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.@fkerrest calculates the ROI of an office espresso machine (hint: it's worth it) #DBA
Markus Jakobs
TWiT - A room for TWiTs
We're live covering the Google I/O 2014 keynote address. Join @leolaporte and guests at
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No-Fly List Declared Unconstitutional By Federal Judge -
Nearly thirteen years after the 9/11 attacks and the no-fly list is considered a way of life. Or at least it was, until a federal judge’s recent ruling. After 13 people sued the government after they were barred from flying … - Tweet Feeds
Further Analysis of Higgs Boson Data Reconfirms Standard Model of Physics via @livescience
Alexx (i)Franz Köllner
#Beckenbauer kriegt für fehlende Formulare 90 Tage! Bin gespannt was Vollpfosten #Suarez erhält. Die #FIFA macht das schon. #fb
CNN Breaking News
Judge: Not having a way for people to get names off U.S. "no fly" list violates constitutional protections.
Mark H
"To survive, Life in our Local Group needs to emigrate to the Virgo Super-Cluster. Although our Milky Way is heading towards Virgo at ~200 km/s, cosmic acceleration, from Dark Energy, is presently pushing us away from Virgo at ~1,000 km/s. Thus we need to launch towards Virgo faster than the Dark Energy pushing us away. Yet the reward is 10 trillion trillion years of Habitable planetary environments, which may well be worth intergalactic migration." - Mark H from Bookmarklet
"In theory a tight white-dwarf/planet pair can be flung out of the Galactic Core at ~0.05c, which would mean a 2 billion year journey across every 100 million light-years. A white-dwarf habitable zone is good for 8 billion years or so, enough to cross ~400 million light-years. It’d be a ‘starship’ in truth on the Grandest Scale. Perhaps other Intelligences have begun their preparations... more... - Mark H
The view during the trip would be amazing. - Joe
Looked up this Spivey author. While what he writes may be true, his academic credentials are less than stellar. - Joe
He is an Electronics Design Engineer at Bangor. No PhD from what I see, but I could be wrong about that. Dabbles in intergalactic space travel theory after work? - Joe
Todd Hoff
A 2,250-Foot Tall Tower in New Mexico Will Usher in the Future of Wind Energy -
A 2,250-Foot Tall Tower in New Mexico Will Usher in the Future of Wind Energy
"The concept is simple. A mist of water droplets is sprayed over the opening of the tower. The fog evaporates and absorbs the heat of the surrounding air. The cooled air then falls to the bottom, because it is denser than warm air, and that wind gets up to 50 miles an hour. At the base of the tower the horizontal downdraft is diverted through the wind turbines, which then generate electricity." - Todd Hoff from Bookmarklet
Mark H
A little bit of history describing how the various standard image aspect ratios came into use and how these have translated to the dimensions of modern sensors on DSLRs. - Mark H from Bookmarklet
Good video here on History of Aspect Ratio: - Nils Sandin
Leo Laporte
The German war against the link — BuzzMachine
Half the major publishers in Germany have started a process of arbitration — which, no doubt, will lead to suits — to demand that Google pay them for quoting from and thus linking to their content. And now we know how much they think they deserve: 11% of Google’s revenue related to their snippets. From their government filing, they want a cut of “gross sales, including foreign sales” that come “directly and indirectly from making excerpts from online newspapers and magazines public.” [All these links are in German.] - Leo Laporte
Stephan Planken
Summer solstice! Now all we need is some summer weather.
