 - Rodfather
j1m, I wonder how many threads over a year old are regularly updated by an asoetment of users. - Micah from iPhone
Kevin, Cecily and Rodfather - thanks! - Micah from iPhone
1.49 (2,222/1488) - DB, Lil LB's Dad
"I must not ask Micah questions" written out a bajillion times.... :) - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
LOL @Higlet - Correct. (but Brent, you can also ask the Mathematics Dept of West Bohemian University in Pilsen, Czech [via ]) - Micah
0.32 (2011/6291) Looks like I need to comment more. =) - Beau Liening
Thank you, Beau. And, by stating you want to comment more you're already helping the cause :) - Micah
2.09329564 (10366:4952) I don't think that I'm the norm here - See-ming Lee 李思明 SML
*bump* - It's that time again, folks. - Micah
1.71 (16,017/9,357) - Micah
0.91 (13,933/15,222) - NOT THE CRICKET
2.66 - Marissa
1.48 (2,469/1,669) - DB, Lil LB's Dad
Thanks, Jimminy, Marissa and Daryl. :) - Micah
1.21 - Jenny
Thanks, Jenny! - Micah
1.10 (4874/4448) - DGentry
2.13(7957/3734) - Melanie Reed
Thank you, Denton, Glen and Melanie! - Micah
63.58 (97,534/1,534) -- interesting that my last three digits are the same there, eh? (note, i already posted a month or two ago when i first saw this thread) - Chris Heath
Thanks, Chris! - Micah
0.87 (3770/4312), so I'm either getting more commenty or less likey. [0.74 (1970/2667) was what I previously reported back in June] - Kristin of Two Everything
Thanks Scott, pea and T. Brent. - Micah
Brent, interesting. Look forward to more commentary. :) - Micah
1433/1161 = 1.23 - cdogzilla | downgraded
1.19 (5132/4316) - Ruchira S. Datta
Thank you, cdogzilla and Ruchira! - Micah
0.94(15045/15978) 0.83, (28.August.2009); 0.97, (11.Nov.2009); 0.91, (17.April.2010); 0.94, (11.May.2010). - NOT THE CRICKET
1.65 (18,070 / 10,970) - Micah
*bump* It's that time again, folks. - Micah
1.05 (1710/1625) - cdogzilla | downgraded
1.66 here. Chattyites 4ever! - Lo
Thanks cdogzilla and Lo! - Micah
Last year my comments were around 7000 and likes around 2500, for a ratio of 2.80. I consciously chose to do more liking over the last year. As of today my comments number 10,782 and likes number 7,666, for a ratio of 1.41. - Stephen Mack
Jason, Stephen - cool. Thanks for keeping updated here. :) - Micah
Thanks, RG - Micah
1.03. Micah you've made over 18000 comments since you first posted this. - chrisofspades
0.76 (3,624/4,766) Egad that's only .1 improvement since 2009-01-08 :-P but at least it's moving in the right direction. - ɐ ɯıʞ sıɹɥɔ
3.25 No wonder I always had to stand in the hall in school for talking ;-) - Shannon - GlassMistress
Still right at 1:1. W00t. - Jim #teamFFrank
1.15 (14662/12739) - Bren
chrisofspades, crazy isn't it. :) - Micah
kima, tortoise wins and all that ;) Thanks, Shannon. Jim, you have maintained balanced in the force you have. Thanks, Bren. - Micah
2.33 :( my new yr's resolution was to "like" more, imma not doing sucha good job, :( - chaz2b
Thanks, Mark, and chaz, you'll get there. :) - Micah
1.61 (20,661 / 12,818) - Micah
*BUMP* - It's that time again. THANKS! - Micah
1.76 (15,652/8,886) - Jenny
Thanks, Jenny and hollyrai! - Micah
Thank you, Glen. - Micah
0.77 - Steven Perez
0.31 (14566/47299) - John (bird whisperer)
John, you're a 'liking' fool! :D - Jenny
Apparently I'm the human version of FALOB - John (bird whisperer)
Ha! (and thanks, John) - Micah
Double ha! - Jenny
Thank you Steven. - Micah
2.28 - Jesse Stay
1.66 (updated) - Eric - Let Me Know
Thanks Scott, Jesse, Eric and holly! - Micah
58,144/3,749=15.509, basically due to multiple feed imports. - Daniel Mietchen
*BUMP* - Micah
1.60 (22,066/13,819) - Micah
:) @Jason. - Micah
0.69 - Absentee
0.76 - Steven Perez
slightly off of my usual this time: 1.01 - Jim #teamFFrank
Thanks James, Steven and Jim "STAY-ON-TAR-GET" Jannotti. :) - Micah
.98(20,405/20,834) - NOT THE CRICKET
1.36 (20684/15224) - Bren from iPhone
Thank you, Jimminy, Greg and Bren! - Micah
1.88 (21954/11691) Chatty Cathy, apparently. - Jenny
11289/9010 = 1.25 (wonder if some comments are from imported feeds) - Mike Chelen
Thanks Jenny and Mike. :) - Micah
Sorry - Micah .... but the math is just too complicated :) - Charlie Anzman
Charlie, I'm make it simple. I'll do the talking, you drive the get-away car—we'll split it even: 80/20. - Micah
Damn, More Homework. - Brent - Yes I am
including this comment (119,119C/1677L) ... 71.03 - Chris Heath
1.21 - Joe Bonner
1.56 (24,076/15,472) - Micah
*BUMP* - it's that time again. Also, I passed 24K comments recently. - Micah
Thanks, Micahel. - Micah
113,457 comments / 166,887 likes = .68 - RAPatton
2.02 (31627/15675) I need to start liking more and shut the hell up. - Jenny
1:1.618, of course. - Josh Haley from iPhone
2.60 - Jack&Cleo
I was waiting for that from you, Mr. Haley. - Lisa L. Seifert from Android
Those are some heavy hitter numbers there, RAPatton. Thanks. :) - Micah
I've been on FF for a long time, Michah, because I am really, really old. - RAPatton
LOL Josh. These aren't the maths you looking for. [lateral hand wave] - Micah
Jenny, do not take your own advice; not advisable. - Micah
Thanks, Jack & Cleo. - Micah
RAPatton, you're not old—you triple-comment-excerpt every bookmarklet post :)) - Micah
Cristo, this post is an ancient relic. Handle with care. - Micah
0.13 - Morton Fox
Okay, Micah. <----I had to resist the urge not to post that because I know it's going to up my comment count. ;) - Jenny
But how many of those primordial, high interest posts are still active. Uh huh. :) - Micah
Thanks, Morton. BTW, when you posted in February, it was exactly 0.13 also. - Micah
Jenny, resistance is futile; embrace the rising tide of comments. - Micah
Comments are more difficult and time consuming than Likes. I'd be happy about a high comment:likes ratio except that many are surely imported from feeds, while every Like is manual. - Mike Chelen
it has changed to 2.2256 now as Sep, 6 2010.Labor Day. :) I added the date for future references. - ۳۰ مرغ Loves Y'ALLLLL
IN HONOUR OF DERRICK'S 100,000th LIKE: - Micah
1.54 (25,102/16,257) - Micah
Thanks, Alex. - Micah
2.29.... 26 HR, 89 RBI - .LAG liked that
.15 on March 21, 2009. Now .19. - Alix May
Thanks, MarkJ, .LAG and Alix! :) - Micah
Thank you, Deepak! - Micah
1.47 (24757/16749) - Bren
I make a lot of comments but no one like me, so I guess the ratio is infinite or undefined. - Sue - Friendfeed is best
1.45 (29653/20444) *BUMP* - Micah
1.22 (31900/26233) - holly #ravingfangirl
.59 (58,923/99,251) - Scoble, Alex Scoble
6.61 (2825/427 )... I'm a wee bit chatty - Shannon - GlassMistress
I had exactly a 2:1 ratio as previously reported [Aug 30, '09], now I am at: 1.7241:1 ratio. 6,067 comments to 3,519 likes. - Joe
0.79 as of 6 Jan 2011. - John E. Bredehoft
my brain hurts - Morgan
Two years later and my ratio has climbed from 3.4 to 4.675. I've got a lot to say, apparently. - Kevin Fox
Funnily, I didn't notice until after leaving that comment that when I reported my stat in 2009 I also followed it up with "I've got stuff to say." I didn't say it was *new* stuff... - Kevin Fox
1.000 (27093/27080) - NOT THE CRICKET
I've had an improvement since the last few times this has come up. I was .49 or close to it, now I'm running a .57 ratio - Bluesun 2600
1.68 (55826/33281) - Jenny
81.1 - rising consistently - Chris Heath
I think this is the oldest thread I see that still gets new comments added. - Sue - Friendfeed is best
*BUMP* - Micah
1.40 (32175/22968) - Micah
I dunno, I'm not good with math - sofarsoShawn
0.35 ... Apparently I'm not very talkative. - John (bird whisperer)
Thanks, John and Shawn. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
1.459 (33067/22667) - Bren from iPhone
looks familiar... - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
2.6 (wow, this thread is like my yearly checkup; thanks micah and friendfeed, 3+years and going strong [6.4%, 2.33%]) - chaz2b
1.02 (38,615, 37,927) 9/27/11 - NOT THE CRICKET
1.29 (36,959 / 28,580) - Micah
Thanks, Jimminy, Bren, WoH, and chaz2b. :) - Micah
.46 now. :) - Laruia Ingalls Botts
Thank you, LB. - Micah
0.33 (34741/105115) - John (bird whisperer)
Thanks John. Gracias, caj. - Micah
1.57 (24,460/15,624). It was 1.12 the day after the OP. - Tinfoil 2.0
The likes dim and comms brim. - Micah
2.91; 6.43% (@ 2yrs ago) 2.33% (@ 1yr ago). for history's sake, this thread was started shortly after i found friendfeed, or friendfeed found me, so it holds a special place in my heart. thanks for keeping it around mr micah - chaz2b
You're certainly welcome, chaz2b. In some way it feels like a living heirloom to me. :) - Micah
*BUMP* - Micah
1.25 (40,008/31,895) - Micah
1.15 - Kristin
1.41 - Melly
5.12 - Julian
3 (2.991) (and now the list has become too lengthy for me to track my progress, ;) [dumb me, i have a post not 10 lines ago in history, from 090711 2.91; 6.43% (@ 2yrs ago) 2.33% (@ 1yr ago) ;) ] - chaz2b
.79 - Shevonne
24 072 / 35 095 = 0.685909674 - AJ Batac
0,77 (before and after this comment) - loi
2.65 (69,814 comments/26,281 likes) - Spidra Webster
1.51 = 28,196/18,717. Was 1.57 in Sept 2011 and 1.12 in Jan 2009. - Tinfoil 2.0
*BUMP* - Micah
0.174 (6966/40022) - Not much of a talker. - Kevin Johnson
1.23 (41,476 / 33,845) - Micah
1.43 - Tamara J. B.
