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Use Google Spreadsheets as your CMS | Brace Data -
RT @beep: Naturally, @adactio’s written up some thoughts on this year’s epic #responsiveconf, and shared some attendees’ notes:
RT @beep: Oh, and because he’s some sort of machine, @drewm’s already released audio for all the #responsiveconf talks:
Has anyone encountered CSS issues with font sizes in iOS for content added via AJAX prepend? :/
What are your favourite (HTML & CSS) rapid prototyping tools or frameworks?
Can we make "how to chew with your mouth closed and without smacking" part of the compulsory school curriculum? Please?
RT @andrewfox: At Responsive Day Out and already played with an Ubuntu phone. Related: bumped into @aobregon and @yaili
At #responsiveconf today. Carrying an orange @ubuntu bag with some swag. Say hi o/
o/ (@ Brighton Railway Station (BTN) - @nationalrailenq w/ 3 others)
“Never Tear Us Apart” by INXS is my new jam. ♫ Listen:
That's right: it's 6 months till Xmas. Half way there!
RT @hereinthehive: Both massively excited and nervous in equal measure for Responsive Day Out on Friday...
This ain't fun.
“Lavagem Cerebral” by Gabriel o Pensador is my new jam. ♫ Listen:
CSS property will-change; when to use it for good effect | Matt Wilcox -
RT @ubuntudesigners: Latest from the blog: "Making responsive: our Sass architecture"
“3 Speed” by Eels is my new jam. ♫ Listen:
RT @LeytonVillage: The way we were... I just found this 90's gem of #Leyton High St #throwbackthursday
RT @ubuntudesigners: Latest from the blog: "Making responsive: adapting our navigation to small screens"
A Father’s Manifesto: Raising Young Men Who Respect Women
If anyone's going to an Eels gig soon…
Where's a good area of London to go vintage/antique furniture shopping?
Nice read: "The Pow! Bang! Bam! Plan to Save Marvel, Starring B-List Heroes"
RT @ubuntudesigners: Latest from the blog: "Making responsive: making our grid responsive"
That's still 3 times more than Her.
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