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Daryl Spitzer

Daryl Spitzer

Father of three, husband, computer programmer (Pythonista), skeptic, atheist, podcast listener, baseball fan, Canadian (in the United States).
You've Been Folding Socks Wrong! Army Ranger Roll -
You've Been Folding Socks Wrong! Army Ranger Roll
RT @AceballStats: Jason Lane last two starts: #Padres Starting Pitcher July 28, 2014 #Astros Center Fielder August 20, 2007
RT @athleticsnation: From Marathon To Sprint: Oakland's Two Avenues To Winning The AL West
RT @AtheistQOTD: "Evangelicals have made two significant contributions to American politics: 1) Prohibition 2) George W. Bush" Anon.
RT @mhsutton: estimation is not about the number that pops out. It is about exploring effort and discovering that you don't know stuff.
RT @JPBarlow: Since 1971 we have spent $1 trillion and arrested 45 million in the War on Some Drugs. Illicit drug use is unchanged.
RT @JoeStiglichCSN: 14th consecutive winning month for #Athletics, an Oakland record.
My son keeps asking me if Donaldson is out of his slump. @BringerOfRain20 is 320/438/958 since the all-star break. I guess I can answer yes.
German Language Compared to other Languages -
German Language Compared to other Languages
RT @JaneMLB: Samardzija has now completed at least 7 innings in each of his 4 A's starts. This is why you don't wait til July 31 to pull the trigger.
Led Zeppelin's albums ranked from worst to best -
Tuesday's Gone by Lynyrd Skynyrd is one of those songs that I’m convinced is my favorite while I’m listening to it.
Use tr to remove CRs -
The Essence of Velocity: The pitching theory that could revolutionize baseball, if only the sport would embrace it - -
Parents' Insider Guide: Family Travel in Philadelphia | Family Holidays -
Family Vacations In Philadelphia: A Huffington Post Travel Guide -
I highly recommend NextDraft. (I use and enjoy the app.) (nextdraft dot com)
RT @HighHeatStats: 100 years ago today, both the A's and Reds turned down a trade offer from the Orioles for Babe Ruth, who was traded to Red Sox 2 days later.
RT @annkillion: Bochy on the A's "They're firing on all cylinders. We were, until we blew a gasket." #BayBridgeSeries
RT @athleticsnation: Dear Giants: The feeling might not be mutual. Sorry, @mccoveychron.
RT @Athletics: Seven, count 'em, SEVEN All-Stars!! RT to support the Green and Gold as they head to Minneapolis! #GreenCollar
RT @MLB: The @Athletics, who own the best record in @MLB (55-33), will send six players to the #ASG for first time since 1975.
RT @GreatestQuotes: "Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened." - Dr. Seuss
RT @MattRix: Any time I'm asked "what if someone copies my idea?" I point them to this post:
RT @DShulman_ESPN: Wow, what a move by the A's. Arguably the best team in baseball gets better.
RT @keithlaw: Cubs/A's deal official. Samardzija and Hammel for Russell, McKinney, Straily, PTBNL. Analysis to follow on ESPN Insider.
RT @hangingsliders: Good on the A's to make this move. For years, were trying to time the peak w a new ballpark. Now they know that's years away. Go for it now
RT @athleticsnation: Halfway point: The Athletics' schedule is about to get easier in one big way
RT @midnight: Google Voice is "increasing the accuracy" of its transcriptions. Or, if you use Google Voice, its "Vin Dieseling their Acura pee."
RT @howardmegdal: Thank you, @hangingsliders, for this explanation of the Oakland ballpark situation.
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