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Meryn Stol
Freedom, OS X Networking Freedom Software -
Freedom, OS X Networking Freedom Software
Freedom, OS X Networking Freedom Software
"Freedom is an application that disables networking on an Apple computer for up to eight hours at a time. Freedom will free you from the distractions of the internet, allowing you time to code, write, or create. At the end of your selected offline period, Freedom re-enables your network, restoring everything as normal. Freedom enforces freedom; a reboot is the only circumvention of the Freedom time limit you specify. The hassle of rebooting means you're less likely to cheat, and you'll be more productive." - Meryn Stol from Bookmarklet
Sounds like an interesting idea for procrastinators. I wonder how many people will use it... - Tyson Key
Thanks Tiffany! - Meryn Stol
If I got this, I would need a new product which is the antidote. - Louis Gray
David Eaves
New Blog Post: Newspapers’ decline is a sign of democracy, not a symptom of its death
Видение коров
“rt @doctorow @crystaltips Gee: Games teach that failure is not bad & collaboration is not cheating--the opposite of what is taught in school” -
Ошибаться != плохо, взаимодействовать != болтать - Видение коров
Also, cheating != chatting. - условный кукуц
Точно - делать вместе, не значит обманывать. А в школьной практике всякие совместные действия равносильны обману. - Видение коров
да не только игры. Вообще в школе нужно работать одному и по памяти — полная противоположность реальной жизни - arty
Ги обычно рассказывает, что игры источник полезных знаний и умений в отличии от школы. Он про игры. - Видение коров
кажется, недавно на TED была хорошая лекция про игры - arty
У Ги выложен его курс лекций в Австралии - Видение коров
Pawel Szczesny
What would you (do you) teach your kids? -
Inspired by Iddo's question: - Pawel Szczesny
My dad taught me how to recognize birds and build mechanical toys. I'd probably do the same, in addition to programming and general curiosity - Deepak Singh
I learned logo in 1st grade, approx. 1979. I fricking loved it. Maybe two years later, I got a Commodore64 for Christmas. It was just the computer, no storage device. I would write BASIC programs during the day, and then at night I would turn off the computer and my programs would vanish (since I didn't have a tape drive). I shit you not, this is what I did for fun! As an 8 year old,... more... - Steve Koch
But aside from my thrilling history, to answer the question, I don't know yet. I'm inclined to provide them access to computers but not force them into doing anything. I have a reluctance to dictate my kids' career paths. My main goals are: for them to desire to be excellent in something, to be able to be excellent in something, and to be good people. And at least two of those three things I don't think are taught well in schools, at least in the US. - Steve Koch
English, Python, some basic statistics, working in console, chess, sailing and climbing :) - Piotr Byzia
From Siddhartha: how to think, how to wait, how to do without. That is, critical thinking, patience and a certain amount of detachment from the material things in life. - Bill Hooker
Steve, I remember doing exactly the same thing, on the C64, too. My brother and I would get in fights because I didn't want to turn off my bouncing color-shifting "I'm so cool!" animation and he wanted to do a growing and shrinking bouncing color-shifting "I'm so cool!". - Mr. Gunn
My C64 experience went as far as an attempt to code in BASIC an application that could answer any possible answer in the world - but after hardcoding something like 200 questions (and their variations) I gave up. Probably I wouldn't go as far, if I didn't have tape recorder ;). - Pawel Szczesny
But back to the original question (personally I'm not going to buy C64 to my son), anybody else having an opinion on this topic? I expect that "mastering MS Office" is not going to appear (or maybe it is?), but I'm curious about other things that may appear to you as important (or more) as programming. - Pawel Szczesny
Mr. Gunn--How about the Spider, using /\*/\ kind of stuff? Pawel, that is hilarious. I remember one of my projects was to build a word unscrambler. I started typing in a dictionary and after a few hours realized a scaling problem. :) - Steve Koch
How to cook and appreciate food, to enjoy the outdoors, and to retain that sense of wonder (or perhaps they can help teach me :) - Shirley Wu
I would add teaching martial arts such as Judo and Jiu-Jitsu; Many of the things learned in competition translate well to other aspects of life. Team sports are great too. - Adam Kraut
