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BBC News - Egyptian pyramids found by infra-red satellite images - http://www.bbc.co.uk/news...
BBC News - Egyptian pyramids found by infra-red satellite images
"Seventeen lost pyramids are among the buildings identified in a new satellite survey of Egypt. More than 1,000 tombs and 3,000 ancient settlements were also revealed by looking at infra-red images which show up underground buildings." - Lit from Bookmarklet
Take that!, Geraldo Rivera - Steve Koch
Jeff Habig
@BoraZ has created a #icanhazpdf hash tag on twitter to facilitate pdf exchange. Might be an option if you don't get what you're looking for through here.
I would know how to pull a twitter search into a ff group, but not sure about the other way around... and #icanhazpdf is for when the ff group did not help... - Egon Willighagen
Hmmm, an editor for a site that has paywall content that's owned by NPG starts a free PDF movement? Interesting. - Brian Krueger - LabSpaces
Really like the idea, I just hope Bora doesn't lose his job over it. - Brian Krueger - LabSpaces
Making me second guess mentioning of the source...believe #icanhazpdf is designed to take advantage of large user base - not as a fall back to FF. Perhaps pulling the twitter search into FF would be the best way to support the movement? - Jeff Habig
As Bora says, he is doing what the RefsWanted room does, only perhaps more efficiently. I have consistently expressed my opinion that Fair Use covers the activities of the RW room, but (as I have also said repeatedly) it is a question of efficiency -- once Big Publishing thinks that peer-to-peer access sharing is efficient enough to put a dent in their profits, they will balance that... more... - Bill Hooker
It goes without saying but I'll say it anyway -- I am not a lawyer, so take my opinions with an appropriately large grain of salt. - Bill Hooker
Twitter is better at getting a call out but it is worse at organizing the delivery. I don't know their emails and if they have received it already by someone else. FF is still way better than twitter .. too bad twitter's simplicity won the scale. - Pedro Beltrao
What Pedro said... - Björn Brembs
@Bill: I only wish they'd go after me - then their extortion will come to light and we can post journal subscriptions on http://majorityleader.gov/youcut... :-) - Björn Brembs
I had a mild disagreement with @BoraZ on this issue, but was actually looking for a good reason to assuage my guilt stemming from what I thought was indulging in an unethical practice... He convinced me all too easily! :P - Pranab Chatterjee
(@graham thank my high school biology teacher for my love of elegant english words :P) - Pranab Chatterjee
Simon Cockell
Toward an interactive article: integrating journals and biological databases. - http://www.citeulike.org/user...
BMC bioinformatics, Vol. 12, No. 1. (19 May 2011), 175. ABSTRACT: BACKGROUND: Journal articles and databases are two major modes of communication in the biological sciences, and thus integrating these critical resources is of urgent importance to increase the pace of discovery. Projects focused on bridging the gap between journals and databases have been on the rise over the last five years and have resulted in the development of automated tools that can recognize entities within a document and link those entities to a relevant database. Unfortunately, automated tools cannot resolve ambiguities that arise from one term being used to signify entities that are quite distinct from one another. Instead, resolving these ambiguities requires some manual oversight. Finding the right balance between the speed and portability of automation and the accuracy and flexibility of manual effort is a crucial goal to making text markup a successful venture. RESULTS: We have established a journal... - Simon Cockell
Allyson Lister
Is there a special name for when you search the net for a solution, and find you already blogged one, years ago? http://themindwobbles.wordpress.com/2009...
pierrism? - Egon Willighagen
unless the you points at yourself... it's more common that Pierre already did it years ago... - Egon Willighagen
Isn't that just called "blogging"? Happens to me all the time :-) - AJCann
:) yeah I suppose it is just blogging, but it's definitely a bit embarrassing that I searched for, found, and then blogged an answer, and then forgot all about it! - Allyson Lister
Ricardo Vidal
Microsoft + Skype = OMG! // via popurls.com - http://www.pop.is/2knno
RT @Happybene: Geeks et networks, the musical. http://www.youtube.com/watch...
RT @Happybene: Geeks et networks, the musical. http://youtu.be/soAk3F0wX9s
Egon Willighagen
Hope Leman
RT @Scobleizer: Wow @jesse is reporting that Twitter and Facebook have removed RSS: http://www.staynalive.com/2011...
Jean-Claude Bradley
Collaboration using Open Notebook Science in Academia book chapter - http://usefulchem.blogspot.com/2011...
Collaboration using Open Notebook Science in Academia book chapter
Henrietta Lacks enfin traduit en francais ! cc @rebeccaskloot @elifsulavraie http://twitpic.com/4sq2z6
Henrietta Lacks enfin traduit en francais ! cc @rebeccaskloot @elifsulavraie http://t.co/ZUqHbV8
Shiran Pasternak
RT @natalietweets: BREAKING NEWS: Chuck Norris has just returned from Pakistan!!
Egon Willighagen
The Parser that Cracked the MediaWiki Code | Software Research and the Industry - http://dirkriehle.com/2011...
Pedro Beltrao
RT @Camilletouraine: Comment reconnaître un mathématicien extraverti d'un mathématicien introverti ? L'extraverti regarde VOS chaussures.
