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Yvonne Renee

Yvonne Renee

I'm a stay-at-home-mom of 2 beautiful boys, married, and I enjoy scrapbooking and watching tv/movies. Came to the bay area in 1997 from NJ.
Clean clean clean clean clean (a là 10th Kingdom).
Not that I'm actually cleaning, but wish I had before I got sick. Save yourself! - Yvonne Renee from FFHound!
It's late and I'm about to try go to sleep, but I feel like crap. Head cold came on fast this evening. =(
I hear that. Man, colds are the pits. I hope you're feeling better soon, and you get some good sleep. - Jennifer Dittrich
Sorry Yvonne. I got sick last night too. My throat feels like sandpaper this morning. - Stephen Mack
My nose feels like someone turned on a faucet. It's so gross. And I thought the medicine I took wasn't working until the 4 hours passed and the faucet turned back on again. I feel like I never have the exact right medicine for what ails me. - Yvonne Renee from FFHound!
Stephen, sorry you're sick too. It's not feeling like the most wonderful time of the year! - Yvonne Renee from FFHound!
Ugh. I feel like I'm fighting off the ick, too. - vicster: hon. canadian
"You think the spell made me mad? Don't wake my baby!" - Snow White
Isn't it #ThrowOutThursday or something? I ditched or donated a bunch of toys (some were broken). Getting tired of the toy clutter. :-/
Good job! Man, she's only near 6 months old and I totally feel you on the toy clutter. I got rid of an old TV today, - Tamara J. B. from FFHound(roid)!
It's compounded here by having 2 different age kids. Argh! So much stuff! - Yvonne Renee from FFHound!
It might not seem like much, but, after 2 years, I FINALLY hung a towel rod on the wall of our bathroom. It took way longer than it should have. #ibeatitintosubmission
I was curious how much extra weight I was carrying around and came across this 9-year old article:
Hmm. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
So much I didn't know. At times, my eyebrows were in full raised position. - bentley
This explains so much. - Corinne L
After spending almost 5 days with my sister-in-law and seeing what her normal day is like juggling 4 kids, I'm realizing how little she sits and how productive she is. She prepares delicious dinners (I was treated to stuffed peppers and eggplant parm!), bakes, helps the 2 older girls with their homework, and countless other things.
I should at least try sitting less. :-/ - Yvonne Renee from FFHound!
This sounds like you're on the verge of making yourself wrong for what you're doing - or not doing, as the case may be. - Corinne L
More like it's starting to sink in why I don't make progress on things around the house. It was like seeing how being a SAHM can be an art form, science, and exercise program all at once. Lol! - Yvonne Renee from FFHound!
I need to learn this art form. I feel like I run around all day long and still don't manage to exercise or make delicious dinners. - Tamara J. B. from FFHound(roid)!
An early #ThrowOutThursday. TOO MANY HANGERS! These guys were taking up space at the bottom of my closet for like 2 YEARS. Sayonara!
Keep one for breaking into cars. I'm just sayin' - Steve C Team Marina
Ooh! Good idea! ;-) - Yvonne Renee from FFHound!
I donated the reflux wedge to another mom for her preemie. Saved her $300! - Tamara J. B. from FFHound(roid)!
High five, Tamara! - Yvonne Renee from FFHound!
I'm late with #ThrowOutThursday this week, but I finally recycled a bunch of letters friends sent me dating 1984-88. Now if only I had the letters I sent THEM! That would be worth saving. =)
It wasn't Thursday but I donated Marina's swing on Friday to a mom in need. - Tamara J. B.
Yay, Tam! - Yvonne Renee from FFHound!
The downside of trying to sleep in after traveling back from the east coast? Caffeine headache. Ouch!
:( - Jenny H. from Android
Pain so bad I wanted to throw up. =( A little better today. - Yvonne Renee from FFHound!
:( Glad you're better today. - Tamara J. B.
Ooof, sorry Yvonne. Any better now? - Stephen Mack
Still waking me up at 5 (8 east coast time). Hopefully by midweek I'll be all better. =) - Yvonne Renee from FFHound!
I'm totally crushing on Theo James from Divergent atm.
My nieces and nephew are sleeping upstairs and my brother and sister-in-law are at a movie. They don't get out much because, as my brother puts it, they have 4 kids and trust issues. Lol! Glad I'm here to give them a night out.