Man, I don't know about you all, but I wouldn't let my parents teach me anything directly when I was a kid. I guess I was too stubborn. In my experience, there are too many emotions involved when it comes to a parent teaching a child. Indirectly, they taught me all they really needed to, though: put others ahead of yourself whenever possible, be tough but forgiving, practice moderation, and make decisions that you'll appreciate down the road. I hope I can pass that down the line, should the time come. - Chris Lasher
+1 Chris - Nils Reinton
As far as science, I've been pretty blunt about evolution being the family-preferred model (had to -- my daughter began asking questions at age 3), and otherwise tend to model/focus on the "about" side of knowledge--how to think "about" things, put them in perspective, form concept maps (they do a bit of this in school) -- generally, school is good at details but weak on big picture and connections. - Mickey Schafer
david brain
Bret Taylor
Obamas Prepare to Plant White House Vegetable Garden - -
Obamas Prepare to Plant White House Vegetable Garden -
Obamas Prepare to Plant White House Vegetable Garden -
"While the organic garden will provide food for the first family’s meals and formal dinners, its most important role, Mrs. Obama said, will be to educate children about healthful, locally grown fruit and vegetables at time when obesity has become a national concern." - Bret Taylor from Bookmarklet
The In Defense of Food guy will be very happy to hear this. - Bret Taylor
Yay! I love the Obamas!!! - anna sauce
Weird that they are couching it as an anti-obesity thing. Most folks, regardless of weight, don't get enough fruits and veggies, much less organic/local. - Alix May
@Bret Taylor Yup, Michael Pollan sure will be, as am I! I hope they also raise the awareness of fossil fuel waste in current agribusiness. - Rob
I would think it would take a few years for it to be "organic". I would imagine the groundskeepers have been using all sorts of commercial fertilizers and weedkillers to care for the white house grounds. Maybe they are going to truck in a buttload of organic soil. - Laura Norvig
Awesome idea. I love how the Obamas are such great role models... yay! - Susan Beebe
Seems like just another example of "practice what you preach." Thanks first fam. - Josh
Alice Water was there for the inauguration and the Obama's were talking about a garden then. I'm glad they are going ahead with it. I am planting my own organic garden this year, bigger than ever. Now I need to get Zakh and Duke and Mike to weed it. - amelia arapoff
Dave Winer
Re: Why it's time to break out of Twitter (Scripting News) -
"BTW, to people who think Twitter already has too big a head start, I'm not so sure. Twitter didn't exist to promote Twitter. But it will exist for Twitter 2.0. So whoever does it will have a superior word of mouth network already built, by Twitter. I saw this effect first hand by being here for the rise of blogging and then the rise of podcasting. The latter grew *much* more quickly because we had blogs to promote podcasting with. The slow part was the building of the network, once it exists, new ones that build on it boot up much more quickly." - Dave Winer
Видение коров
Kaiser Kuo
@lparsons Totally different expatriate communities in each city. BJ's tends to speak Chinese better, has more ties 2 Chinese people, culture
vitzbank (aka claudio)
Presentation Zen: If you only had one minute to pitch your story -
Sean McBride
Condi’s former professor argues she should be tried as war criminal tonight | Human Rights Now - Amnesty International USA Blog -
"Tonight just after 10 pm EST, Condoleeza Rice’s former history professor will argue in a debate with Colorado State Senator Shawn Mitchell that the former Secretary of State should be tried as a war criminal. The webcast debate will follow a showing of the documentary film Courting Condi, which follows Ms. Rice’s path from a childhood in segregated Birmingham, Alabama to her former post as U.S. Secretary of State. The film depicts Rice’s defense of Guantanamo and the invasion of Iraq, and her apparent approval of the use of torture of detainees, but also revisits a host of other debacles including her role on the board of Chevron during the company’s extraction of oil in Nigeria amidst extreme violence and shareholder action for the company to engage with the Nigerian government, helping to bring down affirmative action at Stanford, and turning the other cheek in the face of hundreds of thousands of victims of Katrina in the Gulf Coast." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
Видение коров
More and more I have come to admire resilience. Not the simple resistance of a pillow, whose foam returns over and over to the same shape, but the sinuous tenacity of a tree: finding the light newly blocked on one side, it turns in another. A blind intelligence, true.
