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Honestly @Outlook - the new mail service is pretty amazing! May I suggest IMAP support so I can move my gmail stuff over? ;)
RT @oldmansearch: a mitt romney limerick please a very interesting read about bacteria and your disposition.
First there was planking, then there was owling. Internet, let me introduce you to Gargoyling. @hdavidmcclung
First there was planking, then owling. Internet, let me introduce you to Gargolying. @hdavidmclung
The PHP Singularity - A very compelling argument.. even as a PHP developer, I gotta agree with most of this...
After 16 years in R&D, soldiers finally get ready to take Android phones into battle -
5am - haven't slept yet. Running on those delicious programming fumes. #programming
Nexus 7: how a budget Asus tablet vanished — and reemerged as Google's Kindle Fire killer -
BlackBerry 10 delayed until 2013 - For a company who's hopes are riding on a new os, they sure aren't in a rush.
Trying to get restify working with @nodejs so that I can start capturing stats for News River's 0.7 release :D
Pushed News River up to version 0.7 - Ladies and Gentlemen, we now have twitter integration!
Getting Started with Dwarf Fortress: Learn to play the most complex video game ever made -
Well, looks like my NewsRiver aggregator now posts to Twitter :) now to just clean up the responses
Google App Engine gets more global -
This patch made some code fixes to the application that allows us to easily write in new plugins (Instapaper/Twi...
If #wp8 supports all the same networking capabilities of #windows8 does that mean I can add it to active directory and start managing?
Oh god I think I love microsoft
This update finalized the ability to remove feeds from your library.
Just discovered that you can make literally ANY burger you want at @BurgerKing. Late night delicious creations, here I come!
The 0.68 update was a HUGE update to the entire News River system. Strange that it's a decimal update right? The...
I will forever read pedometer as pedo-meter
Wii U? Shut up and take my money!
I'm currently working on some interesting software dealing with a barcode scanner and part of the code requires ...
Server: Basically I will be designing the PHP interface for this system. The go...
Multi-Tenancy is one of those features that most people don't really need to know about - but when you do know a...
One of the big things since the move to Pusher for chat has been the fact that there is no longer any chat histo...
Whenever I start with games I always start with the minimap. To me, the minimap was always an important part. It...
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