I'd love to be exempted please! :)) - ma∟ıĸ
It's cooled down here, but I still think it's pretty nice :) - Eivind from Android
Malik, it was only +10°C this morning with rain, strong wind, and ever rising water everywhere. I wish I could direct some of it your way. - Stephan Planken from iPhone
Eivind, it's fucking cold here. - Stephan Planken from iPhone
Sean McBride
Half of Germany Now Powered by Solar
Half of Germany Now Powered by Solar
I'm pretty sure distributed solar (residential and commercial) is going to be the way to go, long term. - Brian Johns
I'm not 100% sure about germany, but in italy - where we are in a similar situation - it's all because of heavy government subsidies. It has been a crazy growth of highly inneficient panels installed just to take the subsidies, it costed more than what it will ever produce. The (only?) positive point is that it changed the attitude of people towards this technology. It's something you want on your condo, maybe the second or third generation will be also efficient. - d☭snake
Misleading title - Germany _produces_ half of energy from solar, but what amount they buy from e.g. France (nuclear)? According to, Germany imports as much as 63% of it's energy. So even at current peak, solar accounts for roughly 20% of consumption, and averaged annualy will be closer to 10%. - anatoliy
Here's what seems to be the source: - anatoliy
"Continuing its unrelenting march toward a renewable-powered future, Germany now can produce more than half of its energy from solar. The official word of this milestone comes from the Fraunhofer ISE research institute, which showed that the country produced a record 24.24 GW of solar energy during the first week of June. Thanks to better weather in Germany compared to last year, the production of solar power has increased 34 percent in the first part of 2014." - Sean McBride
"Germany's expansion of solar energy hasn't come from enormous farms of solar panels, but rather citizens installing photovoltaics onto their own homes. More than 90 percent of solar panels installed in Germany are on homeowner’s roofs." - Sean McBride
"Wondering how the U.S. compares? We currently get 0.2 percent of our energy from solar. Italy is in second place behind the Germans." - Sean McBride
anatoly -- an important point, to say the least. - Sean McBride
непростые коротышки
This very funny map shows what Vladimir Putin really thinks of Europe - Vox -
This very funny map shows what Vladimir Putin really thinks of Europe - Vox
"You may have seen the series of "Mapping Prejudice" maps by Yanko Tsvetkov, which portray some part of the world as seen by one or another set of stereotypes. For example: Europe according to Germany, Asia according to the USA. Now Tsvetkov's got a new one: Europe according to Russian President Vladimir Putin. It's actually pretty useful for understanding the ongoing Ukraine crisis, a story that is increasingly shaped by Putin's aggression in Ukraine and his hostility toward Europe. Here's the map:" - непростые коротышки from Bookmarklet
Before clicking, based only on the colored shapes in the picture above, it looks like a fat red wolf biting a blue salamander in the butt. Will I be disappointed if I click through? - Betsy
какой там смешной у серпа молот - earlyadopter
Красная собачка откусывает жопу синему котику, изв - бомбануло from iPhone
@earlyadopter это не молот, - сказала Красная Шапочка, и густо покраснела (ц) - непростые коротышки
@lnkr красная собачка "случайно" засунула свой нос в жопу синему скунсу, изв - непростые коротышки
Kol Tregaskes
Behold The First Life-Sized Aliens Xenomorph Queen Ever Built
Victor Ganata
Feedly and Evernote Go Down As Attackers Demand Ransom - Forbes
Quick, start a kickstarter to raise the ransom. - Todd Hoff
Markus Jakobs
Mehr davon! Was Behörden von der Twitter-Aktion der Berliner Polizei lernen können
Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart
RT @markgongloff: Map of the 74 school shootings since Sandy Hook. Red markers = K-12. via
RT @markgongloff: Map of the 74 school shootings since Sandy Hook. Red markers = K-12. via
That is insane. - Jenny H. from Android
Jeezus! - Tamara J. B.
Stephan Planken
Last Friday, Sophie put her Dora lunch box down on the table in school. When she turned around, it was gone (clearly marked with her name). We waited until the following Monday for it to turn up but that hasn't happened. It is inexpensive so I'll get her another one but it just makes me wonder how you can take something from a four year old? I...
...hope the melted chocolate, leaky yoghurt and sticky orange has given the person a bad rash in addition to a bad taste. - Stephan Planken from iPhone
Dominik Schwind
RT @PolizeiMUC: Hauptbahnhof: Skandal beim Bäcker - ganze Stadt empört, da der Bäcker Brötchen anstatt Semmel sagte. Bäcker jetzt arbeitslos. #24hPolizei
Victor Ganata
The NRA Has Weaponized The Stupid - Mock Paper Scissors
"An armed man and woman shouting about a 'revolution' opened fire and killed two Las Vegas policemen who were eating lunch in a pizza parlor on Sunday, then fatally shot a civilian in a nearby Wal-Mart store before killing themselves, police said…" - Victor Ganata
"Police have not released much information about the couple, although they’re investigating their possible links to the white supremacist movement and the militia standoff at Cliven Bundy’s Nevada ranch…" - Victor Ganata
Sean McBride
Friendfeed provides a superior platform for sharing and discussing news and information than Twitter, Facebook, Google+, mailing lists and all publication and blogging comment systems.