Nice! I bet they appreciate that. - Stephan from iPhone
What did they go see? - Stephen Mack
Mockingjay of course! - Yvonne Renee from FFHound!
I'm so sad right now. It's almost 2am in NJ. I got here about 2 hours ago and I already miss my kids terribly. Also, my dear friend's daughter is sick which I feel very deeply and am helpless to do anything about it. And another thing that I can't share yet weighs on me, too. I'm hoping a good night's sleep makes me feel a tiny bit better. :-(
Sleep well, and feel better tomorrow - Eric - ill subliminal from iPhone
Get a good night's sleep. - Anne Bouey
Be well - WarLord
Be good to yourself. - Mary Carmen from iPhone
I hope you were able to get a good night's sleep and that it was beneficial. *hugs* - vicster: hon. canadian
Hugs - Janet from FFHound!
I'm pretty certain I got almost 7 hours of sleep! Now to race around and buy last minute items I didn't want to pack. =) - Yvonne Renee from FFHound!
Eh, make that 6 hours including a whole lotta restlessness. (It's a bit cold here.) - Yvonne Renee from FFHound!
I'm sorry for the homesickness and for the undisclosed thing that's weighing on you. *hugs* - Stephen Mack
When I said I was thankful for a delayed flight... I'd like to take that back.
:( - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Clothes packing - done. Scrapbook supply packing - done. Tomorrow will be a whole lotta running around anyway, I'm sure. =)
I'm flying back east Thursday afternoon. On top of the usual stuff, I also have to pack stuff for a scrapbooking weekend. I was already stressed out and then I got my BP at the dr. 160/something. Yikes! Then 140/something. Yikes again! Now I'm REALLY stressed. =(
If you're already stressed out, that can make a huge difference in the reading (you don't even want to know what mine was last Thursday.) If you're worried, you can always try one of the self-check machines they have at stores or pharmacies, which might be a more neutral location. - Jennifer Dittrich
I have one at home I used when I had hypertension with my 2nd pregnancy. I'd just stopped using it on a regular basis. Now I'm thinking I should dust it off. Ignorance was bliss. :-/ - Yvonne Renee from FFHound!
All 3 boyz are still napping. I don't want to wake them up and I don't want to make dinner. :-/
How did it end up? - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Sounds like a perfect night to order a pizza! - Tamara J. B.
Hopefully you were able to nap too. :) - Stephan
Logan got up at 7:15. I woke everyone else up and served make your own burritos. Kids back in bed. - Yvonne Renee from FFHound!
#ThrowOutThursday already? And where are those green postcards announcing curbside donation pickups? Guess I need to start bagging/boxing things up to take to the donation station.
2 sets of queen size sheets are bagged and ready to donate! - Tamara J. B. from FFHound(roid)!
I finally dropped off stuff at the SPCA thrift store - been carrying it around in my trunk for months! It feels so good to purge that crap. - Corinne L
Yay!!!! You guys are awesome! - Yvonne Renee from FFHound!
Ahhhhhh... Nothing beats a weekend in Tahoe than playing LeapPad with your friends. Lol!
Made it to Tahoe! Loving the new car. =)
Yay! Have fun. Post pics. :) - Tamara J. B.
Have a wonderful, relaxing (maybe) time there. - Anne Bouey
So far I haven't taken any photos since 5 kids are keeping us on our toes. Luke I suspect is not asleep downstairs. Guess I won't stay up reading after all. :-/ - Yvonne Renee from FFHound!
KMN. Logan set up a Pandora station based around The Chipmunks. Eeeeeek!!!
Today begins 5 days of solo parenting while the husband attends a conference in the city. With school being closed Monday and Tuesday, that's a lot of solo parenting! Fortunately, we got a last minute invitation to go to Tahoe Sunday - Tuesday! 3 parents and 5 kids... Looking forward to it!!!
Yay for Tahoe! - Tamara J. B. from FFHound(roid)!
#ThrowOutThursday... Not as big as last week, but I managed to return a few things to a friend that I no longer needed. I'm sure I can do more later today!
I must stop myself from buying ALL THE BOOKS on the Scholastic website.
So we MAY have bought a car today... =)
May? :) - Tamara J. B.
