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You look awesome!

You look awesome!

A place for sharing clothes & bodies in a positive & supportive environment. You look awesome!
I can't believe how much weight I have gained lately, you guys. It's a very good thing (and really not all that much), but there is still that stupid mental voice that's like "OMG YOU'RE SO FAT!" So annoying, so insane :P
Body Image: Compare these two students. Which one is healthy and fit? -
"· Cathy is “obese” based on her height and weight (she stands 5’2” and weighs 180 lb, Body Mass Index = 33.).  Despite her weight, she is training for a triathlon, exercises hard for 6 hours per week, and fuels her body with about 1800-2000 calories from wholesome nourishing foods.  She is trying to lose weight, but realizes that restricting her calorie intake too low will impair her health and exercise performance. · Michelle is underweight at 5’2” and 96 lb. (Body Mass Index = 17.6).  She consumes fewer than 1000 calories a day, smokes and drinks diet sodas and coffee all day to suppress her appetite, and barely has the energy to walk to school, let alone work-out." - Lo from Bookmarklet
The tips at the end were also good, particularly the points about posture/attitude shaping others perceiving you as attractive more than your body type. - Lo
Playing with jewelry options for the first wedding (only 11 more days!). Opinions always welcome :) I'm thinking of doing different accessories for the 2 different weddings.
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First combo up (1) is silver dinosaur necklace (2) and simple studs (3). Second combo (4) is butterfly necklace (5), which I like but may be *too* shiny, and butterfly earrings (6). Third combo (7) is green beaded necklace & earrings. The hat (8) is for the reception (inside joke with my crush), was considering this crazy headband (9) for the actual wedding. Two purse options (10, 11) - purse #2 seems better but doesn't hold as much. The front-runner by far for the first wedding (a geek affair) is the dinosaur necklace. I think it's a T-Rex, but I'm calling it a velociraptor!! Would make a great conversation piece :) - Lo
If you can get away with wearing a dinosaur to a wedding, I say DO IT! I love the flower headband too, super cute. I tend to be into matchy stuff, so the butterfly necklace/earrings is totally my taste. But again, dino jewelry trumps. As for the purse, if it holds the essentials it's big enough. I carry a small city with me but I have a purse just big enough for my phone, cash, and cards. It's freeing to have so little with you sometimes. ^_^ Also, you wear the hell out of that hat. - Heather
I'm so excited about the hat :) The Madison we learned was from a Godard movie (the dance scene that inspired Pulp Fiction, it turns out) & the chick wears a fedora. I didn't think I could find one that fit (I have a big head), and gave up. Then we scored big in the Target clearance bin! - Lo from Android
Man, I thought the velociraptor necklace would cause controversy... should have posted to my feed too, I guess. - Lo
Who else thinks bowling shoes are AWESOME? I love them, especially the older "uglier" ones.
2010-04-13 18.21.30.jpg
Isn't that the point of bowling? :) - Heather
I thought it was to make Big Lebowski jokes nonstop for an hour :) - Lo
I haven't seen it. *hides* - Heather
Oh man, you too?! No worries, I will do the same clockwork-orange thing to you as I will to my dad. When I see you in Boston. At the end of June. Bonus: I may (slight chance, will know for sure in a month) have Superfly with me, if you want to meet him :D - Lo
Sweet! - Heather
Operation Wedding Outfit: Conclusion. Bought shoes & remembered I have a Batman-esque black sweater thing, so wedding outfit is complete! Thanks everyone for all the assistance. Also, a close-up of my back tattoo, since it came up yesterday.
You look fabulous. - Mary Carmen from iPhone
Very nice, Lo. Very nice indeed. - Ha3rvey (on hiatus)
You look great! - John (bird whisperer)
I love the second pic. Sexy ^_~ - Heather
I love how it accurately depicts the color of my legs :P - Lo
you look amazing =] - Marissa
You look great! - Cassandra
Love the shoes! - Paulette
I found this while shopping for those weddings, and despite serving no foreseeable purpose, it came home with me. I am mad about the polka dots, and it has the perfect twirly skirt for crazy dancing (and the price was right at $4). This is your influence, FF fashionistas! :D
Now seriously, somebody else post something because I'm tired of looking at pictures of me :P - Lo
Cute! I don't think you need an occasion to wear it, just wear it! Oh, maybe you could get it shortened just above the knee. That would be killer. :) - Heather
Operation Wedding Outfit: Emergency Backup Dress. In light of the hunt not going well & being more broke than I thought, I went through what I already own and found this dress. I like the length & shape, it'd be easy to dance in, and it's free. But I worry it's too close to black (I'm convinced it's dark navy), not spring wedding-ish enough?