But out of such persistence arose turtles, rivers, mitochondria, figs— all this resinous, unretractable earth. "Optimism" by Jane Hirshfield, from Given Sugar, Given Salt. © Harper Collins, 2002. - Видение коров
Jay Goldman
V Water - there's something in the water -
V Water - there's something in the water
Great animation! - Jay Goldman
Jeff Jarvis
Davos09: A crisis and failure of leadership -
Jeff was sitting next to me in the Edelman breakfast this morning and this is his report. Trust is in the toilet. How can we get out? - Robert Scoble
There was a poll on one of the news site, to the line of "whose job is it to restore trust in the system " a)government b)business c)international organisations" - I might be a bit naive but to me confidence/trust can only be rebuilt from the ground up, grassroots style - Iphigenie
We are witnessing the systematic failure and breakdown of the leadership class in the United States. It's been coming for some time. Too much wealth and power collected in the hands of too few corrupt and non-productive predators, crony capitalists, billionaires by inheritance and nepotistic social networks. Call it neoconservatism or crypto-organized crime. Call it what you will. - Sean McBride
On the trust front in the financial sector: will history judge Bernard Madoff to be the poster boy for the era of unlimited sociopathic greed in the current collapse of American prosperity? Someone else? - Sean McBride
Jay Rosen
I cannot recommend this highly enough in the subversive question category. Matt Thompson: "Does following the news work?"
Sean McBride
Many people who sincerely believe they are independent thinkers in fact can't think outside the parameters defined by the mainstream media. Topics are not real to them until authorities have declared them to be real. And these folks are perpetually behind the curve.
Followers, not leaders. - Sean McBride
I'd broaden it to say that most people can't think outside the conversations which they're either part of or which they are observing. In any case, being part of non-mainstream, but fertile conversations gives you an enormous edge. This could be an interesting target for data-mining as well. I wouldn't have a clue what important conversations I'm NOT observing. Kind of Black Swan effect. - Meryn Stol
Imagine software that identifies conversations, topics, themes, facts, arguments, etc. at the utmost head of the curve, as they form. - Sean McBride
This also makes the broad outlines of the future very predictable. You just know that people's behavior and opinion eventually converge on truth and "what works". In the long run, of course. - Meryn Stol
However, adjacent possibilities and options are all around... - Maryam
@Sean: most interested in your last comment here about software, etc. in my experience large dist networks follow some basic system-theory rules such as lots of random info that is usually ignored, internal attempts at stasis/managing status quo, and chaos theory effects where some small bit of info can 'suddenly' tip the system trajectory. thus, like weather forecasting, find the 'head of the curve' is usually a post-mortem activity. - MikeAmundsen
Any chances of making it a pre-mortem activity? :) Particularly with regard to major historical, social and technological trends at their earliest formation? Starting point: which individuals have a proven track record of successfully spotting leading-edge trends early in the game? Or do these data points tend to be random and chaotic? - Sean McBride
V - but if people don't engage in public communications, how can they affect society? Effective communications are also easily surveillable communications. The surveillers are usually behind the curve, playing perpetual catchup. - Sean McBride
Mike: If you're saying it can't be done, I'll say it can be done. It's one of my research interests. I don't believe it can be done for forever in the future, but I think you can predict that people will catch up to certain thinking. Read Ronald Inglehart on this, for example. (Modernization) - Meryn Stol
@Meryn: I'll check out Inglehart. while i don't think *it can't be done* i do think it's a 'large system' puzzle. for example, the quality and cycle of the feedback loop is a critical component in this kind of work. the longer the loop, the more difficult it is to project 'tomorrow', etc. same for data quality on feedback. the lending crash is a case in point - it was mostly about quality of data, not length of the loop (IMO). - MikeAmundsen
