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not sure but i think the white dot is Sandra Bullock
hope SpaceX is making money, now that NASA is promising to pay them two thousand now, "plus fifteen, when we reach Alderaan."
T minus 15 minutes to launch
RT @DJRotaryRachel: Just asked my niece to pick a movie and she yelled, "Disney's Frozen!" and I was like, "No honey, that's just a rumor, he was cremated."
BREAKING: In honor of Emancipation Day, White House plans to free one unpaid intern
ACTUAL, REAL-LIFE Government Scientists are asking themselves how Captain America's shield works.
um, Captain America's shield is not *real*, people. Scientists need to get back to researching how Tinkerbell's pixie dust works
RT @xeni: Greatest accomplishment of my day was watching and tweeting this #WTF
RT @SenileDonDraper: Denny's. We will end you.
RT @dhh: "People are competing about being busy. It’s about showing status. That if you’re busy, you’re important",
This has always been obvious, but when I see a long ass list of seemingly important things to do from someone it just looks like they have terrible time management skills. - Anika
I feel illiterate about plants. I originally called the phlox "violets."
There's, like, 9000 species of Phlox, so I don't know which one this is. #WhatThePhlox
AND YET I AM EATING THEM. well played, Nabisco, well played
they called them "Fruit Punch Oreos," because calling them "Cherry Cough Syrup 'n Turpentine Oreos" didn't test well
And now, over to Snoopy with the weather.
Returned from safari with the rare Fruit Punch Oreos of Walmartia, which, like white lions, were heretofore only rumored to exist.
RT @mmfa: Who gets to discuss "Race In America" on Fox News? Five white people.
And now, over to @Metric with the weather.
And now, over to @Metric with the weather.
RT @UnfinishedS: A team of Navy SEALs on a mission...
RT @xkcdfeed: #xkcd Heartbleed Explanation:
the Hot & Spicy Claussen pickle spears are thermonuclear hot. "How is this even a Kraft Foods product" hot. But good!
RT @julietlapidos: More "Khaleesi"s were born in 2012 than "Betsy"s or "Nadine"s
BREAKING: Microsoft ends support for Archie search engine, accidentally killing comic book character
RT @gaberivera: I dunno @nytimes, I think you'll need to dumb this down a little further before I can comprehend...
RT @golbeck: Well deserved! (cc @ngreenberg @VTcaps ) RT @Evolotus Puppy shoots man who killed puppy's littermates, deputies say
GAME OF THRONES RECAP: Daenerys, channeling Tony Montana, explains how the Game is played.
GAME OF THRONES RECAP: Prince Oberyn Martell asks the Lannisters to give him a hand.
RT @kimiecat: Last Bohemian Turns Out the Lights - via
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