I'll keep looking, but I'd like to have a fall-back to alleviate the stress. - Lo
I'd ask that girl to dance - RAPatton from iPhone
The shoes I think are the crowning part of the ensemble. ;-) - Brian Sullivan
Well, presumably I'd find something other than clogs :P My dad's first words were "YES! You should definitely wear black to a wedding!" *facepalm* If he likes it, it's definitely not appropriate. - Lo
I'm pretty sure it *is* black, but the floral pattern (or is it embroidery?) definitely makes it festive enough for a spring wedding (ie. saves it from the little-black-dress zone). - Michael R. Bernstein
Well, I got this somewhat-confusing advice about black from the bride: "There is some debate on whether or not black is appropriate so I usually just skip black when I go to a wedding just in case. (I was debating wearing a black-and-white print dress to Steve and Liz's wedding, decided against it just to be on the safe side, but I noticed a few people wearing black and white print items, so I was probably just being over cautious.) Honestly, anything that's not white or jeans is fine in my book..." - Lo
Oh, and it is embroidery. It's a little strange maybe, but I'm cool with that b/c I'm a little strange and everyone knows it. - Lo
I would say change clogs with high heels and take photos again. - ۳۰ مرغ Loves Y'ALLLLL
That sounds like a lot of work for a saturday ;) - Lo
Can I just sound slightly bitchy for a moment and end a good deal of your stress right now???? Yes? Good. IT IS OKAY TO WEAR BLACK TO A WEDDING. Maybe 50 years ago it wasn't, but I have yet to go to a wedding where no one was wearing black. I have been to three weddings where the bridesmaids dresses were black. BLACK IS OKAY. It is the original formal. Little Black Dress? Cocktail... more... - Mary Carmen
lol, thanks MC :D That does alleviate the stress considerably! I hope you're ready to help me figure out shoes, even more mysterious than dresses :) - Lo
I think I can handle shoe shopping. - Mary Carmen
Not only do I hate the way most shoes look (doesn't help that I have weird-looking feet), I really want to be able to dance. Like a lot. I actually have one nice pair of shoes, they're gray heels, but they aren't comfortable for long. - Lo
Totally possible. We can find the right shoe. Just be prepared to try on a million pairs. - Mary Carmen
Oh goody :P So where should I look? I'm assuming Target's not going to cut it this time. - Lo
What are our options? DSW? Target is a possibility. TJ Maxx? Department stores? - Mary Carmen
Probably anything. I like don't even know what clothing emporiums exist for ladies. There's a mall next door that has a Dillards & Macy's, we were discussing going there. What is DSW? We're near Disney, there are a fuckton of stores of all kinds here, and a bunch of outlet crap too I think. - Lo
DSW is where I hope I go when I die if I can't get into Neiman Marcus. It's a shoe warehouse. It has lots of designer brands at discount prices. Macys and Dillard's, esp. Dillard's, have great shoe depts. - Mary Carmen
Don't forget Nordstom! - Ha3rvey (on hiatus)
I love you, Harvey. - Mary Carmen
Someone did mention a Nordstrom's Rack nearby. You know, years ago when I was looking for heels I could actually wear (I had foot surgery a few years back and only recently made it out of sneakers-only), I fell in love with Born. But don't think I can afford that now. - Lo
There is a DSW in Orlando: Millennia Center DSW 4021 Conroy Road Orlando, FL 32839 407-903-0832 Sun 11am-7pm, Mon-Sa t 10am-9pm - Mary Carmen
Also one in Kissimmee: Loop West DSW 2571 West Osceola Parkway Kissimmee, FL 34741 407-343-7449 Sun 11am-7pm, Mon-Sa t 10am-9pm - Mary Carmen
Yeah, we were just debating whether it's worth going to Millenia (tourist trap x 1000). Probably go for Dillard's first. So worst case scenario if I ditched the shoes for vigorous dancing that wouldn't cause the wedding hounds to be released on me, right? This seems like it will be relatively casual. (sorry, I realize I'm paranoid but your reassurance of these fears is most invaluable) - Lo
You can absolutely ditch shoes to dance. What I do is I wear my shoes there, and if I need to change shoes, I always bring a pair of cheapie ballet flats that I can toss on to dance in. If you can make it through the cocktail hour with the dress shoes, you've done your due diligence. And barefeet because you are dancing is fine. Maybe you wanna bring a pair of socks so your feet don't get dirty. - Mary Carmen
If you ask me to dance with you, I'd recommend steel-toed boots. Just sayin' - Ha3rvey (on hiatus)