Hmm mike, I see no feedback. I see good ideas trickling down from origin to the edges. Can you explain why you think cycles and feedbacks are necessary in the model? This might get to be a lengthy discussion. - Meryn Stol
@Meryn: thanks for the Inglehart pointer. looks like he's focused on applying analysis to societies, etc. i tend to be focused on the technical aspects of system behavior in general. his writing may help me learn a bit more about application of the analysis, tho, right? - MikeAmundsen
Mike, my point is that you can apply the techniques Inglehart use to observe different conversations, and the memes floating around. Then you can test if some memes have spread over a year. That's a start. But you can do this with very small groups. If you index blogs, FF or twitter, you can make arbitrarily small groups. You may also be interested in work by Nicholas Christakis. He's doing SNA. - Meryn Stol
@Meryn: sounds interesting. if you can, please keep the 'stream' updated on any work you've got in this area. clearly this kind of work will become very important. i suspect intelligence agencies are well ahead of us on this anyway. - MikeAmundsen
@Sean: my regrets for hijacking your thread<g> - MikeAmundsen
Mike - I'm pleased as punch that you took the conversation in this direction. You and Meryn just provided me with several new concepts and lines for new research. Thanks for sharing. - Sean McBride
Meryn - do you have a public bookmarks collection on the topics you just mentioned, like your invaluable climate change collection? What are the key tags you are using, if any? - Sean McBride - Forgive my crazy tagging scheme aside from the last names. I've been experimenting a bit too much. Need to clean it up. - Meryn Stol
Great stuff, Meryn; thanks. Delicious still provides important features for sharing bookmarks that are missing from Friendfeed. - Sean McBride
Sean, per your own post, it's important not to get lost in the daily conversation. The paths with the most potential are not well lid. If they were, people would be going there in droves, and marginal returns would decrease fast. - Meryn Stol
yeah, fun stuff. thanks Meryn. - MikeAmundsen
in addition to that independent thinker's can't disengage from mainstream media entirely or they'd be locked away in an ivory tower ie largely irrelvant, What needs to be cultivated is reading/seeing the the subtext behind a story, the various spins, and techniques being used on you as an audience - sofarsoShawn
Dave Winer
Embargoes are stupid and unbloglike
If you have news, don't brief bloggers or news people, write your own first-person blog post and put it on your corporate web site. Then when you're ready to tell the world, publish the post. That's when Mike and Marshall and Scoble will find out, along with everyone else. If they want to write about it, if they have something to add, great. If not, no big loss. No one needs 18 duplicate idiotic blog posts hanging on your announcement, or worse, hanging on the piece written by the asshole who broke the embargo. Embargoes are for ink-stained 20th century idiot loser throwbacks. - Dave Winer
Dave is doing a micro-embargo - directeur
directeur: that's funny! - Robert Scoble
Robert: He ended it! ;) - directeur
Dave: The problem is that some of the ones you cited won't write anything if they're not the first on it. No, I didn't meant Robert or Marshall. And that being said, I, for one, don't care at all about such a "loss" - directeur
I had to put that placeholder comment there while I wrote the bit cause of the way FriendFeed works. Otherwise someone else would have gotten the first comment and that would have spoiled the layout. So what do you think? Are embargoes for losers and crybabies? - Dave Winer
directeur: right. And that works for companies that care about Twitter, blog, Facebook, FriendFeed traffic. But what if you want to get onto Walt Mossberg's column in NYT? Then the game is different. Steve Jobs continually says "hell with bloggers" and gives out first iPhones to Mossberg and three other journalists. - Robert Scoble
