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Dave Winer
Serious question -- why doesn't Google use the FriendFeed API for Buzz? Hopefully it's an open standard, if not, what would it take to make it one. Can't imagine the FF guys would object. It's a VERY nice API. Imho.
Because of Facebook? - RobertoC
I'm a big believer in using stuff that already works because it preserves developers' and users' investments. In this case, the lack of an accepted API means there are no clients that sort out the app in terms familiar to users. That hinders adoption. - Dave Winer
Agree completely Dave. It would be very very nice. - Roberto Bonini
FB Lawsuits? - sofarsoShawn
Roberto -- that's what would make it an open standard. Competitors are *supposed* to use the same formats and protocols if they care about users. Further, the second into the market, ie Google in this case, has everything to gain by being compatible with an existing product, and nothing to lose (other than the ability to say they invented the whole thing, which they clearly didn't). - Dave Winer
Why didn't Google <a href="http://rarepattern.com/nodes...">make Buzz into protocol so we could finally move into a P2P twitter-like paradigm</a>? - Laura Scott (@lauras)
Facebook. - AJ Batac
The NY Times and the WSJ and Washington Post all use HTML. - Dave Winer
I doubt Facebook would let them do that. - Kent
I doubt Facebook has any say in it. - Dave Winer
The FF API doesn't exactly fit PSHB though you could probably adapt it. I'm pretty sure Google started from the proposition Buzz would use PSHB. - Ed Millard
I agrre with you Dave, it would be great and everyone, also little startup gain from it. BUT have the company so big a so opened mentality? I doubt of it. - RobertoC
From FF API TOS: 4. Intellectual Property (Trademarks & Copyrights) FriendFeed, the FriendFeed logo and the FriendFeed design are trademarks or trade dress of FriendFeed, and may not be used without express written permission from FriendFeed, other than for attribution. ... FriendFeed-originated content included on the Site, such as text, graphics, logos, software and the compilation of... more... - Ed Millard
Google explains itself sort of in this Newsweek post "Why Google Will Keep Playing Fast and Loose With Your Privacy - they seem to fear a Russian prodigy who will win out" http://ff.im/g9eMg They thought they'd hit a gold mine with Buzz's format rather than using FF's (I'm hazarding). They had an itchy trigger finger and pulled it too soon and aimed wayyy off target. Simple as explanation really, they just thought they had something better. - sofarsoShawn
We may not have the power to make them do it, but we certainly have the power to put the question out there. - Dave Winer
From the FF TOS it appears FB can block Google from using it. - Ed Millard
Ed -- are you saying the quoted TOS segment covers the API implicitly? -- I don't see anything explicit there. - Brian Sullivan
If the API falls under "FriendFeed design" or "copyright" I think it is explicit. "design" is subject to interpretation, here it is maybe referring to web site design. The section about "FriendFeed-originated content" including "software" being copyright would almost certainly cover the API. Would probably have problems creating an API doc for it without violating copyright. - Ed Millard
To safely use the API you would almost certainly need to find legally binding licensing saying FF/FB placed it in the public domain. They did, I think, open source Tornado which is the Python HTTP engine, but that isn't really the actual API. Tornado is the part that directly overlaps with PSHB anyway so doubt Google is interested in it. - Ed Millard
DeWitt mentioned they didn't clone Twitter because of unclear licensing issues. When they are trying to release a product I'm sure they want to get the product out rather than block on licensing issues, which take pretty much forever to work out. - Todd Hoff
If FF hadn't been bought by FB, I'm sure they could have some to some sort of arrqangement. But the fundamental benefit of using an existing API is that any apps can immediately move to the new platform. - Roberto Bonini
And i think that "FriendFeed design" includes the API - Roberto Bonini
Roberto, not so sure since "design" is followed by "trademark and trade dress" which would only apply to visual and marketing elements. The copyright stuff further down is what nails the API. - Ed Millard
I wonder if Paul or Bret could chime in here. In either case, I'm betting that they'll have to defer to Zuckerberg. - Roberto Bonini
Its regrettable Google didn't buy FF instead of FB. If they were working on Buzz back then its obviously an acquisition that would have been of greater value to Google than FB. The FF talent seems to be the only thing FB got out of it. - Ed Millard
Oh definitely Ed. In fact, they could have put FF into Gmail without a whole lot of bother. - Roberto Bonini
Isn't what they are already doing in Buzz better? since they are using standards like Atom, Activity Streams, PubSubHubbub, oAuth etc. - Richard Cunningham
Richard, Buzz doesn't really have an API yet. Only has a really limited function to get public messages per user, a directory to get profiles and WebFinger support to get info off profiles. The actual API is apparently still a month or a few months from being available. Some have been hacking it to pry stuff out of it but its not really friendly to third party apps yet. I wish it had an API. I'd integrate it in to my feed reader cuz I can't stand Buzz prioritization and no comment collapse. - Ed Millard
Using all those open standards is commendable but I'm not sure its an easy path from those to a coherent design and API. You can see Paul's influence in the FF API, its really simple and elegant. It is way ahead of where Buzz is at the moment for third party access though hopefully google will get a real API out soon. - Ed Millard
Here is all Google has out for their API at the moment, http://code.google.com/apis... - Ed Millard
Ed, yes I know, I'm working on implementing it in FriendBinder, the main bit missing for me is the friend's list working properly and next would be some sort of write support - Richard Cunningham
My issue with PSHB is I don't want to have a web server sitting between Buzz and my client. PSHB seems to require a client to register and then you need a server URL for PSHB to call back. Seems to exclude clients from accessing Buzz unless they go through a server intermediary which is different than every other API I've used. With the FF API any client can connect to a server and get a stream, way simpler. Hopefully Google will add something like REST or Tornado in their official API. - Ed Millard
Ed, how about appending the events from PSHB to your own queue and then using a REST API to access it? The server-to-server nature of PSHB is inconvenient. - Todd Hoff
Todd, that requires me to field a PSHB hub of my own, or am I misunderstanding? Kind of a high bar for a client app to have to field a 24/7 server or you can't get to the Buzz stream. I'll just hope Google provides a real API for clients in coming months. The FF API/Tornado, and Twitter REST/Streaming API's are infinitely more client friendly, though Twitter obviously has the scaling problems PSHB is designed to address. - Ed Millard
Not sure what you mean by 'using FriendFeed API'. Do you mean reproduce a similar API, or connect to it? Both are efforts that need some developper time, and Google was in a hurry to prove that they could deliver a decent service. In the first case, it seems hard to copy one interface and make it suit a different social construct, harder than make a interface adapted to that social... more... - Bertil Hatt
Ed, I expect they will give a feed with all your friends in one feed, when they turn on oAuth. Then it will be the equivalent to what Twitter offer. - Richard Cunningham
Louis Gray had it decreed forbidden. - sofarsoShawn from iPhone
Alright now, Shawn. Troublemaker. :) - Louis Gray
Well sort of Ed. I was imagining Google App Engine as a queue endpoint for published events. - Todd Hoff
Ah, that's interesting to consider, I'll look in to that. Don't actually want to do REST, it sucks for real-time. Would rather have an open connection like Tornado, which brings us back to where Dave started this conversation about how nice it would be to have the FF API on Buzz :) - Ed Millard
Though the down side to FF/Tornado is you have to keep doing new HTTP requests since it closes the connection after it delivers data, and its not entirely clear how real-time the data actually is. Something like the new Twitter streaming API would be ideal where you just have an open connection and your stream arrives as close to real-time as is feasible. - Ed Millard
Thomas Hawk
Announcing the DMU Book: Save 10, The Lightbox Collection - http://thomashawk.com/2010...
