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Jeremy Wagstaff
since installing the final version of #win7 i've had nothing but high CPU issues. didn't happen with the RC. and no i'm not getting a mac.
what have u got against mac? - Denise Young
the people who use them and the guy who sells them... plus i like my computing a bit gritty.... ......................... Jeremy Wagstaff skype: jwagstaff twitter: loosewire - Jeremy Wagstaff from email
Stowe Boyd
Obama wins peace prize... uh, ok. For creating peace, where, exactly?
yeah, where? and what? - Denise Young
Denise Young
Kol Tregaskes
Is socialmedian a FriendFeed alternative? Check out the two FF groups for socialmedian - Rising: and socialmedian - Popular: #whatsyoururl - Kol Tregaskes
I guess it could be, although I stopped really using it months ago. - Mathew™ aka Youngblood
heh mine's - the default picture seems close enough to me that i might just leave it heheh - Wang Yip
Thanks guys. - Kol Tregaskes I rarely use it these days though - M F
Thank you. - Kol Tregaskes - I haven't used it for ages, though. - Tyson Key
It wants me to sign in with my Facebook account... - Dennis Jernberg
Okay. It's (using the same short username I use for my Posterous and Streamy accounts). - Dennis Jernberg - I think socialmedian is best positioned to take over where friendfeed leaves off. There are a few things that need to be updated, but it wouldn't take much work. - Michael Fidler
Didn't they say that SocialMedian wouldn't receive any new features, after the Xing acquisition? - Tyson Key
No, they didn't say anything! Jason's been surprisingly silent about all of this, so it's hard to guess if they have something planned or not. - Michael Fidler
http://socialmedian/chrisloft - I haven't logged on here for a while, but it still streams up-to-date content - Chris Loft
thank you all for the connections.. add to your bar the "clip it! on s|m" and enjoy! - Demetrios the Traveller
Kol, you've posted a ton of lifestreaming and social media venues over the last couple of days. I'm sorry if I missed this info in your other posts, but do you have any favorites? Standouts? - Jim #teamFFrank
As a replacement for FF? There is nothing close but NoseRub (see Identoo: seems very interesting. See entry here: - Kol Tregaskes
Kol, does all our data now belong to FB? - Denise Young
Denise, there is no news on what is going to happen to FF now FB own it. All we know is that the FF team will be split to various places in FB and that FF is probably close and maybe integrate into FB. Personally I don't like FB so if it doesn't look exactly like FF then I'm not following it to FB but who knows maybe FB Lite might be a solution - though this is unrelated to FF atm. - Kol Tregaskes
its so sad. i have already zapped out most of my links in FF as a precautionary measure. - Denise Young
How about streamy? - TrafficBug
may want to read this abt streamy - - TrafficBug
I tried socialmedian, didn't like it the least. - Franc, a rememberer
Plaxo has been bandied around somewhat, here, TrafficBug. Your mileage may vary with it, though. - Tyson Key
Leo Laporte
I left Twitter for Jaiku. Then Jaiku left me for Google. I moved in with Pownce but it died. I went back to Twitter, but flirted with Plurk, Identica, and Rejaw, and even tried doing it myself with Laconica but it was Twitter I really loved. Twitter finally broke my heart so I left it for Friendfeed. Now Friendfeed is leaving me for Facebook. No...
It's like the internet version of Days of Our Lives - Jonathan Hardesty
HAHAHAHAHA.... - David from IM
Haha. ROFL - Roberto Bonini
is friendfeed going anywhere or will it just get better? - Craig Shipp
I'm with you Leo. - Oracio
It reads better than Soap - my roadmap is very similar but I'll forgive FF and live happily ever after with it (for the time being, anyway) - Nicholas Paul Gordon from iPhone
You're the best Leo. Canadians are the funniest people. - Dan Lessard
And we keep following Leo all over the place! - Robert Scoble
When will we all get in a long term relationship and stop getting our hearts broken? - Nate Pilling
so what is more important, the medium or the people, hope that FF will let us export our content, and our social netork :) (in my wild dreams) - abdellah
Need ice cream? I'm new to FF, and kind of sad I didn't jump on the proverbial wagon sooner! - Elizabeth K. Barone
Feels to me like maybe it's time to go back to building a distributed network, rather than hopping from service to service. - Ken Sheppardson
But where to next? That's the question. Wave sounds great, but the implementation will be a PAIN. So where? Oh LeoMoses...where is our path in the desert? - ‘-.-’ Tutivillus Grift
Sounds like a hurtin' country song in the making. - Bill Rodman
Well you can't say that what is happening in the 'social sphere' is boring by any means! - Matt Cassem
I think Leo's audience is more likely to click "Like" or "comment" than Scoble's is. When Leo and Rob are both posting on FF, Leo gets more likes and comments - Mark
Didn't you leave a post earlier saying how funny it was that people complain anytime there's a change (referring to the FF buyout)? This sounds like a complaint to me. - Fleagle
Not complaining - just thinking about the future. I think a little Friendfeed DNA will vastly improve Facebook. And I think Facebook is already the big winner with the general populace. I also think we geeks need a corner somewhere else to hang out in. - Leo Laporte
And I have no plans to leave Friendfeed. Yet. - Leo Laporte
Yet being the operative word..... - Roberto Bonini
sounds like a country song to me - gavin
As for this geeky alternative, just showed up in my feed this morning. Thoughts? - Craig B.
I feel more of a personal connection with the FriendFeed team than I have with other services I've left, and that will be a big part of why I will stay as long as possible. - Louis Gray
The only way to have control is to use your own URL - Craig Shipp
Wait till you meet Facebook's randy cousin Overly Friendly Book =) - Cynthia Yildirim
what Louis gray said. I'm going to hang around until the lights go out. - Jordan Brock from BuddyFeed
What they said, I don't see any reason to leave FriendFeed unless something actually changes that makes the service worthless to me. - Craig B.
And many times you cheated Twitter, she was always loyal to you. Thats mean someting! - Jacque from
yup me too Louis and I don't know any of them - Thomas Power
Plurk's not worth leaving anyone for. - Rachel R.
