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RT @thegarance: “Women Penalized for Promoting Women, Study Finds”
RT @simonstl: "We have JSON support because the young people insist on recreating XML with curly braces." @shanselman at #OSCON
RT @lucytobin: What a letter in today's Telegraph (via @BeardyHowse)
Just discovered Netflix produced an anime series: kids pilot giant robots to battle aliens. BECAUSE THAT'S NEVER BEEN DONE BEFORE.
A 30-minute intermission in the Python show. Concession lady is in the aisle.
A 30-minute intermission in the Python show. Concession lady is in the aisle.
At the Python Swan Song. Ordered "Popcorn, Spam, Spam, Diet Coke and Spam"
in case you thought I had highbrow tastes due to obscure Eric Rohmer movies, I'm now totally engrossed in "Need for Speed"
i hope they call it "SotheBay's"
waiting for the credits at the end of the World Cup
Teri Garr comments on the German team. #WorldCup #YoungFrankenstein
National Weather Service has issued a Mood Warning. Emotions may crest 2-3 times normal in coastal & low-lying areas
RT @MiaFarrow: Moon now via my Iphone
RT @SandraBernhard: The super moon in dc my emotions are overwhelming
if you are susceptible to a full moon on a gorgeous warm summer night then SEEK SHELTER IMMEDIATELY. 'cause it's amazing tonight
Éric Rohmer!!! Squeeee!!!
RT @CBR: The Line It Is Drawn: What If Comic Characters had Different Creators?
RT @xeni: Sex worker who bit a guy. Google exec with 5 kids, loving wife. Heroin. Yacht. Pet monkeys. Death. Tattoos.
RT @caitlinmoran: To be fair, in the Midlands, we say "mom" RT @REDACTED: @caitlinmoran *mum* come on now, we're not american.
RT @aoscott: Everyone please quiet down for a minute and read Manohla Dargis's review of Boyhood. Thanks.
RT @WTOP: Author of 'How to Survive the Bulls of Pamplona' gored in Pamplona; in hospital
"In Bizarro World, scowling Statue of Liberty faces Mexico, holding sign reading 'GO HOME OR I BEAT YOU WITH TORCH'"
"In Bizarro World, NAACP gives Donald Sterling an award one month, then tells a black President to stop civil rights abuses next month!" lol
the irony of the first black President being asked by EVERY CIVIL RIGHTS ORGANIZATION to explain his Administration's actions... *sigh*
RT @ggreenwald: Organized by the @ACLU, coalition of civil rights groups asks administration to explain NSA spying we reported
RT @RealCarrotFacts: germiny ate their carrots today Worldcrup#
RT @SenileDonDraper: Orwelleos. You will love them.
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