Announcing the DMU Book: Save 10, The Lightbox Collection
Last night the Deleteme Uncensored group on Flickr published our first group book together, Save 10, The Lightbox Collection. The 80 page 8×10 landscape format photography book features 75 photographic plates by 40 different DMU photographers. All of the photographs included in the book were voted by the group into the Lightbox and include a wide range of photographic subjects, genres and styles. Two of my own photographs are included in the book. This is the first time that I’ve published any of my own work in a book before. - Thomas Hawk
Congratulations! - Anne Bouey
thanks! - Thomas Hawk
Interesting concept, I like. - Justin Korn
congrats Thomas!! This is totally cool!! - Rachel Lea Fox
very good, it's an excellent example to traditional photographers of how good can be flickr users! - ialla
My last Twitter thought... People now have businesses based on Twitter being up (iPhone apps and such) and Google and Bing are now paying coin for the fire hose. How long until the reliability of Twitter becomes an issue?
fail-whale (1).png
I believe the reliability of Twitter will improve to a level that it will no longer be an issue. Twitter is maturing and the Fail Whale may someday be a relic, or just during "scheduled" maintenance. - Louis Gray
Louis, that very well may be true, but a year ago not a few people thought the problem would be fossilized by a year later, and here we are :) - Micah
since it's free, they have a lot of time. - Mike Nencetti
I wonder if the Google and Bing relationships included a service level agreement of some kind. I'd also like to see if Google and Bing are getting the same reliability levels as the freebie users; in most enterprises, paying customers would get priority access to server resources. - Kevin Shaum
Wasn't the parting of ways with Blaine Cook ( a year and a half ago) supposed to signal the end to their problems (at least that was the story at the time) -- it seems the problem was elsewhere and still exists. - Brian Sullivan
I am not attempting to sound naive. I talked with Ryan Sarver today, their Director of Platform, at LeWeb, and it was a good discussion. Twitter is growing up. It doesn't have to be my favorite, but it is a utility, and one that is funded well, and has sharp execs. The company is learning how to scale. Despite the occasional whale (like I got today), it's miles ahead of 2008. Understand my lack of favorable bias. :) - Louis Gray
Well I'm glad they are improving their platform. I wish them no harm and would hate to see them get all lawyer'd over reliability. - Johnny
The reliability would have been much less of an issue if we had multiple interoperable microblogging services. Email is reliable enough to base a business on. Do you think this would have been the case if the only email service available was, say, compuserve? - Yaniv Golan
Dave Winer
A better design for Twitter retweets. http://www.bitcurrent.com/a-bette...
Thomas Hawk
Yahoo: The Internet is Under New Mangement ‘Ours’ - http://thomashawk.com/2009...
The Internet is Under New Management Ours
Yesterday the Yahoo! executive who reportedly oversaw Flickr resigned from Yahoo! according to TechCrunch. It was also reported yesterday that Yahoo has now retained Goodby, Silverstein and Partners to somehow try and recover from their failing marketing campaign. While Yahoo censors paintings of classical nudes from public museums, their employees are off getting public lap dances at Yahoo “Hack Day.” How can Yahoo seriously expect us to accept their $100 million marketing big lie that "the internet is under new management, yours," when they carelessly and maliciously destroy customer data without so much as a warning? Yahoo’s new $100 million marketing campaign should not read "the internet is under new management yours." It should read "the internet is under new management ours." - Thomas Hawk
Nice post Thomas. Although I do not necessarily agree with all of the recent negativity about Yahoo! in the recent weeks, I do agree with a lot of the issues, especially the deletion of accounts etc.. It is good to see that there seems to be some hope that they turn it around for the better again. We shall see... - Mike Hellers
I don't think all Yahoo is bad Mike, I'm probably still smarting over the fact that they nuked the one group on Flickr where I was super active, DMU (which has now moved to friendfeed), and that they refuse to consider reforming their practice of nuking groups and user accounts without warning or allowing photographers to self correct what they see as TOS/CG problems. Destroying a group... more... - Thomas Hawk
Wonder if the outage yesterday had anything to do with him leaving? - Andrew Smith
Are you able to comment on what's up at Zooomr Thomas? At this point I don't intend to renew my Flickr Pro account and Zooomr was on my list however there doesn't seem to be much development going on there anymore. - Kenton
Kenton, I'm not sure what Kristopher is doing at Zooomr right now. He'd be better positioned to answer any questions about development there than I would at present. - Thomas Hawk
Thanks Thomas I wasn't sure if you were still involved much there or not. - Kenton
Kenton, there is a new version of Zooomr in development (it was being translated to English from Japanese last I heard) called Zest, but I don't know when it will be released. I think he intends to send it to beta first. - Celine Chamberlin
I noticed that Celine. Just wasn't sure if it was the "next" Zooomr or an additional product. Thanks for the info. - Kenton
Stephen Mack
Developers: If you find yourself contemplating the implementation of custom scroll bars for any reason whatsoever, please take a cold shower instead. Thank you.
