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Peter Kelley

Peter Kelley

Software architect working for CSC Australia in Adelaide as an enterprise architect in the health sector. Boardgamer, Husband, Father, Canada lover.
No ISDS provisions I hope: China Australia free trade agreement: what's on the table and who will benefit via @nuzzel
WTF RT @boltcomments: Educators and academics - do nothing, produce nothing, create nothing ... utterly a waste of space each and every one
RT @WillMcAvoyACN: If you have a hand in regulating Comcast in Congress, you likely have received a check from Comcast to your campaign.
.@junkcharts Interesting D-V about the cost of primary healthcare in Australia:
Fast-spreading killers: how Ebola compares with other diseases via @nuzzel thanks @ACHInews
Former Queensland premier Wayne Goss dead via @nuzzel thanks @2CANBERRA
If you thought Australia's economy was just barely chugging along - you were right via @nuzzel
Abbott's lost credibility: no surprises, no excuses via @nuzzel thanks @JoanneRyanLalor
Perverse migration bill shreds the rule of law via @nuzzel thanks @netweb
Razer's class warfare: Sharri v Barrie - a tedious set of self-referential ping pong - via @nuzzel
#ingress healthy fun through lunchtime walking altered reality
Budget Fixed: International PwC tax schemes exposed - via @nuzzel thanks @gpaddymanning
RT @PolyhedronC: Five Tribes: it looks like someone has vomited meeples all over the board!
This is at the center of so many of the internet’s bitter harassment campaigns — the complete separation of abstract philosophy and real-world effects. As long as you can feel like your own intentions are pure, you’re freed from having to wonder whether the war you’re fighting is in any way proportionate, or even whether your actions are helping... -
Git Workflows and Tutorials | Atlassian Git Tutorial -
What you can take from the evidence is that obsessing about reaching some water goal every day is unproductive. Most of us are going to get in three to four cups without doing anything out of the ordinary, and that’s likely to deliver nearly all of the benefits of water intake (if there are any). -
Understanding Web Security Using web.xml Via Use Cases | Javalobby -
RT @sedjtroll: Oh my god, yes: (@TastyMinstrel)
I liked a @YouTube video Caverna: The Cave Farmers Gameplay Runthrough
I liked a @YouTube video Caverna: The Cave Farmers Gameplay Runthrough
«@IndieCardboard «@StarRealms Star Realms is now live on iOS!»» about time!
Stuff I've read recently: A closer look at the Lytro Illum, the futuristic new light-field camera
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Stuff I've read recently: Watch Arcade Fire cover the 'Beverly Hills Cop' theme
Stuff I've read recently: Lytro Illum review: this is the camera of the future
Stuff I've read recently: Five lessons from Iceland’s failed crowdsourced constitution experiment.
Stuff I've read recently: DVDs gathering dust on your shelves? Now it’s easy to watch them on your Android device
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