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Daryl Spitzer

Daryl Spitzer

Father of three, husband, computer programmer (Pythonista), skeptic, atheist, podcast listener, baseball fan, Canadian (in the United States).
Tuesday's Gone by Lynyrd Skynyrd is one of those songs that I’m convinced is my favorite while I’m listening to it.
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The Essence of Velocity: The pitching theory that could revolutionize baseball, if only the sport would embrace it - -
Parents' Insider Guide: Family Travel in Philadelphia | Family Holidays -
Family Vacations In Philadelphia: A Huffington Post Travel Guide -
I highly recommend NextDraft. (I use and enjoy the app.) (nextdraft dot com)
RT @HighHeatStats: 100 years ago today, both the A's and Reds turned down a trade offer from the Orioles for Babe Ruth, who was traded to Red Sox 2 days later.
RT @annkillion: Bochy on the A's "They're firing on all cylinders. We were, until we blew a gasket." #BayBridgeSeries
RT @athleticsnation: Dear Giants: The feeling might not be mutual. Sorry, @mccoveychron.
RT @Athletics: Seven, count 'em, SEVEN All-Stars!! RT to support the Green and Gold as they head to Minneapolis! #GreenCollar
RT @MLB: The @Athletics, who own the best record in @MLB (55-33), will send six players to the #ASG for first time since 1975.
RT @GreatestQuotes: "Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened." - Dr. Seuss
RT @MattRix: Any time I'm asked "what if someone copies my idea?" I point them to this post:
RT @DShulman_ESPN: Wow, what a move by the A's. Arguably the best team in baseball gets better.
RT @keithlaw: Cubs/A's deal official. Samardzija and Hammel for Russell, McKinney, Straily, PTBNL. Analysis to follow on ESPN Insider.
RT @hangingsliders: Good on the A's to make this move. For years, were trying to time the peak w a new ballpark. Now they know that's years away. Go for it now
RT @athleticsnation: Halfway point: The Athletics' schedule is about to get easier in one big way
RT @midnight: Google Voice is "increasing the accuracy" of its transcriptions. Or, if you use Google Voice, its "Vin Dieseling their Acura pee."
RT @howardmegdal: Thank you, @hangingsliders, for this explanation of the Oakland ballpark situation.
RT @JerryWeinberg: Time spent attaching blame is time lost from solving the problem.
RT @radiojoee: R.I.P. one of the great character actors of all time, Eli Wallach
What's more surprising? That one can get a hurricane in a box, or that it's heavy?
RT @Cut4: The Wrigley Field ivy ate another baseball on Monday:
Last night I watched "Decoy”, episode 11 in season 4 of Justified. I think that’s my favorite so far.
I’ve been enjoying the TV series Justified. Just one notch in quality below Breaking Bad, though the dialog at times is as good or better.
RT @Athletics: Latest AL ballot update has been released: Donaldson, Cespedes, & Norris are among leaders. Keep voting Oakland! #ASG
RT @MLB_PR: AL #ASG balloting update:
Legend of Brock Holt continues to grow with this amazing out-of-nowhere catch via @Cut4
RT @athleticsnation: A happy recap from last night, good reading before today's rubber match:
The Anti-Party - @tomtomorrow at his best
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