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Daniel Mietchen
"In this, my final presidential column, I thought I would write about what I wish for the young scientists in whose hands the future of our science rests. For help with this task, I turned to a letter from Ivan Pavlov (1936) to young scientists published in Science three months following his death at the age of 87. The letter is a mere 301 words long but is full of wisdom." - Daniel Mietchen from Bookmarklet
Further quotes (fee free to replace "psychological" with your field): "Contemporary psychological scientists stand on the shoulders of those who went before. From this perch it is now possible to see that the bounded fields of the 20th century are related parts of the same landscape. This is a requisite step for bringing research on pieces of related problems together to address bigger questions and to develop more comprehensive scientific theories. Many of these bigger questions require larger and more interdisciplinary teams than were common in the prior century, and with their assemblage the borders between the different fields of psychology and the boundaries between psychology and other scientific fields have changed." - Daniel Mietchen
"the quality of scientific teams is no longer hostage to the quality of the faculty in a particular department, region, or nation." - Daniel Mietchen
"Always respect the data, but play with ideas [...] And when you have succeeded, do it all over again." - Daniel Mietchen
"Be serious and not at all serious about your science, at the same time, all the time." - reminds me of "Schrödinger´s cat walks into a bar.. and doesn´t." ( - Daniel Mietchen