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FriendFeed did WHAT?! - http://pikchur.com/t30
FriendFeed did WHAT?!
this picture rocks - Violet Mae Lim
Amen. - Yolanda
++ Rasheen. - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
Totally excellent! - Warren Butler
lol, I know right - Wayne Sutton
The iconic Rahsheen face. Good for a number of occasions. - Hutch Carpenter
Yes...definitely applies for various occasions :) - Rahsheen
That's the face :) - Micah
Hahaha - Rodfather
that picture kills me LOL! :D - Susan Beebe from BuddyFeed
What's weird is he's wearing a shirt! - anna sauce
lollllllllllllllllllllll - Melly
If RahRah is wearing a shirt, hell must be freezing over! - imabonehead
Rah needs to do a video like I did. - Outsanity
best avatar eva!!! - Dobromir Hadzhiev
Love that expression man :D - Praveen Vasudev
ahahahah :D - Sinan İŞLER
ahaha excellent expression! - Jacque
*bump* This is so perfect. - Andrew Smith
hey man this is really perfect =) - Ahmet UZUN
Retitled: 2 Social Networks and a cup, reax - Christopher Galtenberg from iPhone
Love it! Great face!! - Mitchell Tsai
Jejeje - Stalyn☂
They took the 50 mil and went to San Mateo without us..... - Roberto Bonini from iPhone
...but I LOVE this pic!!!! - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Seriously - it makes me LOL everytime I see it! - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
lets remember it, what did happen that day :) - alperyz
*sigh* - Big Joe Silenced
Wait, what? LOL - Rahsheen
Will still be a classic remembered 500 years from now. - Micah
yep. :) - Abhishek
^ Yep. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
We need pictures for "Instagram did what?" also. - Morton Fox
SUrprised no one has lolcatted this for various occasions.. - Rahsheen
*gets on that* ;) - Big Joe Silenced
Exactly! - Mark Krynsky
goodbye #friendfeed - alperyz
rah face! - Yolanda
Holla at y'all on Google+ :) - Rahsheen
OMG I LOVE THIS! - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart
Bump - imabonehead from Android
!الهــــــی - !بــــــــــاران
=)))) - Vortex
نوشا چرا بچت رو اذیت میکنی‌ :) - Mahdi
That is awesome!! Our kid did the same thing and then opened his mouth wide for another taste. :) One of my favorite parenting memories. - Lindsay
Lindsay, I have not any experience with child, but it look like your child was so curious :) - Mahdi
پاپک آخه ببیبن با بچه چه کارا که نمیکنن :)) - Mahdi
yazık ya çocuğa, bu ilerde nefret eder limondan :) - Mister NO
Cute Boy :D - Mahdi
ای جانم هی اینو شخم نزنید گناه داره! :دی - !بــــــــــاران
با بچه‌ها مهربان باشیم :)) - Mahdi
مارال می بینی ترخدا چه با نمکه - !بــــــــــاران
برادرزاده بزرگ من هم کوچولو بود اینجوری بود . لیمو ترش میخورد و از این اداها در می آورد . آخی .. یادش بخیر :) - جـوان ایرانی
همینه دیگه درد جامعه چین همین والدین بی‌مسئولیت هستند!ـ - لرد فرهاد
نیما کجایی‌ بیا از حقوق کودکان دفاع کنی‌ :)) - Mahdi
HAHAHAHA! - vijay
از همون کوچیکی همیشه آزار میدادی این وارش رو تازه علاوه به اینکه کچله کپل هم هست و چشم بادومی :دی هر دفعه داره بیشتر کشف میشه ها داری؟ :دی - Nimaa
نااااااازی! :دی - لیلا در احتضار
I've seen that face before. Usually involves older victims and an into to tequila. Very cute little guy! - Fossil Huntress
نیما اگه وارش برگرده تیکه بزرگه دو تامون گوشمون خواهد بود :)) - Mahdi
اي جوووووووووووووونم - Moghamer
بازم لایک... نگاه‌ش :دی - لیلا در احتضار
:)))))) - Shandiz
:)))))) - Mahdi
:)))))))))))))))))))))) - REZA
رونوشت به عروسک... تو دقیقآ عین این نی نی هه میمونی :دی - ‎‎Emad
:)) - diis
ای جاااااااان - elnaz
عماد عروسک دیگه کیه؟ - Mahdi
:)) الهی بگردم بچه مو ... چشاشو - Noosha
آخی این :)) - Noosha
آخی :))) وووی. نیما :دی - وارَش
:))) - ardvisoor
ღღღღღღ - Mahdi
آخی. جانم :))) - Mahdieh
yazzzik ya velede.. ben o limonu alir o elini sahibinin biryererine sokarim ama.. ortam musait degil - Kemalettin Bulamacı
bu doğru:)) - Mahdi
اوخ :** - MiMjan
ووی این :))) - وارَش
اين خوبه ها :)) - ترانه لایف from iPhone
نرگس این خوبه برای بچه یک ساله که آدرنالینش رو ببریم بالا. برای من و تو همون بانجی جامپینگ که گفتم :)) - Mahdi
عه خوشال شدمااا گفتم راحته :))) - ترانه لایف from iPhone
ﻧﻤﻴﺘﻮﻧﻲ ﺩﺭ ﺑﺮﻱ اﺯ اﻳﻦ ﺑﺎﻧﺠﻲ ﺟﺎﻣﭙﺒﻨﮓ. :) - Mahdi from Flucso
نرگس بچه ات رو اینطوری نکنی ها. گناه داره :دی - Mahdi
اونو به زور آدرنالين ميكنم تو حلق اش از بچگي :)) - ترانه لایف from iPhone
نکن اینقدر خشونت نرگس :) - Mahdi
ای وای این :)))) - Noosha
so cute ^^ - Ping Yang
Bret Taylor
You can now get a daily or weekly email digest for anybody's feed on FriendFeed. You'll get a daily or weekly email with the most popular posts from that person's feed. To get the email, click the "Email/IM" link at the top of anyone's feed, and select the "Best of day" or "Best of week" email option.