directeur, so? Who cares? It doesn't matter. Why do I need 18 identical articles to tell the story? You think that makes the product more successful? I don't. I think it's a way for PR people to tell their clients they're doing them some good in a statistical way, but it doesn't translate into more happy users. Pretty sure of that. - Dave Winer
And by the way, they need to get over that. They should only write a piece when they have something to add. Regurgitating press releases *is* 20th Century journalism and is bullshit. - Dave Winer
Please note: I totally agree with Dave and have been asking people to just Twitter their press announcements first. Then I can retweet them, and blog them and whatever. - Robert Scoble
The real value is in the video anyway that I do after the news. Speaking of which, I have a fun video of Loic Le Meur giving Joi Ito a demo of Seesmic's new features. Be back in a few minutes with that. - Robert Scoble
Dave and Robert: Tou're both right! What I meant is that old copywriting principle: You won't create a need, you won't change the consummer. You create a product that satisfies a consummer's need. And if your product is really worth attention, no matter if Mike speaks about it or not, it'll be known and used, be it at least by word-of-mouth - directeur
Will Mossberg's opinion mean much 3 years from now? How about 5? Who cares if he likes the iPhone or whatever new Apple product Apple is peddling. Many people see right through this crap. - Brett Nordquist
Exactly. I care much more if Brett Norquist likes it, because you're not a pompous airbag who's wined and dined by industry assholes and afraid that you might offend someone and not get invited to LeWeb or The Gillmor Gang or FOO Camp if you say the product is slow or buggy or pointless. We needed blogs because the press was too incestuous with the vendors and vice versa. So they recreated the system. BFD. It's still obsolete and a public nuisance. - Dave Winer
Dave: You've just nailed it! - directeur
Brett: many CEOs say that Mossberg isn't important to them anymore ('s CEO even wrote a blog post saying that two years ago). In fact, a few CEOs tell me they got the most traffic to their pages from Twitter, not from any single blog. That's why I love Twitter and FriendFeed. No one is an "A lister" here. If I try getting out of control you just can leave me a comment saying I'm a pompous airbag who's wined and dined by industry assholes. - Robert Scoble
directeur, you should read some of the Davenets I wrote in 1994 and 1995 and again in 1998 and 1999 and in 2003. You'll see we're just popping the same bubble over and over. Great. - Dave Winer
Robert: Ha! You're right, but things are still to improve and you know what I mean ;) - directeur
@Brett - nobody cares about Mossberg or even much about his opinion - they care about putting the product in front of his audience. - Eddy Cole
Oh, by the way, today with Loic Le Meur I told him why I don't use Twhirl or Seesmic and how to get me back. I don't care if I get invited back to Le Web. And I made my own foocamp. Every day has been a foocamp in my life since getting kicked out of that four years ago. Funny enough I'm interviewing Tim O'Reilly on Friday. I might just tell him what I thought about getting kicked out. - Robert Scoble
There's hope for you yet Scoble. :-) - Dave Winer
Dave, and so was the case of an old greek philosopher :) - directeur
Oh, and Dave, I remember you showing me a few things and asking me not to blog about them until you had a chance to explain them first. So, even you have a use for embargos and NDAs. - Robert Scoble
Just say NO to dingleberries! - Mona Nomura
Robert, they're not the same IMHO. Was what I asked you an embargo? Don't think so... I just wanted an expert's opinion from a fellow ninja and some time :) - directeur
directeur: they are a member of the same family. I guess you didn't ask me to not talk until tomorrow at 9 a.m., but you asked me not to tell anyone about what you're doing until you had a chance to work on it more. I think that's very fair, by the way, and I agree to those kinds of things all the time. I'm rarely in the news business lately anyway. - Robert Scoble
Hey, we all break our own rules from time to time. That doesn't mean they aren't the RIGHT rules,right? :-) "Embargoes are for ink-stained 20th century idiot loser throwbacks." Here-here! What do PR firms do any more, but help you write that draft post if you don't have time or in-house resources and aggregate subscriptions to the 19th century newswires for slightly more affordable access? - michael silverton