If you are going to go the strappy sandal route here are some ideas of what I would look for. You're gonna have to get a little bit of a heel but nothing very high. What I DO NOT want to see is anything that looks like a mule, clog, or flip flops. The shoes must have straps! Go for this kinda look if you can:... more... - Mary Carmen
If you wanna go with pumps, we can talk about those too. - Mary Carmen
is that a bonfire on your shoulder? ;) - chaz2b
OMG those links gave me a mini-heart-attack. I have basically never worn shoes like that b/c I hate my feet so much, but that probably means I should go for it. Lemme send you pics of the shoes I bought recently, I wanted to get your opinion on them anyway... - Lo
Chaz, that is the result of me telling my dear friend & her sponsor (my tattoo artist) "pick a tattoo for me & I'll get it." I don't really regret it per se, but I do not recommend the "surprise tattoo" route :P It's a lotus flower with an ohm and shit coming out of it. - Lo
I kind of forgot about the "should I show tats or not?" dilemma. Since that one's on my back, I forget it's there, which is probably the main reason it doesn't annoy me. Other people seem to like it, and I don't have to see it. - Lo
i'm delightfully surprised, thanks for sharing, :) - chaz2b
Lo, girl I love you, but fer reals, YOU WORRY TOO MUCH. No one will care about your tattoos. - Mary Carmen
Also, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but if you're going to get all dressed up in a pretty dress, you gots to wear the pretty shoes. It's a package deal. And lemme tell you, the wrong shoes kill an outfit/look in about 5 seconds. - Mary Carmen
(goodness I sound bitchy ;-) ) - Mary Carmen
I do, I worry so much, you have no idea. If you ever saw me pack for a trip... it's my secret shame :P - Lo
I'm with MC on the black dress thing. It's a staple at a wedding in NYC to see everyone wearing black. And, your dress is strapless, which means spring/summer to me. I would definitely get some strappy sandals. One way to make them more comfortable would be to put gels in them. And, if you found a wrap (pashminas are cheap and come in pretty colors), the dress could move up to the more formal level (if that's what the wedding is supposed to be). - Cassandra
i didnt mean to spark worry, or add to it, i was/am admiring your ink - chaz2b
Packing for a trip is an entire other thread. And I will readily admit, I have not mastered the art of packing light. - Mary Carmen
You know, I don't even know, and now I can't find the invite. I'm 95% sure they both start in the afternoon. - Lo
Go with some pretty jewelry ( has some great but REALLY cheap jewelry), if you don't have any to go with the dress, and even without the wrap, it can be made more dressy. Honestly, I think the dress is perfect as is and all you need are jewelry, the right pair of strappy sandals and a little feet lovin' in the form of a pedicure (self-done ones are nice). - Cassandra
Mary, I like the firm opinion. I need to be put in my place about shoes too! lol Lo, I think the only place a tattoo might be inappropriate would be a work situation. I've heard they have good cover-up though. Like super strong concealer. I think I've heard if piercings (eyebrow, nose) are ok tattoos are too. - Heather
OMFG jewelry, I didn't even think about that. And I already figured I'd have to get a nicer wrap, it's liable to be cold later in the evening (parties should go late), and I'm assuming my maverick's hoody isn't going to cut it :P - Lo
So, I guess accounting for having to buy all this other crap, I'm going to go with this dress rather than buying something new. HOORAY finally one decision made, that makes me feel so much better. - Lo
Okay, I promise this is my last bitchy comment: You know what? You're a GUEST at their wedding. YOU CANNOT WORRY ABOUT EVERYTHING BECAUSE THEY DONT CARE. They invited you because they want YOU there. They don't care about your shoes, dress, makeup, tattoos, etc. It's about you, as someone they care about, being there on the happiest day of their lives. STOP WORRYING. Look good for you.... more... - Mary Carmen
That being said. The dress has a nice embroidered pattern on it. Keep the jewelry simple. Simple jewelry, perhaps a nice pair of earrings and a necklace. Strappy shoes. A simple black wrap. You will look great. End of story. - Mary Carmen
Heh, I wasn't worried about anyone being offended by the tattoo, just not sure if I wanted to show it (given my ambivalence about it). But all the other bitching is very apropos, thanks :) - Lo
There are so many people walking around with ink these days I dont think anyone bats an eyelash any more. Unless they are over 50 and are puritans. (I apologize if I just offended anyone, but you know what I mean). This is the world we live in. And it's not your body, so why be offended? - Mary Carmen
