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Man... if only someone in charge had taken an oath to preserve, protect & defend this Constitution
RT @allinwithchris: ACLU: First Amendment ‘suspended in Ferguson’
thus answering the question, "where are all the rich white people who will pay $50 to avoid a trip to the drug store"
RT @WTOP: Redskins players show solidarity with Ferguson protest with 'Hands up, don't shoot' gesture
RIP Don Pardo, who was the voice of SNL 1975-2014, and the announcer on this episode of X Minus One in 1955
even the think tanks are getting touchy. CSIS yelling, "YEAH BUT WHAT ABOUT ALL THEM NAZIS WE KILLED BACK IN WW II"
RT @MiaFarrow: This is the tweet to @amnesty - since deleted by @CSIS
RT @CSIS: Our sincerest apologies to @Amnesty & our followers. Our last tweet was sent in error. We're reviewing internal policies for social media.
RT @WillMcAvoyACN: Tonight Amnesty International condemned the United States. Let me repeat that. Tonight Amnesty International condemned the United States.
RT @SenileDonDraper: You fools! "To Protect and Serve" is a cookbook! A COOKBOOK!
RT @monicakatz: Thomas Pynchon in 1966: "A Journey Into The Mind of Watts"
BREAKING: Obama to introduce new early intervention "Bulletproofing our Black Children" program
so this "group who slaughters anyone who doesn't kowtow to them" -- ohhhh, you were talking about *Iraq*, sorry
RT @latimesworld: A global audience is watching events in Ferguson with shock and sympathy -- but also a sense of superiority
RT @LastWeekTonight: Last night, John Oliver took on the events in Ferguson and the militarization of our local police forces.
RT @PostBaron: Police in Ferguson arrest and threaten more journalists @washingtonpost
RT @MiaMcEntee: Watched this live Video of #Ferguson cop threatening to shoot a journalist for filming. 40k ppl saw it on livestream”
RT @samueloakford: Amnesty International just announced they've sent a human rights team to #Ferguson, the first time they've done that in the US.
RT @LizPeinadoSTL: @AntonioFrench meeting the Tibetan monks who came from India to support peace and justice in #ferguson #dontshoot
the historical error in this one was kind of hard to spot, admittedly, but once you see it, you can't unsee it.
hilarious Downton Abbey historical error. See if you can spot it!
RT @hollisjames: The Governor has declared a curfew in Ferguson. All citizens have to be indoors no later than 1965.
So basically, warning shot into skull, followed by emptying the service weapon into the still-warm corpse of the unarmed teenager.
RT @UzilitySoftware: It helps if your manager actually knows what #agile means... #Dilbert
funny how relevant that is 40 years later.
"I don't wanna be no motherfuckin' 'ACCIDENT!' " was a bit of wisdom Richard Pryor gave us.
I know software developers gotta eat too, @twitter, but these are not ad dollars you need right now.
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