Leo, I think you need to change your FaceFeed status to "It's Complicated" ;) - Daynah
Play this thread off, keyboard cat. - Fleagle
You have to go back to your blog. It still loves you Leo. - Dave Winer
Screw you, Friendfeed! - Andrew Leahey
Users today are investors too - only the 'exit' for us is not lucrative.... its the other way sometimes :) - Mrinal Desai
I just had the idea: wow, how good will Faceboook become though this input? (JUST imagine tagging ppl in FB the way U can Tag them in FF.) - oliver gassner
Love Stinks. - shelter watch
Leo Laporte listed his relationship as: "its complicated." - Randy Shapiro
Damn thats complicated - drmacintosh
Don't worry Leo, its not you, its them... - Steven McGurn
I agree with Jonathan Hardesty "It's like the internet version of Days of Our Lives" - And sites keep getting killed off only to come back to life a month later! - Amy Flynn
very true, however on the other hand, we are getting closer to that one service which everyone will be on... and I dont think twitter is going to be that one - Bryce Campbell
Facebook buying FriendFeed is like having to MOVE just when you got your house all dressed up and made into a comfy HOME! I don't feel like doing it again! - Arleen Boyd
Now that Facebook and Friendfeed have married, I'm waiting for Twitfacefeedplebospacening. - Anthony Marco
Leo, u by your self made two companies (services) out of 3 famous and made Google interested enough to buy 2 of them (Jaiku & FF). Google also tried to flirt with Twitter as well. So which one u choose now? Cause we will follow u :P - Sam Ehsan
Sounds like some of my past love affairs. Of course, I'm married now. That, um, was prior. - Paul Chaney
lmfao, its so true leo, so true! - Derek Bender
Feeling a bit worn around the edges? ... me too! - Susan Beebe from iPhone
Speaking of Days Of Our Lives: Didn't that show jump the shark when the serial killer was unmasked as Marlena (a character I used to have a mad crush on, and who's now mostly a professional victim)? Then all the "killed" characters came back to life, since they were only what I call "soap opera dead"... - Dennis Jernberg
And if everyone follows you, then your all having affairs all over the place! LOL - Technogran
I think it's back to the TWiT Army! - Paul Salzman
It's not like we have proposed Healthcare reform, or anything really important, going on in the U.S.A. - Steve de Mena
it's getting ridiculous, FEDERATED is the word! - Dobromir Hadzhiev
who is actually leaving FF? have many people vowed to do so yet? I'd like to but there isn't any alternative. - Denise Young
the joys and sorrows of everyday social IT folks... :-) - Thomas Lee
Not to mention Pownce was shutdown as soon as it got good! - Kenneth Reitz
No mention of Microsoft Vine? - Robert MacEwan
Why do we all assume this is a bad thing? Maybe the FF Facebook combo will be better?? - Craig Shipp
Maybe they'll keep both open -- FF is the open side, and FB is the closed side. - John Flinchbaugh from IM
Social Networks are sluts? - TheDiva Rockin
It sure is. - Jason Hill
I know exactly how you feel. What's a person to do? I am mad at Twitter for suspending some of my accounts. First, the accounts kept causing the password to reset, then they were suspended, all around the time of the DOS attacks. All I ever used Twitter for was to advertise my businesses, and for fun. Now I don't know where to go. - DogPatch
Here's some thoughts on what's going to happen: - Kenneth Reitz
It's like my beloved Archie comics romantic twists from childhood! Archie loves Veronica who loves Reggie who loves Betty who loves Archie... ;) - Shawn Zehnder Rossi
More like "As the worm churns" - Houseofmax
한글 와서~ 루거 .. 당신은 정말 잘 생기고있다 누드 사진 기다리다 :] - HealingBrush
One of the funniest sad stories I've heard in a long time... - Aviva Gabriel
Gotta find one who is a lady in public and a whore in the bedroom. One who looks like a woman, but thinks like a man. One who tells you you're the only person in their world and worships the ground you walk on. One who's from Venus but want's to live on Mars. One who you know will always be there even when the chips are down. One who looks like a movie star, but doesn't bust the credit... more... - Jan Simmonds
I think a lot of people LOVE to think negatively and don't want to think positively. They think FB is BAD and will ruin FF, but I think if they do it well, FB won't be the bad guy. I think most people who are irked about this are irked because they think the FFers "sold out" to the "man". - Molly Song ;)
@Mollyanna - I disagree. I am irked because the future of FF is completely uncertain. It's more likely that FB will let FF flounder and close it down than it is that FB will invest time and resources in maintaining and enhancing FF. FB has other interests and is splitting up the FF dev team. That does not bode well for FF. I don't begrudge the FF devs for taking the money. I would be... more... - Lindsay
@Jan You're an asshat. - Ian Wright from BuddyFeed
leo, check out I'm actually commenting to friendfeed from there right may like it better. - Casey Petersen
Haiku Laporte - Outsanity
that was cute! :O) - Jeanne
@ian - "Wordsmith. Public relations undergraduate at The University of Texas. Feminist Capitalist. WordPress geek. Future commercial rights attorney"...surely that kind of asinine comment is beneath you! - Jan Simmonds
Maybe they're just not that into you. - Elizabeth Johnson
Wait... who's on first? - Michael Rosenau
Logged in to suggest that many of us have tridden a similar path, but a lot of people have beaten me to it! I miss Pownce - Gary Purvis
wow, Leo. You've got relationship issues! - Justin Bradshaw
there there, Shawny's here... - sofarsoShawn
I sense a pattern here.. maybe you always seem to go after web2.0 services that are bent on ditching you :) - Shivanand Velmurugan
Sean McBride
Pay for The New York Times? The Times has a greatly inflated sense of its value in the current environment. What precisely does the Times offer that one can't find of a higher quality elsewhere for free?
Political news and analysis? Tech news and analysis? Movie reviews? Music reviews? None of the above. Nothing at all. - Sean McBride
While I realize that you can get content from other sites that's just as good as the Times or better, I have a big hangup about wanting to experience great production value when I visit a site. And NYT has GREAT production value. It's SUCH a beautiful site. - Brad Williamson
Brad -- I love good design, but I tend to focus like a laser beam on the conceptual content of text. Actually, I tend to prefer quite a few blogs to the Times designwise -- less visual clutter. Contentwise, on every issue that the New York Times addresses, there are better minds readily available on the net. I honestly don't see how this institution can survive. - Sean McBride
That's true, Sean. I'm right there with ya. What I would miss from the Times if they started charging (I wouldn't pay) is the artistry of their production which mixes traditional newspaper aesthetics with a modern twist. I love how the site looks, how it flows, THE PICTURES, etc.. It's unfortunate how badly the site is going to missed once the company can't afford to keep itself going anymore. - Brad Williamson
One more thought: I believe that the entire Net will suffer as a result of this pay wall. Reason being that the NYT's sets a very high bar for content creators to aspire to match with their own productions, but if they're no longer exposed to the site's innovations, then it's possible we'll see a slow trickle effect towards lesser standards of overall production value. (I know I'm... more... - Brad Williamson
Nick Kristof (when he's not boasting about saving fallen women in cambodia) sharing his reactionary and stodgy list of "must-read" childrens' books. - Denise Young
In the blogosphere, Kristof and other New York Times columnists are distinctly second-tier, with the possible exception of Paul Krugman. - Sean McBride
The thing is, in NYC, the printed paper is competing primarily with a few other printed papers for local customers. On the web, they're competing with the content at other sites. Even users in the NYC area can easily switch to a different national newspaper if it offers similar quality content for free or a lesser charge. There isn't much at the Times I would consider paying for. - John (bird whisperer)
Brad - Designers at other sites will still be competing against the look of the NYT's homepage, which I am sure will still be visible (and high quality). I agree that the site is generally well-designed, with great photography. - John (bird whisperer)
Sean - Are there any major newspaper op-ed pages on the web you would consider first-tier? I'm not challenging your opinion of the NYT, just curious if you have an alternative. - John (bird whisperer)
John: no -- all traditional newspapers are quickly disappearing in my rearview mirror (and I used to read five newspapers a day, including The New York Times). It's all about individuals now, not about antiquated social institutions like newspapers and op-ed pages. I find Glenn Greenwald, Andrew Sullivan, Stephen Walt, Juan Cole and many other bloggers to be more interesting, and much... more... - Sean McBride
Jay Rosen
Editorial Page editor, New York Times: "I think it is the task of bloggers to catch up to us, not the other way around."
