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Running a picard tool in the #KNIME workflow engine -
Inside the Variation toolkit: annotating a VCF with the data of NCBI biosystems mapped to BED. -
Playing with the "UCSC Genome Browser Track Hubs". my notebook -
Inside the Variation Toolkit: Gene Ontology for VCF, GUI for VCF -
Mapping the annotations of a query sequence on a BLAST hit, my notebook. -
How to fit a sentence in a rectangle with the Hershey vectorial font. -
Binding a C library with Javascript/ #mozilla. An example with the Tabix library -
Filtering a VCF with javascript -
A Tribble/FeatureCodec handling JSON-based annotations files. -
Drawing a Timeline with jquery. -
Drawing a Timeline with jquery.
Inserting the result of a BLAST into a Database using XSLT. -
Java JNI bindings for BWA(mem-lite) -
playing with BWA-MEM : my notebook -
Embedding Pubmed, Graphiviz and a remote image in #LaTeX. My notebook. . -
Filtering a BAM with javascript. -
4 Tools I wrote today to annotate VCF files. -
Counting the reads in a BAM file using SGE and the Open-MPI library: my notebook. -
Making use of Picard Metrics files using XML and XSLT. #ngs -
Samtools tview as a library to display the BAM -
A XML schema (xsd) for GeneOntology -
RDF/Jena: a simple extension for XSLT/XALAN. Testing with NCBI-Gene -
Reading/Writing a VCF file with the GATK-API. -
visualizing the dependencies in a Makefile -
Creating a virtual RDF graph describing a set of OpenOffice spreadsheets with Apache Jena and Fuzeki -
Saving your tweets in a database using sqlite, rhino, scribe, javascript -
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