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RT @JWvanGroenigen: Still a few seats for tomorrow's publishing workshop: "Cracking under the strain" with @wurlibrary and @Wowter
RT @datadryad: Does your journal have a data policy? This week's featured data shows those that do have a positive impact on science
Interesting to read the actual contract between France and Elsevier. What can we learn in Nl from it via @OKFN
RT @nutrigenomics: #URwhatUeat: I am recommending this Course => Intro Video MOOC "Introduction to Nutrition – Food for Health"
RT @tim_brannigan: If only bananas had robust, natural, bio-degradable packaging of their own. Some sort of peelable skin, perhaps.
RT @oatp: Disclosure of Open Access publication charges in Germany | "The business models of ... #OA
Offenlegung von Open-Access-Publikationsgebühren in Deutschland via @wordpressdotcom
Research assessment and bibliometrics in Finland @cwtsleiden
Akers, K.G. et al. 2014. Building Support for #ResearchDataManagement: Biographies of Eight Research Universities.
Another one from the Nature interview with Anurag Acharya. No Google Scholar API. #WhatAPity
Interesting interview with Anurag Acharya, the founder of #GoogleScholar Google Scholar is there to stay!
So much for certifaction of digital repositories, but most of the links on their website don't work #ISO #PTAB
RT @jeroenbosman: German scholars paid on average €1210 for publishing in *APC charging* OA journal (n=1432) @RickyPo @Wowter
RT @MikeTaylor: "Dutch universities examine the possibility of making large deals with @PLOSONE and @thePeerJ to pay a lump sum for all researchers."
RT @RickyPo: Negotiations between Elsevier and Dutch Universities break down: Time for change
.@nutrigenomics the professor as a magnet for money Public private funding of research
RT @jeroenbosman: France univs seems to have a new 5-year #BigDeal with Elsevier for 34.3M euro per year, with a datamining paragraph
Negotiations between Dutch Universities and Elsevier failed #OpenAccess #BigDeal
The drawbacks of 'gold', the advantages of green -
The drawbacks of 'gold', the advantages of green
Special unsettling reality of Bibliometrics in practice 2014 -
Special unsettling reality of Bibliometrics in practice 2014
RT @KnolsMosquito: 2500 people in #Tanzania protected against #malaria with eave tubes - and continuing!
RT @ringejacq: Just presented our paper on how @wurlibrary particpates in @groenkennisnet #wlic2014
RT @ringejacq: Read Susan's paper on copyright issues of TDM at #WLIC2014 :
Nature "Data storage: Overcome hurdles to global databases"
RT @Phil_Baty: How academics use social media. Twitter good for discussions. Facebook 'zero credibility' via @conradhackett @nature
RT @WSJ: Before #Ebola outbreak, Liberia had the second-fewest physicians per person on Earth:
RT @FAOForestry: #UNFAO E-book on #edibleinsects now available: Edible insects: future prospects for food and feed security
RT @ImpactFactor: The 2014 #JournalCitationReports is now available to all users. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by delay of access.
Ten Habits of Highly Successful Data by @anitawaard via @SlideShare
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