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I think this theme is going to sell really well, already ranking #1 on ThemeForest for 'SEO'
RT @blimpage: Waste your time doing a thing you don't need to do on your way to the thing you're not going to
heading to @startupgrind @vinomofo love their marketing
I look forward to that game this morning being referenced in a sports trivia game 20 yrs from now
(don't) fear the beard:
RT @rogbennett: John Brooks joins Starsky & Hutch, Magnum PI, 1985 Chicago Bears team, Ferris Bueller in my pantheon of Great American Heroes
Donovan's veteran leadership can secure this victory in the second, oh wait
US needs to figure out how to defend on the left side of the D
Looking for a GIF of that Van Persie header
whoa, five dev/designer combos have hit power elite this week, $1MM in total sales each. cc @danmikhael
Nice rundown of the new TLDs -
want to start your own business?
As you move into neighborhoods where people want good internet, internet quality goes down because more ppl are using it. feels ironic
One way communication with @internode
RT @SmallTimeVC: Amazing infographic explains what's wrong with Aus tech startup sector #startupaus
Interesting outlook - and I didn't even realize it was a landing page until I was sold
Surprise bday gift from @adfit11
RT @madlep: Founders, Travel and Epic Beards: What Happens After Envato
Rewarding success vs rewarding failure
thinking about the world cup -
Via a unique sequence of thumbs ups and thumbs downs, my Pandora station has turning into Rage, Tool, Beastie Boys, repeat
Half marathon completed http://tomatotiming.racetecres...
The morning of discovery continues. This Icelandic stamp shows you how to make a Hot Dog
What a care pack from Iceland looks like
RT @apike: Chrome’s moving to bury the URL.
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