Catch up to what? Expertise? - Bora Zivkovic
LOL Where Rosenthal is coming from he states explicitly: "Yes, we sometimes take positions on issues that have not been reported in the news pages. Those editorials are based on our own enterprise reporting." Problem is, some bloggers have the same access and have no problem reporting on things the Times decides isn't newsworthy. When more bloggers pick up on it, it forces their hand. They either have to admit to sitting on a story or admit to not following up on a thread. Either way, they lookout of touch. - Anika
I actually agree with them. Bloggers are very unprofessional. They do a great job of coverage and monetizing the web, but the content is usually amateurish. I would much prefer NY Times reporter blogging than a blogger in a newspaper, if you see what I mean. - Andrew
Andrew, are you reading the right bloggers, the people who have real life expertise in the topic they write about, e.g., legal scholars, scientists, physicians? Journos may be (sometimes) better at constructing English sentences, but cannot come close to real expertise on the topic unless they spent decades studying it. - Bora Zivkovic
Have you read the New York Times? With some of their inaccuracies I'd rather read nearly any blog - though I certainly wouldn't lump all blogs together. - Richard Lawler
And even then (journos who spent decades studying a topic and are thus quite expert themselves), they are forced by editors to conform to journalistic traditions of form, that often render the expertise moot (as in: false equivalence when none really exists) - Bora Zivkovic
Bora - I don't know if I am reading the right ones or not, but I'm usually reading quite a few of them. It's not just the english that I don't like (though it can be pretty bad), it's the gimmickiness of a lot of it. And the embracing of silly buzzwords. I just think that a NY Times writer wouldn't go that route. - Andrew
What Rosenthal meant is that the blogosphere has to catch up with Bob Herbert, Maureen Dowd, Gail Collins, David Brooks, Thomas Friedman and the New York Times editorials, rather than the New York Times opinion writers having to catch up with the blogosphere. The superiority of the New York Times reporters has nothing to do with it. - Jay Rosen
This is quite silly. Opinion writing that good is ubiquitous. - j1m
You mean 'keep up" with those? They produce so much crap that bloggers (with day jobs) have to debunk every day. ;-) And for Andrew and language - read this, think and learn: - Bora Zivkovic
Did you read Dowd's last column. I got the impression she was finally getting a little glimpse at the real picture -- but only because they're fixated on Google and can't see that it's just a search engine. It's like thinking the value in the NY Times is in its index. Sure *some* of the value is there. But even more of the value is in the sources. - Dave Winer
To put a finer point on it, while other readers might value each of the Times opinion writers differently, I -- and I suspect most of us -- have multiple friends whose expressed opinions are more worth listening to than those of Herbert, Collins, Brooks, Dowd (obviously), and even Friedman. This is commodity-quality opinion writing, and detailed opinions of high quality are available from literally millions of Americans. - j1m
What he's really saying is: the bloggers have to catch up to us because... we have elite credentials and reporting experience. "Our board is staffed with people with a wide and deep range of knowledge on many subjects. Phil Boffey, for example, has decades of science and medical writing under his belt and often writes on those issues for us. Robert Semple, similarly, is a Pulitzer... more... - Jay Rosen
that is a silly statement. good writers are good writers, the platform is irrelevant. - Adam Singer
Sure, but why are we never reading (or even recognizing the names) of these? What are the expertise of Dowd and Brooks apart from bloviating? Why are they famous and get all that print real-estate instead of NYT expert writers who nobody ever heard of? - Bora Zivkovic
let's also not forget that they never, ever link to anyone outside their online walls :) - Valeria Maltoni
Here is what Rosenthal says he looks for in an op ed columnist: - Jay Rosen
they wrote: "It’s a lot easier to do online, where there’s lots of room and it is much easier for people to come and go. Giving someone a regular spot on the print Op-Ed page is another thing entirely." because it is printed? i don't understand how words or content magically changes if you print it. these guys think that printing something somehow makes it more important or valid...logically that makes no sense. - Adam Singer
Andrew, I don't know what topic you focus on, but for my reading of blogs (political-liberal, african-american, women's issues, LGBT issues) most of the bloggers I read are former journalists like myself. I agree whole-heartedly with Adam. The platform is irrelevant from a reader's standpoint. It's these old media gatekeepers who have made it a battle between bloggers and MSM. Valeria makes a point. All of the bloggers I know, link to sources. The MSM will rip stories and test from bloggers with no link. - Anika
Adam: I think he's saying: more has to go into it, because it has unique authority and expense and value to us. Not that print confers on it more authority, although it sounds that way. - Jay Rosen
@Jay I disagree that it has unique authority and value. Just because they ship it to you on paper means nothing. The one thing it has is more expense. Print wins there. I guess if it makes them feel superior, great...but content is content. It's the message, not the medium. Again, from a logic standpoint (remove any emotion) words are words. - Adam Singer
They are selling a brand. Not aware that their brand is falling speedily into disrepute because some other people have built new brands based on expertise, honesty, transparency, link-generosity and, yes, excellent command of language. And yes, paper is expensive real-estate: and yes, the whole bloggers vs. journalists trope is wrong: - Bora Zivkovic
Let me repeat what I said: I think he's saying: more has to go into it, because it has unique authority and expense and value to us, the New York Times. We spend more on it, so it better have unique authority, in other words. - Jay Rosen
Yes, from their perspective, that is how they almost have to think. - Bora Zivkovic
To ignore the topic again :) Anika - I don't read LGBT blogs. I typically read either tech or political blogs. Tech blogs tend to be buzzword laden and sensationalistic. Most of that has to do with the lack of actual goings on to talk about. The political blogs I seperate between two categories: Andrew Sullivan and the partisan folks. Andrew Sullivan is quality on every level. Everyone... more... - Andrew
Oh FOH. At least with blogs you generally get to see how much of what you just read was parroted from the original press release. It's incredibly rare that I read an article, specifically in the NYT, that contains "actual information." - Richard Lawler
I guess if you mention "New York Times" that's just a big 'ol sign that says: dump on or defend the reporting of the New York Times thread. - Jay Rosen
