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JUST IN: New York Times calls for marijuana legalization after noting that "Maureen Dowd is, like, totally mellow since that candy bar"
RT @owillis: superman: don't be a dick to refugees
RT @owillis: superman debunks racist stereotyping!
RT @owillis: superman BLASTS antisemitism and religious intolerance
The future was supposed to be raw concrete and Helvetica. Not this aluminum and white paint that wants to be an Apple Store when it grows up
New subway line going for "quirky international airport terminal" aesthetic. #BringBackBrutalism
RT @ForeignPolicy: Florida congressman mistakes top U.S. officials for foreigners. Don't worry, there's a video.
at intermission in the Python show, everyone took out phones. Seemed less healthy than going to the lobby for a cig.
And now, over to Homer with the weather.
RT @thegarance: “Women Penalized for Promoting Women, Study Finds”
RT @simonstl: "We have JSON support because the young people insist on recreating XML with curly braces." @shanselman at #OSCON
RT @lucytobin: What a letter in today's Telegraph (via @BeardyHowse)
Just discovered Netflix produced an anime series: kids pilot giant robots to battle aliens. BECAUSE THAT'S NEVER BEEN DONE BEFORE.
A 30-minute intermission in the Python show. Concession lady is in the aisle.
A 30-minute intermission in the Python show. Concession lady is in the aisle.
At the Python Swan Song. Ordered "Popcorn, Spam, Spam, Diet Coke and Spam"
in case you thought I had highbrow tastes due to obscure Eric Rohmer movies, I'm now totally engrossed in "Need for Speed"
i hope they call it "SotheBay's"
waiting for the credits at the end of the World Cup
Teri Garr comments on the German team. #WorldCup #YoungFrankenstein
National Weather Service has issued a Mood Warning. Emotions may crest 2-3 times normal in coastal & low-lying areas
RT @MiaFarrow: Moon now via my Iphone
RT @SandraBernhard: The super moon in dc my emotions are overwhelming
if you are susceptible to a full moon on a gorgeous warm summer night then SEEK SHELTER IMMEDIATELY. 'cause it's amazing tonight
Éric Rohmer!!! Squeeee!!!
RT @CBR: The Line It Is Drawn: What If Comic Characters had Different Creators?
RT @xeni: Sex worker who bit a guy. Google exec with 5 kids, loving wife. Heroin. Yacht. Pet monkeys. Death. Tattoos.
RT @caitlinmoran: To be fair, in the Midlands, we say "mom" RT @REDACTED: @caitlinmoran *mum* come on now, we're not american.
RT @aoscott: Everyone please quiet down for a minute and read Manohla Dargis's review of Boyhood. Thanks.
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