.15 on March 21, 2009, .19. on September 18, 2010, and .22 today (March 8, 2012). - Alix May
*BUMP* for Ross - Micah
2.83 - Ross Miller
1.97 on 2012-04-24 - ؛ patrick
0.99 (44,752, 45,200) 4/24/11 || 0.83, (?, ?), (28.August.2009); 0.97, (6,694, 6,929), (11.Nov.2009); 0.91, (13,933, 15,222), (17.April.2010); 0.94, (15,045, 15,978), (11.May.2010); .98, (20,405, 20,834), (03.August.2010); 1.00, (27,093, 27,080), (06.January.2011); 1.02, (38,615, 37,927), (27.September.2011); 0.99 (44,752, 45,200), (24.April.2012); - NOT THE CRICKET
1.6 - AJ Batac
1.34 Did you finish all your profiling yet, Micah? - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
1.22 (42,526 / 34,975) - Micah
Glad to see you here, Ross. Thanks for the updates everyone. WoH, the master plan is coming together nicely. - Micah
Excellent *steeples fingers* - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
*staples fingers* - John (bird whisperer)
Hmm, can you order finger-steeples on Amazon? - Micah
*readies the Band-Aids* - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Micah: I can sell you some, cheap. Just fax your credit card, SIN and maiden name to the usual number. - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
My facsimile machine is in dry dock at the moment, but I'll pigeon over a small scroll with all the requisite datums. - Micah
Done and done. - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
0.31 <-- about the same as usual - John (bird whisperer)
After the last 19+ hours, it's high time to log-in your stats again. - Micah
1.20 (45878 / 38084) - Micah
1.54 (32,913 comments / 21,412 likes) - Tinfoil 2.0
Thanks, Tinfoil. - Micah
Try dividing by zero and find out ( ) - Micah
1.04 (10778 / 10303) - DB, Lil LB's Dad
Thanks, DB. - Micah
Currently 0.3. - John (bird whisperer)
Thanks, John. - Micah
1.01 (47,240, 46,956) 9/13/12 || 0.83, (?, ?), (28.August.2009); 0.97, (6,694, 6,929), (11.Nov.2009); 0.91, (13,933, 15,222), (17.April.2010); 0.94, (15,045, 15,978), (11.May.2010); .98, (20,405, 20,834), (03.August.2010); 1.00, (27,093, 27,080), (06.January.2011); 1.02, (38,615, 37,927), (27.September.2011); 0.99 (44,752, 45,200), (24.April.2012); 1.01, (47,240, 46,956), (14.September.2012); - NOT THE CRICKET
Thanks, Jimminy and Zulema. - Micah
BUMP - in honor of Kevin's 8K comment threshold. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
.38 - March 15, 2013 - Jennifer Dittrich
0.279 (58096/208087) - John (bird whisperer)
0.172283 (8005/46464) - Kevin Johnson
0.75 (38,250 comments / 50,175 likes) (My entry above from 2 years ago said I had 10,782 comments and 7,666 likes for a ratio of 1.41. I've been busy, and my pattern seems to have changed.) - Stephen Mack
Thanks, Jennifer, John, Kevin and Stephen. :) - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
0.51 (6,883/13,438) - Stephan from iPhone
5.72, though I deleted my first account, like, 3 years ago - Meg VMeg
1.03 (51,436, 50,018) 3/15/13 || 0.83, (?, ?), (28.August.2009); 0.97, (6,694, 6,929), (11.Nov.2009); 0.91, (13,933, 15,222), (17.April.2010); 0.94, (15,045, 15,978), (11.May.2010); .98, (20,405, 20,834), (03.August.2010); 1.00, (27,093, 27,080), (06.January.2011); 1.02, (38,615, 37,927), (27.September.2011); 0.99 (44,752, 45,200), (24.April.2012); 1.01, (47,240, 46,956), (14.September.2012); 1.03 (51,436, 50,018), (15.March.2013); - NOT THE CRICKET
.44. I guess I'm getting lazy. - Laruia Ingalls Botts
2.22. I use YouFeed a lot, and liking takes an inordinate amount of time on the app.... - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
3.10 up from 2.83 a year ago. - Ross Miller
Thanks, Ross. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
BUMP - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
1.07 - Kristin
1.03 - Bren from iPhone
This thread is amazing. What a treasure trove of information - Bren from iPhone
0.62 (5077/8197) as of 4/29/13 - bentley
2.49 today - Marissa
1.0591 Comments per like (16,230 / 15,324). - Joe
0.47 (10,057/21,354) - Zu from AOD
0.98 (48000/48933) - Bren
1.08 (53,901/50,006) — this is over 6 years old now. - Micah
1.45 - Melly
1.16 - Friar Will
7.04. I'd bet italians must have values way above the average non-italian user. - mentegatto
Thanks, Melly, Friar. Thanks, mentegatto—you're probably right. - Micah
0.63 (12948/20268) as of 2/28/2015. I'm consistent. My previous comment of 4/29/13 has my ratio at 0.62. - bentley
Thanks, bently. - Micah
Compiled a little stat of my comments over the years. Averaged 4,600/year in the last three years. In the year 2010 I made 30,000 comments. - Micah
14,613:11,129 (prior to posting this comment) - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
Thanks, cgrymala. - Micah
Currently I'm at 0.223 (68214/306389). - John (bird whisperer)
1.09 (25689/23595) on 03/01/15 - Previously 1.07 (04/29/13) & 1.15 (01/04/12) - Kristin
Currently (2015-0301): 0.658 (74,615:113,471) - Michael W. May
.15 on March 21, 2009, .19. on September 18, 2010, .22 March 8, 2012, and 0.25 today (March 1, 2015). - Alix May
0.36 on March 01, 2015... I've become a lurker! - Brent Schaus
35,56 on March 02, 2015 - Snowdog ★ ★ ★
friendfeedCommentAnchor - New User script & Bookmarklet to add a permalink to each comment -
Show all
friendfeedCommentAnchor [v0.1.0] - - A user script, a bookmarklet and an alternative configuration userscript (has autoCommentAnchor turned ON). To add a permalink to each comment. The hyperlinked text default is "#" (you can change it in the Configuration section to "permalink", "linky", etc in the user script). Works in single post and stream modes. Tested on Firefox and Safari. - Micah
Special Note ~ Post image: NOT A HASH TAG :) - Micah
I started the group ffhacks to house a concise listing of user scripts: . If you have a script that works on the current version of FriendFeed, and you're its author, write a comment on with the link and I'll share the original friendfeed post to the group. - Micah
Does it only work to other users with the script enabled? - Andrew Trinh
The anchor is the comment <div> container id which has been there all along; there simply has not been a user interface to conveniently access it. So yes, a URL with the anchor will work for anyone regardless of script usage (tested in Firefox & Safari). - Micah
Wow! Great work. - Svartling from iPhone
Thank you, Svartling :) - Micah
This is awesome Micah, well done! :D It's really non-intrusive too. - Mitch
splendid work Micah! - vijay
Thanks, guys. - Micah
fantastic. precisely what I had in mind. only tested the bookmarklet so far...I'll have to check out the userscript later. - chrisofspades
chrisofspades - right on :) - Micah
i like bookmarklets. - Franc, a rememberer
everybody subscribe to Micah's ffscripts group! - Franc, a rememberer
Hi, Franc :) - Micah
Hey Micah. how's it going? ;) - Franc, a rememberer
Thank you, Micah. So you listened? <> - ianf ⌘
ianf, yep. I try anyway. I remember one or two conversations you had anchors - I've wanted access them for a while too. Cheers! - Micah
#hashanchors should have been there by default, so that you could spend your time on more creative things rather than fixing FF. In fact, absence of this key element of hypertext, granular addressability, tells me that FFeeders really do not care for comments - they're ffodder to the OPs, which are the only ones that rank anything in the hierarchy of submissions around here. I don't... more... - ianf ⌘
Great feature Micah Wittman thanks. another bookmarklets suggestion plz browse this: - Nimaa
Installed the script and like it. - Miss Elle
Thanks, Miss Elle. Take a look or even subscribe to to check out more scripts. - Micah
*BUMP* for John E. - Micah from iPhone
How did I miss this? - AJ Batac
Just don't let it happen again. :D - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
Very cool! - Mitchell Tsai
Kol Tregaskes
[WELCOME TO #FFBG]: Firstly welcome to the new Beginner's room! Hopefully this room will be used by new users to find out and ask questions on how to use FriendFeed + by more experienced users to help out with the queries and to welcome the new users to the FriendFeed community.
If you have any queries on using FriendFeed start by checking the "guides" here: If none help try searching the group as you may find it has already been answered: - Kol Tregaskes
1. To do this type in one or more keywords, for example "filter", into the search box at the top of the screen. As you type a list will appear underneath the box. Before hitting Enter to start the search make sure "Search friendfeed-beginners for <keyword(s)>" is highlighted. Once you press Enter you will be presented with posts where the term or terms have been found in the title or a comment. - Kol Tregaskes
2. If you find the list does not help you, press back on your browser or return to the group's home page here: and type in your question in the text box below the group's name and above the words "Add: Photos". This is the 'share box' and you will find these on most pages within FriendFeed. - Kol Tregaskes
3. If you would like to add an image, such as a screenshot, click on the word "Photos" underneath the box and use the dialog to navigate to the image you wish to upload. Then either double-click on image file or highlight the file and click on the Open button. A progress bar will appear and once the image is uploaded it will be shown as a small thumbnail under your post. - Kol Tregaskes
4. Once you're happy with your post press the "Post" button and you will see your post appear in the group just under the share box. - Kol Tregaskes
Later on you'll hopefully get one or more comments to your post. These will apear under your question, to post your own comments: - Kol Tregaskes
1. Click on the word "Comment" under your question. - Kol Tregaskes
2. A new text box will appear at the bottom of the comments already posted. Type your comment in the box and press the "Post" button. This wil post your comment and it will appear at the bottom of the thread. - Kol Tregaskes
I hope this gets you started, feel free to leave any feedback here. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
NEED MORE HELP? CAN'T FIND YOUR ANSWER HERE? You are welcome to post your question here, but also feel free to ask any of the Admins of this group (we're the ones whose names you see as authors of any of the [HOW TO:] posts in this group). By clicking on any of our names, you can subscribe to our feeds and have the opportunity to watch regular, avid FF users in action. Also, you can then send us a Direct Message (click the link in your Filters box) and ask for help. - Mark Traphagen
If you want to view the "guides only please use this link: - this shows all the HOW-TO, LISTs and other help posts that have been written for the group and is a great way to start. - Kol Tregaskes
Hi, I am manoj sharma from India, a newbie hree. I need some help of senior member. - Manoj Sharma
This will be very useful for a workshop I am doing in my HEI to introduce academic and support staff to the delights and benefits of 'using social media to inform and educate' - any further hints, tips or useful guides that anyone can point me to, would be very gratefully received ;-) - Julia Ault
Hi and Kia Ora....My name is Fololi Lologa-Iosua from Auckland, New Zealand...This is my first time on FriendFeed and I welcome any suggestions and recommendations to help me build up my networks with people all over the globe...I look forward to more communciations with you all! I quite like your idea Julia about the use of Social Media to inform and educate....Look forward to a long lasting friendship on FriendFeed! - Fololi Lologa-Iosua
and so it begins. I'll start the office ff how do you sign your name to your post? - rin wall
Don't forget the FF for Beginners group here: :-) - Kol Tregaskes
is it like "twitter"? can we add # or @ to mention something especial? - mansooreh sani
@Mansooreh Sani (as you can see, no effect, but a saved search of your name could be your solution there -- or even better, thinking of it, could be having your own hashtag #mansoorehsani): You can tag with an #hashtag which refers to a search of that term. @ mentioning didn't exist and never was brought up as absolutely necessary by the hardcore users. You can post to a user with a... more... - Zu from AOD
Bret Taylor
You can now get a daily or weekly email digest for anybody's feed on FriendFeed. You'll get a daily or weekly email with the most popular posts from that person's feed. To get the email, click the "Email/IM" link at the top of anyone's feed, and select the "Best of day" or "Best of week" email option.