Jay, I see your point, but the face remains that those writers don't often adhere to high standards as their background would imply. These are opinion pieces, so they get away with playing fast and loose with facts for partisan reasons. They omit some things, linking a statement from "a senior official" to their final conclusion. They don't have to back up what they say because they know the editors and ombudsman will say, "These are op-eds." Otherwise, Dowd would have been put out of our misery years ago, - Anika
I just meant Rosenthal is the editor of the opinion section; that's all. He has nothing to do with the reporting staff of the New York Times. Columnists who play fast and loose with facts, yes, that would be his domain. By the way, he also noted in the Q & A that columnists write their own headlines, a nice little fact. - Jay Rosen
It's an interesting tack. One would think the EP editor would offer a defense of the value of institutional opinion, rather than puff up board members as the best gladiators in Thunderdome. - gnarlytrombone
Catch up, it's like chasing wounded gazelle, sure it'll run for a while, but at certain point the blood loss just becomes too much. At this point new media could sit and watch old media bleed money tell it dies and not be the worse for wear. Except they are not. Its really an evolving system vs a static newspaper format. The bloggers are more knowledgeable (usually experts on the topic) and cheaper. For god sake I follow Karl Rove on twitter, who needs the opinion of journalist, when you can get thesource - Adam B
What's interesting about it, to me, is that Rosenthal works in the one area of mainstream journalism most affected by competition and criticism from bloggers, especially sources going direct. And rather than admit any of that. he just goes the opposite way. - Jay Rosen
The other thing to note here is that, if I read Rosenthal correctly, he's not even talking about any of the op-ed columnists, he's talking exclusively about the editorial board -- the gang of garlanded pros who write the unsigned editorials. So not only is there one internal institutional line, between "news" and "editorial/opinion", that the public is supposed to be able to find on its... more... - Scott Rosenberg
How many Americans are more qualified to serve as The New York Times editorial page editor than Andrew Rosenthal? How many Americans are more qualifed to serve as The New York Times chairman of the board than Arthur Sulzberger Jr? 10,000? 100,000? 1,000,000? Why would anyone take anything Andrew Rosenthal says seriously? If Rosenthal and Sulzberger penned blogs, would anyone read them? - Sean McBride
I don't understand - is Jay defending them or not? - Denise Young
No, I am not defending Andrew Rosenthal's statement about bloggers catching up to "us," the New York Times. I am simply asking why it is so hard to get across a simple factual statement. Here is it again, ready? Rosenthal is the editor of the editorial pages, the opinion section of the Times. He has NOTHING WHATSOEVER TO DO WITH THE REPORTERS OR THE REPORTING STAFF. And so his statement--which is well worth arguing about--does not apply to reporters at the New York Times. Too complicated? - Jay Rosen
Thanks, Jay. But why should bloggers catch up to flack-activated stuff? Odd. - Denise Young
Andrew Rosenthal and the decline and fall of The New York Times: topics: A.M. Rosenthal, Arthur Sulzberger Jr., David Brooks, ethnic cronyism, Iraq War, Judith Miller, Likud Zionism, mediocrity, neoconservatism, neoliberalism, NEPOTISM (make that caps), Thomas Friedman, William Kristol, William Safire. Put another way: Google: Brin/Page, meritocracy, competition, talent, success; The... more... - Sean McBride
Two facts that might be of interest: Arthur Sulzberger Jr. earned a B.A. in Political Science from Tufts University. Andrew Rosenthal earned a B.A. in American History from University of Denver. When they try to lecture leading-edge minds with doctorates from MIT, Harvard, Stanford, Yale, Oxford and other leading universities on anything (including politics, and technology especially),... more... - Sean McBride
Thinking more about this, it seems that one mistake Andrew Rosenthal makes is this: He assumes that having a huge reputation as the brand name in authoritative and upper crust news CAN ONLY BE GOOD for truthtelling when this is not so. It can create a reluctance to go out a limb, a wiilingness to stay within bounds. Krugman has a Nobel Prize, another career, and an equally elite institution in Princeton to accredit him, so he is an exception. If Rosenthal recognized this, it would help him do his job. - Jay Rosen
Given current technology trends, will The New York Times be offering anyone a job in the future (possibly the near future), not to mention a job to Andrew Rosenthal? - Sean McBride
Perhaps the problem is with the fuzzy notion that in the nebulous world of opinion, one can reliably measure who is ahead of whom in matters that do not rest on fact, but, "in point of fact," upon the subjective core of informed discursive valuation, otherwise known as reasoned opinion. - tom matrullo
I would be far more concerned if Rosenthal were arguing that the news awareness at the Times were "ahead" of others in the discursive universe. Any glance at the home page of the Times finds a jumble of motley, outdated, poorly thought-through, and under-contextualized snippets. The Times has failed to think what news is, let alone to race ahead of anyone else. But so long as he's merely taking on opinionaters, who really f'ing cares? - tom matrullo
Oooh. Boundaries. That gets to the heart of it, methinks. It'd be fascinating to make an apples-to-apples comparison between an Ed Board's process and outcome on, say, the PPIP proposal and that of the econ bloggers (including The Krug). The latter is probably a lot less open participation- and idea-wise as we'd like to think, but still... Also, there's tremendous value in the messy, back-and-forth reasoning process that polished editorial end product simply can't capture. - gnarlytrombone
A perfect example (from today) of why the best of the blogosphere is consistently well ahead of The New York Times on every conceivable issue of significance: Glenn Greenwald: Major scandal erupts involving Rep. Jane Harman, Alberto Gonzales and AIPAC The Times is stumbling raggedly behind the big show. - Sean McBride
As of this evening, there is still not a single word about the Jane Harman story on the New York Times or Washington Post sites. On the other hand, the blogosphere, Friendfeed, Twitter, etc. have been buzzing with the story. Is it any wonder that these dinosaurs are losing mindshare at such a rapid clip? Who really pays much attention to them anymore, especially among thought and opinion leaders? They are timid, slow and stodgy, always trying to play catch up but never succeeding. Good riddance. - Sean McBride
hear, hear, Sean. Off with their heads. - Denise Young
Donald Graham and Fred Hiatt have ruined The Washington Post: "Times Fronts AIPAC Story That Washington Post Ignores" (M.J. Rosenberg) "Of course, this should be the Washington Post's story. On Congress and lobbies, the Post tends to dominate the turf, with the Times breathing down its neck.... more... - Sean McBride
I would love to see Andrew Rosenthal make a useful contribution to this discussion (not just here on Friendfeed; anywhere) -- ain't gonna happen. He's not up to it. - Sean McBride
RT @buzzflash: NYT Shows Why Print is Dying: Blogs beat it to number of waterboards and it didn't post Jane Harman bombshell until Tuesday!about 6 hours ago from Tweetie - Sean McBride
Meryn Stol
I'm amazed by how fast a well-executed UI update can make the old one look archaic.
