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workingbike feed

workingbike feed

a mashup of bike courier blogs, feeds, twits and pics and just about anything else we can find :twitter account @workingbike >>>> workingbike mashup (C)2009 <<<
Year 1 of #ecmsr brings us this #tbt shot from @tak_nyc, JT & the Wolfpack crushers duking it out…
RT @neville_park: @Indie88Toronto @CarlinIndie88 if only there were a way to avoid getting these stickers, like NOT PARKING IN THE FUCKING BIKE LANE
RT @SusanDelacourt: Wish I had video to film these lads dancing in the streets to Proclaimes' I Would Walk 500 Miles on the Royal Mile. #indyref
RT @HildaBikes: Get the word out! @KidicalMassNYC Sept. 20th Brooklyn Waterfront Ride! @jupadhye @bikeblognyc
RT @TheMinisTouch: Just completed my first delivery as a Chicago bike courier #greatsuccess
RT @Goofyfan_Chuck: @RCamposDuffy 20 years later, and we STILL hate bike couriers.
RT @glowstang98: Dream job: bike messenger
RT @fiend_club_: @cmpg_ciu @SocialistHealth Can you tell me where i can buy one of these magic helmets / hi viz vests that make ppl drive better? i'll take 2
Whereas all cyclists would dislike this, but if I suggest turning it over & setting fire to it... @benyacobi
RT @Wyzax76: @BillBuffalo @AndrewDriver I say "Driver's come forward and be counted!"
RT @ByCycleBee: “@BillBuffalo: "Drivers stay back" - the tattoo”>> is this available as a temp tattoo?
RT @glorbis: Of course the cute bike messenger boi comes when I look like a pile of doo
That's why I never sit by the door at the coffee shop. #StrollerMafia
RT @voxdotcom: Police are operating with total impunity in Ferguson
RT @Alexandradraws: Plus bike couriers are so hot. Just, so so hot. Into it, all about it, here for it.
RT @Alexandradraws: One of our regulars is a porn star, another is a model, several others are bike couriers, like 2 are tattoo artists.
RT @WillMcAvoyACN: Tonight Amnesty International condemned the United States. Let me repeat that. Tonight Amnesty International condemned the United States.
RT @darius_roberti: "Wear a suit and tie, cut your hair, and they'll accept you as one of them"
RT @StevilKinevil: I'm tagging you in the Bucket Of Liquid Acid Challenge.
RT @mattyglesias: Racist twitter is really out in force these past 48 hours.
RT @CSIS: Our sincerest apologies to @Amnesty & our followers. Our last tweet was sent in error. We're reviewing internal policies for social media.
RT @calgarytoad: Dedan, the one-legged bike courier is unbelievable! #DontDriveHere
RT @bigheadtaco: Bike couriers of Vancouver. Solid guys and girls. #bikecourier #vancouver #vanartgallery
RT @SteelCutTruck: Hey bike couriers! It's Toonie Tuesday here at Queen & Jarvis - come on down to our broom wagon & get any 12 oz drink for $2 @SendItCourier
RT @thedetroiter: Taking a break from my first day as a bike messenger in Munich. Tough but fun!
RT @rdevro: CNN cameramen reporting in gas masks
RT @rdevro: Police are driving through a residential neighbor, a side street off Florissant, with an APC shooting gas canisters
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