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RT @joshjanssen: Love that in Pakistan there is free wifi everywhere I go! Just about every restaurant i've been to has it.
Watching March Madness reminds me of this classic Onion headline
Men's Wearhouse (1/5) -
"Do yourself a favor and never come here. If you're getting married, you can just go to Macy's where you can buy a suit for close to the same price as a rental. Their 'name brand' styles are also low…" - aholmes360
and now I can't easily block Tablet traffic, which has always performed worse, almost everywhere I've worked
AdWords Enhanced Campaigns just looks like a way to get more advertisers on mobile = increase mobile revenue.
Looking for a part time designer in Melbourne and a full time marketing analyst.
Great new! RT @inspiredworlds We've had 100k downloads of our apps to date. Vanity metric badge unlocked! #fb
RT @yougo: "Google says 40% of mobile searches has a local intent." #source13
The countdown begins. 30 minutes until the Holiday Bundle.
Glad to see I've made it! RT @CarmenAngerer @aholmes360 The only reason I followed you is because Britney Spears does.
Glad to see I've made it! RT @carmenagerer - @aholmes360 The only reason I followed you is because Britney Spears does.
RT @eMarketer: BuzzFeed reports the number of their links shared via email has dropped off drastically since the beginning of 2012.
"Passion is not something you follow. It’s something that will follow you as you put in the hard work to become valuable to the world." #NYT
And I just responded to 'Ad Targeting is Hard' -
Reading some super insightful posts on ad targeting this AM. First up, how to make mobile ads work -
Retargeting Ads: 25% like. 60% neutral. 15% don't like - - There are ways to make more people like
Loving the Sparrow App for email on mac. 10x easier/faster than the last client I was using
Love watching the growth of startups in Boston from the other side of the world - New MIT Accelerator - - via @znh
RT @sfaxon: AWS is down because of electrical storm. The cloud is no match for the clouds.
New homepage is up!
What Conversions Rates Look Like in Real Time -
What conversion rates look like in real time -
I'm talking retargeting with @hyvassistant over at Match your audience + creative + context.
Adding logos to NBA Jerseys?
Go Lehigh (and Patriots League!)
driving the @rdio bandwagon right now. Digging the off-line music feature on iPhone
Some lean startup goodness -
Some lean startup goodness -
The best part about the new iPad? Buying the original iPad at a discount.
RT @mattcutts: Google releases info on 40 search changes:
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