Quite right Meryn, but I have to turn back to the old UI, just to get back some of the functionality; like links sharing, or filter feeds by services more easy... - Sanne Buurma
Yeah, I really like the real-time updates and DMs and all that, but the shit of focus from content toward personality I just can't go along with. Cool as it is, I'd rather the old interface than the new one without service icons and rooms. - Mr. Gunn
Meryn, were you able to hide the photos with Stylish? Cos I'd like to do the same. - Denise Young
Denise. Yes, I thought I had been spamming it virtually everywhere, but here it is again: - Meryn Stol
Thanks! That's better. - Denise Young
Bret Taylor
Learn something new every day. - John E. Bredehoft
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Dave Winer
Do you realize there are now people who call themselves "professional tweeters." I've lived too long. Please shoot me.
sounds like speakers to me - Logan Lindquist
I've seen folks add it to their CV as professional skills. Along with "Professional Facebook user". It's beginning of the end! - Ricardo Vidal
Seems risky to add to CV unless specifically related to the job, no? Like "Hire me and I'll spend most of my time surfing the Web." - Herb Hernandez
wait, wut? - Shey
and there are people who are called dickheads for decades, the beauty of life is in the mix - Dobromir Hadzhiev
Must be code for "I have no job" - Eric - Final Countdown
They used to be MySpace consultants. - Rob Michael (Atmos Trio)
Just shoot me. Financial crisis is one thing, but this...? - Todd Brunner from twhirl
fortunately for them, ramen noodles are cheap. I can't think there'd be a way to make significant money tweeting today (yet!) - Stephane Kasriel
gross - Denise Young
yes, we call them twits. - Sean
I think Leo Laporte would have a major problem with them being called Twits. :D - MarkCarras
where does one get paid to tweet? I'd like to apply for that job!!! - Sean Reiser
I don't think it's that strange, but people hiring might, esp if it's not for a marketing job. - David Lynch
...that's asking for trouble... the 'shoot me' part. .LOLz - .LAG liked that
Like telemarketers... - sofarsoShawn
That's hilarious! Reminds me of ppl who put "Java: 5 years of experience" on their CV when Java was only a public language for 3. - Kevin Elliott
A profession usually nets one some sort of financial compensation. Who's paying these "professional tweeters' for all of their time spent tweeting? - Jeff P. Henderson
I need some names and output to judge what they're up to. I might be interested in supplementing my income :) - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Whatever happened to all the Professional Friendsters? - James
@ James, They got real jobs. - Jeff P. Henderson
I'd like to hear their answer to the interview question, "What is your biggest challenge as a professional tweeter?" - Carolyn Chan
@Bob Blunk - Ewan Mcgregor is 'threatening action' over a fake Twitter profile - - James
Jeremy Wagstaff
GreatNews: The Intelligent RSS Reader -
GreatNews displays full pages of news articles across rss feeds, optimized for fast reading. So you can skim through pages in seconds, and pick interesting ones to dig in. - Jeremy Wagstaff
jeremy what do you use? i'm looking to migrate from netvibes. - Denise Young
Denise Young
French food safety agency rules that GM corn is safe -
How the government handles this ruling - whether it caves or decides to contest pressure from Brussels to authorize the MON 810 corn - will be a real litmus test of democracy in France. Civil society is overwhelmingly against the introduction of GMOs in France, and so am I. - Denise Young
eric scherer
Chouette! "Couch potatoe week-end" - Bien mieux que le Super Bowl ! Rugby ce soir, foot demain soir ! J'en connais qui vont râler...
no comment - Denise Young
Meryn Stol
Are We Following The Wrong People? | Regular Geek -
You need to explore outside the standard authority figures to determine who that “undiscovered mind” may be. Granted, all of the social sites have various purposes, like networking, but I am focusing more on the aspect of learning. When you follow these people, you expect to learn something and maybe gain some competitive advantage. If everyone is following the same people, then everyone will be getting the same information. As the number of subscribers grows, the value of that information will likely decrease. So, you need to find those people that are just as smart or experienced, but do not have the massive followings of people like Guy or Darren. - Meryn Stol
Meryn, I agree with you and I think that someone like Harold Jarche, with a 1:2.5 ratio (174 to 435) of following:followers is an almost perfect balance. - Denise Young
Denise, I must inform you that I have the annoying habit of not putting quotes in my Delicious comments. All things I'm posting on Delicious are quotes. They are the pieces which I found interesting. I do not necessarily agree with them all. I'm fairly much in line with this though. Rob Diana, you and I agree on this together. - Meryn Stol
BTW Denise, if you like Harold Jarche, I can also recommend Tony Karrer from . I don't know if he's on Twitter. - Meryn Stol
eric scherer
Fin du supplément imprimé "Livres" du Washington Post
RIP Bookworld. Jonathan Yardley will be much missed in print. - Denise Young
Sean McBride
Some of the smartest bloggers I know: Andrew Sullivan, Glenn Greenwald, James Wolcott, Jim Kunstler, Jim Lobe, Juan Cole, Philip Weiss, Stephen Walt, Tim O'Reilly
Finally, a list without Scoble in it. :) - Roberto Bonini
Kunstler = Seer - Denise Young
You are what you read. - Meryn Stol
always good to post the links should people want to validate your claim :) - Iphigenie
Joelle -- you're right. See the following comment. - Sean McBride
Some of the smartest bloggers I know: 1. Andrew Sullivan (The Daily Dish) 2. Glenn Greenwald 3. James Wolcott 4. Jim Kunstler (Clusterfuck Nation) 5. Jim Lobe ( 6. Juan Cole (Informed... more... - Sean McBride
Quite a few of these brilliant bloggers are preoccupied with Mideast politics. Why? Think about it: the Bush 43 administration was totally bogged down in Mideast politics, and Barack Obama will be trapped by the very same forces from his very first day in office. Mideast politics could take down the entire planet, and pull the rug out from our sometimes infantile fascination with shiny new gadgets and toys. - Sean McBride
I am not too much impressed by most of the so-called A-list tech bloggers. I feel like they are well behind the tech curve. - Sean McBride
How I define "smart": powerful minds wrestling with important topics in original ways. Pathfinders. - Sean McBride
V - I would love to see your top 10 blogger list (or top whatever number). How about everyone else? Please include links if you feel up to it. - Sean McBride
Chris -- in your opinion, who are the smartest bloggers on the net? (I can't imagine that everyone or anyone agrees with my list.) - Sean McBride
Does anyone have something to add to this list? - Meryn Stol
Show me your own lists. :) I'm curious. Tell me what's wrong with my list. :) - Sean McBride
Most of the A-list tech bloggers strike me as intellectual lightweights. That is my honest opinion. Chitter chatter about trivia, usually. Not engaged with the big strategic trends and issues. Some of them are interesting sometimes. But not truly consequential. (This is what is known as a "provocation." :)) - Sean McBride
triple t -- thanks for providing some pointers. Brad Friedman and Scott Horton I know well and read regularly. If you find some time, by all means post the links for these bloggers -- most people won't have the energy to track down the links through Google. - Sean McBride
I forgot an important blogger on my list: Kevin Kelly (The Technium) Kelly thinks and writes far beyond the level of the gadget bloggers. - Sean McBride