Picture 11.png
You can see all of your email settings at http://friendfeed.com/setting... - Bret Taylor
Thanks Bret! :) - Matt Ruiz
Thanks to Kevin for doing a great design for what turned out to be a more complex set of UI options than we had originally anticipated, and thanks to Tudor for implementing the email backend. - Bret Taylor
Great! Thanks! Love FF! - Scott Monaco
I now get the FriendFeed Feedback posts as a Best of Day email so it doesn't fill up my feed, but I don't miss feedback. I also set up a "Best of Day" email for my "Technology people" friend list so I get a pretty good overview of tech news every day via email. - Bret Taylor
This is a really cool idea Bret, I wish you can make that an RSS feed option as well. I'd be much more likely to read summaries in RSS than in email. - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
Lovely. Thanks guys. - Mitchell Tsai
Casey: Thanks for the tip. What's the 7 before the "?" mean in the URL? The number of likes or replies needed to be included? - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
this is killer, the random influx of email during the day was kinda getting fail-ish. I love the daily digest. - Drew Lucas
Very cool! Any way to get archives of previous months? (especially helpful for those of us who leave the internet for weeks at a time...) - Mitchell Tsai
WOW. that's really helpful! - K.D.
Looks like a great addition for those who are not embedded on the site. Nice intro. - Louis Gray
Cool! - Josh Haley
Ahsan: it is somewhat random right now when the emails are sent, but we built in the backend capability to control what time they are sent, and we plan on exposing that control to users in the future. Right now, it is kind of random - sorry! - Bret Taylor
Cool! can i get a daily or weekly email digest for the "Saved searches"? - 0M0M from email
This will be incredibly useful. Thanks to all involved in the design and execution. - Kathy Fitch
Nice addition! - Michael Fidler
But what exactly is "Best"? Is it anything that has a certain number of likes/comments? - Laura Norvig
@Bret LOL THAT WAS MY PROJECT! I will release it tomorrow. But you've also did it and killed my friendfeed application **sigh** But mine has multi-reporting weekly-daily-monthly at the same time and adjustable entry count! - Alp
@Bret please consolidate me or I won't code new apps with you api! :-) - Alp
Alp: we were not trying to withhold data. Later today the documentation will be updated to reflect the ability to obtain "Best of" for users. The feed id will be USERNAME/summary/N (similar to "Best of" for lists) - Benjamin Golub
Hi Ben, that is pretty funny, I tried that URL earlier today to see if it has been secretly released :) - Paul Kinlan
Bret: While Twitter struggle to keep their fail whale under control, you guys are developing stuff like this. Amazing - Thanks! - Jim Connolly
awesome feature, this will be highly useful for my corporate group ideas / content sharing; projects, etc.... THANK YOU :) - Susan Beebe
Great work. I especially like that it works on lists too. - Meryn Stol
my inbox might say different, but I like that :-) - Dobromir Hadzhiev
Wow, this is really neat! And it links into the idea I expressed earlier, re: reducing signup friction / enabling limited guest privileges. Imagine if I could embed one of my FF rooms on my personal web site, and enable people to subscribe to that feed by e-mail with just a couple of clicks... rather than saying "you can get e-mail notifications but you have to sign up for Friendfeed first." "sign up" -- though admirably lightweight on FF -- is still a huge barrier. - Adam Lasnik
is there a love button cause I dont like this option I LOVE this option..great work guys - (jeff)isageek
Three options I would like (1) Can I select "top 100" instead of "top 30"? (2) Could I select both "best of day" and "best of week"? (3) How about older timeperiods? I'd love to get an e-mail with stuff from last week or Mar 2009? Start & end dates? Anything to help me read FriendFeed off-line would be great since I spend long periods off-line at festivals (especially during summer time) or overseas. - Awesome job guys! - Mitchell Tsai
So this works on groups too, cool! But we still cannot see Best of for groups on the site on friends lists. :-( I have several friends lists that include just groups and when I select to view the best of the page it's empty (even though if I got to the individual best of for those groups there are entries there). - Kol Tregaskes
does anyone know of a web service that can do this? (I'm thinking weekly email updates of my favorite feeds/people) I don't think there's anything like friendfeed .. - Franc, a rememberer
That's a cool feature - Xitong Liu
Emails no longer get sent except for Subscriptions. The last non-sub email I recieved was July 15th, 2011. - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
I still get them. - AJ Batac
I get these every day. - Me
I still get it - AJ Batac
*jealous* I no longer get anything but subscription emails. - Bruce Lewis
Following US Politics that way ever since and the emails always went through: so happy this never went off course and kept a valuable record of these threads. - Zu from AOD
unutmadık :) - alperyz
Thanks for sharing!! - Keith Kesier
That sounds like our cats. - Anne Bouey
God. I'm catsitting this week, and I swear this is what the cats are saying to me all of the time. - Jennifer Dittrich
Casey Muller
This morning we changed the format of FriendFeed subscription email messages to include more information about people who subscribe to you. Please let us know if you see any problems, and keep an eye out for more email improvements in the future.
