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Justice Seeker
Crisis Actors are more than apparently government sanctioned frauds assisting a corrupt government in defrauding the population. These crisis actors are clans and multigenerational. Here we have the Delano, Marino & Wilson Clans. The "victims" of the Boston Marathon Bombing DO NOT EXIST. Meet the phony Norden family and their true identities!
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Hoover over the images to see related text. Click images directly to enlarge. Click the blue dot to bring up all images. - Justice Seeker
“LIVE WITH KELLY AND MICHAEL” ANNOUNCES LIZ NORDEN OF STONEHAM, MASSACHUSETTS AS THE GRAND PRIZE WINNER OF THE 2014 EDITION OF “LIVE’S SEARCH FOR UNSTOPPABLE MOMS” Norden Will Take Home the Grand Prize of $100,000 It is actually Kecia Reed Wilson that has the $100,000 check in her hand. LIZ NORDEN DOES NOT EXIST! - Justice Seeker
The frauds are summarized in this intro to the book TWICE AS STRONG: 12 Seconds, 2 Brothers and the Marathon that Changed Their Lives tells the story of the Boston Marathon bombing from the viewpoint of those directly impacted: friends, family, and first responders who contributed to saving the lives of JP, Paul, and Jacqui. Even the Author is a... more... - Justice Seeker
"Dave Smitherman is a writer who was moved by the Nordens and their experiences. He flew to Boston to meet the family and help them tell their story." Actually the "writer" lives in Georgia as do many of the frauds in the Norden scam; his name is Harry Wilson. Harry Wilson is grandfather to Samantha Elaine Wilson, who plays the persona of the "girlfriend" to"JP Norden", and grandfather... more... - Justice Seeker
Michael Delano has beeen identified in a picture with Debby Marino Levy; Debby played the mother of Sean Collier by photograph in the Collier Fraud. Debby Marino Levy is sister-in-law to Brenda Keinle Marino who is the actual mother of Joe Marino who plays the persona "JP Norden". Debby Marino Levy is, also, an Aunt to Elizabeth Amy Marino. You should, also, note that with the exception... more... - Justice Seeker
Brittany Rutherford and Elizabeth Amy Marino who are sisters have an Aunt that is a Wilson by marriage. The families appear to be related. Jessica Thompson has a close relationship with the Aunt of Rutherford and Marino. "Colleen Norden was with her mom at the time of the marathon and she helped tracked down her brothers who were at two different hospitals." The persona of Colleen... more... - Justice Seeker
See the short summary with picture at and for more information on and pictures of these frauds. - Justice Seeker
These people are still undergoing verification and validation. "Peter "Uncle Pete" Brown is JP and Paul's Uncle. He has been instrumental in sharing information and coordinating events for the brothers." Eugene St. John appears to be playing the persona "Uncle Pete". "Sean Gelinas monitored Paul on the way to the hospital and was concerned that his face would be the last one Paul would... more... - Justice Seeker
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