1. SAP. No keyboard control, unintuitive response rate. 2. Google Wave. Ditto, plus buggy behavior as well. 3. Some random Flash site where the scroll bar tab didn't even move when you scrolled down. - Stephen Mack
I can't think of any site or app where novel scroll bar design was anything other than a misfeature. The native UI has ~seven scroll bar behaviors, and custom designs always forget at least one of them. Trust me, users will NOT appreciate the creativity of your design. - Stephen Mack
Reminds me of those OMG EXTREEEEEEEEEME overclocking and system monitoring tools that came with some motherboards that had all kinds of Doom/Quake-like crap flying out of the entirely customized window. It looked goofy and dumb. - Akiva
OMG Wave's scrollbars are teh sux0r. I detest Google's scrollbars in general, but these make me think they hate people. - Anika
Akiva, I bet those apps were outsourced and the developers charged by the line. Anika, Joey: Agreed -- Google Wave's scroll bars seem to exist solely to make you appreciate the native scrollbars so much more. Who spent the time implementing that real-time shadow? Was there nothing more productive for that developer to do instead? - Stephen Mack
amen to that! don't break standard browser controls!!!! - .LAG liked that
Pretty much applies to all default controls of the operating systems... - Jemm
Full disclosure: I work at Google, but not on Wave. I'm usually completely on board with the idea that we should leave native scrollbars alone, but before you assume that they were reimplemented just for fun, consider the problem they're trying to solve: Native scrollbars do not handle arbitrarily long scrollable areas well. Take a gigantic document and drag a native scrollbar one... more... - Joel Webber
I have yet to see a good reason for a custom scrollbar. I especially hate Adobe's custom scrollbars in web apps, for the reasons cited above. - Brian Johns
I fully admit that Wave has a lot of details that remain to be ironed out, but it's completely unreasonable to call it "not a real product". I use it in my day to day work very heavily, and couldn't survive without it. Our team is highly distributed, and Wave has really helped us keep long complex discussions from turning into email clusterfscks. Which they usually did in the past. - Joel Webber
Thanks, Cristo. I really needed an extra dose of pedantry today. I'm absolutely certain you're right to suggest that the problems of distributed teams are perfectly solved, so no new tool could possibly improve the situation. I and my team must be hallucinating to think it's helping us at all. - Joel Webber
Joel, I think Cristo was pointing out that your use of the phrase "couldn't survive without it" may be a touch hyperbolic. :) You may not be as productive, but he is arguing that you would still exist as a team of living beings. - Stephen Mack
Joel, thanks for providing the rationale behind why Wave is reimplementing scrollbars. My main concerns are: 1. I'm used to being able to use the arrow keys to scroll. But when in a wave but not editing, the arrow keys do nothing. Same for Home and End. (Fortunately Page Up and Page Down do work, but that's not enough.) 2. The scroll widget is always the same size, so you can't tell how... more... - Stephen Mack
I don't think anyone would complain if the scroll bars were replaced with something better. From what I've seen, this is not better. - pitlord
If it's any consolation, negative reaction to the scroll bars in Google Wave have distracted everyone from how much they dislike Flash custom scroll bars. (I just typo'd that as "scroll barfs." How fitting.) - Stephen Mack
@Stephen: 1. The arrow keys here is that they (along with home/end) are used to move among blips, which one could argue is the closest corollary to the "line by line" one would normally associate with up/down arrow keys. 2. When you're dragging, the shadow is the proportional part, rather than the widget itself. This avoids the problem in traditional scroll bars, where the... more... - Joel Webber
BTW, please don't assume I mean to be the great defender of all that is perfect about Wave's scrollbars. I only intend to help explain what I perceive as a legitimate problem they're trying to solve. I'm certain they're a lot that still needs be tweaked about them. - Joel Webber
Joel, thanks for the explanations. For 1, you're right, arrow keys are working for me now. (I had trouble previously.) So that's great. For 2, I don't see that at all -- the height of the shadow grows/shrinks seemingly based on velocity and then achieves a maximum height, but as far as I can tell unrelated to what's visible on the screen. 3. I would never have guessed that, but sorry,... more... - Stephen Mack
Thomas Hawk
Flickr is such a disappointment. The only thing more disappointing is that Zooomr never quite made it over that last hump that could have made it a real alternative. - Jeremy Brooks
talking about the group deletion in the FF DMU group right now: http://friendfeed.com/dmu - Thomas Hawk
care to explain for those unfamiliar with DMU what it was all about? - Michael Bravo
"Flickr just nuked deleteme uncensored. A group with a long tradition on Flickr with over 5,000 posts and 3,000 members all gone, instantly. Flickr objected to discussions in the group which they said violated Flickr’s TOS. This was done without warning. Rather than delete a single offending thread or offer any type of alternative arrangement flickr simply nuked the group. It is clear... more... - RAPatton from iPhone
Micheal DMU was a very popular group on flickr. It was an uncensored forum that had lasted about 4 years. Many of us spent hundreds if not thousands of hours in there. It had a rich and unique history. It was one of the most active forums on flickr and they just nuked it out of existence. It was also one of the few uncensored forums on flickr. It's a sad day actually. - Thomas Hawk
wow that's disturbing - See-ming Lee 李思明 SML
I was one of the founders of the group and shared admin responsibility with three others. There was no warning given to me. Poof. One minute it was completely gone, obliterated, followed by a notification that it had been deleted and the following note as explanation from Heather Champ: "Unfortunately, recent events in DMU have escalated to such a point that we can no longer host your... more... - Thomas Hawk
@jeremybrooks "... The only thing more disappointing is that Zooomr never quite made it over that last hump that could have made it a real alternative ..." Disagree. Zoomer is always going to be an alternative when flickr keeps deleting without transparency and without a restore. I'm just kicking myself I didn't consider zoomer when I added flickr redundancy at smumug. - Peter Renshaw
and just like that flickr locks down the thread in the help forum complaining about the group being nuked. http://www.flickr.com/help... - Thomas Hawk
@Peter: Don't get me wrong. I love Zooomr -- I post everything there as well as to Flickr. It showed so much promise at first though, and some of the features have not been developed fully. They still have some features (like Portals and SmartSets) that Flickr does not have. - Jeremy Brooks
Heather Champ's (the community manager who deleted the group at Flickr) tweet within minutes of the time she nuked the group: "I hate your freedom." - Thomas Hawk
the problem is though Luke anything can be deemed to violate Flickrs TOS/CG. You can have your account deleted or your forum deleted on Flickr for being "that guy." - Thomas Hawk
What kind of posts or comments led to breaking the ToS? Just curious. - Sally Church
killing over 5,000 conversations in a forum with over 3,000 members, many hours long, built by people who put an *enormous* amount of energy into them of which 99.9% had no violations of any measure is overkill of massive proportion. Flickr could have easily killed any individual thread that they felt violated their TOS. This, compounded with the fact that there was no warning given nor any previous violation on the part of this group is a massive overreaction on Flickr's part. - Thomas Hawk
I'm not sure 100% Sally, I suspect that it was the post where a user made threats of violence yesterday in the group. Still Flickr could have warned or deleted that user account if that was the issue, they did not need to nuke 5,000 conversations permanently and irrevocably. Many of these threads contained specific information about photography, gear, cameras, etc. - Thomas Hawk
Pat there were not vulgar personal attacks on flickr staff in dmu. Why would you say that? There are a few in the new dmu now (none by me) but that's because people are really pissed off about having their group nuked after investing thousands of hours in it. Why would you say that there were vulgar personal attacks on Flickr staff in dmu before flickr nuked it. That's simply not true. - Thomas Hawk