Thank you very much, Casey! :-) - Kol Tregaskes
Nicely done :) - LANjackal
Awesome! Now lets see support for more web services... - Jac Falcon
saw that, and it was mega-helpful. bravo. - Nathan Chase
Shoot. Now I need a subscription. - Josh Haley
I'm all for improving the format of notifications, but wonder (aloud) if it is such a smart move to include the Approve/Reject link right at the top (unless it only appears in private feeds to which someone has requested access). Right now we have the option of blocking/ rejecting a subscriber at any time but presumably not at the very outset. This may lead to more of a walled gardens' mentality, already very prevalent at FF. - ianf ⌘
ianf: approve/reject is only for private feeds. Public feeds just have a link to subscribe back :) - Benjamin Golub
Nice - Grant Bierman
that's great! - K.D.
LIKEY. - Steven Perez
I noticed this one! Such informations about people who subscribe to me on FriendFeed are useful, and makes it easy to quickly get in the conversation. Thanks for the good job! - Thierry R. Andriamirado
w00t! - David Cook
For features like this one, I'm ok to receive html emails. -MANY- html emails ;-) - Thierry R. Andriamirado
The new emails are AWESOME! - April Russo (FForever!)
Gmail automatically showed me the images in a subscription email, even though I never told it to (you know how gmail has the 'display images below' option). further, it doesn't give me the option to hide the images. not that I'd want to, but how are you bypassing gmail's security feature to hide the images? - chrisofspades
Chris, we don't do anything special. I'm not sure how gmail decides what images to show, you'd have to contact them or check the gmail help. - Casey Muller
Casey, you sure FriendFeed's founders didn't use some of their "we created Gmail" mojo? ;) - chrisofspades
Chris, the "show images" only applies to external images hosted on other sites. Gmail doesn't show those by default because doing so would allow people to "bug" email. We include the images with the email so that they can be displayed immediately. - Paul Buchheit
ahhhh that explains it. thanks Paul. - chrisofspades from email
Radyo Ex sunar. Nina Simone - Black is the color of my true love's hair
MusicCatalog\N\Nina Simone - Nina - The Essential Nina Simone\Nina Simone - Nina - The Essential Nina Simone.jpg
şahane... akıyoo.. - Soner Bayır
çok severim kendsinin her parcasini. bunun yeri daha da ayri. - miocaro
:)) evet oyle. bu saatte biraz gec anliyorum ben artik :P - miocaro
Ebru! Ebru! Bu akşam bunu koyacaktım Ebru! - Burak Demiral
beni mi taklit ediyorsun sen? - Eda Demir
Ediyor muyum? Nasılım? - Burak Demiral
ben de 2 gündür aynı şeyi söylüyorum Ebru'ya da. - Eda Demir
O zaman Ebru'da bir problem var Eda. Bana neden söyleniyorsun? - Burak Demiral
belki bende problem var? - Eda Demir
Çocukluğuna inmen gerekecek şimdi. - Burak Demiral
kendi kendimin çocukluğuna mı ineyim. dışardan biri lazım. - Eda Demir
Sen başla, bir kaç sene git, ben gelirim arkadan. - Burak Demiral
müthiştir ve nina simone üzerine başka yorumcu tanımam - Çiğdem Zeytin
iyi bir alto... - Umut Ünlü
şimdi ben buraya gelen commentlerinden ve laykladığı müzik parçalarından ex instance 'nin oğlak olduğunu çıkarıyor olsam yanılıyor mu olurum? - Çiğdem Zeytin
Burak ve Eda kavga etmeyin benim yayınımda... erspek, çok bilenen bir parçası degil evet :) Çiğdem bilmiyorum Ex'in burcunu. Bunu nasıl çıkarıyoruz buradan? eğlenceli duyulyor - miocaro
saçımı çekti ama! - Eda Demir
isteyerek yapmamıştır. Kardeşin o senin, güzelce uyarırsan yapmaz bi daha :P - miocaro
Çok seviyorum! Teşekkürler Ebru! Nina ve Ebru cidden cidden seviyorum! :) - directeur
bunlar paket di mi? hepsi bir anda çıkıyo. arkadaşın camdan atlasa sen de mi atlayacaksın gibi? gülecek bir şey varsa söyleyin biz de gülelim gibi. - Eda Demir
directeur :) my pleasure - miocaro
:) Really love that woman. Her music, her attitude... Please share more, Ebru! - directeur
me too and i'll share more. :)) - miocaro
@ Ex Instance ---- Ö.ö - Çiğdem Zeytin
Siminya hatırlattı: http://ff.im/Slbx3 - miocaro
güzel hatırlatmış. - barfilozofu
radyo ex'e en çok nina simone yüklemiş olabiliriz diyecektim ki bu parçayı radyoya yüklemediğimi fark ettim ya da biri sildi radyodan, iki yere birden gönderdim diye, müdüriyetim ama kimsenin salladığı yok tabii. - miocaro
neden öyle bir şey olmuş ki? - barfilozofu
tek yere yükleme kuralını ihlal ettiğimden biriniz silmiş olabilirsiniz radyodan :) veya ben unutmuşumdur radyoya yüklemeyi. - miocaro
Chris Hofmann
New Starbucks Logo in Saudi Arabia | And Far Away - http://andfaraway.net/blog...
