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Kol Tregaskes
"If you have got yourself one of the new iPhone 4′s and are having reception issues then you may want to check out the iHand, which is designed to easily let you receive and make calls on your iPhone 4 without experiencing any signal drop." - Kol Tregaskes from Bookmarklet
Hehe, brilliant! :-) - Kol Tregaskes
Ooookkkkaay then....... - Roberto Bonini from iPhone
Leo Laporte
TWiT Studio Upgrade Time Lapse -
TWiT Studio Upgrade Time Lapse
Congratulations on brand new/brand brighter conditions! - Andrey Smirnov
Sarah Lane
@moth Yeah, I keep finding myself subscribed to ppl I didn't subscribe to, nor do I even know. Something's buggy over at Friendfeed.
It might be posts that others are commenting on. - Christian Burns
I think Christian is right. I actually like this feature... - Jude
FOAF it is... - coldbrew
I guess FF gets compared to twitter so often, people expect it to function the same way. - coldbrew
FoaF, you either love it or hate it I guess. - FFing Enigma
No, it's not FoaF. I'm telling you guys, I understand what FoaF is, and this isn't it. If I click on "x subscriptions" to the right of my name on my profile, there are random people in that list that I don't know and didn't subscribe to. Sometimes I'm the only person subscribed to them, or one of just two or three. I can unsub, but I shouldn't have to do that. Plus, people on FF are noticing their subscriber numbers are jumping and they don't know why. It's because ppl like me are being auto-subbed to them! - Sarah Lane
I doubt that has anything to do with it.. these aren't ppl I know on Twitter either. - Sarah Lane
Sarah, could you post the URL that is showing those people you are not subscribed to? - Christian Burns
The thing is, I AM subscribed to them, but I didn't actively subscribe. It's like I'm getting linked with people by accident. - Sarah Lane
sounds like "sixth sense" for friendfeed - "I see subscribed people" ;) - mike "glemak" dunn
Robert Scoble
Fun short video with Brad Mangin, photographer for Sports Illustrated: -
Fun short video with Brad Mangin, photographer for Sports Illustrated:
At the beginning is Jim Merithew, photographer for - Robert Scoble
Check out Brad's big lens! By the way, Brad is the first photographer in the Bay Area to use Canon equipment. His white lens used to stick out on the field (he'd come by the San Jose State University newspaper/photojournalism department and we used to be so jealous -- he bought a very expensive Canon 300 F2.8 and put it on his credit cards. Now those white lenses are all over the place. Love innovative people! - Robert Scoble
Thomas Hawk, you gotta check this one out. I'd love to have you and Brad go out shooting together. - Robert Scoble
@redsoxfan529 understood I am the same with the Jets, sports are in such a wild place, I mean I am sure most MLB and NFL players use HGH
Kevin Rose
The camera was fastened to an outside rail and took a photo -
kinda relaxing to view - Chris Jackson
Joildo Santos
The 2009 Kentucky Derby - The Big Picture - -
Leo Laporte
@LastChance No kidding. SMS messages cost $1500/MB. - talk about windfall profits!
Dont't we all think in gigabyte? (1,5 million/GB) - Cl Attr
Seriously huge profit margins. - Roberto Bonini
I have 375 SMS messages included per month but almost never use it. I like the Twitter client on my phone though. - Alex
Leo Laporte
Look at this point-counterpoint face-off! - Derek
Very good show today. Like Blogo a lot, nice to see them mentioned ... - Patrick Jordan
Leo Laporte
About to join Peter Himmelman's show to talk about the future of the artist in a world of personal media.
Robert Scoble
My iPhone is teaching me to appreciate FriendFeed... Never been easier to share / push content online nearly instantly. - Joe Mescher
This is why I don't "get" Seesmic. It is not clear at all what this video is in reply to. I finally figured out that you can scroll with the flash player back to the beginning of the thread, but it would take _forever_ to catch up with the conversation. - Daniel Sims
Why use seesmic? - paul mooney
or better, why use Facebook? :P - @LarsenTweet
I saw Freida's comment ( which probably brought this response. I would say she gets it. - Robert Miller
Whoa - that is an unfortunate still LOL - Mona Nomura
Mona, the still is the best part! I love it. - Louis Gray
FF on iPhone does rock harder than any other social app - anna sauce
Er, I have to hide this. It'll give my little girl nightmares....! - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Amber Mac
@TedBrunt HAHA - the special effects are awesome!