Pat that email was sent *after* the group was already nuked. Obviously people who put hundreds of hours and an incredible amount of energy and emotion into an online group were upset when flickr nuked it. They didn't have to nuke it. They could have, for instance, locked it down and removed whatever offended them at least leaving a rich archive that was largely inoffensive. That link... more... - Thomas Hawk
I would comment on this, but I don't want Flickr to nuke me. - James Myatt
WTF? - Tyson Key
@Pat: did somebody mention the First Amendment (before you did?) How exactly does that fit here, in light of actions taken by a private party? - Anthony Citrano
Pat indeed. Nobody is saying this is a first amendment issue except you. I've never said that flickr is not within their legal rights to delete whatever content they want. I've said it's bad business practice, reflects poorly on Yahoo and is in direct opposition to their current multi-million dollar marketing campaign. This is not a first amendment issue at all. Given that you know... more... - Thomas Hawk
and how is my saying that there were never any vulgar attacks on flickr staff an admission that flickr warned us to "play nicely" prior to nuking the group? There was never any warning from Flickr to the admins of the group that was nuked regarding it's deletion of any kind before Flickr nuked it. That's a fact. After the group was nuked, a new group sprung up (that I'm not a member of)... more... - Thomas Hawk
Pat the *only* communication between Flickr staff and the admins of the group prior to the group deletion is below. The group was completely destroyed within seconds of receiving this email: "Hi Thomas Hawk, ** This warning is being sent to all admins of DMU ** In joining Flickr, you agreed to abide by the Yahoo! Terms of Service and Community Guidelines. Specifically, you must not... more... - Thomas Hawk
Forgive me for just making the connection now, but this is obviously a direct result of the Thomas <-> James swordfight, no? - Anthony Citrano
I believe it is Anthony. I was never informed by Flickr as to the exact issue that they had with the thread though. - Thomas Hawk
Why did you opt to leave that out of this story? Not picking on you, but now that I'm aware of that situation, the context it adds seems conspicuous by its absence. - Anthony Citrano
Anthony, first off, I'm not even sure that's what it is. The email nuking the group was vague and ambiguous. They've never communicated with me the reason. I'm speculating on my part. It would assume that it was related to that. But I'm not really sure "why" the group was deleted is so relevant. If you have two people who have an issue (one of whom is making threats of violence which is... more... - Thomas Hawk
Thomas, I know how hard (impossible) it is to see something objectively when you're right in the middle of it - but from where I sit, here on the outside, there's no real doubt that your and James’ horseplay was the catalyst for the group deletion. You said it's not relevant, and perhaps you're right, but to me it seems like an important part of the story. - Anthony Citrano
It's certainly been reported many places Anthony, including my own blog prior to the group being nuked and as linked to in the help forum where I'm still banned in my post yesterday. It certainly was not omitted purposely. This post here is actually very short and was written quickly after the group was nuked. I followed up with a more thoughtful post yesterday. But sorry if you felt all of those details should have been in this story as well. Happy to discuss any of them. - Thomas Hawk
I would still maintain though that a skirmish between two members of a group (no matter *what* the skirmish) ought not to result in a group of 3,000 members being nuked without warning. If anything delete the accounts of the two individuals. Don't punish 2,998 members for the actions of 2. That said there were a lot of ways that Flickr could have handled this better including locking the group down but maintaining the 99.9% of the threads which were in no way considered offensive. - Thomas Hawk
I didn't think it omitted maliciously; was just curious the logic behind the omission. But you've answered. To the second point, people need to separate two things: A: the action (the monkeybusiness b/w you two) and B: the reaction (by flickR). I know they are inextricably tied, but each do deserve discussion. The 2998 members were “punished” by both A and B. Just because B is idiotic... more... - Anthony Citrano
Flickr's behaviour was a bit abrupt, but DMU being deleted was an accident waiting to happen – the admins were never really entitled to host an 'uncensored' group, as they were always subject to Flickr's rules. And although the deletion related to one incident, DMU always had a very antagonistic atmosphere that had the propensity to give rise to abusive discourse. Also, this isn't the same as deleting someone's work; the only thing lost is old discussions that almost no one would have read again anyway. - sally white
Oh Sally, you are so wrong. You were not a part of that community. We had a nine page thread called listen to DJ Mo. It was full of great music links. It was frequently accessed, it may sound stupid but we had a significant thread of gifs that we were all collecting together. Mo's stupid photography questions was a frequently accessed thread full of great photo advice for people,... more... - Thomas Hawk
Thomas Hawk
Do You Find This Painting Obscene? - http://thomashawk.com/2009...
Do You Consider This Painting Obscene?
Ask yourself this — do you find this painting obscene? There are no warnings regarding it’s placement in the museums all ages gallery. And why is it not ok to show the backside of painting of a woman in a museum, but it seems perfectly fine for people to show full frontal nudity of the famous statue of Michelangelo’s David? isn’t it a double standard for Flickr to say that great art of females ought to be treated differently than great art of males. The basic problem is that the Censorship Division at Flickr is unchecked. They’ve been given unlimited power over who sees our images and who does not. Flickr relevancy to our culture is too important not to resist these intrusions. Censoring great works of art is an insult to all photographers and artists. Like the Victorians of yesteryear who ruined many sculptures by plastering fig leafs over their private parts, Flickr wields the censors sword flippantly and seemingly without consequence. This is bad for morale, bad for Flickr/Yahoo’s... more... - Thomas Hawk
the latest image of mine that Flickr has censored. - Thomas Hawk
Of course not. - Todd Hoff
Obscene, no. An example of why painters should study anatomy, yes. (This is one of the many reasons I'm weaning myself off of Flickr.) - Jennifer Dittrich
Not obscene. Who are they protecting anyway? This reminded me of something I heard the on NPR about people in Seattle being upset that their kids maybe exposed to a nude cyclist from time to time at the park or a local festival. GET OVER IT. Kids are not scared by nudity. Behavior yes. So as long as the naked people are minding their own business... not an issue. This surprises me from Flickr, how do they justify this? #puritancolonyethics #liveuptothefoundingfathersintentions - SAM
nudity is not obscene unless sexually explicit - kids certainly are not traumatised by nudity - never understood that anglo saxon hangup - Iphigenie
Flickr currently has this image censored in my photostream. They censored it behind my back. I hate it when they do that. Thousands of children view this image every year as it hangs in an all ages gallery at the Art Institute of Chicago. - Thomas Hawk
SAM, they justify it because the Censorship Division at Flickr seemingly has no accountability to anyone. - Thomas Hawk
Not obscene enough ;) - Jemm
Exactly Joelle. Thomas: They don't even email you to let you know they feel some of your content is objectionable? - SAM
Perhaps it's some poorly paid student doing rapid mass-checks? - Lech from BuddyFeed
that's beautiful! Of course it's not obscene...jeez, what's next, just showing the wrists or ankles on a woman is going to be considered obscene!?! - Kamala Whitaker
Pat, so why does the backside of a painting of a woman by a famous artist violate the Flickr TOS while the front side of Michelango's David seems perfectly fine? Isn't it a bit of a double standard to try and enforce a policy whereby hundreds of (use your own favorite euphemism for male member) are allowed unfettered on Flickr while a female's behind is not? Both are great works of art, why censor one and not the other? - Thomas Hawk