New Starbucks Logo in Saudi Arabia | And Far Away
Lego For Adults - Dumage - http://www.dumage.com/lego-fo...
Lego For Adults - Dumage
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Hardbodies... - Eivind
The Catz Meow
Public display free... a Q.C.P. Priceless!!! I had to repost this!! yes yes! I have no taste I know. Fwd: http://twitpic.com/awmu3 (via http://friendfeed.com/funny-p...) (via http://friendfeed.com/l0ckerg...)
Public display free... a Q.C.P.  Priceless!!! I had to repost this!! yes yes! I have no taste I know. Fwd: http://twitpic.com/awmu3 (via http://ff.im/5qQog) (via http://ff.im/5wcPP)
I would beat some arse! - Shevonne
lol I would be that old man honestly. Yes I admire her courage, but when folks do this stuff, they get what they deserve. - The Catz Meow
hahaha - Shevonne
If she's actually pissing, I can sympathize with the kicker. If the stain on the pavement is incidental, OTOH, he needs a boot up his own ass. - Roger Benningfield
She's peeing? NASTYYYYY...I would have kicked her too. I didn't realize. I thought she was chillin - Shevonne
Why yes! hahaha - Shevonne
Yes she is tinkling... it is why I would be in the old mans position - The Catz Meow
IMHO It takes courage to be and act upon ones exhibitionist fantasies. I know first hand ;) however, I don't go around peein in public. - The Catz Meow
She's an animal! - Charley M
it is not good behave for that girl she does herself job. - serkan
hmmm then someone should tell that to the folks in Europe. It is common practice to urinate in public. - The Catz Meow
She should have kicked her straight out of there. That is disgusting. How insecure of a woman do you have to be to do obnoxious things like this to call attention to herself? - Adriana
Nope not at all. Perhaps we should ask her how much she got "Paid" to do this? - The Catz Meow
helal olsun o ayaklara:D - mirac bilge
Bluesun 2600
hey, I overlooked, you had this pic already...used it today :D - Jacob
Thomas Hawk
100+ Portraits of Iconic People of All Time | Webdesigner Depot - http://www.webdesignerdepot.com/2009...
100+ Portraits of Iconic People of All Time | Webdesigner Depot
100+ Portraits of Iconic People of All Time | Webdesigner Depot
100+ Portraits of Iconic People of All Time | Webdesigner Depot
"Today we bring you a great collection of portraits of the most iconic people throughout history. Portraits explore the relationship between the subject and the photographer or artist and usually continue to impress the viewer years after they have been created. The common thread running through all of these portraits is superlative design. Each is a masterpiece in its own right, from the medieval painted portraits right up to the most current photographs. This collection is arranged in alphabetical order and is by no means complete. We encourage you to post comments as to which portraits we’ve missed, that you feel should be part of this collection." - Thomas Hawk from Bookmarklet
some of the world's most iconic portraits in this set. - Thomas Hawk
3 Lizard Kings* - Billy Warhol
FFing Enigma
Zoinks! - Ken Kennedy
solidarity, sister, lol - chaz2b
I'm pretty sure my husband would fight all of you off if necessary. Then again, he hasn't seen me with a beard yet. - FFing Enigma
Well now, that's more like it! #beardmeme - Josh Haley
very funny! looks like Jesus! - orionstarr
Well, that's certainly a first for me... - FFing Enigma
Ah, I recognize that photo. It's from the high school photo meme. So this is a meme mashup. Well done Tina. - Mark Krynsky
looks like a grilled cheese sandwich :) - Edward Zwart
Beards of the realm, unite! - Micah from iPhone
wow. fits surprisingly well! Solidarity WIN. - vijay
Can we find a way to put this onto /b/? - Mike Nayyar
Like they said, you actually look good in it ;-) - Bee
It definitely has the Jesus look. - John (bird whisperer)
Well, the straight up PSD didn't fit well so I did some rotating and skewing... - FFing Enigma
Alright, for some reason this reminds me of the phone call I had with my mother Sunday, when we both started talking in really crappy Sean Connery accents. Fabuloush! - FFing Enigma
Hawt. - Brett Kelly from iPhone
Haha Glen - Rodfather
You're too sympatic, Tina :D - Roberto from iPhone
Color in those red lips. But give me a 5 minute head start to draw a crowd. - Tony C (Unrated) from fftogo
Bump for good times. - Mark Krynsky
Aaa Alev'in yabancısı :P - sunipeyk
This is a ma...wot? - vicster.