Robert Scoble
@dagoaty reports there's a whisky tasting event going on in Twitter. Oh, great, another reason to get drunk and twitter! :-) #twhisky
Commodore 64 emulator brings retro joy to Symbian S60 -
Jason Calacanis
Dow at 8500? Did I call it or what?!? Let's hope I'm right about this being a bottom. Doesn't feel like it to be honest.
Wish it was, but doubt it - Nikkei just dropped 7% in early Friday trading....! - Joe Buhler
I guess this would be a bad time to mention Elliott Wave Theory. - Rob Sterling
What will be the bottom now? I'm guessing 6000? - Saul Mora from twhirl
I wouldn't be surprised to see it drop to 8000 before we any upward movement. - David Finch
Leo Laporte
Man if I didn't have to do TWiT this Sunday I'd head to the Café du Nord in SF to see Paul and Storm. Please give them an "arrrrr" for me.
Jason Calacanis
Another Al Qaeda bastard dead: Abu Saeed al-Masri -
Leo Laporte
I was able to revive the iPhone with a hard restore. Wonder how often I'm going to have to do this?
Hopefully not often :-/ I'm looking at getting an iphone this sunday for the first time, but with stories like this i'm mildly reluctant. - Shaun Bevill
It seems with these smart phones the more apps you install the more unstable they get. - Steve Helder from twhirl
more you install the more unstable they get? Sounds like the average Windows PC! - Ian May from twhirl
A lot of iPhone apps guys are saying v. 2.0 of the software was rushed and that v 2.1 (due very shortly) should be much more stable. - Andrew Leyden
Never had such problem before 2.0 on my 2G iphone. The thing is jailbroken 1.4 iphone was a lot more stable than current 2.0 one. It rarely crashed and had very little lags. Apple needs to learn from hacking community I guess. - Inksim
Mine is throwing "No SIM card installed" errors. Going to try a restore but I'm betting I need a replacement... - Lisa McMillan
before I bought my first Nokia's top-of-th-line smartphone back in 1995 I had thought that Symbian rocks, but it failed me many times including crashing while having phone conversation! - Pajama Domain from twhirl
opps I meant 2005 :) - Pajama Domain from twhirl
Many people are reporting that a hard restore and starting from scratch fixes the problems. So far so good on my phone. - Leo Laporte
Karma got you Leo. You told Belmont that your phone was fine when she was bemoaning her iPhone woes. - Jeff Jones
Too many apps? Also I only had a few hundred MB free. We'll see! - Leo Laporte
I tweeted back, it sounds like a software refresh coming for the early adopters. Apple shipped too quick without giving them a beating like we would.. hmm blog posting coming - Chris Miller
Remember when you didnt have to restore phones? - Will from Alert Thingy
I predict 2 years...coincidentally the same length as your service contract. :P - Stresa from twhirl
Not often! oh btw i love twitter in the i check out .. Twitter/pickensplan - Bearclawcoffee
I'm not keeping count, but it's a lot more with 2.0 software than before. My unreliable impression: it used to be every few months. Now it's every few days. (on first gen HW) - Michael Markman
I'm having problems with 2G w/ 2.0 that I think are MobileMe related, yesterday push contacts stopped working for awhile, today I'm not getting email - Robert Hafer
Mine hung this morning as I was trying to power it down. Right after syncing some new apps via tether. Holding down the home and power buttons for a few seconds seemed to reset it. Hope Apple stabilizes this soon. - wrecks
Logging into MobileMe fixed my problems both times - Robert Hafer
It looks like I'm going to have to do it too. I only had four apps on my phone, but my 3G isn't working properly (returning mysterious error messages) and after an hour with tech support and a call to apple the only solution offered is a hard restore. - Briana Tomkinson
Shaun I think most people having problems were upgrading from 2G iPhones. The 3G is my first and Ive had no problems other than the rare crash - Paul Reynolds
Leo, I think you are right about upgrading apps via wireless, I just tried and it broke the app. The iPhone switched from wi-fi to edge during update. - Robert Hafer
I'm leaving on a 10 day trip and mine better not act up while I'm gone from my synching computer!! - Shayna from StumbleRead
David Cohn
retweet @edpadgett LA Times subscriber posts video to Sam Zell, SELL THE TIMES
$12 PC based on NES, not Apple II -- even cooler -
Scott Beale
The girl in the window - A sad story of a feral child -
Can't 'like' this, but after having studied Genie in college it's disheartening to know cases like this still exist. Odds are this girl will never talk, unless she heard enough through the closet door before the age of 5. - FFing Enigma
Her new parents are amazing. I'm so glad they found her. - Yolanda
brutal. - Bren
The author gets a bit sensationalistic and very opinionated by the end of it, but still a fascinating read. The foster family is really amazing. - Sam Ee
Jason Calacanis
is there a Dark Knight Curse????
