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workingbike feed

workingbike feed

a mashup of bike courier blogs, feeds, twits and pics and just about anything else we can find :twitter account @workingbike >>>> workingbike mashup (C)2009 <<<
RT @TheTorontoSun: POLL: Should bicycle couriers require licences? #topoli
RT @Nge_jung: @Stephashton90 @MessengerMedia for when someone attacks him or injures or kills him with their car - things that happen regularly to us.
RT @gregeh: @MessengerMedia yep, create something else that won’t get enforced.
RT @JobsiteUK: Have you seen Crossrail's giant boring machine?
RT @BCCletts: @CHAIRRDRF @BillBuffalo @MayorofLondon Exactly that 18T won't be on trunk - it will be doing locals from regional depot & built for delivery
RT @Stephashton90: To the bike courier riding around downtown with a GoPro on his helmet.... Why?
RT @reporterdonpeat: Licensing cyclists? Cllr Denzil Minnan-Wong says he'd "start" with licensing bike couriers #TOpoli
RT @AAuchincloss: Tom Green is now an aggressive NYC bike messenger.
RT @vagabondstroll: Bike messenger gig = getting paid to shred
RT @MattTheLombax: According to a commenter on an article on "The Sun" : "Bike Messengers aren't people" LOL
RT @SchwingDiggas: Love to big city Bike Messengers.
RT @THISisLULE: Obama condemning the bombing in a UN school by Israel and in the same breath agreeing to provide them with extra weapons.
RT @daliaZLababidi: almost everyone in my timeline living in #Gaza thinks that he\she is going to die in any minute, including ME. #GazaUnderAttack
RT @roqchams: Israel kills 15 and wounds 160 after bombing a crowded market full of people getting food after ceasefire declared
Toronto bike couriers should require licence: Minnan-Wong
Mmn nh imbuing b
RT @CHAIRRDRF: @BillBuffalo @MayorofLondon Good point Bill. Note that cabs are still high and there is still space for under run with Sainsbury's lorry.
A Squid (@NYCFUNRIDE) makes A Hawk speaker by A BoomBot (@Boombotix) ltd edition great for #bikenyc portable sound.
RT @sasapetricic: 19 dead as #Gaza school hit: UN. #Israel investigating. Why must Israel always investigate what its hi-tech systems hit after the fact? #CBC
"Canadian [cycle helmet] legislation had minimal effect on serious head injuries" - BMJ report by @bengoldacre
RT @DarrenJohnsonAM: The Mayor is kidding himself if he believes there can be a consensus for new road-building in London.
RT @bikesandbabies: Hi @Meg_HillierMP it isn't "other cyclists whizzing past" that terrify me, it's the giant BUSES and HGVs me+kids have to share the road with
RT @citycyclists: I get @Meg_HillierMP's point. When I bike, I'd also often like to pootle Bit confused why only women wd want that tho
RT @Julian_Sayarer: Off to Oxford, to preach bicycle travel and social justice to the next generation... errr.. I mean... to give a talk at a summer school.
Pondering implicit acceptance of 5 deaths of cyclists a year in London from HGV collisions in @MayorofLondon's target of 40% reduction.
Welcome announcement of ban of certain types of HGVs by @MayorofLondon. Only a start, however - IMO all high cab HGVs should be restricted.
RT @Israel_vallejo_: Bike messenger God's protect us #riders
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