I'd be fine with that Pat, I'd appreciate the publicity. But you've neglected to answer the question as to why it is ok for flickr users to photograph and post Michelangelo's David statue showing full nude male frontal genitalia while a photo of a similar work of famous art is censored when it depicts the backside of a female. - Thomas Hawk
Absolutely not obscene! Pathetic that some might think it obscene. In school I learnt about the great painters and most of them had nudes, some a lot more full frontal and yet it was about the art, not about the nudity. I would have no problems showing these type of pictures to my kids who are all under ten. The human body is amazing and beautiful and should be glorified! - travispuk from iPhone
Nup - Amy
No. Wow Pat, nice attempt to derail the convo. Did you know STUDENTS in EUROPE frequently spend DAYS at museums stealing from the Great Masters -- by making illegal copies of paintings! Not photographs, actual paintings! The horror! Think of the dead artist's great great grandchildren! Now, if you want to contemplate something worth while, what if I were to make an oil painting of one... more... - Richard Walker
I dont find it obscene. There are many paintings, like you said, hanging in art museums all over the world that have this kind of scene. - Shevonne
I'll give a hint to what I think is the correct answer: How much you "borrowed" depends on how much interpretation that person put in. Since Thomas interprets quite a bit, that would be the problem. That you used an ARTISTIC photo without permission. However, making a single fine art painting is unlikely to "damage" Thomas or make the photo less valuable. The litho series is where it becomes a serious violation. Mass production. - Richard Walker
There is literally more explicit nudity on the walls and ceiling of the Vatican than that. - Alex Scrivener
Many Americans have issues with nudity - often equating it with pornography - and apparently being unable to discern the difference. Silly while all around us media is awash in sexual imagery. The more humans attempt to control something the greater attraction it has. Where nudity is no big thing there is far less pornography just as where everyone drinks wine with meals there are fewer... more... - Gail Gardner
Obscenity laws in America are obscene. - Ankush Narula
Yes, but in a good way ;-) - Rubin Sfadj
whats obscene! we've created in the first place:) - samantha
I like how I can post this image to FriendFeed and don't have to worry about it being censored. Maybe Flickr ought to consider replacing their censorship division with FriendFeed's censorship division. I think it would be a big step forward for them. That Flickr thinks that they have to "protect" their users from images like this is absurd. - Thomas Hawk
Obscene, no; Mature, possibly, but you might see more at a news stand or magazine rack. - Grant Bierman
Pat, flickr doesn't own the image,Thomas does, so if they block him posting to FF, there are other issues they would need to address. The problems with censorship is that you need to be consistent, otherwise you run the risk of being hypocritical, and it's pretty clear that in this case there was a lack of consistency. - Deepak Singh
Pat, Flickr has not removed the restriction. This is the second version of this image that I've posted. The first version is here: http://www.flickr.com/photos... That image is still censored by them. I appealed their decision via email today and received the following reply back from Flickr staffer Terrence: "As per our Community Guidelines, Female breasts,... more... - Thomas Hawk
I sent a follow up email back to Terrence asking him if this prohibition only applies to females and why, for instance, Michelangelo's sculpture (with full frontal male nudity) is not censored, but I have not heard back from him yet. Hopefully I will soon. It is ridiculous that they would censor this image on Flickr and I hope to have this decision reversed. The Censorship Division at... more... - Thomas Hawk
No ...but it's probably NSFW - .LAG liked that
I think Terrence answered your question. You didn't follow the rules Thomas. They are at the least being consistsnt. If you properly labled the pic it would have been left alone. Flickr never said it was obsene they just want those people who are sensitive to the issue to be able to filter it out. - Jason Williams from iPhone
no the picture is not obscene. - Kim Landwehr
not obscene - MiniMage
Not obscene to me, but that of course depends on your cultural background. What I believe the web needs are 'global' standards against censorship and a strong institution to enforce them. Both of which is probably a long way from being put into place. E.g. I think in the US those issues are pretty much left to the companies while in Germany we would ask government or other officials to... more... - Jens Holze
Anthony Citrano
FireFox: I used to love you. Really. You remember!! But now I feel like, I dunno... you're not the Fox I fell in love with. These days I can barely stand you enough to even get near you. 2 GB of memory? Spikes to 100% of CPU? Unwatchable Flash video? Sorry, but I've really gotta find a way to quit you.
I'm so glad I'm not the only one. I've tried disabling all extensions... but then why not Chrome? - Richard Walker
I have had issues with firefox for a while. I don't use extensions and it is the slowest thing around. I I have found Safari and Stainless to be the most reliable browsers that I use. Chrome is way to unstable. It crashes within a couple minutes every time I try to use it. - Corey Harris
I stick with Firefox cuz she knows all the special tricks I like. Opera is my mistress... she's always waiting in the background for the times I lose my patience. :) - Gus
Works OK here on Linux with more than 60 extensions installed. My machine is pretty old and has only 1GB of RAM. I think it's some add-on or combination of add-ons that causes it, not FF itself. - prozacfield
Chrome is simply not ready for prime time, especially for us Mac kids. I only have FF extensions installed that I really need/use; nothing extraneous. I've also - like Corey and Richard - tried disabling *all* my add-ons for extended periods and the issues persist. It's the product, not the add-ons. Finally, if I can't use my add-ons, I might as well not use FireFox, because that's the main reason I've stuck with FF so long. - Anthony Citrano
Chrome's great on Windows - not so good on OSX - Don Bonaddio
I found CoolIris was slowing down my Firefox so I uninstalled it and installed it on Flock instead. Now when I need to use it I just go to Flock. I think I'm going to install anything bloaty that I like on Flock. Then keep Firefox really zippy with only greasemonkey and a few key extensions while going to Flock for the other stuff whenever I need to. - Thomas Hawk
Thomas Hawk: How you find that ex. made your FF slow? - Amin
Agree with Thomas that CoolIris slows down FF but removing CoolIris doesn't seem to make FF much more usable from here... - Anthony Citrano
the extensions and plugins can really wreak havoc on FFox... especially on windows. switched to Mac and using a minimal set of extensions, much better now... - Juho Tunkelo
And then there was a flash of light, and Chrome.. - Rohit
I moved to Chrome on Windows at the beginning of this year, and Safari 4 on Macs. Their speed at opening is similar, and paramount for me to the point that I am willing to do without extensions. I found that FF has become as bloated as IE and - unfortunately - as much of a security risk. One good drive-by malware install off an ad, and it took me days to recover. That simply doesn't... more... - Cole Jolley
If you keep upgrading Firefox instead of reinstalling every major release, the gunk accumulated over time *will* wreak havoc with your Firefox. If your Firefox starts behaving strangely or annoyingly, try a complete reinstallation: Uninstall, remove your Firefox profile dirs, then reinstall. This is not Firefox's fault per se, but because of complex interaction between Firefox, extensions, and plug-ins. Not to mention some extensive datastore evolution (e.g., migration to SQLite) - Pandu ● IT Optimizer from fftogo
I gave up on Firefox and switched to Chrome. - Mike Reynolds
I didn't give up on ffx but I've been using chrome primarilly for almost a year now. - Chris Heath from iPhone
Yaron Orenstein
‫הסטארט אפ השקוף: מתחייבים בחוסר ודאות‬ - http://www.thecoils.com/2009...
are you finally back? - Sharon Vardi
Matt Cutts
How to Unlock the Amazing Secret of Unlimited Productivity - http://www.mattcutts.com/blog...
That's totally brilliant! - imabonehead
yo, respect! - simone righini
I laugh so much, that I could'nt stop. - bellegarde-webb
The easiest way to be productive. - Ashish from iPhone
It's times like this I wish there were a "Love" link. - Tom Stocky
Bret Taylor
The technology behind Tornado, FriendFeed's web server - Bret Taylor's blog - http://bret.appspot.com/entry...