Good point, Gregory. - Sean McBride
Sean, you're right - a lot of blogging is more focused on the entertainment content than on anything else. I'm an outsider and a nobody so I didnt quite want to say it like that, but the fluff/depth ratio is not great. I don't think it is due to their intelligence, that is what the current "set up" of feeds and bookmarking does encourage: speed and quotable short-bites. They need to earn a living, but they also need the "mass" readership to earn the invites to events etc. - Iphigenie
Joelle -- most of the very best bloggers seem to be paying no attention to commercial considerations. Their minds are obsessively focused on trying to understand or solve particular difficult leading-edge intellectual problems of consequence. And they usually write elegant prose that slides easily into one's mind. - Sean McBride
Traditional newspaper oped page columnists and contributors are not remotely competitive. - Sean McBride
Sean, that is a great way to describe it "obsessively focused on trying to understand or solve particular difficult leading-edge intellectual problems" . I live with a person like that :S (not the writing bit, the other part). For my part I tend to think none of us know enough to really be able to make a breakthrough on a lot of those topics, except in interaction - Iphigenie
triple t -- Dave Pollard (How to Save the World) is a great find. - Sean McBride
Dave Pollard from How to Save the World is kinda crazy (and especially, pessimistic) but he has really interesting thoughts. I learned a lot from reading him a few years back, and now he seems to have grown stronger. - Meryn Stol
BTW, is this the new A-list? ;) - Meryn Stol
Wow, I like Dave Pollard, that *is* a find. From a quick skim I'm afraid I am not that far from his philosophy. - Iphigenie
There were 4 in there I had never heard of, so thanks a lot for sharing. I'm going to enjoy reading the backlog - Iphigenie
Joelle, you might also want to read FAR back into She's very smart too. Oh, and it's filled with comments from me and other smart people. - Meryn Stol
what, another one? Not sure how I'll give all those the attention they need, we'll see. The Technium is good, too, just ate 30 minutes of my time without my noticing it, and that was 1 blog entry. PS: now i get to antagonise some of FF as I post really old stuff as I discover it for the first time :) - Iphigenie
thanks triple t, Dave Pollard is awesome. - Denise Young
Dave Winer - Igor Poltavskiy
Dave Winer rates among my top 50 bloggers. - Sean McBride
Thanks triple t! - Meryn Stol
david brain
We’re all Mapple people -
this one doesn't have the steve mobs speech - Denise Young
Stowe Boyd
Twitter To Go It Alone, Leaves Facebook Deal On The Table -
yippee, way to go etc - Denise Young
Dave Winer
Obama aides believe he made a mistake with the Clinton appointment at State.
"The Washington Post columnist and Clinton sceptic, David Ignatius, added: "The idea of subcontracting foreign policy to Clinton, a big, hungry, needy ego surrounded by a team that's hungrier and needier still, strikes me as a mistake of potentially enormous proportions." It is a view that many around the President-elect now share." - Sean McBride
A huge mistake -- his presidency is already on the wrong track before he assumes office. - Sean McBride
Fire them! - david beckwith
"By appointing Mrs Clinton, some aides fear the new president will also water down his commitment to withdraw quickly from Iraq, to talk to leaders of rogue states and to get tough with Pakistan, all policies Mrs Clinton has spoken out against." - Sean McBride
I disagree. I saw Hillary speak at Microsoft and she was brilliant. I think we are underestimating her. - Robert Scoble
Give the woman a chance. This is like Limbaugh's "Obama Recession" meme. - Phil Boiarski
Don't underestimate her ability to promote an agenda that is entirely at odds with Obama's campaign promises last spring. She's already put the scenario of "totally obliterating" Iran on the table. That is why the hawkish DLC faction in the Democratic Party lobbied to place her in charge of the State Department (and Rahm Emanuel in the chief of staff slot). - Sean McBride
I think she is going to be a team player because it will be in her best interest to do so. The clout and respect she brings to the job will serve our country well with the issues that face us around the world. In fact I think the Clinton legacy is enhanced with a successful Obama presidency. If she fails and causes problems in the administration it will only hurt the their legacy. - Derek Forrest
It is too early to say, of course, but I am reminded of Roosevelt's "Speak softly and carry a big stick." Perhaps Obama will speak softly, and will use Rahm Emanuel and Hillary Clinton as Big Sticks :-D - Karim
The exact title of this article: "Barack Obama's aides believe he has made a mistake in hiring Hillary Clinton" They aren't speculating about the situation from a distance. - Sean McBride
Clinton isn't going to run in '12. That's not how things are done. Unless the incumbent president makes it clear he's not running again (has that ever happened?), the party doesn't field a new candidate. Clinton can only run in '16. - Anika
Mid level Staffers ( during the campaign) let down because they will be further and further from the inner circle the closer and closer it gets to inauguration, slink off to coffee and start bemoaning their loss of self importance to an eager press by blasting the boss. Now there's a story. - David HC Soul
Obama is sitting on the brink of an economic disaster that will make 'stagflation' and 'gas lines' of the 1970s look tame by comparison. And back in 1980, Teddy Kennedy ran against a sitting President of his own party, losing, but setting forth a precedent I'm sure Hillary would follow if in 4 years things are worse. I think this is keep her under your wing so she doesn't try to fly on her own. - Andrew Leyden
It seems entirely plausible to me that this was Clinton's request and reward for finishing her primary campaign when she did, which, although it was rather late in the season, she could have continued contesting. It may be that Obama feels he can afford to give her this post-- that he believes she'll stay in line. As far as her credentials go, she's perfectly capable, as far as being a politician goes, though I personally disagree strongly with her center-right positions (not that Obama isn't right behind). - Sean O'Hanley
Sean, I do think that it is early to already name what she has not yet done. But the fact that there were and perhaps will be some critical differences in their policy conduct, especially in matters of foreign policy, remains a fact. Let's hope that results stemming from their decisions would at least not oppose to what Obama promised in his election campaign, - Hayk
That two aides think he made a wrong choice is still not enough to make a general conclusion considering that these were his aides in election campaign, not necessarily foreign policy experts and strategists. But admittedly, there might arise financial conflicts of interest if/when Clinton undertakes smth using their foundation to conduct government related activity. - Hayk
I think the press, especially British press, often love to make conflict & drama out of everything. I also question the assumption that Hillary Clinton is always motivated only in a self serving way. I feel more inclined to give her and Obama the benefit of the doubt here. There are also positives about her being Secretary of State, It irks me that strong, capable women are still often judged as being power hungry, manipulative and other negative stereotypes that are not held in the same way against men. - Cathryn Hrudicka
Hillary should have been given another portfolio instead of State Dept. - imran
