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workingbike feed

workingbike feed

a mashup of bike courier blogs, feeds, twits and pics and just about anything else we can find :twitter account @workingbike >>>> workingbike mashup (C)2009 <<<
Patches for planes? Cool @ Lincoln International Airport.
I understand most of my friends don't have TV let alone MTV Canada channel. When my @MTVLosingIt episode is online I'll let y'all know.
TONIGHT at 10pm eastern 7pm pacific @MTVLosingIt MTV Canada I'm telling you a story. Tune in!
Gravel aftermath. Sub 9 on a single speed at #GravelWorlds yesterday. Whew I'm beat. @ Denton, Nebraska
RT @citoyenrankin: Really, is there anyone who can’t see that the excessive police presence is what is disturbing the peace? #Ferguson
RT @saskboy: The tear gas is so thick in #Ferguson, people are crying all over the nation.
RT @southsouth: They would rather hold a city captive than give up their right to kill with impunity
Just heard gun shots in #JamaicaPlain #boston
RT @wbbbmr: The one that you can't print on TV. That's the worse one.
Call for nominations for this year’s Markus Cook Award for services to the international messenger community.
RT @selimkor: Dutch receiver of the Righteous Among the Nations award returns it after family members die in Gaza air strike
RT @fhaione: #Repost from @honerfxxker --- Alleycat by Bike Messenger for Bike Messenger. photo by fhaione
RT @Jono_Kenyon: Justice for Palestine gathering in @finsbury_pk with orthodox support. #Gaza
RT @selimkor: Dutch receiver of the Righteous Among the Nations award returns it after family members die in Gaza air strike
Standing in line, no shade. @megabus to #boston
RT @brx0: Quick twitter poll, fellow privileged white people: RT if you've ever jaywalked & not been shot for it.
RT @EvanWebeck: My newest story for @SInow and @SI_Edge covers NYC bike messengers and their underground community (@AustinHorse)
@swrve thanks!
RT @voxdotcom: Not a single person has died using bike share in the US — after 23 million total rides.
RT @CrbnFreeCourier: I will have a million miles or close to on the bicycle, have rescued many a Bike Courier from the threat of extinction, and Character Lines
RT @DonnchaKnow: Are all bicycle couriers hired exclusively from pools of now-unemployed extras from the Mad Max franchise?
RT @yycfoldingcycle: Bicycle messengers rarely get hit running red lights. Much more likely to get hit running green lights… the art of cycling.
RT @Petersoncinema: Today I rode on the handlebars of a reckless bike messenger for 30 blocks down Broadway during rush hour and it was pure joy.
RT @jadensmithlives: Dad Is Making Bad Boys III. I'll Play The Role Of "Confused Bike Messenger #2"
Tomorrow's ride. #GravelWorlds @ Lincoln, Nebraska
alt name #OpSafeCycle Op-electric-bikes-food-delivery-illegal-everyday-nothing-done-about-it-so-lets-ticket-everyday-cyclists-for-two-weeks.
Paint job nerds, eat your hearts out. Map of Wyoming sublimated onto Johnny T's training bike at…
RT @MTVLosingIt: "Dr. Ruth said an orgasm was like a sneeze. I didn't sneeze." - Sunny @redsonia This Sunday 10e/7p #MTVLosingIt http:// ...
RT @voxdotcom: Ferguson police chief: Robbery "not related" to shooting of Michael Brown
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