Picture 11.png
You can see all of your email settings at - Bret Taylor
Thanks Bret! :) - Matt Ruiz
Thanks to Kevin for doing a great design for what turned out to be a more complex set of UI options than we had originally anticipated, and thanks to Tudor for implementing the email backend. - Bret Taylor
Great! Thanks! Love FF! - Scott Monaco
I now get the FriendFeed Feedback posts as a Best of Day email so it doesn't fill up my feed, but I don't miss feedback. I also set up a "Best of Day" email for my "Technology people" friend list so I get a pretty good overview of tech news every day via email. - Bret Taylor
This is a really cool idea Bret, I wish you can make that an RSS feed option as well. I'd be much more likely to read summaries in RSS than in email. - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
Lovely. Thanks guys. - Mitchell Tsai
Casey: Thanks for the tip. What's the 7 before the "?" mean in the URL? The number of likes or replies needed to be included? - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
this is killer, the random influx of email during the day was kinda getting fail-ish. I love the daily digest. - Drew Lucas
Very cool! Any way to get archives of previous months? (especially helpful for those of us who leave the internet for weeks at a time...) - Mitchell Tsai
WOW. that's really helpful! - K.D.
Looks like a great addition for those who are not embedded on the site. Nice intro. - Louis Gray
Cool! - Josh Haley
Ahsan: it is somewhat random right now when the emails are sent, but we built in the backend capability to control what time they are sent, and we plan on exposing that control to users in the future. Right now, it is kind of random - sorry! - Bret Taylor
Cool! can i get a daily or weekly email digest for the "Saved searches"? - 0M0M from email
This will be incredibly useful. Thanks to all involved in the design and execution. - Kathy Fitch
Nice addition! - Michael Fidler
But what exactly is "Best"? Is it anything that has a certain number of likes/comments? - Laura Norvig
@Bret LOL THAT WAS MY PROJECT! I will release it tomorrow. But you've also did it and killed my friendfeed application **sigh** But mine has multi-reporting weekly-daily-monthly at the same time and adjustable entry count! - Alp
@Bret please consolidate me or I won't code new apps with you api! :-) - Alp
Alp: we were not trying to withhold data. Later today the documentation will be updated to reflect the ability to obtain "Best of" for users. The feed id will be USERNAME/summary/N (similar to "Best of" for lists) - Benjamin Golub
Hi Ben, that is pretty funny, I tried that URL earlier today to see if it has been secretly released :) - Paul Kinlan
Bret: While Twitter struggle to keep their fail whale under control, you guys are developing stuff like this. Amazing - Thanks! - Jim Connolly
awesome feature, this will be highly useful for my corporate group ideas / content sharing; projects, etc.... THANK YOU :) - Susan Beebe
Great work. I especially like that it works on lists too. - Meryn Stol
my inbox might say different, but I like that :-) - Dobromir Hadzhiev
Wow, this is really neat! And it links into the idea I expressed earlier, re: reducing signup friction / enabling limited guest privileges. Imagine if I could embed one of my FF rooms on my personal web site, and enable people to subscribe to that feed by e-mail with just a couple of clicks... rather than saying "you can get e-mail notifications but you have to sign up for Friendfeed first." "sign up" -- though admirably lightweight on FF -- is still a huge barrier. - Adam Lasnik
is there a love button cause I dont like this option I LOVE this option..great work guys - (jeff)isageek
Three options I would like (1) Can I select "top 100" instead of "top 30"? (2) Could I select both "best of day" and "best of week"? (3) How about older timeperiods? I'd love to get an e-mail with stuff from last week or Mar 2009? Start & end dates? Anything to help me read FriendFeed off-line would be great since I spend long periods off-line at festivals (especially during summer time) or overseas. - Awesome job guys! - Mitchell Tsai
So this works on groups too, cool! But we still cannot see Best of for groups on the site on friends lists. :-( I have several friends lists that include just groups and when I select to view the best of the page it's empty (even though if I got to the individual best of for those groups there are entries there). - Kol Tregaskes
does anyone know of a web service that can do this? (I'm thinking weekly email updates of my favorite feeds/people) I don't think there's anything like friendfeed .. - Franc, a rememberer
That's a cool feature - Xitong Liu
Emails no longer get sent except for Subscriptions. The last non-sub email I recieved was July 15th, 2011. - NOT THE CRICKET
I still get them. - AJ Batac
I get these every day. - Me
I still get it - AJ Batac
*jealous* I no longer get anything but subscription emails. - Bruce Lewis
Following US Politics that way ever since and the emails always went through: so happy this never went off course and kept a valuable record of these threads. - Zu from AOD
unutmadık :) - alperyz
Thanks for sharing!! - Keith Kesier
Michael McKean
RIP Michael. :( - EricaJoy
RIP. :( - iTad
RIP Michael :( My condolences to family and loved ones. - Penny
Condolences to your family. RIP. - AJ Batac
RIP Dear Michael - DanDan
Fly with the angels my friend - VALZONE#NEWHIP
condolences :( - Holden Page
OMG.. RIP, Michael. - Thierry R. Andriamirado
:( - Mil∂d
RIP. :-( - Kol Tregaskes
RIP Michael. - Mark Krynsky
Attended Michael's Trisagion Service tonight, will go to the funeral tomorrow. Family OK w photos, will post as memorial to Michael. - Norman Demetrios Fletcher
oh...we weren't ready for this - m9m, Crone of FriendFeed
RIP Michael. This is so sad... I just learned about his passing yesterday. :-( - Jannifer @wordsforliving
Miss you, Michael. - Half Pint
Wish he could have seen us tonight. He just may have. - Josh Haley from iPhone
"when tomorrow starts without me....." My heart and prayers go to you, Michael and you're family. May you're family find peace and comfort in the days ahead. <3 - Lynda Dmoch
Happy Birthday. - Mike Nencetti
no more pain. - Big Joe Silence
RIP Michael. ;( ;( ;( - rowlikeagirl
Coming on one year. I hope that his family is doing okay, and am truly saddened that we couldn't interact with him this year. - NOT THE CRICKET
Wow, I can't believe it's been that long. - Lola Bean (Penguin) from iPod
:( I forgot to bump this on monday. :( - NOT THE CRICKET
:-( - Ashish
I only new him for a very short time here, but I miss him. - NOT THE CRICKET
Happy Birthday Michael. - Mike Nencetti
Happy Birthday Michael. nice to see your account is still here. - Mike Nencetti
On FB he kept turning up on "People You May Know" even a few months ago. Bittersweet to see him there. Happy Birthday to Michael. - Half Pint
Fuck GoDaddy. God damn piece of shit company.
Since I despise their ad campaign I agree! - Janet from FFHound!
Just dealing with them is a whole lot of nasty bag of fuck. Can't do a damn thing with your domains for 6 months out of the year (3 months before renewal and 3 months after renewal) To get services canceled you have to waive all rights and send in picture ID. Their customer service reps can't do dick about anything. When you do have access to move from them, they stop transfers that are authorized without notice. Hope the whole lot of them just dry up and die like withered dicks in a desert. #SOOOPISSED - Me
GoDaddy is AWFUL. Absolutely awful. The previous festival organizers were using them as hosters and it took us forever, a day, and an act of God to get the Fest domain transferred to my hoster. GoDaddy used every single underhanded tactic in the book, including just flat out lying to us about the ability to transfer domains. Thankfully we started the transfer SIX MONTHS before we needed to go live, because that's how long it took them to finally relent. They are a trashy bottomfeeder company for sure. - Hookuh Tinypants
Why do people keep signing up with them? - Amit Patel
I have been trying to get away from them for the past few years. some domains moved but I was buying from them way back when they started and had some creditability. when I could move my domains I did, but most of the time they would just cancel the transfer without warning or explanation. - Me from YouFeed
Wow! After reading some of the reviews, criminals from Hell! Everything short of murder. - JB
Used them once, for one domain. Pile of crap. Moved out, never looked back. - Ian May
Bret Taylor
Improve FriendFeed for your friends by recommending subscriptions - FriendFeed Blog -
Improve FriendFeed for your friends by recommending subscriptions - FriendFeed Blog
"As a devoted FriendFeed user, I have tried to convince all of my friends and family to join the site, but a handful of them never quite got their accounts set up properly. With our new Recommend friends feature, I can fix their FriendFeed experience by recommending subscriptions to them." Try it out at - Bret Taylor from Bookmarklet
Excellent feature, gooood idea! - Susan Beebe
Very cool =) - FFing Enigma
Cool stuff. - Mike Bracco
Uh, it tells me that Scoble, among others, could use the recommendations. WTF? Perhaps I have too few subscriptions for this to work. - Fred Yankowski
more good stuff - Dobromir Hadzhiev
Finally a better recommendation - directeur
I'd still love an "e-mail this item" feature, similar to Google Reader. - Jesse Stay
great idea! - Edwin Khodabakchian
Cool! Beats the heck out of #followfriday!! - Larry Hawes
What am I supposed to get when I click the 'recommend friends' link on someone's pop-up? Currently, the popup just goes away and I don't get directed anywhere else. - FFing Enigma
Fred: yah, unfortunately, you can only recommend people who you are subscribed you and who are also subscribed back to you. - Bret Taylor
Mark, I didn't submit a bug report since what is supposed to happen wasn't actually spelled out on the blog post or here; this might be the intended functionality... I hope not, but it's possible. - FFing Enigma
Tina: it is supposed to pop up a dialog. Sorry for the trouble - we will look into it. - Bret Taylor
At first I did not understand this, but now that I am checking it out, it is brilliant and addresses much of what we have complained about. NOW what will we complain about? - Liza + = ?
Just to confirm Bret, the first image in the blog post is what the pop up is supposed to look like, right? Because that's nothing like what the page looks like.... - FFing Enigma
I notice that new subscriptions are automatically added to one's home feed. I consider that kind of a bug. - Meryn Stol
Tina: yes, that is correct. The page is just a list of people that we think could use some friend recommendations since they have few subscriptions. If you click on any of the "Recommend" links on that page, you will see the same, standard "Recommend friends" dialog. - Bret Taylor
User-driven...I like. - Josh Haley
Where would we find recommendations that others suggest to us? - Fred Yankowski
@Bret, who receive the recommandation see also who is the recommender? - Roberto
Fred: You will receive an email as well as a notification on the top of your feed. - Ross Miller
Roberto: yes, they see who recommended - Bret Taylor
Not getting the pop-over when I click 'recommend' on the page either... FFox 3.0.12 if it's relevant. - FFing Enigma
Bret, if I recommend friends to people who haven't signed in for a long time, will they get email? A lot of my bored friends are not active FF users I think. (quite logical) - Meryn Stol
and can I see who has accepted my recommendation? - Roberto
Roberto: You won't be notified if they accept/deny as the recommender. - Ross Miller
Ross: Ah, it just appeared on my feed. Cool. (And thanks Meryn) - Fred Yankowski
Meryn: yes, they will get an email with your recommendations - Bret Taylor from email
Bret, I accidently just received an email with previous recommendations. I had already viewed them through the web-interface. But indeed, it's there. Email looks good too, as I expected of course. :) - Meryn Stol
hey Robert Scoble....I have a trade send my name to all your friends...i send your name to all of my friends for the rest of my life.... - Bob DeMarco
I would like that deal, too, Scoble. I like this a lot. - Ben Hanten
Bob: I charge $1 per friend. :-) just kidding, but the UI makes it so hard to send you to more than a few people. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
Bret: You guys rock! This is so much better than FollowFriday, which I recommended just a while back. Now, I'm waiting for some recommendation emails! :) - Mahendra (SkepticGeek)
If there’s something about friends and family not having their account set up properly, I’d prefer a way to recommend them the streams they forgot to add. For example, I could tell them “You forgot to add your Digg stream and your fourth and eight blog. Here’s the link.” Then he could just click the recommendation and had it set up easily. - Natsuki Seika
Definitely better than #followfriday. - Bernie Goldbach
As I have lots of subscriptions the pop-up window is *really* slow and always has been since the new UI (same thing for amending friends lists). :-( I like the feature though, so I could make a new friends list of my most recommended users and use that each time for each user? - Kol Tregaskes
Bwana ☠
Ride the FriendFeed rollercoaster - All Twitter posts (on FF) in real-time!