hawt! - Rob Sellen :o)
*snicker* Cracks me up every time!!! - FFing Enigma
not sure why, think you look quite... fetching. :P - Rob Sellen :o)
hehehehe - Jonathan Hardesty
Nah, this photo is way too misleading, Jason. My hair isn't nearly this long any more. - FFing Enigma
Bumped, with a razor. :o) - Rob Sellen :o)
Somehow Dave hadn't yet seen this picture. He couldn't decide whether it was hilarious or mortifying... - FFing Enigma
missed ya tina.. can I stroke that? :o) - Rob Sellen :o)
Olan Mills FTW - Paul Reynolds
If it's a school picture, you KNOW it's Olan Mills! At least, that's the way it was around here. Those folks had a lock on the uncomfortably posed photo market. - FFing Enigma
uncomfortable pose? looks pretty comfortable to me lol :P - Rob Sellen :o)
razor is in the post for xmas ;o) - Rob Sellen :o)
*bump* This is my evil twin from another universe - FFing Enigma
THIS is what you paper clip to a power resume. - Micah
Tinabear x___x - Gunneh-MoTo Calls me that
This is why Tina is The Shit. - Hookuh Tinypants
Blast from the past! - Eivind
Steven Perez
YouTube - Jekyll - First Encounter - http://www.youtube.com/watch...
YouTube - Jekyll - First Encounter
And this is why I trust Steven Moffat. Who else could take a old, tired, done-to-death concept like Jekyll and Hyde and make it truly scary again? - Steven Perez from Bookmarklet
Seriously, if you haven't seen JEKYLL yet, it's on Netflix. - Steven Perez
*bump for Jandy* - Steven Perez
Create a font from your own handwriting - fontcapture.com - http://www.fontcapture.com/
Create a font from your own handwriting - fontcapture.com
Ahsan, remember me suggesting you digitize your handwriting? That time, there were no free solutions; but that excuse is now no longer valid =P - vijay from Bookmarklet
Oh hell nah. That would be one butt ugly font. - Rahsheen
personalize Rah! :D - vijay
Ahsan, then that means multiple versions :D - vijay
haha! send them each a postcard with this font :D - vijay
fuck you~ - junrxu
不如把这个PS成 “FUCK GFW” . - 空气.sk
Downfall — FriendFeed Hitler reacts. #mindblowinglyAWESOME! - http://www.youtube.com/watch...
Downfall — FriendFeed Hitler reacts. #mindblowinglyAWESOME!
now this is outstanding! LULZ from start to finish :D I guess it was Mark Trapp who worked on this. Kudos on a standup job mate :D - vijay
Awesome. I'm still giggling. - Yolanda
aye Yo! " 25 things?! Forget 25 things! I got two lousy likes. " LMFAO! - vijay
aye Ahsan. Never laughed so much in recent times :D - vijay
Awesomesauce! - Todd Hoff
Great lines... "don't worry we still have plurk"?? (on another note he must be my favorite actor in the whole world... had me at "wings of desire" in the 90s...) - Iphigenie
hahah awesome! - Leandro Ardissone ⍨
super cool!! - Jacob
:( It's gone. - Spidra Webster
:-( - Ton Zijp
They all got taken down. Copyright infringement was their...downfall. - Josh Haley
According to the article I read, not all of them are down yet. But the ones that had the most hits are. - Spidra Webster
I guess I honestly have no reason to use YouTube anymore. Particularly if they won't protect free speech rights of their users. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
o_o - Micah
Taken down :( - Ashish
DMCA notices aren't new on Alex. I guess it just took Downfall parodies to make you aware of that... - Spidra Webster
Yes, and as far as I know these videos have weathered this storm before and remained up after someone at YouTube wisely discovered that parody is protected as free speech. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Still works for me. Guess because I'm the owner? - Mark Trapp
Time for a Vimeo upload? - Micah
I see the DMCA notice, Mark. And, yes, it's time for a Vimeo upload! :) - Spidra Webster
Ah. I can see this upload of it, but another upload of the FF parody was DMCA'd. - Spidra Webster
And it's still full of LOL. - Spidra Webster
I just downloaded this one for my personal collection, rescuing it before it gets DMCA'd. (was the first vid I thought of when I heard about the takedowns) - April Russo (FForever!)