Ok, we did. Pinch me! - Yvonne Renee
Of course, 4 seconds after they handed us the keys, Logan dismantles a Styrofoam cup in the back seat and Luke pours water into one of the cup holders. *sigh. Was buying a NEW car a mistake? - Yvonne Renee
Grats! Not a mistake at all -- just don't ever let the kids in the new car until it's not new anymore. :) - Stephen Mack
I did convince John that we NEEDED the interior 'scotch-guarded' or whatever it's called. But they can't do it until next week. - Yvonne Renee
Congrats. Not a mistake at all. You'd rather any stains or damage come from your kids and knowing exactly how they got there rather than buying a used car with all the unknowns! - Tamara J. B.
So...what did you decide on? - Anne Bouey
The 2015 Honda Odyssey EX in the dark gray. It's a good looking car. I can't believe it's ours! - Yvonne Renee from iPhone
Have fun with it! We had an Odyssey for 12 years and loved it. :) - Anne Bouey
I'm loving it so far! - Yvonne Renee from iPhone
It doesn't rain for almost a YEAR and it rains on Halloween. So so cruel!
Yup! TRICK - Stephen Mack
Rains on Halloween every year in my area. It's kind of the running joke. - Hookuh Tinypants
I'm just so bummed I couldn't take Luke Trick or Treating during the day like I'd planned. And not sure we'll go tonight either. =( - Yvonne Renee
I think Valley Fair partakes in trick-or-treating. You can go store to store and get candy. Well, the kids can do it. - Gabrielle
Ooooh! I think we'll do this! - Yvonne Renee from FFHound!
This is more like a 'Whinefest' than a bitchfest, but the fact that it's supposed to rain tomorrow on Halloween, along with us only having 1 car, totally bites. I don't have a car to take the kids to school if it's raining. I don't have a car to drive them home if it's raining. I'm picturing a whole lot of wet and some sad kids for tomorrow. =(
Whingefest: for when you don't think it warrants a Bitchfest post, but you still need to let it out: - Big Joe Silence
Uber it? - Ken Gidley
Finally! Our mortgage broker says we're good to get a car! Hopefully by this weekend we'll be styling with cup holders, power windows, and an uncracked windshield. Lol!
Great news! - Tamara J. B. from FFHound(roid)!
Have you decided on what kind of van you guys want? - Tamara J. B.
I'm almost certain we're going to get an Odyssey, but the Toyota Sienna has the light blue color we want. Argh! - Yvonne Renee
Art's Automotive in Berkeley, which specializes in Japanese cars, recommended the Odyssey over the Sienna back 8 or so years ago when I thought I might be looking. Although the Sienna is still supposed to be a quality vehicle. However, I think you'll care more about the innards than the car color when you're at the mechanics. - Spidra Webster
So true. =) When we decided not to get the transmission fixed on the Chevy Venture, I asked the mechanic which of the 2 he saw more often. He actually told me he sees more Odysseys with tranny problems than Siennas, but really how many can there be? - Yvonne Renee
FWIW, our 2006 Sienna has been golden. - Big Joe Silence
It's funny/hard because everyone that has an Odyssey loves it. Everyone that has a Sienna loves it. =) - Yvonne Renee
That's why I asked the Japanese auto specialists. They deal with tons of both of them. However, I was asking them some time ago and the picture may have changed since then. I'm sure things depend on model years. - Spidra Webster
I'm freaking out about being a 1-car family right now. The minivan finally gave out. We can't buy another until our mortgage refinance goes through. Until then, all of the commitments for carpooling to school and driving for field trips are cancelled. =(
*hugs* I can totally understand your frustration. Any eta on when the refi will be done? - Tamara J. B. from FFHound(roid)!
That's the other thing... I can't get an answer from our mortgage broker. Waaaaaaa! - Yvonne Renee from FFHound!
What about a cheap rental for a week or two? - Tamara J. B. from FFHound(roid)!
What about stealing one you can look up how to hot wire most vehicles online. Or so I've heard. - Steve C Team Marina
Lol! I think the rental is the way to go. =) - Yvonne Renee from FFHound!
Over here, a lot of people I know use car-hire sites like Zipcar - is that sort of thing an option? - Iain Baker
I could check into using ZipCar, but I have carseats to deal with so I'm not sure how convenient that would be. I can rent a full-size car for about $180/week. That should get us over the hump, but it's not as ideal as having a minivan. - Yvonne Renee
Zipcar has minivans and full size vans, depending on location. If you only need the car for errands, Zipcar is the better deal. But if you have to have it all day long, regular car rental is better. - Spidra Webster
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