Would love to tap into that just once for the Moment of Win - Josh Haley
That's a little nutty - Mitch
30 tweets per page ... the oldest from 12 seconds ago. fotta love it. - Mark Hartwell
i wish we had some scroll speed adjustment slider ... - pb:
Where's Evelyn Wood now that we need her? - Tom Landini
OMG! @Bwana I saw some Ferrari run more slowly! :-) - Roberto
I came across a saved search involving the words and and or and but that went something like that - Too much fun. - Brent - Yes I am
that works if I leave out the "from:everyone" - Chuck Kahn
Bret Taylor
FriendFeed API v2: Real-time, OAuth, file attachments, and more -
FriendFeed API v2: Real-time, OAuth, file attachments, and more
"Today we are launching version 2 of the FriendFeed API for beta testing. We focused on making the API simpler to use, and we added number of compelling new features." Documentation: - Bret Taylor from Bookmarklet
OAuth? Sweet. Thanks a lot for all the new good stuff in the API: can't wait to use it. - Mark Trapp
very nice. great work! - Alfredo 亜瑠布れっど
Yet another reason to like Bret. :-) - Jesse Stay
Great!!! - YungSang from FriendFoo
nice! - Daniel Rust
good job guys, I bet devs are jumping high right now - Dobromir Hadzhiev
Sweet, congrats! - Ivan Zuzak
nice, good to see OAuth support, this will enable a larger 3rd party ecosphere around FriendFeed, I hope - Jeroen De Miranda
After going through the documentation and playing around with some feeds, I love the fact that you can now see the subscriber lists of people who have their feeds set to private as long as you are subscribed to them and authenticate (mimicking the main site functionality). One thing that's absent is a discussion of Direct Messages. Do they show up in feeds if you authenticate? How do we find just direct messages? - Mark Trapp
Mark: direct messages are accessed using the feed ID "filter/direct". Read more about feed IDs at Also direct messages appear in the "home" feed. - Benjamin Golub
Benjamin: ahhh, I see it now. I missed it when skimming that list over. Thanks! - Mark Trapp
Can you post the wget version of the command line? - Gabe
Gabe: wget --user=bgolub --password=passwd --post-file=MyPhoto.jpg should work. In theory. Edit: nope. I'm not sure it's possible to do with wget. - Mark Trapp
Thanks God it is New API. - AlpB. from iPod
Nice progress here with this release! - Micah
I love it! - friday night
Why is wget questionable? - Gabe
Gabe: wget doesn't support multipart forms as a design decision. If you post a file, FriendFeed returns a 404, and if you post data, the query is too long for wget to handle. - Mark Trapp
Good work, look forward to seeing what developers can create - Joe Dawson
doublepluslike - Vezquex
curl FTW. - Jeremy Kunz
This is great, FriendFeed team. Good job. - Thierry R. Andriamirado
Woowoo, bgolub's password is “passwd” ;-) - Amit Patel
Amit: I wonder how many people tested that :) - Benjamin Golub
Thanks to bgolub posting his password, I now have all of FriendFeed's secret documents about notorious users, useless metrics, Justin Timberlake's promoting FF on Oprah's show, hiring Colbert as a spokesperson, Ev Williams being just a “distraction”. TechCrunch is going to love this! ;) - Amit Patel
Yes big big thanks to the whole team for all their hard work!! - ɐ ɯıʞ sıɹɥɔ from iPhone
thank you;) waiting for the release :) loving clone - abdellah from FriendFeed API Example
Yay subscribers exposed! - EricaJoy
Finally OAuth, I had a hard time memorizing my remote key. - Hugh Isaacs II
This is indeed very cool, anybody started on a c# version? - Jesper Lind
Ivan Zuzak
List of FF tools and services:
When adding to the list, please include the service name, type (bookmarklet, web app, browser extension, etc) and short description including links to the service website and FriendFeed post/group with more info. - Ivan Zuzak
ffcheck (bookmarklet): The ffcheck bookmarklet gives you a quick way to find out if there are any existing items on FriendFeed related to the web page you're viewing. See for more info. - Ivan Zuzak
FFHolic (web app): FFholic is a place for FriendFeed users to find lists of most liked and commented entries, most popular rooms and most popular users. See for more info. - Ivan Zuzak
friendfeedTranslate (user scripts and bookmarklets): Translates title and comments of a friendfeed entry to a chosen language. See for more info. - Ivan Zuzak
feed-buster (feed transformation service): Feed-buster is a service that enables automatic importing of images and other media for RSS/ATOM feeds in FriendFeed. See and for more info. - Ivan Zuzak
FFWho (web app) - FFWho allows you to see people who commented, liked your feeds and subscribed you but not in your subscription list. See for more info. - Ivan Zuzak
F2P (web app for mobile): f2p is a web-based FriendFeed application for mobile users. See for more info. - Ivan Zuzak
FriendFeedLinks (web app): FriendFeedLinks is a memetracker that tracks links shared on FriendFeed. See for more info. - Ivan Zuzak
FriendDeck (web & desktop app): FriendDeck is an aggregator built upon FriendFeed. See for more info. - Ivan Zuzak
ffOldAvatars (web app): ffOldAvatars takes you back and shows previous profile pictures of your FriendFeed account. See for more info. - Ivan Zuzak
FriendFeedSpy (web app): FriendFeedSpy is an aggregator built upon FriendFeed. See for more info. - Ivan Zuzak
whendidyoujoinfriendfeed (web app) - Whendidyoujoinfriendfeed finds approximately when you started posting to FriendFeed. See for more info. - Ivan Zuzak
FFsummary (e-mail service): FFsummary will e-mail your feed summary consisting of popular posts to you on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. See for more info. - Ivan Zuzak
ffsms (sms service) - ffsms brings you ability of posting to FriendFeed via SMS. See for more info. - Ivan Zuzak
ffScheduler (web app): Schedule your FriendFeed posts and send them automatically when you want. See for more info. - Ivan Zuzak
ffollo: is a simple service to auto follow users who share similar interest as you on FriendFeed. Ffollo will follow users based on how you use Friendfeed. - Paul Kinlan
friendfeedCommentAnchor (user script & bookmarklet) - Adds a permalink to each comment. See and for more info. - Ivan Zuzak
friendfeedCommentMiniAvatar (user script) - Adds a mini avatar to each FriendFeed comment. See and for more info. - Ivan Zuzak
dnd-bookmarklet (bookmarklet): FF bookmarklet replacement with drag&drop support. See for more info. - Ivan Zuzak
friendfeedPoll (user script): Report statistics on a friendfeed thread used as a poll / survey. See and for more info. - Ivan Zuzak
friendfeedForceHttps (user script): Redirects a friendfeed page to a secure connection and render all friendfeed links on page as secure protocol (https). See and for more info. - Ivan Zuzak
friendfeedFilterByService (user script): Shows only FriendFeed feed entries based on user chosen service types via either an inclusion (services to show) or exclusion (services to hide) list. See and for more info. - Ivan Zuzak
friendfeedExpandAllCommentsLink (user script): Adds a link (next to Tools link) to expand all rolled-up comments for every post on the current FriendFeed page. See and for more info. - Ivan Zuzak
friendfeedCommentHoverReveal (user script): On mouse hover, long FF comments are revealed (avoids needing to click the "more..." link). See and for more info. - Ivan Zuzak (web): directly post your updates to your stream from your phone where ever you are and when ever you want too. - AlpB.
Cool 3 of my apps are in this list :) FriendDeck, FriendBoo and FFollo :) - Paul Kinlan
ffspy (web app): FFSPY allows you to find out who unsubscribed from you by sending you hourly, daily or weekly reports via e-mail. Try it out at - Ivan Zuzak
fftogo (web app for mobile): FFtogo is a web-based FriendFeed application for mobile users. Try it out at - Ivan Zuzak
friendfeedTitleCompactor (user script): Compacts the display of friendfeed entry titles. See and for more info. - Ivan Zuzak
OPMLtoFF (Yahoo Pipe): Combines all feeds in an OPML file into a single feed for easier importing into FriendFeed. See for more info. - Ivan Zuzak
Here is the new one: FFSendImage ( provides you to send images via their urls ;) #ffsendimage #yay - Kaan Şengül
It might be better if you separate tools and services with separate posts. The list is awesome but it will get longer and longer. - @barisunver
ffedit ( you can edit your friend lists quickly. - batuhan - find new music through friendfeed - Uğur Çelenk aka friendfeedTranslate for FF, Facebook, and Twitter. - Micah from iPhone
ffPics | browse someone's shared images - - Barışnikov
JaFFa ( provides JAXB Objects and utility services for FriendFeed and downloads public feeds, direct feeds, discussion feeds and attachments. - ؛ patrick
ffhound (mobile app - FFHound is the ultimate FriendFeed client that works as you expect! Features: - Multiple account; - Create favorites list; - Notifications on new DM (with custom scheduling); - Browse all feeds; - Geo tagging on posts; - Realtime updates; - Fast browse; - Live folder for fast access; - Languages: English, Italian; - ✔ Crino
Added a small program to JaFFa which can delete spam comments. Just add the spammer users to the list and it will get rid of all the comments from those users. - ؛ patrick
tool for making anonymous posts to the friendfeed: - FFAnony
This is one of my Ambient Noise tracks. It's called "Haunting Wind", & it's from my Album "Afraid Of Silence". The music is inspired by the Artist Tim Hecker. Although the track is from 2006, I wanted to post it here on FriendFeed too
When I posted this on KvR forums in 2006 I've got a huge amount of comments that lead to a record deal with the Label Databloem Records. - Svartling
Sadly though I only got one track on a compilation album. My full length album was never released. Read more about it here: - Svartling
Tim Hecker's great. I'll have to give this a listen. I'm also a big fan of Fennesz and William Basinski. - Akiva
I love Fennesz too! Then you have to listen to my track "Afraid Of Silence" too :) It is inspired by Fennesz. - Svartling
I will post Afraid of silence later here on friendfeed too. I think Friendfeed is great for posting music on :) - Svartling
How do I post an image with audio like this? Love it! - Michael Fidler
Just click on the links "photos" and "files" respectively, and browse for your files. Very easy. - Svartling
Very interesting music :) - I would like to re-share it but your entry is quite long and I cannot add your name to it :( - Hanna Wiszniewska
Can't you edit my entry and repost it. Please? - Svartling
For example remove the line "Although the track is from 2006, I wanted to post it here on FriendFeed too" - Svartling
Of course, I can :) - I would not do it without permission though! Will re-share in a sec. - Hanna Wiszniewska
You have my full permission :) - Svartling
Oh.. and thank you for your comment about my music :) - Svartling
Thank you :D - and - done! - Hanna Wiszniewska
Thanks, I've wanted to do it for ages. Can it be done from online sources as well? - Michael Fidler
Only photos. Not files I think. - Svartling freaking awesome - Mo Kargas
Thank you! :) I will post some other tracks later :) - Svartling
Perfect background track for the 3D space scene I'm modeling right now, excellent work Svartling - Mo Kargas
You can use it if you tell the world it's me who made the music :) - Svartling
Of course, I will :) ( I mean - I will try to tell my friends of your music :) - Hanna Wiszniewska
The sonic structure of my sound is somewhat destroyed by the low compression though (128 kbit/s). It sounds a lot better uncompressed. - Svartling
But don't get me wrong, the noise should be there :) - Svartling
To hear all the sonic noise I want you to hear you must use headphones. My music is headphones essential! :) - Svartling
I made this track with audio only in Ableton Live. I have not used any MIDI at all. - Svartling
I worked with the envelopes for weeks. I wanted every mili-second to sound exactly as I wanted. - Svartling
I've released all my tracks for free to download. You can use it or play it on some radio channel if you want, but you must always refer to me when you do. I will post more tracks here on friendfeed from time to time. - Svartling
This picture (album cover) for my album "Afraid of silence", is actually made for my track called "Black Rain", but I thought it would fit for my music style on this album too. - Svartling
Here is track two - Afraid Of Silence: - Svartling
Bump - Svartling
Bump again :) - Svartling
Jesse Stay
No Pseudonyms Allowed: Is Google Plus's Real Name Policy a Good Idea? -
Forcing real names is a smart move. Google gets social. - Jesse Stay
Forcing "real"-sounding names is a really bad idea. It doesn't ensure authenticity. It prevents whole categories of valuable interactions. It forces aggregation of online behavior where no such aggregation exists in the offline world (at least in free countries). The list goes on and on. Other links of interest on this topic: "Follow-up: Google confirms “real” names a requirement for... more... - Tinfoil 2.0
yasin ghasemi
هیچگاه نگاهت را فراموش نمی کنم ، نگاهی سرشار از محبت و صمیمیت ، صدایت در گوشم زمزمه می شود و نگاهت در ذهنم مجسم ، اما ... ، من تو را می خواهم نه خیالت را
C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator.WIN2FARS-FA76FF\Desktop\yas.jpg
C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator.WIN2FARS-FA76FF\Desktop\yasi.jpg
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من تو را می خواهم نه خیالت را :| - Sahandram
فوضول باشی یه تغییر در اسمت بده درست میشی عزیز جان - MAS
فوضول جان :دي من حذف نكردم....چشم الان واست آپ ميكنم - yasin ghasemi
عشق رازي است مقدس ، براي کساني که عاشقند . ‌عشق براي هميشه بي‌کلام مي‌ماند . اما براي کساني که عشق نمي ورزند ، ‌عشق شوخي بي‌رحمانه‌اي بيش نيست . - yasin ghasemi
اسم نقاش‌ش چی بود؟ من هم دارم اینارو - لیلا
friendfeedTranslate – userscript and bookmarklet (new!) for integrated language translation -
wow! - K.D.
