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StatCounter Free invisible Web tracker, Hit counter and Web stats (via feedly) - http://www.statcounter.com/
This service has got to be one of the few that just about offers it all for tracking visitor stats. Even with the free plan you receive great benefits. - Xavion Saltair
Sue - Friendfeed is best
Any have any news of the carefully selected handful of residents who are testing the major UI change version of Second Life known as "SL09"?
Wish I could say yes, but I hadn't even heard of such a version until now. Is there a related article posted anywhere? - Xavion Saltair
The statement about the secret testing of SL09 appears in a reply in the SL Forums, http://forums.secondlife.com/showpos... , in thread http://forums.secondlife.com/showthr... . - Sue - Friendfeed is best
Louis Gray
Should People Kill Their Blogs in Favor of Lifestreaming? - http://lifestreamblog.com/should-...
They both consist of a series of online written webpage messages, often including comments, an RSS feed, trackbacks, and categorization. If a lifestream includes all the features of a blog, how is it not a blog? Blogging is dead, long live blogging. - Mike Chelen
No. Do both. Lifestreaming is not an excuse to be lazy ;-) - Andy Sternberg from fftogo
Without blogs, lifestreaming would be rather dull. - April Russo (FForever!)
Feed your blog to your lifestream. - Morton Fox
Or feed your lifestream to your blog. - Jason Clarke from iPhone
Is there a contest somewhere to see who can ask the silliest social media questions? A blog and a lifestream are two different tools. They can interact with each other, but not really replace each other. - David Chartier from BuddyFeed
it depends on what their blogs are. Blogs are the place to write longer form pieces that simply don't work well in most lifestreaming apps - and I really like longer form pieces. The bitesize chunks in lifestreaming tend to accentuate the superficial too easily. - felix
Until Tumblr came along, there was no distinction about what a blog should be versus a lifestream. Just because a traditonal blog platform isn't necessarily optimized for it doesn't mean a blog on Blogger or WordPress couldn't be used as a lifestream. Really it comes down to what the content is that is being lifestreamed. So if you want to separate them, fine. And if your lifestream is... more... - Jason Clarke from email
I think most people should. Me for instance, cannot keep my blog updated with any regularity. I guess, in the end that means that blogging (or writing long-form text) was just not my thing. So you are right, that for normal people, who are more "consumers" than "producers", should definitely kill their blogs (I don't know about life-streaming, though) :) - Shivanand Velmurugan
Do both. I agree with feeding your blog (referring to a blog that is about a specific area of expertise) to your lifestream and letting your audience choose which one they would like to follow. It depends if your audience is interested in only your specialized content and not necessary curious about your personal life or opinion on other topics. - Mike Smith
I think it's a sad state of affairs when people want to talk about whether or not they should "life stream." How about just living your life and getting over yourself? - Dawn
Dawn, Lifestreaming isn't always about being a narcissist although many use it that way. It's also about the power of curating the vast content of the web to share with others. And for the record for those that may not have read my post. I disagree with killing your blog. - Mark Krynsky
Mark, ignore that. REALLY. - Kamilah Reed (K. Gill)
I only lifestream (through FF). My Friendfeed is also used as the closest thing I have to a regularly updated blog. It's a combo of both, but more lifestream. I want to republish it in paper form. I recently stopped keeping up the paper journals I had written daily for about 15 years in favor of recording everything electronically. Lifestreams probably won't kill blogs. Other stuff will. - Kamilah Reed (K. Gill)
I'm one that finds it simpler and less engaging to use a lifestream versus a blog. However, I guess it would also depend on how much content someone actually needs to write. For short submissions lifestreams are great, but I can't imagine trying to frequently read 500+ word posts on FriendFeed. - Xavion Saltair
Xavion, what makes reading a long post in Friendfeed more difficult than on any other platform? - Mike Chelen
No. Some folks like "broadcasting". Others like "publishing". Others like streaming. All converge here. And use varies according to purpose. - andy
Should http://www.feedstats.info/ be added to 'Tools & Widgets' (http://friendfeed.com/about...) or would that be better elsewhere as it's not made by FF?