Scott Beale
Flight Report: Airborne in an Emirates A380 at SFO -
Gotta get myself on one of those SOON! - Iain Baker
A shower in first class. Now that tops the list. Love the smell about the AA MD-80s. Classic because it is so true. - Chris Burke
Scott Beale
Robert Scoble
Amazing that there still is a line for iPhones at the Burlingame Apple store. I don't remember people waiting in lines like this for phones.
It's kind of odd that people want to wait for long time to get some kind of electric thing from some shop. ;) - Daniel Schildt
I actually bought mine yesterday. I would rather wait in an hour-long line to buy a phone at Apple than at ATT. The activation process was streamlined and the staff were knowledgeable and pleasant. - Peter Ghosh
I was amazed yesterday at the Lincoln Road store on Miami Beach. Store opened at 8 am. I arrived at 9 am to find no line and that the genius bar opened at 10 am. When I returned at 10 am, long line. Lazy people can't get there early? - Sergio Cruz
reports are that the people on line now are being paid by apple :-P - Allen Stern
I should go around my local area in SW London to see what the situation here is. I doubt it's as bad as the states. - Gaurav Patel
Apple gave us the VIP treatment while on line. To AT&T it's just another phone to sell. - Ernie Oporto
Allen - Used to know a real estate that did that with cars in his parking lot :) - Charlie Anzman
just came back from apple store to get an iphone. 30 people in line at 7a in Boca Raton, FL. still handing out cards to get them. had tried to get one last night, but were all sold out. - Fred Neil
VIP indeed - they served us cold lemonade and handed out free bottles of water. - Kevin Gamble
There was a line outside the Regent Street Apple store at 8.30 am yesterday morning. Staff inside said every morning they expect things to get back to normal, and every morning there are still more people quieing up outside! - Jon Mulholland
I feel the same way as Peter Ghosh. We went to the Apple store last night and were lucky to be the last people to get into the line (which while surprising that there was one, was still relatively short). We waited to talk with a "specialist", and once we did, the whole procedure was fast and went off without a hitch. I didn't have the same confidence that I'd get a good experience at the AT&T store. - Cheryl Jones
I assume this is due to the need for activation, right? Given that wasn't the case the last time around, everybody needs to go to retail, which makes the lines. - Louis Gray
Louis: that an I'm convinced they are selling 10x what they sold for first model. Tap Tap Revolution already has been downloaded a million times. Freaking amazing. - Robert Scoble
Maybe they're there to exchange them. Trading speed for short-lived batteries isn't such a great deal, methinks. - shelisrael1
I guess I better prepare to wait later next week when I go to try and get one. - Dean Clark
shelisrael: they are sold out of external batteries. Mine lasts long enough, if I don't use it for FriendFeeding. :-) But that's why I carry three phones. One of them is bound to have a charged battery. :-) - Robert Scoble
Wouldn't it be easier to order them online and wait 5 to 7 days? Especially now that the initial "got to have the first 3G iPhone" mania is past. - Bob Stemen
There are still usually lines in the Apple Store in London, too. - Ian Betteridge from twhirl
Huge line at Apple store in the Falls here in Miami. I have no desire/need for the upgrade. My initial geek instinct was to run out and buy it, but my practical nature asked myself "what do I get". A larger monthly bill, a little bit faster access when not in WIFI(about .5% of the time), and nada. I'll stick with my scratched up Edge version unti Apple gives me a reason to upgrade. - Brad Nickel
Kevin Rose
OH: three thing you don't talk about with family, religion, politics, and operating systems
With the In-laws maybe. - Percival
Good List!! all taboooo topics for sure! - Susan Beebe
Add programing environments to the list. Several years ago, I witnessed a clear separation between Java and VB adherents. Luckily, no one was killed. - Ontario Emperor from fftogo