you're on fire! - metalerik
Good stuff man, props :) - LANjackal
Dude...seriously... You are the man. This is groundbreaking stuff here. - Josh Haley
Ah shucks. Thanks guys :D - Micah
Thank you Micah, You have outdone yourself again - zsafwan 
Great! - Ton Zijp
this will work awesome in my "foreign but good" list - Tyler Gillies
jnman, google's translation service has it's limitations. I don't know what is different about that particular comment, though. This is anecdotal, but I would roughly estimate that 20% of the posts I've tried google translate responds with at least some null translation results. - Micah
Thank you Micah! Josh just showed me how to do it. I didn't know you had to open an individual post by clicking the time. I'm tech challenged. :) - Trish Haley
dude, you're a ninja - chrisofspades
Trish, thank you for the honesty. Ahhhh, _documentation_ so often an afterthought *scolds self*. Actually, if someone wants to pitch in help make a tutorial, please let me know. I'm working on a full set of pre-loaded configurations for each support translation language ~ maybe it will get released tonight (hard not to be in all the great conversations, though - that's the rub :D - Micah
Thanks, chrisofspades. I've been meaning to ask how the activity on ffThreadKiller is lately? If ya-all haven't checked it out yet head over to - Micah
Micah - tried out the bookmarklet on safari :))) Awesome. interesting how much better the translation is that the .( version doesn't seem to do transliterated text. - the version your script accesses is getting a fair amount of it.) - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
activity waned. and I've been waffling on some back-end decisions that's preventing me from updating it. - chrisofspades from email
Rob, cool. That's an interesting comparison. - Micah
chrisofspades, yeah, I guess for a lot of people the statistic is interesting initially, but doesn't have legs. Have you considered expanding what statistics it gathers? You've already worked out how it spiders, what other calculations are feasible? I've seen a lot of requests for date range searching. Maybe some slice of data related to the timestamp. - Micah
date range searching would be sweet chrisofspades! if there's anything I can do to help please let me know! test maybe? - metalerik
Rob I noticed that too. - metalerik
*bump* I installed it on my home machine :) - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart
And it worked? - Micah
Yeah, mostly. :) I think people tend to write with mispellings though so that's tough to translate anyway. - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart
Oh, cool. :) - Micah
Dee @
Burak Daylan
Hao Chen
Find Friendfeeders Across The Web - v0.1 -
This tool finds all the sites that your Friendfeed friends use and allows you to filter the results by service. - Hao Chen from Bookmarklet
Please test, and let me know if it works. Suggestions gladly welcome. - Hao Chen
Wow. - Rahsheen
Hao, this is awesome! Remember how people were saying in the FF Feedback room, how they'd like services to be linked, but not important the feeds? THIS is the temp. solution. WOW. Are you going to implement a way to filter individually? - Mona Nomura
It doesn't actually do that, Mona. If your account is in Friendfeed, it goes into your feed. Hao Chen is merely making it easier to get the URLs from FriendFeed. - Mark Trapp
Looks great. I guess I'll have to look into Social Graph API a bit deeper. It's so much faster than FF API for network data. - Benedikt Koehler
Oops, I meant UN-LINK services so it'll stop pulling into their feed BUT still enable their friends to link to their respective accounts. Thank you for catching that, Mark. - Mona Nomura
Great job Hao - Zee.
It should be possible to use the Social Graph API to find services that are not imported into Friendfeed as well as friends' services not on FF. It's a bit tricky because it requires a lot of separate requests. Right now, it's only using the SG API to find your subscriptions across the services you import on FF. - Hao Chen
Thanks, just don't look at the source code. LOL - Hao Chen
Hao, this is awesome, this is going to save me so much time! Thanks! - Shey
You're welcome. This is me though: - Hao Chen
Very cool. However, my tiny brain is not grokking " Remove Connections Already Subscribed To". Please to explain. - Laura Norvig
Laura, it's not very accurate, but it's supposed to remove links to people's accounts on the other networks you already subscribe to. For example, if I already subscribe to Bob on Twitter, it might remove the link to Bob's Twitter page in the big list. - Hao Chen
very kool Hao....Im finding my fellow FF on other services! - (jeff)isageek
Hao, this is very cool; I just used it to great success friending users. - Pete D
Hao, since I am the lone step child, any idea why it would not work for me. I typed in my ID, nothing happens, no spinning wheel indicating it is thinking. Just looks at my sad face....LOL. - R. Ferguson
Hoa - This is great. Can you add - Russellreno
this is so awesome Hao - great job!!!!!!!! look out for random add notifications from me :) - Morgan
Aww..Ruth. What browser + ver + OS are you using? Is JavaScript turned on? Try this link? - Hao Chen
Export to CSV please. :0) - Adam Helweh
wait visita is my OE, my browser is IE. i tried your link still did not work...bummer. - R. Ferguson
I love this Hao. - ChaCha Fance
*spoiler* I never debugged on IE! *spoiler* Sorry, Arne, and thanks for catching that. - Hao Chen
I'm going to have to play with this later...but since Hao is involved, I'm sure it rocks! - Justin Korn from fftogo
Works fine on Safari 3.1.2, FYI. - Mark Trapp
Just fixed for IE! Ruth, please try again? - Hao Chen
Being able to sort the URL data output by either person or service instead of only by person would be nifty. - Laura Norvig
Laura, like grouping all twitter links together for example? - Hao Chen
it worked Hao!!!! - R. Ferguson
How does that work?I type in some user name in it,nothing happen... - Steve Chou
Steve, what browser are you using? Any JavaScript errors? - Hao Chen
Glad to hear you guys are finding uses for it. @Russell Right now, the list of services it displays is the list of services being imported by people's FF accounts, and since isn't a supported service yet, I can't add that in easily. I'll think about how to use the Social Graph API more effectively to do those things though. - Hao Chen
This is just excellent, not wholly accurate like you say but brilliant. Now all I need is to add more contacts on FF ;-) - Kol Tregaskes
very cool Hao - Dobromir Hadzhiev
Another great tool Hao :) - sergiooo
Never seems to work for my own username. - Andrew Trinh
Thanks, guys. :) Andrew, ah, looks like Social Graph doesn't see your FF subscriptions for some reason. http://socialgraph-resources.g... I'll re-code this using the Friendfeed API to get your subscriptions later. - Hao Chen
Very cool Hao! I like seeing which less-common services people actually use. My list (and top 25 services) is Does your system count me twice for YouTube because I have 2 YouTubes? (seems like it might, from the Blog counts). - Mitchell Tsai
It's not working for me either when I input my username. - Steve Lowe
Ditto steplow. Looks like it should be awesome but sadly it's drawing a blank for my username. :( - David Young
Great job, Hao - Zulkarnain K.
For anyone not getting results for their username, I'll post a fix soon, and let you know. - Hao Chen
@Mitchell Yes, it does count twice. - Hao Chen
Wonderful tool for improving connections. Thank you. - Keith - @tsudo
Is there any way to import the links to a Google Spreadsheet via the ImportXML function? See and It seems it's impossible right now as the outputs appear via javascript. You could adapt it so that I could create a Google Spreadsheet template.... more... - Jérôme
still works. - Hao Chen
I love this. - Laura Norvig
thanks. - Ali Oz
Just remembered about this, unfortunate it's not hosted there anymore, I'll look for any any mirror/archive unless you can provide the code? - Zu from AOD
Garin Kilpatrick
HOW TO: Get Your Content Shared on Social Media | Garin Kilpatrick -
senem özkan
waaaaaa muhteşem - discothing
aynen bayıldım :) - senem özkan
aynen 2 benimde favorim oldu yaa harbi renkler harika olmuş - discothing
aii izninle blog için calıorum cnmcım ^^ - discothing
ni demek ni demek :))) - senem özkan
emrah senden de bu tarz bardak fotoları bekliorum ahahaa :)) - senem özkan
Make Life Delicious
Poppy Seed(less) Chicken…It’s What’s for Dinner by -
Poppy Seed(less) Chicken…It’s What’s for Dinner by
This is SO good! Once you make it you'll see what I mean! - Make Life Delicious from Bookmarklet
yum - artqween
Make Life Delicious
Strawberry Shortcake Trifle by Make Life Delicious -
Strawberry Shortcake Trifle by Make Life Delicious
This is one of my favorite desserts. I could eat it all day! - Make Life Delicious from Bookmarklet
*Eats the computer screen* - Jannifer @wordsforliving
yum - artqween
Stephen Mack
Longest thread ever: Variegated miscellany. Now used for status updates.