I don't mind if you save it for your personal use, heck you're well within your rights to do so, but if people are re-uploading it, that's pretty tacky. - Mark Trapp
(Same comment here:) Ah, wait!!!! It was Hitler's birthday today (yesterday here). At Google they felt they couldn't disrespect him at such a day. - Ton Zijp
How have I missed this one. OMG! - Eric - Final Countdown
I think it's been unblocked pending response by whatever-they-are-called, but I've also uploaded it to my Vimeo account here: http://friendfeed.com/itafrom... - Mark Trapp
YouTube - Kahimi Karie - Le Roi Soleil - http://www.youtube.com/watch...
				- Kahimi Karie - Le Roi Soleil
تبلیغات عجیب و جدید شرکت Calvin Klein در آمریکا !
اعتراضات زیادی به این تبلیغ تو آمریکا شده ... - پيام
واقعا؟؟؟ این یک جایی تو امریکا هست؟ من باورم نمیشه یک ماه پیش یک چیز خیلی ساده تر بود انجمن مادران بدون مرز رفته بودن دم پوستر خیمه زدن تا پایینش آوردن - UHU☮
احتمالا دوباره انجمن مادران بدون رمز! یک کارهایی بکنن ! :))) - پيام
شوخی کردم منظورم یک سری ننه بیکار گیر بود - UHU☮
اوهو جان می دونم ... :)) - پيام
من نگران اون زنه هستم که وسط خیابون داره بیلبورد رو می بینه / احتمالن یه دستگاه ماشین از روش رد شده تا حالا:))) - MAJID195CM
آخ گفتی مجید جان ... حتما :))) - پيام
بیچاره زنه شوکه شده ... فکر کن تو ایران بود این بیلبورده !! ... فکر می کنی چند نفر تو خیابون بودن الان ؟ :)) - پيام
اگه تو ایران بود الان همه درِ نمایندگی Calvin Klein صف بسته بودن :)) - MAJID195CM
چه پولی پارو می کرد این شرکته تو ایران !! - پيام
ولی واقعا این عکس تو کدام شهر است؟ حتی تو ال ای هم من تصور این عکس را نمیتونم بکنم - UHU☮
اوهو جان گزارش Abc News در این خصوص ... http://abcnews.go.com/Busines... - پيام
حالا صداش مونده که در بیاد ... - پيام
اوهو جان هنوز انجمن مادران بدون مرز نیومدن جلوی بیلبورده اعتصاب کنن ؟؟ :) - پيام
فکر کنم اومدن برای اعتراض ... - پيام
ببخشید فضولی می کنم اما روی تاکسی رو بخونید نوشته نیویرک - Navid kheradmand
Willem (@wim66) ☠
Ordered the iPhone 3Gs, it's going to be my first Apple product.
You're going to love it. I have the original and am ready to order the 3G. - Diane Haskins
It is very nice, a very useful, always connected pocket computer that you can also make calls on - RAPatton from iPhone
android isn't an option where I live - no TMobile at all (unless some other carrier is supporting them now). - Bill Rawlinson
Nice! Also what RAP said. 3GS is totally off the charts! : )) - vijay from iPhone
Thanks for the comments. I sure hope I am going to love it, I'll be paying for it the next two years. - Willem (@wim66) ☠
The first of many I'm sure. I love everything Apple. I'm ready for the new 3G iphone. I still have the original. - Diane Haskins
The first of many ha. You mean like f-ing iTunes Quicktime, Bonjour etc. I need a Mac to get everything out of my iPhone, can't sync my calendar, notes or e-mail. I payed for this phone and Apple still wants to control what I do with it. SCREW APPLE! I'm already looking for an Android phone. - Willem (@wim66) ☠
You will love it. Had the original now have the 3G/3S and what a difference. Next purchase will be the iPad. Love my macbook too. Apple has always gone above and beyond what they need to do..I highly recommend them for all new tech products. As long as you have an itunes account you can sync anything. My friends have never had a problem. You just can't believe everything you hear. LOL - Diane Haskins
@Willem, I have a PC running XP and have not problem getting all of my data in and out of my iPhone. It syncs very well with my Outlook contacts, notes and calendar also. - Jeff P. Henderson
Christopher Chung
Gay Teen Worried He Might Be Christian | The Onion - America's Finest News Source - http://www.theonion.com/content...