ps: i've currently got the following saved search as a sort of bookmark, is there a better way? http://friendfeed.com/search... - immaterial
I would vote yes to the adding of FeedStats. I am curious to know what it uses to generate the top 10 list though. Is it based on count of the user's post comments and likes? @imma There should be a "Save search" link at the top of the search results page. - Xavion Saltair
thanks, though i was being a bit unclear ;-) - i'm currently using a saved search for my shared item of the feedstats page as a way of keeping it where i can get there from my friendfeed & was wondering if there's somewhere else in friendfeed i could keep it (ie not tied to a machine or external bookmarking system) ;-) (guessing there isn't, though) thanks - immaterial
Google contact syncing now available for Postbox (testing release) - http://www.zindus.com/blog...
Google contact syncing now available for Postbox (testing release)
"Google and Zimbra contact sync for Postbox is now available in the testing release. Postbox is a mozilla-derived mail client with loads of features. The company behind the client, Postbox Inc is a San Francsico-based startup founded by former Mozilla employees. The Zindus addon currently uses the same Address Book backend for Postbox and Thunderbird, so if you read ‘Thunderbird’ in the FAQ, it’ll probably apply to Postbox too." - tried it and it works :) - LANjackal from Bookmarklet
This is great news because the one thing keeping me away from using Postbox (aside from missing my Labs gadgets) is not being able to access my Google contacts from within the Postbox client itself. - Xavion Saltair
Alicia Stella
NEW inSL: Social Network Board http://www.aliciastella.com/modules... Link to your Twitter, Friendfeed, Facebook, MySpace and more from Second Life
I've purchased this and I want to say that it works wonderfully as advertised. The only thing I'd wish for is the ability to adjust the list of shown social networks. Alicia Stella does speak on this in the product instruction manual, saying that the reason for having a fixed list is to maintain the fixed low requirement of primitives. - Xavion Saltair
Can this be worn as an attachment and if so will it work in a no-script area? - Sue - Friendfeed is best
it is not meant to be worn and I do not think it would work in no script areas... thats a good idea tho, i may look into creating a new product to be worn, but nothing too flashy, something small and conservative. ;-) - Alicia Stella
If it takes the controls, like flying aid scripts do, it would work in no-script areas. No one visits my land, not even me, so I have no place to put one out that anyone would see. My other comment is: I'd rather have Photobucket than Flickr. Flickr only allows 200 images to be viewed by others for a free account. Free Photobucket accounts don't have that limitation. - Sue - Friendfeed is best
Xavion Saltair
Wedding Planning and Venue Services for Second Life - http://magicalmomentsweddings.co.cc/
MMW's official to-be website - Xavion Saltair from Bookmarklet
Share your Google Reader!
Reason #552 to Be on FriendFeed: Real-Time Search - http://staynalive.com/article...
552 reasons to be on FriendFeed? Wow! - Xavion Saltair
Xavion Saltair
Choqok - KDE Micro-Blogging Client - http://choqok.gnufolks.org/
Choqok - KDE Micro-Blogging Client
Users of Linux might find this micro-blogging client as a great alternative to using the Twitter web interface. - Xavion Saltair from Bookmarklet
Xavion Saltair
19 Twitter Desktop Apps Compared - http://mashable.com/2009...
Do you prefer one of these versus the Twitter website? Which one, and why? - Xavion Saltair from Bookmarklet
Xavion Saltair
Facebook to Emulate Twitter’s Follower Model With Profile Fans - http://mashable.com/2009...
I feel that this is something way overdue anyhow. - Xavion Saltair from Bookmarklet
Xavion Saltair
Ignoring Web 2.0 Will Cost You - CIO.com - Business Technology Leadership - http://www.cio.com/article...
Some people often ask why social networks are given so much hype. It all begins with Web 2.0. - Xavion Saltair from Bookmarklet
Xavion Saltair
Virtual Options Computer Training - Professional software training that works for you - http://www.virtualoptions.net/
Virtual Options Computer Training - Professional software training that works for you
Virtual Options offers training that allows you to work at your own pace and convenience. - Xavion Saltair from Bookmarklet
Gwyneth Llewelyn
GwynethLlewelyn First Australian prospect drops their project due to the uncertainty of the legality of SL in Australia. We have to stop this nonsense soon!