In 1986, on Usenet, the "Longest thread ever" post debuted. It was kept going continuously for over eight years. How long, I wonder, could a FriendFeed post be kept going? This is just a place for random posts to go. Think of it as a long slow chat room that will never die. Topics vary. - Stephen Mack
Sure, why not? This one. This one... FOREVER. - Stephen Mack
Not very long. Unfortunately, unless they've fixed it, threads tend to disappear from the friendfeed radar after a certain length and length of time. Even ffholic stops cataloging them properly. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
But if I or others kept bumping it... - Stephen Mack
You're a crazy man, Stephen Mack. - Kate Schmidt
Step 1: "like" this post. - Steve and 4 other people
Comment now to get in on the first screen of what will be the historic longest FF post ever... - Stephen Mack
I want to be apart of history. - Dario Gomez
You can never be apart from history, because it's all around you every second. - Stephen Mack
@Kate, I think by "crazy" you mean "awesome" :) - Georgia
Thank you, Georgia, but I would put myself in the crazy category sooner than the awesome category. - Stephen Mack
I hath determined that posts with images get more comments. Can you edit this with some cute graphic? I'd suggest something along the lines of - Steve and 4 other people
You are correct, Steve, but it's now too late, the train has left the station and it's unstoppable. The best I can do is add ASCII graphics to the initial post and the first comment. - Stephen Mack
Georgia and Stephen - I think you both are under the miss-assumption that crazy can not also be awesome. - Rachel Lea Fox
Crazy is to awesome as fish is to bicycle? - Stephen Mack
A fish on a bicycle is totally crazy awesome! - Rachel Lea Fox
An orange, because a vest has no sleeves. - Stephen Mack
Continuing to edit the title is a nifty idea. I'm sure there all kinds of clever things that can be put there on a Friday afternoon. - Steve and 4 other people
I hope so. Because keeping this thread alive is my newest hobby. - Stephen Mack
I posted on long threads in my comments here: . Best one: "Whoa. A forum dedicated to Rush (yes, that one ) has a thread starting with "I'm Bored" which is up to 412,374 posts Back-story here: " - Micah
Long motortrend thread: - Micah
You're being beaten by Alex's post about questions that don't require an answer. Step it up, people! - Steve and 4 other people
Domo-kun is awesomesauce! - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Define longest thread? Most posts? Just the length of text shown down the page? - Dario Gomez
Or is it time? In which case how often do we need to post to this thread to keep it alive? - Dario Gomez
Now with crazy grafix! ⨌ ⤨ ✌ ❦❧❣ ☠⌨ a҉w҉e҉s҉o҉m҉e҉!҉ - Steve and 4 other people
I'd say "longest" in this case means the thread that has the largest # of comments. - Stephen Mack
Micah, those are indeed some very very long threads. - Stephen Mack
You should add subjects to the title and change them now and again. give us something to discuss, and as soon as one subject starts to get boring, change it. - Rachel Lea Fox
Good idea -- I was trying to a little bit (bacon, bel air, xzibit so far) but will be more explicit. - Stephen Mack
This party sucks. I'm going home. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Drive carefully Alex, and tip your wait staff. What are you all doing this weekend? - Stephen Mack
Going to a party in the city tonight. House chores tomorrow, and then Beer league softball sunday. - Dario Gomez
Visiting family in Crystal River, maybe see some manatees, and finally finishing our never-ending kitchen cabinet update. - adf
Random bump, 'cause this needs to become # 1. - Dario Gomez
6:30am Saturday is a perfectly reasonable time for two small children to wake up and want to go to the zoo. Absolutely. Anyone know any 24-hour zoos? - Stephen Mack
Watching the cat attack my husband's feet while he tries to fix the armchair. - Kate Schmidt
cat attacks are awesome!!!! good plans. - Rachel Lea Fox
no 24 hour zoos I know of, unless you build on in your house. my sister seems to be working on one. SF zoo has some great baby animals now though! - Rachel Lea Fox
We have a birthday picnic and then working on Kevin's office!!! plus some gardening. - Rachel Lea Fox
Best man at my friend Matt's wedding, in N. Carolina. - George S.
Congrats, George, have fun and make sure you don't slip and knock the bride and minister into the pool ( - Stephen Mack
Heh, best part is that we are totally doing the ceremony in front of a small lake tomorrow :) but the risk is low. - George S.
Why did I eat so many tacos? - Kate Schmidt
What kind of tacos were they, and how many did you have? - Stephen Mack
Just ground beef tacos, but I spiced them from scratch, not a mix. I had two and some homemade refried beans. I've had a tummy ache for a couple of days, though, so I haven't eaten much other than tea and toast lately. The delicious spicy tacos were a bit shocking to my tum. - Kate Schmidt
Talking about tacos, I think I'll be having some after my softball game today. - Dario Gomez
You should just post your status message updates here instead of to twitter. Who needs a whole website when you've got a single post on FF? - Steve and 4 other people
I believe the current FF leader is: - Steve and 4 other people
1625 comments, that'll take a while to beat. No problem. Slow and steady. - Stephen Mack
Man it was hot this weekend. How hot was it? It was so hot, my cat had to lie under my _______. - Stephen Mack
You will have to explain the match game. - Dario Gomez
1625 comments over 8 years? I don't think it'll be that hard.- oops missed that was for FF. Sorry. I think we can do it. - Dario Gomez
Of course we can do it. As for The Match Game: You are part of a panel, filling in the blank in that sentence, and trying to match the pre-written answer. - Stephen Mack
It's too hot out. :( - Dario Gomez
Isn't today a special day? - Steve and 4 other people
I know tomorrow is a special day. - Steve and 4 other people
Well it's a spare the air day. But I bet there's another reason the day is special. - Dario Gomez
The thing I hate most about hot weather is not being able to sleep well at night. TOO HOT!!! Can someone bring back the late-90's Bay Area weather? I like my 67 degree evenings, please! - Steve and 4 other people
Agreed. apperently it's suppose to rain this weekend as well. It's so wrong. It's not suppose to rain until September at the earliest. - Dario Gomez
I think I just melted. - Kate Schmidt
I think we should discuss other threads in this threads. Like, how it sucks that Stephen has pink eye (get better soon.) And how now is the time scam Georgia. :) - Dario Gomez
Hey Georgia -- I talked to the doctor and apparently the only way my eye is going to get better is if you buy me some special $83 medicine. Please help! - Stephen Mack
Ok, thanks for the heads up Dario, now I'll know to say no to you! - Georgia
And yes Stephen, since it's your birthday, I'll buy you $83 eye drops :) - Georgia
When have I ever asked for anything? :) - Dario Gomez
Hey, why isn't anyone posting to this? Post your excuse for not posting. :) - Dario Gomez
ummm... I haven't seen it pop up lately! - Rachel Lea Fox
My excuse? Pink eye! - Stephen Mack
excuses excuses Stephen! ;) - Rachel Lea Fox
That's a good excuse. - Dario Gomez
Off to the Steinhardt Aquarium for Sammy's day today -- what are you all up to? - Stephen Mack
Gotta go downstairs and unearth all the Ren Faire stuff in preparation for a gig in Napa tonight. - Kate Schmidt
I'm going to check out Bill's latest play. It's the king and I playing in palo alto. - Dario Gomez
People should go see the play. The singers are excellent! (ok I'm biased, my roommates girlfriend is in it, even so trust me it's good.) - Dario Gomez
Ah, glad you updated -- got a link for tix? - Stephen Mack
HEY YOU, LIKE THIS THREAD! - Steve and 4 other people
I can't decide, do I like it cool and breezy, or hot and sunny? They both actually have their good points. I like the hot weather because it's pool weather. I like it cool and breezy because it's more comfortable at mid-day. I like it when it's hot enough to eat dinner outside, but I don't like it so hot that it's still 80F in my bedroom at midnight. - Steve and 4 other people
Link for tickets to king and I - Dario Gomez
I think what we need for success here is for .*Scoble to like this thread. Then you're set! - Steve and 4 other people
We do have a Scoble who liked this thread! ... then he left. - Stephen Mack
Rain on Saturday in the bay area... - Stephen Mack
Isn't that what you said last week? - Steve and 4 other people
I said no more rain until September. I might have been wrong. - Stephen Mack
I know we need rain, but I always think it's strange when there's any rain between May 1st and September 1st. - Dario Gomez
I couldn't handle Seattle weather. Got enough of that growing up in England. - Stephen Mack
YAY rain! My garden will appreciate the rain! - Georgia
New topic (4/29, 11:45am): Have you ever broken a limb? If so, when and how? - Stephen Mack
Yes, my left arm, at age 10, while tight rope walking the parallel bars at the playground behind my grandparents house. I went back and forth 10 times before falling on my arm. AND it was my grandfather's birthday. Also fractured my shoulder blade, not sure that really counts as a limb though. (edit - didn't break the shoulder blade, I must have been having a brain fart moment) - Rachel Lea Fox
Never broken, but I did chip a chunk of bone off of my elbow, to me that counts! - Georgia
Georgia, how did you do that? - Stephen Mack
Gymnastics. I fell forward off of the uneven bars and put my arms out to catch myself. In doing so I dislocated my left elbow, and it chipped the bone when it was relocating itself... OUCH! - Georgia
eeek, sounds painful. I broke three fingers in my right hand playing basketball in college, but otherwise have not broken any bones. - Stephen Mack
This lame in comparison. I broke my toe jumping off the top bunk of my bunk bed when I was 7 or so. The bad part was my parents didn't believe me for a couple of days. The worst part, all the doctor did was tape it to the toe next to it and I was fine. - Dario Gomez
No other limb breakers? - Stephen Mack
no, sorry - grant fox
Yeah, sorry, I'm fracture-free, so no good childhood stories here. - Steve and 4 other people
Sorry to change subject, but who's watching wolverine this weekend? - Dario Gomez
I saw it on Sunday. Awful, just awful. I'll write a review for my blog, but I had low expectations that were not met. Bad special effects, bad story, bad acting -- this movie fizzled on every level for me. - Stephen Mack
So, the question is: Was Wolverine worse than X-Men 3? Now *that* was a bad movie. :) - Steve and 4 other people
I liked Xmen three. - Dario Gomez
I didn't think X-Men 3 was very good. But I think Wolverine is far worse. On the 0-100 scale, X-Men 3 I'd give like a 38 or so, and Wolverine a 23. - Stephen Mack
Wolverine was ok to me. Not great, but entertaining.... - Georgia
so how many people have already lost the summer blockbuster competition? - Steve and 4 other people
No one yet! It could all go downhill from here... - Stephen Mack
I already lost. Wolverine will not be rated well. :( Oh well next year. Wolverine was a good action flick with the required elements to try to explain what happened to wolverine. So I agree with Georgia's statement, not great but entertaining. - Dario Gomez
I'll be seeing Star Trek this weekend with my parents. I have to say, of all the upcoming summer releases, this is the one I'm most looking forward to. - Stephen Mack
YAY! I want to go this weekend as well! - Georgia
Was glad to take my parents to see it, definitely enjoyed it a lot. Despite some plot quibbles (and what would a trek movie be without those?), it's an extremely well-made and likable movie with a charismatic cast and plenty of summer popcorn thrills. - Stephen Mack
Agreed! I'm not a Star Trek person, and I really enjoyed the movie. It's just a good summer action film! - Georgia
I didn't get a chance to see it:( - Dario Gomez
I loved it. i hope to see it again, though next weekend i'm going to see wolverine, even though its not supposed to be that good. - Rachel Lea Fox
Dario, just go see it! Rachel, I really was disappointed in Wolverine, but it has its moments. Set your expectations low -- no, lower -- no, lower than that. A bit lower. Not THAT low! There. Right there. - Stephen Mack
Wolverine was good. Just think of it as a mindless action flick and it'll be fine. - Dario Gomez
So who's going to see Angels & Demons this weekend? - Stephen Mack
I was thinking about it... is it supposed to be good? - Georgia
I hate this thread and having to click 'more' to open it and then scroll down 10000 lines. Hiding. :( - Ken Gidley
Georgia, it has 51% positive reviews on RottenTomatoes, so, no, sadly it doesn't look to be very good. Ken, I hear you on that. It is a bit annoying. But for science, I will soldier on to make this the longest thread in FF history (no matter how long it takes). - Stephen Mack
So, did anyone see Angels & Demons? - Stephen Mack
Seriously? After the DaVinci Code, why would I? DaVinci was even bad by my "airplane movie" standards, which are pretty low. - Steve and 4 other people
I thought DaVinci was passable. Tom Hanks is usually watchable, and there was interesting scenery if nothing else. I'm very surprised that Angels & Demons beat Star Trek last weekend (, $46 million to $43 million). - Stephen Mack
Woah, new Terminator only got 31% on Rotten Tomatoes? ( I knew it'd wouldn't score high, but didn't expect it to be THAT low. I'll see it tonight anyway though... - Stephen Mack
I'm glad you posted to this. I haven't been able to find. And I will reiterate. Lower expectations makes for better movie experience. (well at least I hope so.) - Dario Gomez