Joey, the really sad thing is I tend to put this level of planning into almost everything I do. This is why my perfectionism qualifies for a personality disorder diagnosis :P At least I can see it's a problem, thus bringing it to FF instead of flipping out endlessly in private. What would I do without FF... - Lo
How soon is the wedding? - Heather
What Joey said x 10000 - Mary Carmen
Wedding #1 is May 2, but my flight to Cali is a week from tomorrow so I need to get stuff soon. Wedding #2 is at the end of June (and Heather I'll be in your area after that one!) - Lo
I have good news and bad news. The good news is I talked to my mom and since she has a ton of bracelets she didn't sell on Etsy she said you can have one. They're really sparkly, beaded and pretty. I can look through to get the right size and colors. She said if you're picky she might even make you one. :) The bad news is I forgot my camera cord so I can't send you the sample pics I just took! >.< - Heather
Woohoo! Sadly my single necklace just broke recently, so I could use some jewelry I guess. But I just arranged to give $965 of my dwindling savings account to taxes, so I'm going to curl up in a "lying here and not spending any money" ball for a while :P - Lo
It looks good on you! - John (bird whisperer)
Thanks John :) Tomorrow I'll have better shoes, even. - Lo
Operation Wedding Outfit, Vol. 2: I tried on a bunch more stuff & am feeling pretty angsty about this whole thing. No real winners again, but I appreciate commentary so I can learn more about what the hell I'm doing.
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1: closest thing the thrift store had to last time's winner. Pros: $6, cons: cotton so maybe too casual, too short, weirdness in the chest region. Then I went to the mall, where I found cheaper stuff ($20-60) that fit in the juniors' department, but it was all shorter than I like (prefer below the knee) and perhaps a bit too "prom." 2: I liked this but it was a bit sparse on top for my taste. 3: was all right but not mind blowing, unfortunately bad lighting. 4: This seemed to fit well, but again too prom-y? And I hate showing my knees. 5: Probably my favorite, I was ready to go kill some bad guys, but probably the most junior-prom of all. 6: Did not like, but too hilarious not to share. Especially with my black socks. I am the fashion MASTER. :P - Lo
Pic #3 isn't very flattering shape-wise. Pic #6 I did like but the colour may not be quite right; it could be the photo but I think it would look better in a slightly warmer tone. Pics #8 - #11 don't seem right for a wedding. Especially #10 and #11. - Mark H
I have a cardinal rule about seaming.......DONT DO IT. Okay, in my honest opinion: kill #1, 4, 5 and 6. I don't like the way #1 hangs on you. #4 I'm just not crazy about the body of the dress below the waist. #5....No. That would not be flattering on anyone. The ruching is tooooo much. and #6 is a bit too much for a wedding. #2 and 3 I absolutely LOVE. #3 is rocking one of my favorite... more... - Mary Carmen
Awesome, Mary Carmen. I'd be screwed without you. I think #2 had a good deal of ruching as well. I'll try to swing back and get pics of #2 and #3 in a dressing room with a functional light. I also got some more recommendations for stores. My stepmom wants to go hunting today, I'll try to summon the strength :P - Lo
And if I may speak to your feelings of angst......I ROUTINELY take anywhere from 20-30 pieces of clothing into a dressing room with me. I try on everything because you just don't know how something will look on your body. It always drapes differently on a mannequin and you can't tell anything about something on a hanger. So, I take in 30 pieces and on a GOOD day,I take home 3-5 of them.... more... - Mary Carmen
I'm going to tell you why the ruching on #2 works and looks good on you: the fabric. I don't need to even feel the two dresses to tell you that the fabric on #2 is way more forgiving and better for the style of the dress than on the other. The pics prove it. You see the way the light hits the fabric on #5? Not what we want. - Mary Carmen
Thanks MC :) I actually did find a dress that made me feel good at the thrift store, but it seems inappropriate for the occasion even to me. But I bought it anyway because it was $3.99 :D - Lo
Yeah, the fabric was much better. I think the exposed-chest thing and basic impossibility of a bra are my biggest hesitation with #2. - Lo
You can get a very low cut strapless bra if you wanna go that route. Honestly, I love the blue one more. - Mary Carmen
I can't remember why I didn't give the blue one more consideration. I think they only had a 3-4 and 11-12, and I established that a 5-6 was better. I'll go back for a better picture of that one. - Lo
