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RT @teamrampantlion: @vkhosla Data itself is not that important. Turning it into insights is what we should be excited about and committed to achieving. #xmed
the future of email marketing -
wait, I just got a twitter ad going to a press release?
Ahh $GOOG I've spent my career working in your world
RT @sidviswanathan: "Virality isn't luck. It's not magic. And it's not random. There's a science behind why people talk and share."
Building a house puts things in perspective
Ironically lost data connection while going past the Telstra building
"to Trello" (verb) to backlog useless activities and create a prioritized list of actions that maximize output
I feel like @trello is everywhere in my life now
Well hello there @EnvatoMarket
My first public health experience: feels a lot like the DMV
Rise of the million dollar plugin makers
RT @DomainNameWire: starts offering domain name registration
So comfortable on the 96 might forget to get off
Mexican dinner with @Marina_K on the other side of the world from Mexico
I think this theme is going to sell really well, already ranking #1 on ThemeForest for 'SEO'
RT @blimpage: Waste your time doing a thing you don't need to do on your way to the thing you're not going to
heading to @startupgrind @vinomofo love their marketing
I look forward to that game this morning being referenced in a sports trivia game 20 yrs from now
(don't) fear the beard:
RT @rogbennett: John Brooks joins Starsky & Hutch, Magnum PI, 1985 Chicago Bears team, Ferris Bueller in my pantheon of Great American Heroes
Donovan's veteran leadership can secure this victory in the second, oh wait
US needs to figure out how to defend on the left side of the D
Looking for a GIF of that Van Persie header
whoa, five dev/designer combos have hit power elite this week, $1MM in total sales each. cc @danmikhael
Nice rundown of the new TLDs -
want to start your own business?
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