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Justice Seeker
#Ebola is a lie. The people are victims of a criminal conspiracy; this is not a theory but an evidence supported allegation. It is a mistake to assign the bizarre happenings that are going on in this country to just the president or to one party over another. They are ALL working in concert for an entity other than the people. #VoteThirdParty
The bickering we hear is for show. The hearings on the Hill are for show and this is no longer an allegation but a FACT because they have now shown that they do, in fact, have false witnesses before House and Senate Committees with a pre planned dialog including any moments of discourse. The oversight committee hearing on 10/23/2014 regarding Ebola is a prime example. - Justice Seeker
The people involved in this Ebola fraud are government sanctioned frauds. The names are not true identities; the credentials are false. Public record is molested and fraudulent entries are made to play out the agenda of the moment including phony professional licenses. - Justice Seeker
Totality speaks. You do not find multiple look-a-likes for the people involved in a suspicious event from a connected group without the probability being 100%. These are state crimes with multiple private sector co-conspirators. This is not a theory; this is an allegation of crimes against the people supported by substantial material evidence. - Justice Seeker The Whewell family plus: the now unredacted graphic which was posted without names with an earlier entry. - Justice Seeker Whewall family involvement is without question (1) - Justice Seeker Whewall family involvement is without question (2) - Justice Seeker Phony doctor and his co-conspirators vacation in Liberia, Costa Rica after defrauding America - Justice Seeker Reporter infected with Ebola is a fraud - Justice Seeker NY Doctor is a phony and connected to the other frauds - Justice Seeker NY Doctor is a phony with a Sandy Hook money connection - Justice Seeker Phony Playing Dr. Yasmin possibly working for Pharmaceutical Industry - Justice Seeker PROOF of the It Works connection and the frauds that appeared on Anderson Cooper claiming to be a nurse and an attorney. - Justice Seeker
Company #ItWorks #ItWorksGlobal now has a hash tag buzz phrase #ItOnlyTakesOne which fits an Ebola outbreak and they were involved with the Boston BS with their 2013 hash tag buzz word being #Boom - Justice Seeker
The people have a cause for ACTION. The people have obstacles: (1) All the US Courts are Infiltrated (2) The legal community is infiltrated (3) The Medical Community and Healthcare, as a whole, are infiltrated - Justice Seeker
Possible solution: Multiple pro se filings and flood the courts with hope of at least one filing getting past corrupt court staff who, as a rule, usurp judicial power and illegally dismiss complaints and with the hope that if at least one complaint makes it before a judge that it is a judge not already owned by the corrupt House and Senate. Crimes against the people MUST NOT BE... more... - Justice Seeker
More proof of the government's planned discourse to promote the Ebola Hoax. Kaci Hickox who purportedly was forced into isolation in New Jersey after returing from West Africa is a complete and utter lie. The woman in this part of the hoax is related to the other frauds and, again, false name/false credentials - Justice Seeker
Getting multiple third party candidates into positions of power may curb the corruption that exist because of our bought representation. Vote 3rd party on Noverber 4, 2014. #Election - Justice Seeker
PROOF both sides of the aisle are working together for entities other than the people - Justice Seeker
5.4 Billion DOLLARS of the peoples' money for EBOLA moves to the Senate for a vote - language in a spending Bill that is based on false witnesses with phony names and credentials --THE REPRESENTATION (NOT) in DC is a group of taxpayer supported CRIMINALS> ALL OF THEM! - Justice Seeker
Justice Seeker
Revised players - without a doubt Emily Roth is playing Sydney Corcocran but the pattern has shown these criminal factions like to mix it it up so Amanda's face may have been used in photos as well. Hover over the images for related text. To enlarge the images so you can read the fine print click directly- an open/download option will pop up. Don't forget to click the blue dot to bring up all the images. What you see in this picture is a pack of evil liars supported by the US Government NOT victims of a bombing - Justice Seeker
More to come! NOTHING is as it seems. The injuries that purportedly occurred in relation to blast at the 2013 Boston Marathon are being brought to you by photo/video fraud and prosthetic props. There is more than corruption going on in this instant matter; there is EVIL. Let's just say that the amputee house wife from New York is not who she says she is nor is she an amputee and she is... more... - Justice Seeker
Dan Roth is associated with It Works, It Works Global. - Justice Seeker
It appears there may be two Roths playing the Sydney persona; Dan & Rob have a sister named Emily, and she is a perfect match to the prom night Sydney. The shape of her nose and her right side upper canine really seal the deal. - Justice Seeker
see more #Proven #CrisisActors by clicking Uncle Scam in the HEADER - Justice Seeker
Ian Rintel is the owner of Hoboken Golf; his Aunt is Karyn Salkind Slepian and he is seen with Rob Roth in the top middle image. Emily Roth is sister to Rob and Dan Roth. Amanda Roth is married to Rob Roth. Roths are cousins to the Koerners; a Koerner played one of the Jeff Baumans more... - Justice Seeker
Justice Seeker
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