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yifanlu on Unable to register demo/kiosk vita with regular (non-demo) ps4 when both systems are logged in under same psn email account with no other profiles made. -
"If you swap the motherboard it's no longer a demo vita... The demo flag is stored in the nand." - Yifan Lu
yifanlu on Unable to register demo/kiosk vita with regular (non-demo) ps4 when both systems are logged in under same psn email account with no other profiles made. -
"What's the error code you get? Also don't update that 1.51 Vita." - Yifan Lu
yifanlu on Has anybody found anything to use the mystery port for? -
"It's a custom port USB EHCI (host). Power is disabled by default." - Yifan Lu
yifanlu on Hotline Miami free? -
"Interesting, I see the same thing. I was able to "repurchase" for free. (Other ps plus games just show "Download" in place of "Purchase")" - Yifan Lu
yifanlu on [PM] Stories that would work with an admin tag. -
"As punishment for a crime you committed, you must wear a scarlet "A" next to your name everywhere you go on reddit." - Yifan Lu
RT @yifanlu_ebooks: More and more often, it materializes.
I'm almost disappointed that Obama supports Net Neutrality because of the knee-jerk Republican reaction against it--and they're taking over.
"We're like Republicans; slowly taking over this House" "Too soon, man"
yifanlu on Ps2 classics? -
"Not really. "More similar" is objective. yes, they're both risc but it's like saying apples are more like pears than oranges so Apple juice should taste like pear juice. PSP is MIPS though but we both know that it's too slow to do much. But the bigger argument is emulating the EE. That's why emulating on PC requires so much power. Cpu is easy to emulate. Custom graphics hardware is very hard to emulate." - Yifan Lu
yifanlu on Ps2 classics? -
"I don't know what you mean by "binary compatible," but the Vita does NOT use the same processor technology as the PS2 (not even close)." - Yifan Lu
Louie CK is my spirit animal.
RT @josswhedon: My top 3 anthems: Let It Go - Elsa Shake It Off - T. Swift Silently Internalize It Until It Defines and Ultimately Cripples You - Mom
Steps for world peace*: 1) Make penises magically disappear 2) Make vaginas magically disappear * Peace lasts. World may not.
yifanlu on Does anyone have specs for the PSTV? -
"If games do in fact run slower, it may be because on the handheld it runs 544p while on TV it upscales to 720p." - Yifan Lu
Romantic comedy + romantic time = romantic tragedy
RT @yifanlu_ebooks: Why do poison mushrooms get lazy and started giving complements instead?
RT @Papapishu: The exact moment that The Force fell asleep:
yifanlu on Does the PS TV have better quality video output than a modded Vita with a video output? -
"Vita USB video mod supports only the maximum screen resolution of the Vita OLED screen 960x544. VitaTV upscales to 720p. For remote play, you get higher resolution (not just upscaled)." - Yifan Lu
Politics is clockwork.
yifanlu on PS Vita Level 1: Webkitties -
"Great work and an interesting read. With all the crap Sony got last generation with security, it's no surprise that the Vita is arguably the most secure portable system today." - Yifan Lu
yifanlu on Has this been explored / is this possible? -
"The simple answer is that technically the Vita has not been hacked yet so it's not possible to do any modification/spoofing. What has been hacked is the PSP compatibility mode, which runs on it's own little sandbox and can't touch anything Vita related. The long answer is that even if the Vita is completely hacked, it may still not be possible. As long as sony keeps the latest FW secure and away from hacker's prying eyes, they can always revoke the PSN certificates on the lower FW and prevent any kind of spoofing." - Yifan Lu
yifanlu on PSA: Using vitas browser causes burn in on the OLED. -
"I run many tests on them and just leave it on and in a drawer out of convenience. You can force the vita to never sleep by taking a rubber band and putting it across both thumbsticks. Didn't realize it would destroy the screen until it was too late." - Yifan Lu
yifanlu on PSA: Using vitas browser causes burn in on the OLED. -
"One of the vita I use for testing has burn in so bad that colors are washed now (blacks are gray, blue is Aqua, etc) and the livearea bubble outline is permantly imprinted on screen. But I had this vita on (screen on) for literally months so there's an upper bound for you guys." - Yifan Lu
yifanlu on PS TV does support dlna, mkv is the only format not supported -
"It's not DLNA. It's the MTP protocol (designed for video/photo transfer) over wifi (the specification is called PTP/IP)." - Yifan Lu
yifanlu on Strengthening 2-Step Verification with Security Key -
"> In general, you’ll still be able to use a verification code the way you normally do on any device that doesn’t support Security Key. Does that mean the attacker can just spoof themselves as an "unsupported" device and then that defeats the purpose of this device? > However, sophisticated attackers could set up lookalike sites that ask you to provide your verification codes to them, instead of Google. Security Key offers better protection against this kind of attack, because it uses cryptography instead of verification codes and automatically works only with the website it's supposed to work with." - Yifan Lu
yifanlu on It begins -
"No. The browser is specifically sandboxed to prevent hacks like this from getting to much control. And one of the things you can't do is run code. At least in the psp "emulator", you can run native MIPS code. I would argue it's less useful to users than a PSP hack. However, it is very useful to hackers who want to explore the system." - Yifan Lu
yifanlu on It begins -
"Acid_Snake knew about this back when he pulled his magic trick. Stuff's been happening behind the scenes for a while now." - Yifan Lu
yifanlu on Does the PSTV let you use USB PS3 controllers? Is the 1GB internal storage enough to get started or do I need a memory card? -
"You need a DS3 or DS4 controller (no alternatives there). I highly recommend DS4 since it feels better to hold and you get to use the touchpad for games." - Yifan Lu
yifanlu on Editing TN.bin for PS1 Loader -
"Could be many problems. First you have to make sure you don't ruin any offsets. Aka, if you add a character instead of replacing one, you'll "push" all bytes forward one and break it. Second, make sure your string is null terminated; a 00 byte after the end of the string." - Yifan Lu
yifanlu on Is it worth hacking the vita? -
"That only works for at most a couple of weeks after the new firmware release. Then they revoke the old certificates and you're SOL." - Yifan Lu
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