We need a definition of embargo. I'm too tired to write one but it involves briefing more than one person to try to create a surge of orchestrated press. I might have told you about something I wanted to do as a form of kibitzing, but not for the purpose of getting you to write about it. I would much rather follow the formula I put out at the beginning of this thread. Then if you screw it up (sorry but you usually do) at least people can read the official explanation of what the thing actually is. - Dave Winer
Dave: that's because you never give me your own demo on video. That's what I usually do with new companies, so your point is incorrect. I would rather have a CEO explain what he's doing by showing it to me. Or, in the case of what Seesmic did today, showing it to someone else and letting me film (that'll be up in a few minutes). - Robert Scoble
I don't like doing videos. - Dave Winer
Dave, you read my mind. So many brands don't even have their own blogs. They could be doing exactly what TechCrunch is doing, to just as large an audience, with just their brand if they put some effort into it. - Jesse Stay
Dave: that's OK, I'll always be among the first to link to your new stuff however you like to explain it. - Robert Scoble
Jesse: I don't know about "just as large an audience." Potentially as large, yes. More targeted and probably relevant, yes. We humans still have this herd behavior where we tend to anoint tribal clue leaders and then tune out all the rest. Often strikes me as an evolutionary hurdle. - michael silverton
Dave: So maybe just add to your opening comment as optional step: create Viddler, Vimeo, BlipTV, BlogTV, Ustream, whatever; and make public at time of blog post. Seesmic stands alone for conversation; several others have great HD quality for one-time blasts. For additional video expertise: and among others. RS needs no introduction. :-) - michael silverton
My comment when I bookmarked this on delicious: If you think you need to control press coverage, what you actually need to do is come up with a good product. - Jordan Cole
As long as blogs keep moving more toward operating like MSM, then traditional things like embargos will exist for blogs as well as MSM. - Lynne d Johnson
I'm finding it more difficult to determine who is on the take and who isn't. If Mossberg writes about Netbooks I'm skeptical because I don't know if there's some sweet deal for Walt. Maybe there isn't but I trust Dave's take on Netbooks because he spends his own money on them. When I worked for Microsoft we sent high end laptops to editors (like PC Mag) to review products like Office. But they could keep the laptop. How many bad reviews do you think were written on those laptops? - Brett Nordquist
Stilist: Well said. - michael silverton
Brett: This doesn't get less ambiguous, moving forward, does it? :-) - michael silverton
Lynne: I think that was Dave's original point, no? Save as draft. Push live when ready. - michael silverton
I have some thoughts on this topic. If you're interested, just ping me so I can send you an NDA. Once you agree to it, I'm happy to offer some analysis. Thx. - Kevin C. Tofel
Kevin: Please consider this comment as signed NDA. Fire away. :-) - michael silverton
Sorry Michael. I mentioned my commentary to the kids at dinner in passing and it's all over Runescape now. I release you from said NDA. :) - Kevin C. Tofel
Kevin: Oh, gee golly, really? Darn. Well, ooo-kay, let me know if we at The Gullible Agency LLC can be of any future service and Have A Nice Day. ;-) - michael silverton
Beth Kanter
have a job description in your nonprofit for these roles?
Sarah Perez
Beth Kanter
wow louis gray understand the difference between network building and self promotion wish others did
Actually that's Michael Fruchter, a guest blogger on - Jesse Stay
Stowe Boyd
Twitter To Go It Alone, Leaves Facebook Deal On The Table -
yippee, way to go etc - Denise Young
Louis Gray
Sarah Perez
How to Tell if Your Cat is Plotting to Kill You -
How to Tell if Your Cat is Plotting to Kill You
You don't really ever have to wonder. The answer is always yes. - ThePicMan
Dave Winer
Future vision: News will be non-profit. Reporters' jobs, much-diminished. Sources will rule the roost. They work for free as always.