Des chercheurs contre les pratiques éditoriales de Télérama sur le hors-série Dogon http://blogs.mediapart.fr/blog... (via @godefroy_b)
Kaitlin Thaney
in preparation for next week's royal nuptials. send wedding gifts. #family #hilarity http://twitpic.com/4ojvye
in preparation for next week's royal nuptials. send wedding gifts. #family #hilarity http://twitpic.com/4ojvye
striking resemblance, eh? ;) - Kaitlin Thaney
Greg Laden
Jonathan Eisen
Wanted - best/funniest/strangest Acknowledgements sections from papers http://phylogenomics.blogspot.com/2011... #fb
David Rothman (☤)
Google search results explained
Do you have a source for this? Did you create it? I'd love to use it in my next book. - Michael Sauers
I saw it in makeuseof, Michael. - David Rothman (☤) from Android
Thanks, traced it back to a redit post. - Michael Sauers
And Reddit got it from a tumblr blog, which got it from a tumblr blog (repeat 50 times) and I still never figured out who made it. - David Rothman (☤) from Android
Can't we say (c) The F'n Internet, 2011 and be happy? - ♫Maurice the Dolphin♫
Not if we're to be pedantic libraryfolk, Mo. No. :p - David Rothman (☤)
Michael Barton
GitWrite - blogging for nerds - http://gitwrite.com/
looks like a potentially great platform for a lab notebook... - Carl Boettiger
Sounds an awful lot like http://pages.github.com/ GitHub Pages is an awesome platform for hosting documentation. For example, we use it to host http://gunicorn.org from this GitHub branch: http://github.com/benoitc... - Paul J. Davis
There's a great desktop/cloud notebook app to be written using git as a back end. Anybody got into the guts of this and seen what is different if anything under the hood? - Cameron Neylon from twhirl
I know that the Mercurial vs. Git debate seems to have been won by git in the Open Science community, but if you want a saner life you should look at http://hatta-wiki.org/ (Also see http://www.mzlinux.org/node... for a list of Mercurial/Git backed wiki engines.) True nerds should consider an Emacs Org mode backed blog or wiki http://orgmode.org/worg... which can also be combined with revision control. - Matt Leifer
Just thought about an Emacs org-mode + git solution, too. Especially as it can include executable code snippets via Babel: http://orgmode.org/worg... (at the bottom of this page you can find a description how this can be used for reproducible research). - Konrad Förstner
The server software used for display must be available for the content to be truly portable. Would be happy to see even if only basic features were available so far. - Mike Chelen
Hatta looks good, wonder how difficult it is to get set up? - Mike Chelen
Ended up using Github's Git-backed wikis https://github.com/blog.... Now if only there were a way to allow comments similar to blog posts... - Mike Chelen
Daniel Mietchen
"Researchers are not allowed to write about their original research in Wikipedia" Not allowed... by whom?? #fail - Egon Willighagen
Daniel... I started, but gave up... cannot do this survey... too subjective. - Egon Willighagen
Thanks, Egon. Yes, very subjective, just like the decision to contribute or not. That's why we need many responses to reach somewhat objective ground on at least some of the questions. - Daniel Mietchen
Michael Nielsen
The Programming Historian | NiCHE - http://niche-canada.org/program...
"The Programming Historian is an open-access introduction to programming in Python, aimed at working historians (and other humanists) with little previous experience." - Michael Nielsen
Egon Willighagen
Phew... we survived.
Michael Barton
(4) Linux: What are some time-saving tips that every Linux user should know - http://quora.com/Linux...
switch to a mac? .... :) - Rajarshi Guha
Roderic Page
Paper on NCBI and Wikipedia published in PLoS Currents: Tree of Life - http://iphylo.blogspot.com/2011...
Egon Willighagen
happy with my second and third package on CRAN: http://cran.r-project.org/web... #rdf #sparql
Ian Holmes
How Differential Gear works must see 100% - http://www.youtube.com/watch...
How Differential Gear works must see 100%
Cameron Neylon
Or another way to put it. By ensuring I can share my data with anyone, I ensure I can share it with myself in six months time #jiscmrd
Similar to Greg Landrum's argument for open sourcing code developed while in a company... - Noel O'Boyle
Didn't Linus Torvalds say that the best backup was to upload everything and let the world mirror it? - Morton Fox
Regarding git, that's right. But that's sort of different, as Cameron is talking about the right to access in 6-months time, more than just backup. - Noel O'Boyle
Simon Cockell
Gitmarks: A Bookmark Sharing System Built on Git - http://www.readwriteweb.com/hack...
Steve Koch
It is very very cool, so fulfilling to see an image I uploaded to wikimedia commons being reused in several other wikipedia articles. - http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki...
It is very very cool, so fulfilling to see an image I uploaded to wikimedia commons being reused in several other wikipedia articles.
It really makes it feel like the 10 minutes to upload was worth it to share a little bit of what I learned during 3 hours of research when my daughter came down with the "amoxicillin rash." Seems even cooler to me that three of the articles are in languages I can't read! - Steve Koch from Bookmarklet
Yeah, agreed, uploaded a few myself, nice getting them used on WP, especially if uploaded pics have a good quality and contrast ratio +1. - joergkurtwegner
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