Gay Teen Worried He Might Be Christian | The Onion - America's Finest News Source
"At first glance, high school senior Lucas Faber, 18, seems like any ordinary gay teen. He's a member of his school's swing choir, enjoys shopping at the mall, and has sex with other males his age. But lately, a growing worry has begun to plague this young gay man. A gnawing feeling that, deep down, he may be a fundamentalist, right-wing Christian." - Christopher Chung from Bookmarklet
oops - رامین
Live4Emma (L4S)
I'm late to finding this, but it was really really nice. - Kamilah Reed (K. Gill)
oh hey...yeah, I remember this! love the tilt-shift pics! :-) - Live4Emma (L4S)
uniqlo daaaa! - keiko-san
good work! - Trish Haley
Nice! - TheHenry
WIN FOR THE DARK SIDE - Josh Haley from iPhone
i just looked and your work area was bare, :p - chaz2b
Took you long enough. - Johnny's Beard
Omg that's awesome - Nestor from iPhone
Johnny, watch out. I fear your beard is becoming jealous and will soon try to take over! Or at least break your LEGOS - Joe "The Anvil" Pierce
I hve blisters on my fingers!!! - Johnny from iPhone
Dude.. so awesome. - Rodfather
This is great! - Jonathan Hardesty
er...shouldn't there be *6* minifigs? - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
i was at a toy store with my wife and kids today looking for a dolly for our oldest. after that was concluded, i disappeared into the 3 aisles of LEGO for nearly 20 minutes. my wife says that when i emerged my face looked like i'd recently received oral gratification. dang. - Big Joe Silenced
Woo Hoo!!!! - Gabrielle
It's Monday morning and my fingers are raw. Very hard to type... Now, how to explain this to my work mates without encountering the relentless mocking that usually follows these types of projects.... - Johnny
The scale is a little off. - Andy Bakun
*schweet*! - Derrick
I see the pictures there and my heart is all a-flutter. - Jonathan Hardesty
Aden... your next challenge - Johnny
I saw that set at the Lego store. WANT. - Ha3rvey (on hiatus)
Kol Tregaskes
وااااااااااااااااااو! خيلي وقته ديگه بارون نزده - Moghamer
محشره - Moghamer
Very cool! - Kol Tregaskes
Clever! - Fossil Huntress
could use a little of this in L.A. right now. - Thomas Hawk
If I could pass ours over to you I would. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
Kol, this is so cool! - Michael Fidler
I miss the sound though, but me like ;) - Tibor Holoda
Tibor, could have attached an MP3 too. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
We're getting a lot of this in the UK. :-( - Kol Tregaskes
Would make a neat desktop wallpaper - Nick Humphries
Even more of this today. Please stop raining! :-( - Kol Tregaskes
Paul Buchheit
"The monomaths do not only swarm over a specialism, they also play dirty. In each new area that Posner picks—policy or science—the experts start to erect barricades. “Even in relatively soft fields, specialists tend to develop a specialised vocabulary which creates barriers to entry,” Posner says with his economic hat pulled down over his head. “Specialists want to fend off the generalists. They may also want to convince themselves that what they are doing is really very difficult and challenging. One of the ways they do that is to develop what they regard a rigorous methodology—often mathematical. “The specialist will always be able to nail the generalists by pointing out that they don’t use the vocabulary quite right and they make mistakes that an insider would never make. It’s a defence mechanism. They don’t like people invading their turf, especially outsiders criticising insiders." - Paul Buchheit from Bookmarklet
There is definitely a place for polymaths in some form: someone needs to be that people-person guy from Office Space who takes information from two or more disparate groups to form a coherent picture. But the requirement of an agreed lexicon from specialists isn't a defense mechanism: there's a lot of time that can be spent on trying to flesh out terms which could be better spent... more... - Mark Trapp
I do think there is a tendency for specialists to overcomplicate things though. Even though I know quite a bit about computers, I still don't know what people are talking about half of the time (and it usually turns out to be something simple). Making up fancy terms makes the work seem so much more magical and important, like you're on the Star Trek or something. Now go realign the tachyon beams with the anti-matter stabilizers :) - Paul Buchheit
Haha. My background is in philosophy, where everything one can talk about probably has an -ism or a -ness or a -itude attached to it. The terms lock out people who only dabble in the hard problems, but they are great shorthand for those who are versed in it. Descartes writes about a philosophy of mind in his Meditations on First Philosophy, and a bunch of people over the course of 300... more... - Mark Trapp
Me likey - Michael Ehline
"The question is whether their loss has affected the course of human thought. Polymaths possess something that monomaths do not. Time and again, innovations come from a fresh eye or from another discipline. Most scientists devote their careers to solving the everyday problems in their specialism. Everyone knows what they are and it takes ingenuity and perseverance to crack them. But breakthroughs—the sort of idea that opens up whole sets of new problems—often come from other fields." - Clare Dibble
The problem with specialization is that when all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. Then if you encounter a screw, and hammering a screw is precisely the wrong thing to do. That's why you need generalists. - Piaw Na
it's axiomatic that: a specialist is someone who knows more and more about less and less, until he finally knows everything about nothing - Ervin
"A human being should be able to change a diaper, plan an invasion, butcher a hog, conn a ship, design a building, write a sonnet, balance accounts, build a wall, set a bone, comfort the dying, take orders, give orders, cooperate, act alone, solve equations, analyze a new problem, pitch manure, program a computer, cook a tasty meal, fight efficiently, die gallantly. Specialization is for insects." - Robert A Heinlein - Bill de hÓra
I have to disagree with you Mark, as also having a background in philosophy, I find it is just as easy to get locked into a semantic argument about some term as it is a possible shortcut to a broader discussion. Most of time time I find people who throw around -isms would prefer not to discuss things deeply because they don't want to ever re-evaluate the basics, it's too frightening,... more... - Nicķ
Robert Zimmerman
YouTube - Jermaine Jackson & Pia Zadora - When the Rain Begins to Fall - http://www.youtube.com/watch...