Why isn't anyone posting to this thread? - Dario Gomez
Good question! Anyone going to see UP this week? Maybe I should switch topics. Of the summer blockbusters, so far I've seen Wolverine, Star Trek, and Terminator, but not Angels & Demons (3 for 4). I give Star Trek a 4/5, Termination a 3.5/5, and Wolverine a 2/5. - Stephen Mack
I will hopefully see UP next week, I'm really looking forward to it! - Georgia
It would be great if this were at the Pruneyard's Diaper Days/Nights. Then I could try to take the kid(s). Check Last week was Star Trek. - Steve and 4 other people
How do you like the Diaper showings? Is it possible to really watch the movie? - Stephen Mack
It depends on the movie and the crowd. Sometimes it works, and other times not. We went to see Horton Hears a Who there, and it was a bit chaotic, because it caters to kids, so there were lots of toddlers there. It could be said that it's a livingroom experience, (lights on, kids talking) so it's not a huge win over just Netflix, but I think it's good practice for the kids to go to a real theater. You should give it a try and report back. :) - Steve and 4 other people
Pixar's Up grabs 98% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes, beating Star Trek's 95%! -- wow, some amazing reviews there. I didn't expect it to score this well with critics. Why do I ever doubt you, Pixar. - Stephen Mack
Wow! I didn't expect that either! Go UP!! - Rachel Lea Fox
I better go leave negative feedback so I can still win the contest :) - Georgia
It only counts well-known critics, Georgia, so you'd have to set up an alternative career and corpus of reviews first! - Stephen Mack
Has anyone seen up! yet? - Dario Gomez
Anyone paying attention to this thread? - Dario Gomez
So glad to see "Up" took #1 for a second weekend in a row, and that "Land of the Lost" was beat out by "The Hangover." Saw Up, last night, it's very very good. - Stephen Mack
I heard "Land of the Lost" will be the "My Greek Wedding" of 2009....;) - Roger N
And no.. that last comment has not been influenced by other outside factors such as the "Movie Blockbuster" contest.... - Roger N
It's always possible that LotL could a huge international hit. Will Ferrell is bankable overseas. - Stephen Mack
didn't want to start a new thread, but saw a link about thread killing. I seem to be running at 39% does that seem high? - Dario Gomez
Dario, 39% is highish among the people who responded, but very close to mine. - Stephen Mack
I'm glad you commented I thought I had killed this thread. But now... oh never mind. :0) - Dario Gomez
No, this thread will never ever die, sorry. It will take its slow but sure way to infinity. In 2086, when FriendFeed runs in our brains, it'll still get bumps for historical interest. - Stephen Mack
So what movie is a MUST see for this summer? - Jannifer @wordsforliving
So far, UP and Star Trek are tied for me as must-sees. - Stephen Mack
Yeah, I'll second that, Stephen. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Doesn't look good for Year One: 20% on RT. ( -- "Has neither wit nor wisdom nor charm nor beauty." -- Stephen Wittier - Stephen Mack
Is our attempt at longest thread ever dead? - Dario Gomez
No, I just wanted to see if anyone else would bump it :) It'll never die. - Stephen Mack
So what's the status of this thread with the news that Facebook will be taking over the joint? - Dario Gomez
This thread will still be the longest thread ever. Guaranteed. Will never stop. Never stop. And with the new "comment at the bottom" link, it's easier to use than ever. - Stephen Mack
GI Joe. Worth it, or does it Destro-y even more Saturday morning cartoons? - Neal Krummell
Neal -- I'm gonna pass on GI Joe. If the RT reviews were higher, I might have checked it out. But for now I'm waiting for District 9 and Inglourious Basterds. - Stephen Mack
OK, wrapping up summer movies ( Now it's time for Fall TV ( Anyone watch Leno last night? What did you think? - Stephen Mack
I thought it was interesting. I don't hate him like a lot of people on FF seem to. But I will not be spending much time watching either. The new set is amazing. It did seem to go by quickly, and the 2 chair/no desk setup makes it a lot more intimate...just in time for Leno to ask Kanye about what his dead mom thinks of him interupting Taylor Swift's acceptance speech, watch Kanye flounder for words, then see him immediately go get gangsta rap on stage. What's not to like? - Josh Haley
Surprised this thread is still going - maybe it really us the longest thread... - Rich
Rich, it's not there yet (with only 160 comments) -- some threads here on FF in the last 30 days have almost 1k comments. But I won't let it die, never. - Stephen Mack
It just needs to be the longest lasting thread right? - Dario Gomez
Dario, I think we decided at the beginning it had to have the most comments. If it's just oldest-continuously bumped thread, then someone could bump an older thread and snatch victory away from us. - Stephen Mack
I think Leno was a bore the other night....even with Kanye on it! I think Leno is going to be the bottom of the barrel in TV ratings for the 10pm time slot. - Bonnie Foster
He doesn't have to do well to make money for the network, though, given how cheap his show is to make compared to, say, an episode of Law & Order. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
So how is everyone who reads this thread doing? - Dario Gomez
Any one see the prisoner sunday? - Dario Gomez
------------------- 2010-May-12 --------------- I'm resurrecting this longest thread ever and will use it for status updates that I don't want to have in a whole new post. Feel free to join in. Also: Feel free to hide. Here's my first status update: Bleaugh, I'm starting to not feel well. Achy joints and headache. Will go to bed early. Long for Lucozade. - Stephen Mack
Life itself is transitory, Blu. (In response to: "Somehow I suspect my comments here will not persist. - Blu T") - Stephen Mack
Our kids' preschool is closed today, so my wife and I have the day off and we're all headed to the beach! Yay for personal days. - Stephen Mack
JEALOUS! - Georgia
Well, clinic stuff first. Kimi's having a procedure. But next: Boardwalk! - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Brrrrrrrr! - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Wow - been going on for a while now! - Paulette
I love this thread. - Rich
when was the last time this was posted to? Before this post of course. - Dario Gomez
It was me on June 8th... Kind of weird, haven't signed on since then, and this thread is at the top! - Rich
Hey Dario, thanks for bringing it back! I've thought about this thread a bit but wasn't sure if it was practical to keep bumping it. I suppose people can hide it if they hate it. - Stephen Mack
And Rich, that is weird. You and Dario must share a psychic connection. - Stephen Mack
This can't possibly be the longest post. Where's the big guy being tickled? - Kevin Fox
Kol Tregaskes
My main blog is my photography one: #whatsyoururl EDIT: SF URL is dead. - Kol Tregaskes for daily iphonegraphs. :-) - browneyes
Thanks guys! :-) - Kol Tregaskes (great tool I am testing it over the last 2 weeks - Love it and thinking what will be the correct use) - Johni Fisher
Johni, it's really good as it's so easy to post using the bookmarklet. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
I'm subscribing to you all now (if I can read it in English, that is). Subscribe back, will you? - scherbi: bottom dweller
Haven't used it much, but maybe more friends will change that - - phil baumann from Android
Niron :-)) nice one(the FF embed there,shabat shalom ) - Johni Fisher
Johni, thanks mate shabat shalom :) - Nir Ben Yona (which is a CNAME for - DGentry Updated infrequently but I'm trying to get better :) - Joe Bonner from fftogo mobile (mostly) photoblog - jacek
Mine is mainly for photos and as contributor to which is my son's photo blog that feeds his FF, Twitter and FB - Nicholas Paul Gordon from iPhone, post up! - Braden Douglass
I'm a very inconsistent blogger, but here it is: - Herb Hernandez I really like using it to feed content to my Wordpress blog and other sites at the same time. It's the only easy way I know of to e-mail posts "to" my blog. - Cheryl Jones from BuddyFeed
NIr, that's a great idea on embedding FF. - Kol Tregaskes
Mine is .. gonna start to use it more. - Amani
Kol - it's great how one FF post can start a little movement. I've used it more today than since I signed up whenever a long time ago. Thanks. - phil baumann
Hey cool, Phil. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
Kolin: u can add the FF widget as well to the side bar ,just go to the profile and post the (instead of javascript choose image) over here you can see it at my posterous I got this tip from - Johni Fisher
this posterous: :) - directeur
How do I embed my FF stream on Posterous? - phil baumann
I've embedded this thread on a Posterous entry: :-) - Kol Tregaskes
@phil couldn't you do the embed feature... ? post something to posterous.. and then 'edit' the post and paste the embed? Or maybe simply email it? - Sean
Phil, click on the 'Share' link of the FF entry, then copy the embed code. Create a new Posterous entry, select HTML mode and paste in the embed code. You'll need to edit the width and height (looks like 500 for width). Then post. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
@ Phil Kol beat me to the explanation - Sean
Kol I made the same :-)) - Johni Fisher
Kol - thanks. - phil baumann
I see, commenting via my Posterous entry. ;-) - Kol Tregaskes
What is the best width? 500 seems good? - Kol Tregaskes
Kol - is there a way to embed in the sidebar (I've seen others place it on their Posterous). Not just a post... - phil baumann
Phil, see Johni's comment above. - Kol Tregaskes but I rarely use it. - mike fabio
Use 100% as the embed with instead. Looks a lot nicer. - Svartling from email
Does that work with both the embeds and widgets? - Kol Tregaskes
Only with embeds. It's too bad we can't email these friendfeed embeds directly to Posterous. They get garbled. I've tried. - Svartling
My Posterous profile: - Svartling
It flows through here, usually just for photos: - .LAG liked that
Svartling, shame we can't do that with the widgets, it looks untidy on our profile pages. Yep emailing would be cool. - Kol Tregaskes
Maybe some of the Posterous developers see this and could add that feature? Please :) - Svartling
Good thread; got some new subscriptions! - NNR
Don't forget to tag your posts like this ((tag: posterous, friendfeed)) in the subject line of your emails. That way your posts will be seen easier by all other Posterous users when they use the global posterous search. - Svartling
Svartling thx again :-) - Johni Fisher
mine is jokes and funny videos :o) - David Gross but I rarely update it. - BRҰANSAҰS
I'm new to posterous. I wonder how everyone manages to avoid double posting.. - David Gross from email
I don't have a lot at mine, but it's - Martin Bryant
Thanks everyone. - Kol Tregaskes (using my own domain) - ChaCha Fance
Kol, I don't embed FF that often, only when it comes to interesting threads :-) - Nir Ben Yona
Nir, either way, a very good idea. Thank you. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
Thanks guys. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
My Posterous is (using my own domain) - noname
I just embedded this thread... How cool is that?! :-) Didn't even know about it before... - noname
Yep, useful, can embed any FF entry anywhere you like. :-) - Kol Tregaskes that's my recent entry @ posterous - polou/indigo_bow
I tried embedding a twitter gadget on my posterous profile but it did not work.. How do you embed your friendfeed profile? - David Gross from email
David, I'm not sure it accepts all HTML. For the FF widgets use the image not the Javascript version. - Kol Tregaskes
Kol, yes I see.. I added it, I guess Twitter does not have anything but javascript and flash widgets.. It doesnt matter, since I autopost to twitter there is a button there.. - David Gross from email is my profile where you'll find a couple.. - Mo Hall
How do you all add the little twitter and friendfeed images with links to your profiles here on posterous. I don't know the code to do that. :( Help when u can. - Amani Right now I'm just testing, the import from Blogger was REALLY easy. I'm trying to "port" BlurbBits ( to make them work better on posterous. The iframe style parameter gets removed, which is different than Blogger (there is *always* something). - Chris Myles
Amani: If you set up autopost, they will appear. Here's the link: - Nick in Manila
Amani, the little images for twitter etc you get if you autopost to those sites but you might end up with duplicate posts that way. There is a friendfeed badge you can put in your posterous profile at use the image format, not javascript. - David Gross from email
Check out Wayne Suttons Posterous (he posted his URL in this thread). You see that he has changed some colors. That is a private beta feature that is coming soon to the public. - Svartling
I've changed my Posterous site to my own domain now, so update your links :) - Svartling
I've made a fast Posterous post on how to add a friendfeed widget to the Posterous sidebar. See it here: - Svartling
Thanks for the post, Svartling. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
Svartling, thanks for the tips on adding a widget! - Michael Fidler
You are all welcome! :) - Svartling from email
Thank you all. - Kol Tregaskes - Jesper Jazzper Isaksson
You can also add an image version of the OnlyWire button so people can bookmark and share your site. - ChaCha Fance
ChaCha: That is a great tip! Thanks! - Svartling Thanks - you are making this a very helpful Sunday:) AND for those of you trying to embed other images, etc...I did it in my profie and mash in friendfeed, zemanta, gmail, wisestamp,etc..FUN - happy to help. - Liza + = ?
