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Up next for broadcasters is spectrum as definition of TV evolves. If we can’t get $ relief from the courts, we’ll just entertain ourselves.
I visit the Amazon page for one of my books every night. Their retargeting ads then follow me the next day. Very affirming.
Once again, time to call your Senators about supporting Sen. Markey’s letter re: NET NEUTRALITY. Only takes a min.
Excellent. “MEDIA VOICES: The Wall St. Journal Shares Best Practices of Video Ads” - 10-15 secs is it for pre-rolls.
For broadcasters, it’s not just that the Nielsens are your problem, it’s that the Nielsens will never again be your solution.
RT @jeffjarvis: EU's 'right to be forgotten' is a blow against free speech. Right to escape consequences.
New post: "We’ve got to stop underestimating our audience.” We act as though they’re stupid. @garyvee
ESPN DFW radio announcer on NBC’s incorrect Sterling bulletin: “You know it’s true, because they wouldn’t have put it on the air otherwise."
Given the viral response to National Sibling Day yesterday via social media, you want to wager that #Hallmark makes it official next year?
Who first said “Change is the new normal?” Google isn’t any help.
I watched an hour of The Golf Channel last night. Not one Geico commercial. Only ads for rich people. Quite a difference.
Dr Oz suggests taking for weight-loss and shed fat..
New Post: "The Artist's Lament" A mild rant about provenance.
Wonderful! MT @levjoy: "It's like having electricity 10-15 years before any other community..." #chattanooga
Great @PBS piece on Better Crocker. Making a brand out to be a person. @stoweboyd
For those who missed it, this is tangible evidence that the word "amateur" has a diff meaning today.
Cablevision sues Viacom to carry channels people really want. What consumers really need is choice. #goodluckwiththat
Ugh, jury duty, Denton County Texas. C'mon and make it worthwhile.
MT New post: Exclusive. "Borrell: BIG spike in promotions spending" @cmicontent #contentmarketing @gborrell
New post: Exclusive. "Borrell: BIG spike in promotions spending" @cmicontent #contentmarketing
New Post: The future of journalism is independent contractors @jdlasica
The Great Horizontal: Spend 8:54 w/Jack Andraka, the 15-yr old cancer researcher whose discovery may change medicine.
Behold, those who wear the sign of the fish on the backs of theirs, we're watching the way you drive. Don't be a moron (too late).
Doesn't matter who "owns" the copyright. Hit to NASCAR's brand will be more costly than the lawsuits.
Hilarious. Thanks, Rishad. RT @rishad: Google knows it all. Here is proof.
I love it. When the universe shrinks, change the universe. "Nielsen Agrees to Expand Definition of TV Viewing"
RT @mathewi: in case you didn't see it, this is awesome: Michelle Obama does the "evolution of Mom dancing" with Jimmy Fallon:
RT @mathewi: in case you didn't see it, this is awesome: Michelle Obama does the "evolution of Mom dancing" with Jimmy Fallon:
#Mavs trade: For a team that badly needs better defense (3rd from bottom), how do we justify trading defense (Jones) for offense (Morrow)?
Amen. Let this idea stir in your mind. RT @stoweboyd: Following is the new advertising
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