All non-profit businesses are dying.First or last. - Igor Poltavskiy
Chris Brogan
Communications in a Post Media World -
Chris - please keep writing about this, especially the Tune In, Gather part - it's such an important piece of the picture, but the hardest bit to 'get' and apply. - Denise Young
Bret Taylor
xkcd - Election -
xkcd - Election
Thanks for pointing out the alt-text. It's funnier than the comic. - Piaw Na
This was already happening on the news last night. Gotta talk about SOMEthing, right? - Josh Haley
Paul Buchheit
McCain Loses It: Calls Americans 'My Fellow Prisoners' -
McCain Loses It: Calls Americans 'My Fellow Prisoners'
Surreality. - Larry Kless from twhirl
wtf. Memory lapses? That could be so funny during talks with international leaders :) - Mathieu Ayel
Prisoners? - Ron
a very understandable Freudian slip... hello Hanoi Hilton?... empathy people. shows you what kind of dude he is. - NoahDavidSimon
at least he stopped with the "my friends" for at least 2 seconds. That is really grating on my nerves. - Mark O'Neill
I don't see how anyone could politicize the slip... "My Fellow Prisoners" ...the dude has been through a lot. - NoahDavidSimon
I don't see how anyone could *personalize* the slip. Post-traumatic stress disorder makes it understandable. But politically, PTSD is an issue worth discussing if he wants to be President. - Bruce Lewis
He could have said: " My fellow inmates..." - Paul Denlinger
McCain's America: Welcome to the asylum. - Rebecca MacKinnon from twhirl
A commenter called "crabwalk" in The Nation story about this video wrote: "Somebody has to get to one of his rallies and hold up a giant queen of hearts." - Rebecca MacKinnon from twhirl
@Karim: *excellent* show - MikeAmundsen
An excellent show that in no way should be associated with McCain. Who are you? I am number 2. Who is number 1? You are number 6. I am not a number I am a free man! Be seeing you. - AJ Kohn
I don't know -- I think McCain's whole campaign might be based on that episode of "The Prisoner." It featured the sudden, inexplicable appearance of an idiotic woman whose grasp of English was somewhat impaired -- hellooo? remind you of anyone? -- but she's really this scheming manipulator who turns out to be... The Real Number 2. "My fellow prisoners," indeed. [two-fingered salute] Be seeing you. - Karim
Dave Winer
@djgallardo -- I'm moving to Vancouver if they win, giving up on the USA.
Dave Winer
Op-Ed Columnist - Revolt of the Nihilists - Op-Ed - -
Op-Ed Columnist - Revolt of the Nihilists - Op-Ed -
"I’ve spoken with several House Republicans over the past few days and most admirably believe in free-market principles. What’s sad is that they still think it’s 1984. They still think the biggest threat comes from socialism and Walter Mondale liberalism. They seem not to have noticed how global capital flows have transformed our political economy. We’re living in an age when a vast excess of capital sloshes around the world fueling cycles of bubble and bust. When the capital floods into a sector or economy, it washes away sober business practices, and habits of discipline and self-denial. Then the money managers panic and it sloshes out, punishing the just and unjust alike." - Dave Winer from Bookmarklet
This is an awesome column. - Robert Scoble
It is a milestone. I wrote a few paragraphs on its amazingness. - Dave Winer
Tech hasn't felt the pain yet. - Robert Scoble
That's where you and I disagree Robert. - Dave Winer
Dave: I visited three startup CEOs and a recruiter company. We haven't felt much pain at all yet. We all know it is coming though. - Robert Scoble
Were the startups aimed at consumers or businesses? The biggest impact is going to be on industries focussed on selling to the very wealthy (private schools should probably expect some belt tightening). I just don't think that this is going to precipitate a global downturn. The impact is heavily focussed on the US and UK. Falls in Asian and Euro markets are about uncertainty rather than anything fundamental. Expect the world to keep turning and the US economy to be supported as a result. Optimist :). - mattpovey
@robert do any of them actually have a cogent business plan on how to generate profit that doesn't rely upon advertising or being bought out by google? or are they all "hey this is cool, lets give it a try and see what happens" VC startups? From my viewpoint it's a bad time to be in tech. Jobs are being shed, pay is going down or stagnating, choice in hardware manufacturers is at an all time low... - alphaxion
@Robert, Some areas of Tech have been feeling pain for quite a while. In particular, Semiconductor Capital Equipment has been in the dumps for a couple of years. Major companies such as KLA-Tencor, Applied Materials, Novellus to name just a few, have been having quarterly layoffs and FTO for the past 2 + years. It is not looking any better for this sector going forward into 2009. - Jeff P. Henderson
All three are interesting companies. More later. One is an enterprise company. - Robert Scoble