The main reason I wanted to make this group was my utter incompetence at dressing in a flattering way, and I know some of ya'll are great at that. But digging a little deeper, we could probably all use a bit of strutting our stuff & feeling good about ourselves! Climb on in :)
And specifically, I really need help figuring out what to wear to a couple weddings these summer, so I'll be posting pics of dresses I've tried on. Please help me, I'm fashion hopeless. - Lo
I love everything fashion related. - Mary Carmen
I'm good at this stuff, even though I'm too old to play the game much anymore. I love to check out what's out there even though a lot of it won't suit me personally. - m9m, Crone of FriendFeed
Incidentally, there's no field for "Queen" when starting a FF group, but Mary Carmen is ours. Anyone wants to make an appropriate group icon, send it to me! - Lo
I'm addicted to What Not To Wear despite my habit of shopping the in the kids department at stores. I could use some help! But I'll try to give too. :) - Heather
Heather, I used to frequent the boys' department at Target. It's cheaper :P - Lo
Hell ya cheaper! No one lets me buy boy's sweatshirts though. :( Last time I went shopping for pants (30 tried on, 0 bought) the guy in the Old Navy fitting room recommended the girls jeans. - Heather
Woohoo! Welcome aboard! Go ahead and post whatever you want, I hope this group doesn't die like my last attempt :) I'm loving the body positivity & cool fashion stuff being posted on FF lately, I hope it continues! - Lo
Operation Wedding Outfit, Vol 1: I've never been to a wedding before, and am clueless about what to wear. My special guy will be there, so I want to look good. This is what I tried on, nothing cried "buy me" but I'd like feedback so I know a little more what I'm looking for, at least.
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#1 seemed too frumpy, #2 too pepto, #3 too pale for my skin, #4 was my fave of the day but way too expensive, #5 was everyone else's favorite, not sure why I just wasn't feeling it (they said "it's so you!" and I thought "really?"). #6 was goofy & a fun material, I kinda dug but was way too big. - Lo
I like #4. I am not a fan of prints at weddings. I prefer solids. - Mary Carmen
#2 is awful; I can't imagine that looking good on anyone. Other than that, I think the unpatterned dresses work better. - Mark H
I really like #2 & 4 - they both look nice and seem very versatile. I lean more #4, because I think that shape is really flattering. - Jennifer Dittrich
Well, not that I had any doubt, but this confirms my suspicion that FF would be better for fashion advice than my grandma :) So you guys are feeling more clean lines than flowy skirts? - Lo
And is red too scandalous for a wedding? The bride just ruled out white, black, and jeans. - Lo
Red is no problem. At least you won't look like a bridesmaid. - m9m, Crone of FriendFeed
Red is perfectly fine for a wedding. - Mary Carmen
I like the shape of the #5 dress, but I'm with MC - prints are often way too busy at weddings. And red is definitely OK. - Jennifer Dittrich
Okay, cool. I like red. Apparently I have strangely Puritanical views about clothing. You know Angela from The Office? It's been at least 15 years since I wore shorts in public. - Lo
I like #4 and #6. #4 is good cleavage and the red is bold and fun. I think it suits you awesomely. - Heather
Sweet, as soon as I have a car again I'm going thrifting, looking for something like #4 that does not cost $398. - Lo
I agree with everyone one that 4 and 6 are the best. I wouldn't go with flowy; clean lines look better on your frame. I really liked #6, even though it was too big - good color, fun style, and yet wedding appropriate, but you'll probably have an easier time finding #4 elsewhere. - Cassandra
Awesome, thank you! This may sound a bit silly but it's recently dawned on me (like last few weeks) that I have a nicer body than I realized, so I want to like take it for a spin :P I have been wearing clothes 2 - 4 sizes too large for me for the last 6 years. - Lo
This was shopping on Park Ave (too fancy, I'd never shopped there in my life actually). I have high hopes for Thriftko, where I found my $6 senior prom dress. I like unique stuff :D More pics to come soon, I'm sure. I also have a potential backup dress I already own, we'll see tomorrow if it gets The Mary Carmen Stamp of Approval. - Lo
Wow, you look awesome today! Two thumbs up :)
Just don't ask how I know... ignore those cameras... - Lo
you should submit this to Louis Simoneau - chrisofspades
Done and done! - Lo
That reminds me, I wanted to do that! - Heather
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