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Visualizing @GenomeBrowser liftOver/chain files using animated #SVG -
IGVFox: Integrative Genomics Viewer control through mozilla Firefox -
Using the Ensembl Regulatory Build to annotate some VCF files -
hello frienfeed, twitter is down.
Twitter seems to work for me right now... (2 hours after your FF post) - Egon Willighagen
Parallelizing GNU #Make 4 in a #SLURM infrastructure/cluster -
A GNU-make plug-in for the #Illumina FASTQs. -
writing #rstats bindings for bwa-mem, my notebook. -
Including the hash for the current git-commit in a C program -
Pushed : makefile2graph , creating a graph of dependencies from GNU-Make. -
Pushed today: verticalize , an everyday linux command to verticalize tab-delimited files -
Breaking the " same origin security policy" with CORS. An example with @GenomeBrowser / DAS. -
A nodejs-based REST server for the UCSC @GenomeBrowser -
How I start a bioinformatics project -
Generating wikipedia semantic links from a pubmed-id -
twitter is down ! :-)
Mapping the UCSC/Web-Sequences to a world map. -
Hi FriendFeed, Twitter is down.
Inside Jvarkit: view BAM, cut, stats, head, tail, shuffle, downsample VCFs... -
"Mon make à moi", (tout sauf Galaxy) -
"Mon make à moi", (tout sauf Galaxy)
Inside Jvarkit: Shrink your fastqs by 40% by aligning them to REF before compression. -
GNU Make: saving the versions of the tools using 'order-only-prerequisites' : my notebook -
YES: "Choice of transcripts and software has a large effect on variant annotation" -
PubMed Commons & Bioinformatics: a call for action -
Inside the variation toolkit: Generating a structured document describing an Illumina directory. -
Rapid prototyping of a read-only Lims using JSON and Apache Velocity. -
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