We've had family food fights over these same touchy topics! - Susan Beebe
I think you should add sex and cornbread to the list, too. - Ha3rvey (on hiatus)
With my grandmother, you'd have to add 'colored people', as well. - Akiva
Except in our family. I guess that was my training for blogging. - Robert Scoble
How about text editors? :) - Morton Fox
vi vs emacs anyone? - Percival
funny thing reli and poli are about the *only* things my family talks about. thankfully, nobody but me gives a rip about op systems. - Mark Schulz
nano rules all! - Tony Speer
Hey I can use emacs just too lazy too :p - Tony Speer
cosign @ John - Jamie
For sure! Couldn't agree more - orionstarr
I submit that the family that can't talk about these, can't talk about much else either. - Jim Sewell
Stick to the weather and field/give comments on the person who last got their hair cut and you'll be fine. - Derick Valadao
Hah. My mother can ask me to fix her operating system, if I've been to church lately, and if I voted in one sentence. Luvya, mom! - MiniMage
Or you could just learn to have a calm discussion/debate. - Tanath
In my family the good debates start over Facebook via MySpace. - Robert Scoble
In my famuly it is all about thing we never tlak about comfortably is money...I've got none and my parent's have got some so it ends there - Andrew Fielding from twhirl
Until recently my father-in-law was still using Windows 3.1 (no internet) and would DARE you to challenge him by suggesting an upgrade. True Story - Mattb4rd
I would mos def add money to the taboo family convo list. (shivers) - John LeMasney
Redundant. Operating systems are religions. - Ryan Brenizer
Leo Laporte
If I Twitter in Twinkle do other Twinks in my neighborhood see it? Inquiring minds want to know!
Oh Leo, I do not think these words mean what you think they mean. - Eric J. Klooster from fftogo
I bet if you Twinkle in Twitter some Twinks will definitely see it... - xero
I'm not sure that calling them "Twinks" is the best idea btw... - xero
Oh, Leo. You straight, straight man. - Jason Bentley
this should win an award for the funniest tweet of the week .... something lol - John Blanton from twhirl
If you sprinkle when you tinkle, be a sweetie and wipe the seatie - Andrew Smith
Oh, it made it over into the FRIEDfeed room - xero
haha. This comment made me laugh. Yeah I wonder how surprised Leo will be when he finds some twinks in his neighborhood. :) - Grant Gochnauer
Classic Leo :) - Marshall Bose
I don't think you want Twinks watching you Twinkle.... - Robert Ellison
If you twinkle my twitter, can I pownce on your friendfeed? - Jim Bednarz
I very much enjoyed this whole post and it's lovely comments. Leo, you're awesome. Heh - Lise
When I checked my "nearby" tweets in twinkle, my wife showed up... so I think if you have the location stuff turned on, then yeah... But as long as you're not tweeting with a twinkle other than your wife, then no problem! - James P. from twhirl
I like the twinkle feature of nearby, I found some new folks by using it that I already knew. Bad if you are being stalked. - Alan Ashley from twhirl
TiVo lets users buy stuff from Amazon on their TV, all three QVC fans go wild -
Jason Calacanis
my family is going crazy.15 of them r uploading all kinds of photos+filling out trees. 1 of 10 best product in past five years
Jason: You have a great web 2.0 friendly family! So nice for you! ; ) - Erhan Erdoğan
Doing the same, but have security concerns. Want to protect it from family sharing my details with others..idea?? - James Fridley
Our family loved it and then ended up deleting it all for privacy. The info you give is all the classic security questions! - JMaultasch
I've pinged the team for this security problems. This is an important feedback. (RJN-534874) - Erhan Erdoğan
Ooh, neat. I like it. - Hal Rottenberg from twhirl
Very cool...but the "security question" subject does concern me as well. - Jeff Crace
is that in your newsletter and is this a blog post? - Marc Canter
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