Jeff: it is going to get worse. - Robert Scoble
@Robert, that's what scares me. It's already bad and we probably haven't seen anything yet. - Jeff P. Henderson
What scares me is that the green technology companies that have been springing up over the past couple of years have a really excellent chance to grow and make a significant difference in the world by providing a vibrant new market sector, providing jobs, making technological advances that will benefit everyone. But if the financial markets fail, most of these start ups will lose access to capital and ultimately fail too. - Jeff P. Henderson
I wasn't clear, I meant to say some of us feel the pain already, not that there won't be people losing jobs. The end of a tech cycle starts when new ideas are not as important as who you know. Then all that blows up and we start again. The current crop of gatekeepers are about to lose their sway, but for me it ended when they got ensconced. I've been writing about it for years but you guys didn't believe me. Advertising and the web is pretty much over. - Dave Winer
If unemployment shoots up, and no one has any discretionary income to spend, then the value of advertising on the will drop to a point where it will kill off all but the top few companies that rely on it for their sole source of revenue. Will Google be the last man standing? - Jeff P. Henderson
Dave, May I have some links to read what you have written before about this issue? - Reza
Jeff. In my talks with VCs, the only thing that is 'protected' right now is the Green tech. For months many startups have been getting the cold shoulder unless they were 'green tech' plays in which case there has been quite a bit of funding (perhaps even too much, i.e. duplication in certain areas). We'll have to see how it plays out. - Andrew Leyden
Dave: I'm on board with this. It's why I stopped caring about TechMeme and stopped investing so much time in my blog. Change is definitely in the air and a storm is blowing in. We've only seen the first few warning signs, though. Everyone in the valley is boarding up the windows (metaphorically) and preparing for the biggest storm of the century. - Robert Scoble
I live in Beijing and must say that most Red state Americans are clueless about globalization and its effects. The average Chinese farmer has a better understanding than the Congressional representative who keeps on blathering about how great America is while supporting tax cuts and refusing to invest in the country's infrastructure. Come to China and I'll show you what modern national infrastructure looks like. - Paul Denlinger
@Robert, you are falling into your dooms day mode again. Remember two weeks ago after the RNC when McCain's poll numbers jumped up and you called the election over the the Dems? Things have changed dramatically since then. I hope you are wrong overreacting to the present financial crisis. But I have a feeling you are probably on the mark with this one. - Jeff P. Henderson
@jeff well google has been revising down the return they pay out to those who use their ad network for a few years now. I have said many times to people, advertising revenue alone should never be used as a main source of revenue for a company.. a nice side, yes. But your main? you're asking for trouble. - alphaxion
Paul: I'll be in China in early November. Can't wait to see what's gone on there since I visited in 1995. Jeff: well, it took melting down our freaking economy to get us to stop focusing so much energy on Palin (although now she's imploding far faster than I expected her to do). I hope I'm wrong too. I hope this turns out to be a little tiny squall and we get back on track. I'm hearing it's not, though. - Robert Scoble
"What we need in this situation is authority. Not heavy-handed government regulation, but the steady and powerful hand of some public institutions that can guard against the corrupting influences of sloppy money and then prevent destructive contagions when the credit dries up." Who's left with authority ? - Antoine Bertier
Louis Gray
The Hubris of the Twitterati and Twitterati Wannabes -
My what an unpopular post this will probably turn out to be. That's why I love this blog. Those who contribute to it say things that would be taboo for less popular blogs and you rarely pull punches. Once again you hit the nail on the head. Great work Cyndy :) - Derick Valadao
Thanks Derick. ;) - Cyndy
Cyndy does a great job, which is why she was the first person I invited to be a guest poster. I'm glad to have given her a new platform to express her good posts. - Louis Gray
Cyndy has expressed my thoughts on the Twitter Followed/Following issue far more eloquently than I ever could. - Sally - Skyrimmin' It
Great post! I just don't think Twitter can last much longer. - Bill Sodeman
I'd be interested to see exactly how many people were only concerned with followers, because the opposite was true of my 1000 (before the cull!) connections. - Badger Gravling
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