Clinton's appointment to State did surprise me, but she can handle the job and will follow Obama's policies. (Obama has never been as dovish as some want to believe.) I just hope speculation about in-fighting, Bill's activities, etc. don't foster continual distractions. - Marvin Smith
People who are trying to turn disagreements with Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton into a feminist issue -- it just amazes me. The Clinton pick for this position will have as negative an impact on Obama as the Palin pick had on McCain. I am betting on it. She will try to push American foreign policy to the hard confrontational right. She has morphed into a neoconservative during the last few years. Obama will not be able to control her and her powerful network in the Democratic Party. - Sean McBride
Don't think its a mistake as Obama knows this is a post-imperial era and diplomacy won't be top priority of his first administration and besides Biden will be the real policy-making force here. Similar thing happened in France with Kouchner appointed as a kind of "celebrity face" and "token socialist" in Sarkozy govt, with real power devolving to Levitt. I think its actually v. smart as Clinton will be neutralized at State and out of domestic policy sphere. - Denise Young
I don't think he is handing off policy making to her, only policy implementation. I've got a lot of faith in this guy. He's not going to be pushed around by Hillary or anybody else. - Amyloo
I think this is one of those moments when the phrase "we shall see" isn't a cop-out. I don't particularly like the appointment, but it's really all in the playing. - Dan Conover
Denise Young - smart and original analysis. But I am still going with the Palin/McCain analogy. Neoliberal (neoconservative) forces in the Democratic Party will work to undermine, subvert, check and bend Obama to their will every way possible. They have already essentially taken over his presidency -- the appointments tell the tale. What does it tell you that Henry Kissinger and William Kristol, two neoconservative key ringleaders of the Iraq War, are Hillary boosters? - Sean McBride
Hmm. I thought we had three holidays plus three weeks before HRC could DO squat, yet she is already being judged harshly by Mr. McBride and the rollicking British Press, known for "stirring turds." I agree with Cathryn Hrudicka that the BritHype needs a shaker of salt. As for Kissinger and Kristol, that worries me, but I am willing to give a woman a crack at it. If she is half the SOS that Ms. Albright was, she'll be fine. Our foreign policy has been much too confrontational and testosterone-based. - Phil Boiarski
Phil - threatening to "totally obliterate" Iran is a neoconservative/testosterone-based policy. Also, Madeleine Albright played in key role from the neoliberal wing of the Democratic Party in preparing the way for the Iraq War. At one point she even offered apologetics for committing genocide in Iraq. - Sean McBride
Deep vs. shallow political analysis: shallow political analysis looks at personalities and overt policy positions. Deep political analysis looks at the most powerful interest groups and financial controllers behind the personalities and their explicit policy positions, and at the complex shifting alliances and conflicts of these groups. It's not about Obama or Hillary. It's about the interests that control them -- especially the financial interests. - Sean McBride
Mr. McBride, I expect you will be a prod to our future president to move left. I am certain I will be there with you on many issues. That having been said, I want to give the guy a chance, maybe a hundred days, to see if he can put a cup on HRC's balls, rein in the warhorses of the Pentagon, etc. I also would like to see the head of UBL on a stake. And as for Iran, I think they need to be confronted, ideally without military threats, but politically the country is a nuclear theocracy, Kisses wont work - Phil Boiarski
Phil -- I don't think of this battle in terms of right and left. It's all about the neo-crazies vs. the pragmatists. The split cuts across party lines. Many neocons are Democrats (like Joseph Lieberman). Many Republicans and conservatives are anti-neoconservative pragmatists (like most of the Bush 41 administration and Chuck Hagel). The pragmatists were tricked into believing that Obama... more... - Sean McBride
SMcB: I was thinking he was picking pragmatists. Jim Jones is a callous straight-shooter. Rahm is known for his creative horse trading. I see you as jumping the gun here. I am not ready to characterize these appointments as "strongly" indicative of neocon resurgence. Can we see what he does before shouting betrayal. History indicates he is good at playing conservatives to get progressive business done. If he is playing the progressives as well, we'll know it soon enough. The agenda will show. - Phil Boiarski
Phil - I know this terrain in detail. Emanuel and Clinton represent the neoliberal (neoconservative) wing of the Democratic Party which played the lead role in enabling the Iraq War. They are now agitating to escalate the conflict with Iran. Obama has betrayed his base, slapped it in the face with these appointments. The base will retaliate immediately. The bottom is going to fall out... more... - Sean McBride
SMcB: Outrage and controversy aside, I find it a bit premature. I agree with you that the bottom is going to fall out, but it will be well before Obama is inaugurated. The world will be transformed by this economic shock as it was in the 30's. Pragmatism will outweigh politics and everything will be retro because neo will be dead. We all think we have a crystal ball. - Phil Boiarski
Phil: sometimes events can whiz by much more quickly than one expects. Check out this, just published: "Barack Obama Accused of Selling Out on Iraq by Picking Hawks to Run His Foreign Policy" My comment: Without the support of an enthusiastic base, the Obama administration will go down fast and hard in the approval ratings. Obama already... more... - Sean McBride
Phil: I agree with you about the coming catastrophic economic shock. But keep in mind that many people are going to begin to figure out that many high-level Clinton people played key roles in producing this state of affairs (along with the Bush 43 administration). Obama is making a huge mistake in too closely associating himself with the Clinton administration. He will come to regret it. - Sean McBride
SMcB: This reminds me of how easily the left divides itself to the advantage of the the right. You may use different labels but I would rather accomplish something than fight about everything. The lefties, and others, that I know are willing to give the guy a hundred days worth of hope. It may be stupid. We may all be being manipulated and compromised and deceived, but since the guy isn't even in office for at least two months, we are willing to hold our tongues. If you're right; I'll salute you. - Phil Boiarski
Additionally, Scocroft is, if anything, a pragmatist. This reminds me of arguments about football. It is the coach who determines the offense. The riskiest pass crazy quarterback will only run the plays the coach calls, or else the coach will get a new quarterback. We are only in Spring training and you guys are complaining that his recruiting will make him lose the Superbowl. One game at a time, please. - Phil Boiarski
The chances that Brent Scowcroft will exert any influence in the Obama administration have to be considered nil -- he's hated by the DLC/AIPAC group which is making all of Obama's highest level appointments. - Sean McBride
Chris Brogan
Communications in a Post Media World -
Chris - please keep writing about this, especially the Tune In, Gather part - it's such an important piece of the picture, but the hardest bit to 'get' and apply. - Denise Young
Dave Winer
Oy. Facebook to buy Twitter? I hope not!