The technology behind Tornado, FriendFeed's web server - Bret Taylor's blog
We have open sourced our web server. Download it at http://www.tornadoweb.org/. Check out the Facebook announcement at http://developers.facebook.com/news... - Bret Taylor from Bookmarklet
Wow! Thanks so much, Bret and co! - Doug Beeferman
this was very interesting; good job - RAPatton
neat - anna sauce
I wonder what the engineering decision was to not use a WSGI interface. - mikepk
mikepk: it supports WSGI, but it is not WSGI by default because WSGI does not support non-blocking I/O for things like hanging connections. See http://www.tornadoweb.org/documen.... - Bret Taylor
This actually is a very good piece of code! Thanks folks! - directeur
cool, Bret, thanks :) I was just heading through the docs now. - mikepk
oh man, this is so awesome, thanks guys! - Charles Ying
Is "tonado" a typo? - Bruce Lewis from fftogo
I'm hacking my own python web framework at the moment, so now the choice on whether I want to switch gears to this or not. I'm liking what I see so far. - mikepk
Bruce: Yes - Casey Muller
Wow.. Thanks!! pretty much makes my day.. which is scary in it's own rite. - Chris Myles
Great news! Cheers to the FF team! - Egon Willighagen
Nice new title Brett.."Facebook Director of Products".. a good sign of things to come! - Chris Myles
very very glad to hear this bit: "Tornado is a core piece of infrastructure that powers FriendFeed's real-time functionality, which we plan to actively maintain." - Chris Heath
Great work - James Myatt
Franz: enables widespread adoption which leads to greater influence of the technique - Mike Chelen
So excited this is out. So many personal projects I have been wanting to build with it :) - Bret Taylor
Fantastic, Bret (and team)! - Micah
A very good project!...you know if will be possibile to use Tornado with other technogies except Python (such as JEE, Ruby On Rails, etc.)? - Nicola Junior Vitto
Cristo: we tried to use the official Python coding conventions, though we may have inadvertently strayed. Those conventions are: ClassNames, method_names, variable_names - Bret Taylor
Brilliant! I hope you can provide very valuable input for the next round of #python WSGI, which desperately needs a next round ;) - Uche Ogbuji
Re: WSGI needing help, see http://www.b-list.org/weblog... - Uche Ogbuji
grt - Xitong Liu
Onur, worked for me - and still works now - Chris Heath
Very cool, in case someone needs a high-end Web Server for a project, FriendFeed just open-sourced theirs, & apparently, it screams.. - Alex Schleber
Nicola: there is a Ruby example - http://gist.github.com/184760 - Mike Chelen
thx Mike, but this is a kind of eventmachine (that sounds good) for Ruby, not a Tornado client or wrapper...isn't it? - Nicola Junior Vitto
Excellent! Thank you. Was eagerly waiting for the day to come after looking this just 1 month ago; "changeset: 5afb8a445cad / date: 2009-08-11 16:34:48 / description: Initial open source packages" http://changelog.friendfeed.com/2009... - NaHi from m.ctor.org
Good catch, NaHi. :) - Micah
Thanks guys. Really appriciated. - Roberto Bonini from iPhone
That's great. thanks Bret :-) - Nimaa
Nice job on the non-blocking stuff Bret! - Mitchell Tsai
"We have open sourced our web server" @bret took over a year but is worth the wait. thx for the follow through ~ http://bret.appspot.com/entry... - Peter Renshaw
Ohhh, ummm, btw, your underhanded behind the scenes sell out still rankles my human decency, & a lot of others too, as should yours...thumbs down/dislike x 47.5 million dollars, however not being bitter of course, keep ignorance & bliss - sofarsoShawn
that's the sound of I believe 100000000? or so hands clapping...& giving you the BOOOO-URNS if I'm not mistaken... - sofarsoShawn
oh you sonsabitchez this fscking rules! why so badass, ff? thank. you. :) - mike
So, can we say; Python is the future? - Özkan Altuner
Nice code. Started to look at it today. Thanks for doing this. Now to start testing this on some projects I had been working on. - Altan Khendup
Diego: we run on Linux. - Bret Taylor from email
@bret just out of curiosity - what would necessitate usage of such an engine for a *personal* project? :) - Michael Bravo
Michael: it is a nice framework to use for any project in my opinion (though I am clearly biased). If you are doing anything real-time like the chat demo, something like Tornado is certainly necessary/useful regardless of the size of the project. - Bret Taylor from email
@bret and for little-sized hardware? should have try it on Maemo based :))) - A. T.
@silpol I kinda fail to see Maemo devices being used for servers (unless it's some kind of satellite-based or other covert server maybe :) ) - Michael Bravo from IM
@mbravo you never know... there are some unusual (and cool) apps for web servers, granted you abstain (on purpose) from classical models, e.g.server farm somewhere there and herds of clients connecting to it... - A. T.
I think this is the best answer for the ultimate question: "Does python needs yet another web framework?" While most of us would say why, when one come across this, a real world proven technology, serving zillions of pages a day, one would say, well, why not. actually, why not even take it an try to integrate out next web app with it? great job! seems like joining FB won't do you any harm ;-) - Tzury Bar Yochay
We've seen tornado vs twisted, how about tornado vs rails? http://www.youtube.com/watch... - Tzury Bar Yochay
http://chan.friendfeed.com:8888/ It doesn't work. I'd like to see chat.js :) - Анатолий Шарифулин
FriendFeed's web server, open sourced? This is great! Welcoome, Tornado! - Thierry R. Andriamirado
Bret: how do you proxy long-living connections through nginx? Vanilla nginx buffers everything. - alex@kapranoff.ru
nginx has a configuration option to turn off buffering. - Tristan Seligmann
Seedcamp announces 21 Startup Finalists. Read about them here. - http://thenextweb.com/2009...
Seedcamp announces 21 Startup Finalists. Read about them here.
Very nice. - AlpB. from iPod
An Arab startup made it as one of the finalists too. really cool. Just blogged about it here: http://www.startuparabia.com/2009... - Mohamed Marwen Meddah
Thomas Hawk
Hey Flickr … Why So Censorious? MSNBC Report on Flickr - http://thomashawk.com/2009...
I hope that Yahoo takes a hard look at Popkin’s article. There is much improvement that could be done with Flickr. Flickr is a tremendously important cultural jewel that in a strange way I feel belongs to society at large at this point as much as it belongs to Yahoo. So much art is being made and shared at Flickr. So many people are using it in a way to culturally enrich the world. Yahoo should look at this cultural jewel that they have and recognize it for what it is, also recognizing that censorship has often been the enemy of culture. I’d much rather blog about all the great things going on at Flickr than the things that I feel are negative going on there. And I do hope that some of the practices over the course of the past few years mentioned in this article are addressed and changed. - Thomas Hawk
The problem is that, unless you examine the Flickr codebase, you've got no way of knowing how easy it is to make deletions reversible (which is really what this is about.... saying "oops, let me un-delete this" would defuse most of these situations). Big software systems are full of things that sound like they ought to be easy to do but aren't. For example, you'd think they'd have fixed the problem after Stewart accidentally deleted all his pictures in 2005. - Wirehead
But the thing is Wirehead, it actually would be quite easy. Flickr already has built the ability to make images private. You can, for instance, make an image private on flickr so that only you, not even your friends and family can see it. It would be super simple for Flickr simply to mark these photos "private" for you only and include a message to you about why they've done that. You... more... - Thomas Hawk
Flickr naturally has server systems in place for back-ups and failure restoration. They most certainly have the ability to retrieve the data from some point in the recent past. For them to suggest otherwise suggests they consider us stupid or are just indifferent. The ability for a multi-million dollar operation staffed with programmers to claim that they cannot or will not make simple... more... - Robert Kenney
I agree Robert. And I guess that's their decision to make, I do think it would be nice if they would explain that to us though and their rationale for not allowing user data to be recoverable. - Thomas Hawk
I knew this would turn into bad press for flickr. I called it right after TH got banned: http://www.flickr.com/help... - Rob LaRosa
Thomas, how would you react if I pointed out that had you followed the Parabolic SAR, you would have sold one of the stocks under your management before it dropped? - Wirehead
If a publically trade company like Yahoo! didn't own Flickr Id say it's their server, they an do what they want. But they do, and it's ridiculous. - Kevin Winn from Nambu
Louis Gray
Google Alerts Gets PubSubHubbub and Real-Time Programmable Hooks - http://www.louisgray.com/live...