YOU are a great example of engaging followers and using tools to help us connect in many other ways. THANK YOU. - Liza + = ? - Parvez Halim
Thanks everyone, don't forget to add the http:// so the URLs resolve and we can click on them here. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
@koltregaskes, my posterous is at "Quick Hits Business Mindhacks". Had been using it quite a bit the first 6 months of this year. I'm a big fan of Garry & Sachin, but really wish posterous would hurry up with some of the much needed feature upgrades (skins and/or CSS, Retweet button - just use Tweetmeme, custom sidebar HTML, WYSIWIG bookmarklet, etc.) Seems like they're stalling a bit right now, no? - Alex Schleber
They have to be careful not to mess with the simplicity of it, though; that's why so many people like it. If they tart it all up, it might as well just be Tumblr. Which already exists. - NNR from email
Everything/nothing blog: hikes, etc. - Andrew Leahey
I'm here but haven't done much. I plan to test it this week primarily as a workflow posting tool. - Mark Krynsky
Mine, in case you speak French: - Rubin Sfadj
Thanks again. Alex, yeah the potential is huge, hope more features come along. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
The camera part of Code, Camera, Action: - Eric Johnson
just started it up a week back or so but have been very much enjoying the interface thus far - Jeffrey Marsh
Thanks. - Kol Tregaskes
@koltregaskes weird that you're "what's your GReader/Posterous/FB?" entries from the last few days seem to presage in a way what happened today.. - Alex Schleber
Keep 'em coming, I'll add you all later today. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
I Will also add all Posterous users on this list because I Will now use Posterous as Friendfeed :) See here: - Svartling from iPhone
I just started mine fresh with a single introductory blog post: - Dennis Jernberg - music snippets galore! - Niklas Pivic - As the title suggests, I post about geeky social enthusiast stuff. - Mahendra (SkepticGeek)
Kol, thanks for doing this! :) - Mahendra (SkepticGeek)
I tried a post asking everyone to share their Google Reader shared items link, but I guess I don't have many followers. Maybe you can? - Mahendra (SkepticGeek)
I think I've subscribed to most of you now :) I skipped some in languages I don't understand :) - Svartling
Thanks for all the subscriptions! I subscribed to everyone who subscribed to me. =) - Andrew Leahey
Thank you all. - Kol Tregaskes
Mahendra, see here: - Kol Tregaskes
Thanks. - Kol Tregaskes - mostly music for now but that may change later - Wang Yip
Thank you. - Kol Tregaskes
Holy crap Batman, this is a big list. - Brent - Yes I am
And if you want lists for other services see: #whatsyoururl - Kol Tregaskes "Marketing & Contenus" - I post about marketing & content - Andria Andriuzzi - Marty McPadden: technology, social media and other fun stuff... - Marty McPadden
My url is I just tried out the "((nogallery))" feature that lets you post pictures not in gallery format by putting ((nogallery)) in email subject only problem is that it takes a while to load pictures if not using really high-speed internet. - David Gross from email
my is - not that there is much content there yet - Michael Bravo
I think that's the 5th you've posted your link on this thread, Svartling. ;-) - Kol Tregaskes
Ok. Sorry. I didn't know if I had posted my two new Posterous sites... - Svartling from email
really just started toying around with it. mine is: - Lynne d Johnson
surely someone has figured out how to add Friend connect to posteorus...keep searching, and love the cool mashups, but no Friendconnect.... - Liza + = ?
Oops and forgot to note, my posterous is -- Thanks, Kol! - Liza + = ?
Thnx for sending the big list Kol =) - Brodie Beta
No worries, thanks all. - Kol Tregaskes Love it! So simple - mine has to do with food ;-) - mlazopoulou careful, some posts are NSFW :) - David Gross from email
Mostly Apple rants, raves, and predictions: - Brian Joseph but I barely use it - Flavio
Wish the RSS import into FriendFeed worked a little better. Would make Posterous more useful to me. - Kol Tregaskes
I've tried a couple today and the images don't come in and the imported text is messy. Works just fine in Google Buzz so if I could work out while my import is messy in FF then it would be a viable option for posting a few articles to both FF and Buzz in one click. - Kol Tregaskes
what do you have in posterous that you don't have on tumblr? anyway, friendfeed has problems all the time, unfortunately we're losing it :( - Flavio
hmm.. Kol, ever try doing it the other way? Have posterous push to friendfeed. - David Gross from email
David, yep. Comes in looking as basic as a tweet: - Kol Tregaskes
hmm.. I have problems with posterous too.. I forward stuff from email and it messes up the formatting. It just took a 5 picture funny and juggled the pics, how will people get a laugh out of a messed up joke?;( I went to blogger, tumblr and posterous to edit.. I have to do often. - David Gross from email
Christopher Durin
"Every puppy should have a boy." -Erma Bombeck-
Paul Buchheit
Google Points At WebFinger. Your Gmail Address Could Soon Be Your ID. -
Google Points At WebFinger. Your Gmail Address Could Soon Be Your ID.
"It’s taking something everyone knows on the web (your email address) and making it immensely more valuable as a way to identify yourself and information about you. Exactly what kind of information? Here are some of the ideas from the WebFinger Google Code page: * public profile data * pointer to identity provider (e.g. OpenID server) * a public key * other services used by that email address (e.g. Flickr, Picasa, Smugmug, Twitter, Facebook, and usernames for each) * a URL to an avatar * profile data (nickname, full name, etc) * whether the email address is also a JID, or explicitly declare that it’s NOT an email, and ONLY a JID, or any combination to disambiguate all the addresses that look like * or even a public declaration that the email address doesn’t have public metadata, but has a pointer to an endpoint that, provided authentication, will tell you some protected metadata, depending on who you authenticate as." - Paul Buchheit from Bookmarklet
I don't want my contact information to be my identifier. I shouldn't have to give a website my email address, just like I shouldn't have to give a store my phone number. - Daniel Sims
Daniel, I think it just takes the form of an email address, but does not in fact have to be one (or could be a "throw away" account). - Paul Buchheit
It would be cool if we could get our act together (as an industry) and make this stuff happen. I'd also like to see ENUM deployed to the point that my phone number can be linked to my identity. ( - Joe Beda
This is a bad idea in so many ways I can't even begin to list them. - April Russo
If a site wants my email address, it's probably in order to spam me. It's usually a bad sign. If legit sites ask for my email more, it will make it harder to identify the spammers. - Tim Tyler
Do gmail users seriously still have problems with spam? I don't. - Robin Barooah
Personally this sounds great - as long as it really doesn't force you to use your actual gmail address. - Robin Barooah
I loved finger. - j1m
Does this mean I can have a .plan again? - Benjamin Lee
Sounds like the .plan which is (again) accessed via an id in email format and returns different information/metadata about a person depending on who's accessing it. Email id is used to do a DNS lookup in order to discover URL for the XRD file (accessed with a HTTP GET) containing the metadata about the person being, er, WebFinger-ed. - Nenad Nikolic
it is like user authenticating, having two three ids won't hurt ;) well i don't want to be identified, they are going same as gravatar - testbeta
It's so curious to me that people have concerns that WebFinger would lead to more spam, and yet don't like the "format" of URLs for IDs. Personally, as far as OpenID is concerned, I don't care what the identifier looks like as long as people can remember it — typically email seems easier to recall than URLs (for most people in today's world). - Chris Messina
Some users who have an email account with Google, myself included, have oodles of incoming mail both standard and secure so it fits the bill to increase security for both vendors and marketers. - frank burns
I have no problem with the idea, but it seems to me that it won't help the current state of affairs much. The kind of information I'd be interested in sharing via Webfinger (my OpenID, a URL to a FOAF file, etc.) will have no better adoption, so the Webfinger configuration doesn't buy me much. I'll hold out hopes that after a couple tight integrations between Webfinger and OpenID providers (say if Google, Microsoft and/or Yahoo provided and consumed both) things will improve ... here's to hoping :( - J. McConnell
Years ago I experimented with FOAF. I didn't fully understand nor appreciate what I was doing. To serve as a warning, if you take this example, ensure that it is blocked. #Example: I sent a file to Adobe which in turn, was sent to another email account I had at the time. I verified it's sender (ME) and sent it back in the direction of travel. A signed FOAF (API KEY) was then returned... more... - frank burns
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Paul Buchheit
Steve Gillmor interviews me about FriendFeed and Facebook: (partial summary at
Steve Gillmor interviews me about FriendFeed and Facebook: (partial summary at
Thanks for your time Paul., sharing what we know may help others achieve their goals and ambitions. - frank burns
This is a really really good interview thank you for sharing - Thomas Power
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