That is the surprise of the century! - Simon Cowell - AJ Batac
What?! NO WAY! - Mona Nomura
I certainly hope not either. - Jonathan Hardesty
Oh please no! - Mathew™ aka Youngblood
NOOooooooooooooo!!! Leave my twitter alone! :) - Susan Beebe
That's the most horrible thing I've heard all week! I quit!!! - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart
@Matt: +1. But there's really no truth to this rumor if you read the article and why would Facebook (who's looking for revenue) buy Twitter, a company without a real business plan thus far. Sorry, rumor FAIL. - AJ Kohn
Does that mean the LDS Church will own Twitter too? - Jesse Stay
More like is buying Digg ?? :) - Charlie Anzman
Lol, I don't think so. - Aram Zucker-Scharff
ohhh CRAP! - Big Joe Silenced
if($twitter=="facebook"){echo "noooo"}else{echo "har har.... not funny"} - No Name from twhirl
Twitter to Facebook: My silo's bigger than your silo. And I still won't give you track. - Karoli
where do the twitter refugees go if this thing happens? - Denise Young
This makes no sense - facebook, struggling on its own, is certainly not in the position to buy a company that is loosing money. - sdfx
I hope not. - Apostolos Papadopoulos
Denise Young
Obama's Seven Lessons for Radical Innovators - Umair Haque -
This is brilliant: why obama gets it and why he won. - Denise Young from Bookmarklet
Dave Winer
No! Not the puppets again! please! :) (I swear I'm kidding) - directeur from NoiseRiver
OH G-D not again - now im going to be freaking singing this all night and i need to go to sleep now!!! DAMN YOU WINER! and here i just interviewed your company yesterday! yet i cant stop watching - Allen Stern
This is a song we sing with the kids all the time. I do the mamomena part and the kids to the "do do do do" part Oops. they say the thumbnail on the screen and want to see it right now :) - Christian Burns
This is a song often sung in our house - kids love it! - Bora Zivkovic
There's a town in New Jersey that always makes me sing this: Manalapan do doo do doo do Manalapan Doo do do doo.... - George Smith
:D - edythe
Haggis I am now dizzy from watching that cover video :) - Allen Stern
Dave is evil... this will be stuck in my head for days now... Thanks Dave!! - Les Zaldor
I had this stuck in my head all day today as well... No good! - Justin Korn
ok - now im about to lose it - ive been whistling this song for 50 minutes - how will i get to bed now - dave you are getting a noogie when we meet! - Allen Stern
OK, let's see: Menomenah! - Björn Brembs
One of my son's favorites these days. In addition, have a look at the Muppets' Hugga Wugga: - Ansgar Wollnik
ok - so the train took forever to come, it's humid and the only thing that kept me smiling was singing this song - people probably thought i was a bit nutty from all the smiling :) - Allen Stern
Love it - Natalie
I remember there was an even better one at the time where he goes totally insane at the end - does someone have a link to this one? - Denise Young
Being a Steeler fan, I'm more partial to this slightly different take: ;) - Steve
Dave Winer
Not sure what it means, and my view could be very distorted, but it might be this. FriendFeed is to Twitter as WordPress is to Blogger.
Nice analogy there Dave - I like it - Susan Beebe
+1 Dave. - Duncan Riley
Not just a nice analogy from a visual/functionality comparison, but funny given the common core and founding staff of Twitter and Blogger :) - Elias Bizannes from twhirl
Or as RSS is to XML-do I wanna go there? - Mark Forman
Not sure I'd go that far Dave. Maybe better is WP to MT. - Jim Kukral from twhirl
I'll second Chris and say it's to Tumblr...they are not apples to apples - Marc Vermut from twhirl
plausible if perhaps friendfeed offered up their source in a manner similar to how WordPress does. - rob
I made that point when I realized we could do much better with the FriendFeed API than we were able to with the Twitter API. They hold back Twitter, feeling that the simplicity is where the value is. But I think it's the users. And these days the leading edge users are over here, more than they are over there. It's in that sense that it's Blogger. Sure it's big and valuable, but the forward motion is happening elsewhere. Not that FF is even remotely close to done. There are so many issues. - Dave Winer
Rob - How would it help if Friendfeed would open its own source? It is a community syndication platform. - Vic Podcaster
Mark Forman's analogy might be seen better reversed (ie FF is more generalized than Twitter) - Yuvi
@rob - It's not open source that's the main reason for Wordpress being successful. FriendFeed being open source makes no sense, partly because one of it's main advantages is being centralized. Also, FriendFeed is technically much more complex then Wordpress. You can't just take the source code and run it on any server and it wouldn't be helpful to make it work that way. I love Wordpress, but I don't see value in having FriendFeed open sourced. - sebmos
@Chris Baskind - You don't understand what Dave's saying. It's not about the application, it's about the competition. Blogger is the more popular offer, but it's a bad product. People who know both platforms will choose Wordpress, but most people only know Blogger. Funny though that the crew created Blogger, which was a lucky success, created Odeo, which basically failed and now Twitter, which again has an awful backend (like Blogger) and was only innovative in its first iteration. - sebmos
What I don't understand is why they had to hire the developers of Blogger. I mean - didn't they fail with their first product already? Couldn't Twitter hire better folks? - sebmos
If FriendFeed allowed me to send direct, private messages to my followers, I would ditch Twitter, but it doesn't and I really like that functionality. - Andy Murdoch
@Andy Murdoch - You've got instant messaging, every other social network network, or simple e-mails as alternatives. Try it, you'll see that you won't miss it. - sebmos
WordPress and Blogger are mutually exclusive --FF and Twitter aren't! - Rubin Sfadj
I use Friendfeed and Blogger - does that make me schizophrenic? :) - Craig Thomler
I agree with Rubin, twitter and friendfeed are not exclusive. Worpress and Blogger are... - twitscoop
Totally disagree. Twitter and Wordpress have better visuals in common. - Denise Young
Jeremy Wagstaff
Why Social Network Sites May Fail -
yaari totally sucks - Denise Young
Denise Young
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