YouTube - Jermaine Jackson & Pia Zadora - When the Rain Begins to Fall
Eric petite vidéo tu as l'air d'humeur... Un trop bon classic - Robert Zimmerman from Bookmarklet
et comme la carrière de Pia Zadora c'est quelque chose... http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki... J'avais déjà mis cela sur des forum, mais c'est tellement bon. - Robert Zimmerman
Piqué ses chorégraphies et ses fringues à son petit frère je trouve cela honteux Jermaine ! - Robert Zimmerman
le Nutella une deuxième couche c'est toujours meilleur... acoustique guitare amateur http://www.youtube.com/watch... - Robert Zimmerman
http://www.youtube.com/watch... de pire en pire version techno dance - Robert Zimmerman
Je ne veux pas faire le malin mais 10 contre 1 que pour la version acoustique c'est n'est pas ce mec qui a arrangé le morceau. Les accords sont super chouettes mais la rythmique... Pffffff. - DAL
Leo Laporte
Embarrassing photo meme. That's me on the left, DJ Jack Friday on the right.
Well played, sir! - Josh Haley
Wow Leo, that's vintage and precious. - RODNEY OLIVER
Whoo, Leo! Way to mix it up with the common folk! - Akiva
That photo is WIN! - Eric - Final Countdown
When is that Leo? I'm guessing 1978 or so? - Michael R. Bernstein
Slow and clear.. and with a blue vest - Rhys Amos
Woah...he MEMED! respect - MiniMage
Dear Leo, I love you to death, however, please let your darling daughter know Monaco is not an island off the coast of France and yes, Monte Carlo is the capitol. My daughter is the same age and we are starting to shop college's as well. I wish you the best of luck finding a school that suits her well. I was an exchange student as well and found it the best experience ever! - Jennifer Ragde
Okay, now my computer politically correct daughter is telling me this was not the correct way to state my opinion as I should have commented on the photograph. I'm really sorry, I love to listen to your broadcasts, but I really am computer retarded so please forgive me if I have transgressed in any manner. I can't even upload photographs without her help! Really, you don't look dapper,... more... - Jennifer Ragde
LOL Jennifer and +1 for your daughter. :) - Josh Haley
You look so dapper, Leo!! - Mona Nomura
go leo! - sean percival
That's awesome - Jesse Stay
lookin good .. - Saad Kamal
Outstanding, Mr Laporte. You can see the in dream there. Potential and promise sporting a tank-top. - Dan Biddle
Those pants look like they may be restricting blood flow a little bit... Also, sweet chalk board! Haven't seen one of those in years! - Mark
I hardly recognised you. It maybe your outfit but you look older in this photo - Kevin J Hatton
Taken at a radio station? (based on blackboard notes) Wait. BLACKBOARD??? Wow. :) - That's So CAJ!
Excellent sweater vest there, Leo! - John Lutz
That's on handsome man! lol - Melissa Goetsch
Leo, you were one hot stack if pancakes back in the day!! - Erik Boles
Not to nitpick or anything, but Monaco is the name of the state and the capital city. Monte Carlo is just one of city's administrative areas :) - Dorian
It's 1985 or 1986. I was 28 or 29. And an utter dork. - Leo Laporte
This vintage is good stuff! - Jackie Miao
not vintage but funny - http://www.flickr.com/photos... - Mike Bracco
Okay. Leo you rock! Let me get that out of the way. But you look like Susan Boyle in this photo. Sorry, someone had to throw it out there. ;-) - Oracio
LEO: if this was a family photo I think it might make it on to the hilarious site that aggregates awkward family photos: http://awkwardfamilyphotos.com/ must check this out! :) - Mike Bracco
Not a family photo - it's a work photo. That's from KLOK-FM San Francisco. - Leo Laporte
Leo: I know, I was just saying if it was :) - Mike Bracco
What's that funny lookin thing in the background? - Daniel James
Daniel.. I think that is what was known as a monochrome display. They were all the rage back then apparently. - Rhys Amos
Your hair wasn't even real back then! :P - Kreg Steppe
I think his hair looks better now - Jim Hague
Dear Dorian, I stand corrected. I was just stunned that someone thought Monaco was an island. When I was in high school (when Dinosaurs roamed the earth, ha ha!), we had to memorize the world in geography. I guess times have changed. - Jennifer Ragde
LOL, I took all those old photos of me and hid them deep! - Lillian Banchik
OMG I just found this... *DEAD* - Johnny
Oh wow, totally 80s, fer shure. :P - Molly Song ;)
You must have respect for wives. That they could see anything other than the geeks we looked like in those days makes you believe in clairvoyance. Of course now you would qualify as a silver fox. - JR Holmes from Nambu
You looked smart and confident :) Great photo! Thanks for sharing! - mahjongmi
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