Yes, I agree Gwyn. It's quite a shame. - Xavion Saltair
Xavion Saltair
Reach all your friends through IM from within SL, share your discoveries through snapshots and twitts. http://sl-messenger.com/
I haven't yet fully tested this out but I'll post back my results once I have. - Xavion Saltair
Xavion Saltair
What Happens When Second Life Disappears? - http://virtualworldbusiness.com/2009...
How are you preparing for the inevitable? - Xavion Saltair
Xavion Saltair
Read It Later helps me deal with having too many tabs open. I might have to close them, but now I can still read them later. - http://readitlaterlist.com/
If you don't like the idea of installing it as browser extension you can use RIL via a bookmarklet. - Xavion Saltair from Bookmarklet
Xavion Saltair
Does Your Profile Description Repel Customers? - http://virtualworldbusiness.com/2009...
I feel that much of this should somewhat be obvious to the experienced business owner. Unfortunately, not everyone is likely aware of small things like this that can have a big impact on their business. - Xavion Saltair
Xavion Saltair
SL Fashion Police » Fighting Crimes of Fashion on the Streets of SL - http://www.slfashionpolice.com/
Wow...has anyone come across this site before? How hilarious! - Xavion Saltair from Bookmarklet
Xavion Saltair
& The Map Is Not The Territory - Linden Lifestyles - The Unofficial Second Life® Fashion Shopping Blog - http://lindenlifestyles.com/...
& The Map Is Not The Territory - Linden Lifestyles - The Unofficial Second Life® Fashion Shopping Blog
Just about everything you'd want to know about buying and owning land in Second Life, all summed up. - Xavion Saltair
Xavion Saltair
& Pimp Your Own Ride: SL Marketing 101 - Linden Lifestyles - The Unofficial Second Life® Fashion Shopping Blog - http://lindenlifestyles.com/...
& Pimp Your Own Ride: SL Marketing 101 - Linden Lifestyles - The Unofficial Second Life® Fashion Shopping Blog
An awesome article that gives tips on how to successfully market your virtual products and services. - Xavion Saltair
Xavion Saltair
& Customer Service: The Other Side - Linden Lifestyles - The Unofficial Second Life® Fashion Shopping Blog - http://lindenlifestyles.com/...
& Customer Service: The Other Side - Linden Lifestyles - The Unofficial Second Life® Fashion Shopping Blog
This article just tells you the to-do's and not-to-do's in handling customer service in SL. - Xavion Saltair
Xavion Saltair
The Truth About Notebook Batteries - http://www.laptopmag.com/advice...
This is stuff I needed to know! - Xavion Saltair
Xavion Saltair
If you were brought to this page you get a free week of rental by Peace Haven Communities. - Xavion Saltair
Xavion Saltair
A website marketplace for the virtual world called Second Life. - Xavion Saltair
Gwyneth Llewelyn
Hair Fair '09 is Candy Land this year :)
Hair Fair 2009_001.jpg
Hey, those almost look like chocolate candy roads! - Xavion Saltair
Gwyneth Llewelyn
Hair Fair '09 PJ Party! [Flickr] - http://www.flickr.com/photos...
Hair Fair '09 PJ Party! [Flickr]
That place looks fun. - Xavion Saltair
Xavion Saltair
"The Internet Search Giant" ...has so many ways to find hidden and unheard of information. - Xavion Saltair
Xavion Saltair
Affordable, full service web hosting packages. - http://www.marshwiggle.com
Affordable, full service web hosting packages.
Affordable and professional web services. Very competitive offerings! - Xavion Saltair
Xavion Saltair
Second Stindberg: You are hanging on a VERY thin thread - http://stindberg.blogspot.com/2009...
Second Stindberg: You are hanging on a VERY thin thread
I'm worried that I might need to update my account security question soon. - Xavion Saltair
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