But most people have trouble wrapping their minds around the interface. Other people get it instantly. - Sean McBride
I have tried to explain the Friendfeed interface to several smart people, and they have remained confused and mystified by it. I still don't understand what precisely are the cognitive glitches. Basically they don't seem to understand that you can organize and fine-tune Friendfeed in any way you like -- to optimize signal to noise for you personally -- and to keep reconfiguring it on the fly. - Sean McBride
Facebook seems to be for family and friends and even there, people get terribly angry with each other. I heard a caller on Dr. Laura a few weeks ago telling how the whole family was ripped apart by a Facebook post. I don't know anything about Google+ but the nice thing about Twitter is being able to read a lot of opinions quickly. Friendfeed reminds me of the old CourtTV message boards... more... - Berthe
People tend to form into like-minded groups across all social media platforms -- that behavioral pattern is platform-independent. - Sean McBride
What I am focusing on here are the *mechanics* of optimizing the sharing and discussion of news and information. What is the most powerful and elegant protocol? - Sean McBride
Anything you can do on Twitter you can do on Friendfeed, and much more conveniently. But Friendfeed includes many more features for extended discussions. - Sean McBride
By the way, I much prefer groups in which members disagree with one another -- but I am a fan of dialectic. But it needs to be productive dialectic -- substantive forward motion in the evolution of knowledge and understanding among all parties. - Sean McBride
Sean, you're probably talking computerese so this might still be beside the point. I think the problem with using Friendfeed is the lack of anonymity. You have to have an account and keep posting under that name. I think it scares a lot of people off from "discussing" anything or even stating an opinion. Great for sort of blanc mange posting, though. (We made blanc mange in 8th grade Home Ec. Sort of a French vanilla pudding.) - Berthe
You can post anonymously on Friendfeed -- under any number of pseudonymous names and accounts if that's your thing. - Sean McBride
Goodmorning frnd. Can we be frnd on facebook? U can send request. - Dibyadut Ray from Android
Dominik Schwind
RT @violetblue: Now that Google PR has emailed me (Saturday evening) telling me to 'tone down' my "unfair" headline, go read it:
So far I'm at 4300 km after 2 years. :-) - Nils Sandin
is this your fitbit? - Halil
That's the data collector :) - Eivind from Android
#Ghostbusters came out 30 years ago today. Reenact the whole thing with paper dolls.
Mark H
Stephan Planken
RT @jonathanhaynes: Scale is staggering: Vodafone reveals existence of secret wires that allow state surveillance
RT @jonathanhaynes: Scale is staggering: Vodafone reveals existence of secret wires that allow state surveillance
This is not surprising, as there was Echelon in the 60s. - Stephan Planken from iPhone
And now Deutsche Telekom (we need more transparency) : - Stephan Planken from iPhone
Kevin Fox
IOW, 'We don't know if GCHQ is listening to all calls because our employees who would know can't legally tell us.'
Son of Groucho
Google announces end-to-end encryption for Gmail (a big deal!) - Boing Boing -
"Google has announced support for end-to-end encryption with Gmail, a major step for privacy and a major blow against mass surveillance. Gmail users who install free and open Chrome plugin will be able to send and receive messages that can only be read by people who have their intended recipients' passphrase, and not Google -- meaning that even if the NSA legally or covertly taps into Google's data-centers, they won't be able to read mail that's encrypted with the End-to-End plugin. This is marvellous news. There is already support for Gnu Privacy Guard (GPG) and Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) in Gmail, through Firefox plugin or Chrome plugin, but long experience has shown that many people are confused by PGP/GPG in its current state. What's more, Google has explicitly tied this to the Reset the Net campaign (in which Boing Boing is a partner), a global day commemorating the Snowden leaks and calling for an Internet that is made strong and secure from mass spying." - Son of Groucho from Bookmarklet
Updated: Country-by-country breakdown of Vodafone's unprecedented report on global government snooping.
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