Nice! I like where this is going and agree with you, it's the beginning of Google's rise to the top of the real-time web. - Brandon Titus
Can someone help me with context? How mature is PubSubHubbub at this stage? By that I mean is it SOX ready? - Dominic Jones
SOX ready in what sense? Could you elaborate on your use-case? It sounds interesting! - Brett Slatkin
Despite there now being no latency between you and Google Alerts, isn't there still latency between publisher and Google News/Alerts though? Wouldn't it be faster still to put a publisher's feed right into Feedburner yourself? What am I missing here? - beersage
If you know who you're subscribing to, yes. With Google Alerts the feed contains anything that's searchable on the web, so you don't know where the results may be coming from. - Brett Slatkin
Good to know! I hate to run feeds that aren't mine through Feedburner but the problem I have w/ Google News alerts is that it is a bit inconsistent. It will grab only some posts from a source when I consider posts it neglects to pull from said source to also be appropriate for the alert. So to build around it is not so cut-and-dry but it has a lot of potential and performs well as is. - beersage
@Brett I thinking specifically about a company issuing earnings news via a feed (perhaps through FeedBurner). The critical problem with doing this to date has been that there was no way companies could ensure that all subscribers received the information simultaneously because they were polling the feed at different intervals. Tim Bray wrote about the issue here... more... - Dominic Jones
Dominic: Wow great article reference. I've seen that one before, a long time ago, but I totally forgot about it! I think Hubbub could probably do this very well, especially with the Atom feed format he describes. However, "simultaneously" is a funny term; nothing is really simultaneous. There are going to be delays between notifications to all recipients. So the question is, what's the... more... - Brett Slatkin
True, simultaneity is relative. The accepted standard for "fair" right now is the latency you get with Business Wire or PR Newswire. This varies from a few seconds to a few minutes, depending on where you access the information (wholesaler's news , Yahoo! Finance, Google Finance, your brokerage's website etc.) - Dominic Jones
Sorry, hit enter before finishing... A few seconds is ideal. - Dominic Jones
That seems achievable to me. It scales with the number of individual subscribers. If you have 1,000,000 pushes to do, and you do them at 10,000/second, you still need 100 seconds to get the data to everyone. So a delay of up to 120 seconds seems like it would have enough buffer for this case. In practice it is much faster than that, but it's good to be careful with financial stuff. - Brett Slatkin
Business Wire has a patent for something they call NX. Basically, they pre-deliver information to subscribers then unlock it at a set time. In practice, though, unless you have their software installed, you don't get the news until later. NX is described in this patent document http://patft.uspto.gov/netacgi... - Dominic Jones
In most cases, companies would be pushing out to a few hundred subscribers. A company like GE would be maybe 20,000 or so. You get into the millions when you're a Reuters, Bloomberg or Google News. - Dominic Jones
Dave Winer
It took a while to get the DNS transferred, and this URL still might not work for some: http://ou.rs/1 -- but it will eventually. :-)
Nice one, Dave! - Jesse Stay
It worked? - Dave Winer
What's in a name with ruby slippers :) - Frankie Warren
Yes! - Andrew Terry
The ruby slippers come from (of course) The Wizard of Oz. They're how Dorothy undoes the curse of the Wicked Witch and gets back home to Auntie Em and all her friends in Kansas. - Dave Winer
Yeah - I'm seeing it. - Jesse Stay
The URL fits the theme well, Dave. - Jesse Stay
ou.rs is 1 cool tld - Brian Hendrickson
Surprised it was still available. Congrats. - Jon Kimball
Paul Buchheit
Tweeting :)
Funny! - Robert Scoble
too true - James Miao
Hey, I can tell those Mark Zuckerberg prongs haven't started working yet. ;-) - Robert Scoble
A good reminder that it could have been a lot worse. - Christopher Galtenberg
Hey! I resemble that remark! - Chris Messina
funny and true :) - Ali
LOL - Steve Chou from fftogo
apparently you can trade some symbols and numbers for letters and it's FFing - Katy Barrilleaux
I love that!! :D - Susan Beebe from iPhone
ReTweet what the middle one said 4/5 WooHoos - Steve Ram
LOL :D - zsafwan 
That is *exactly* why FF will become more mainstream than twitter.. try explaining how to tweet to your parents (who are finally comfortable with email)! - Chris Myles
Go Chris! - Charlie Anzman
Haha! I have this on my facebook :) - Joe Dawson from iPhone
Awesome! - Ordinarybug Heather
Haha! - muratt
ahahha! brilliant - Jacque
That's about right. - Josh Haley
thats funny lol.. where did u find it - Nicholas Skinner
that's *agent_x* cartoonist from sunny queensland, aus ~ http://twitter.com/agent_x :) - Peter Renshaw
I just noticed you posted my comic. Thanks. I keep them all here if you are interested - http://www.agent-x.com.au/ - agent x
agent x, I like you. Bookmarked. - Dennis Jernberg
Thomas Hawk
Flickr: The Help Forum: [Closed] My account was deleted without warning or notice. No reply from flickr. - http://www.flickr.com/help...
"To whom it may concern, I have written several times asking why my account "adoniel" was deleted several days ago without any previous notice or warning but I have yet to receive a formal reply from Flickr with an explanation. I am a professional photographer and all the content in my photostream was my own work, creation and intellectual property. I also don't believe I had posted any content that would have been deemed inappropriate or violated your guidelines. I am very disappointed as I had spent a great deal of time uploading my photos, tagging and adding descriptions. Your actions are extremely inconsiderate and highly questionable. I was about to upgrade my account to a Pro 2-year account, but I am very glad I did not upgraded. I would prefer to spend my money elsewhere if this is how you treat your customers. You have certainly lost my trust, business and support. I am writing to Yahoo Inc, your parent company to let them know exactly how you run this web site and treat customers. I am very disappointed with your actions and lack of communication. Sincerely, Edelson C. Flores Flickr: "adoniel"" - Thomas Hawk from Bookmarklet
And flickr permanently and irrevocably deletes yet another user account with no warning and no recourse. And of course lock the thread where the user complains about it to try and cover it up. - Thomas Hawk
it's just so typical. I'm not sure what it will take to get them to stop doing this. Censorship sucks. - Thomas Hawk
Censorship yes, in this case probably not the content of the photos; definitely the mistakes of their happy trigger finger personnel. - gwendolen
I sometimes wish there were two Flickrs. Ones for the folks with bare skin phobia and one for the rest of the world. - gwendolen
:(( Very bad sign. And what about your contents? Are you able to take their back? - Roberto from iPhone
Very VERY bad customer service. But typical of Flickr. - Chris Nixon
Flickr staff has responded with 'Hello- this is best handled via Help by Email, not the Help Forum.' This should have been resolved privately before adoniel took it to the Help Forum. I personally feel mistakes are best handled by an apology and restoring service. - gwendolen
This is crazy! I don't want to spend time uploading photos (and I have hundreds of them for my business) and then have this sort of thing happen. Makes me leery of having my stuff over there. - Jannifer @wordsforliving
Ultimately, when you're not paying someone to host your data (Flickr, FaceBook, etc.), you can't be sure that it's always going to be there. I know that lots of people use these services and that they offer functionality that isn't available in some other places, but I think you get what you pay for. I'm a big fan of Smugmug for this (among other) reasons. - amygeek
@amygeek This happens to paid accounts too. I have a paid account. Flickr's policy of just deleting accounts without warning is inexcusable, paid account or not. - gwendolen
Cee Bee
Google Street View 1969
:D - M F
Ha! - RAPatton
Genius. - Toby Graham
new mashup -- Beatles vs. Google Maps - Stephanie Segel
Ha! Very clever. - joneilortiz
My favorite remix of this photo had them all on Segways. - Ordinarybug Heather
THIS is awesome. - Mona Nomura
Oh, so that's where Abbey Road is. ;) - Nimabeckie
Awesome! - David Cook from fftogo
Jeremy Zawodny
Francine Hardaway
@scobleizer says Twitter is an input device.
Francine Hardaway
I've noticed that none of the trending topics on Twitter interest me anymore.
The masses are asses. That is what my history techer used to say. - Robert Scoble
sometimes, interest vanishes as the time progresses. - Ashish
As social services become more like a random sample of the overall population wouldn't trending topics within different degrees of your social network be more interesting? - Todd Hoff
Todd: that isn't how Twitter works. Twitter's system is definitely getting worse. - Robert Scoble
It's not how it works now Robert. - Todd Hoff
Todd: Very true. Trending topic among a self defined group would be much more interesting to me than seeing trending topics such as "American Idol" - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Weekend Trending Topics are different than those during the week. Spammers are more active, at least the last two weekends. - Liz
Twitter is attracting lot of spammer these days. The more popular it gets the more spam it attracts. As a user, I can block them individually but that is it. - Ashish
I'd like to see Trending Tropics filtered on the community of people I'm following - Mike Doeff
Think Twitter should of been called 'popular' as oppose to Trending Topics, nothing I see is a real trend in the truest sense. It just happens to be what's popular over a period of time and more often the search results is flooded with spammers and disconnected tweets. Get the feeling no one at Twitter think this matters. I'm with you on this one Francine. Hence the since to FriendFeed. - Julie Williams
Thomas Hawk
My number one request for FriendFeed right now? Give me this same feature for *Flickr.* Would love to be able to find more of my Flickr contacts who are on FriendFeed. Even better, give me the same Yahoo mail / Gmail functionality to invite my flickr contacts to FF via the Flickrmail system.
Picture 45.png
Yes please!! :-D - Kol Tregaskes
I know most of my friends are on FF, so it is a waste for me. I wish my friends would have been on. I feel left out again. :( - Faraz Mullick
YES! - Shey
I know that many of my Flickr contacts are on here that I'm not even aware of. Monitoring their photos and faves via FriendFeed is vastly superior to Flickr's own "most recent contact photos" page. I wish I could add more of them. Photos are my favorite thing on FF. - Thomas Hawk
Agree, Thomas. #betakoltag-sg-extservices - Kol Tregaskes
I know that the vast majority of my Flickr contacts are *not* on FF -- but really *should* be on FF. If FF could use the Flickr API to allow me to invite all of them via flickrmail to my FF (like Yahoo mail and Gmail) this would be huge in making FF even that much better for me. I so wish more of them were on here. There are so many amazing Flickr photographers that could add so much to FF. - Thomas Hawk
Yes please, I am way more interested in seeing new images than seeing tweets show up in 2 places. - Bill Pennington from twhirl
Kinda shocked the CEO of Zooomr doesn't also suggest Zooomr - dbcohen
There are a lot of possibilities. I would love to be able to filter people based on their feeds, and groups for example. Like searching for people who have imported their flickr stream into friendfeed and who is also a member of the 'Tech Bloggers' group. Basically I would love to see them improve the way we discover people on friendfeed. Simply being able to search by netwwork would be amazing. Like tell friendfeed to list all my contacts who are also on delicious! - Kasper Sorensen
Zooomr would be great too. But Zooomr is a far smaller service. I have a list for all Zooomr content on FF and that is manageable just with a list right now. Flickr is not. Since Zooomr basically uses Flickr's API though I'd think that if it could be done for Flickr that there would be no reason why it couldn't also be done for Zooomr. Would love that too! - Thomas Hawk
it's still very easy to see all Zooomr content on FF here: http://friendfeed.com/search... All Flickr content is far less manageable here: http://friendfeed.com/search... - Thomas Hawk
Good idea - CarlC
Very valid point Thomas re:Zooomr. Thanks for clarifying - dbcohen
Dito! - ChiliMac
This is a Flickr search for 1 comment with 1 like. http://friendfeed.com/search... - Russellreno
Great idea. - Rob Brammeld
Great idea x2. :D - Daniel Schildt
great ideas thomas - (jeff)isageek
I'd just like the ability to create a Flickr account without needing a Yahoo account - it's incredibly frustrating if you create them regularly. Yahoo have a really cumbersome sign up process. - Martin Bryant
Orli Yakuel
Reading: RIP, RSS http://www.techcrunchit.com/2009... on @techcrunch, but I would say: RIP RSS READERS. I predicted this long time ago: http://blog.go2web20.net/2008...
Nice early analysis on changing conditions. - David Damore
it might be true for those working/interested in web2 and/or social networks where i agree that the information flows goes via FF and twitter, but for me, working on more "traditional" IT, mobile business/operation support systems etc. the main flows of information are on blogs and other RSS sources and.. the "real-time" is little bit less important- at least this is what i feel right now - Naor Mark
@Naor: That is a good point. Some changes take a very long time to happen. - David Damore
Blonde 2.0
הביילינים הופכים את כוס הקפה על פיה -יחד עם הלוגו http://cafe.themarker.com/view...
fill it to the rim with Brim - NoahDavidSimon
Gil Dibner
They should cancel the economy today on account of dust.
Gil Dibner
Can you hear me now? The operator-centric mobile model is over - http://techtlv.com/blog...
way-way too much fun for the girls this passover, now they think that the world is a wonderful place :-P
Orli Yakuel
The Third Annual of IsraelWebTour, April 20-23 - Silicon Valley - http://blog.go2web20.net/2009...
The Third Annual of IsraelWebTour, April 20-23 - Silicon Valley
for such a tiny country israel sure has HUGE breakfasts. hope @cathybrooks is running late ;)
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