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going with the flow for the most part
RT @pussreboots: @younglibrarian I don't know the DC area but you can order it online:
dc peeps: where can i find golden syrup? i think i want to try my hand at this recipe at some point:
RT @ChuckWendig: My three-year-old taught me how to transform a Transformer. Along the way: "You're doing great. Good job, Daddy. I knew you could do it."
RT @itsjustkate: Highlight of new job today: a photo of a DVD returned in the book drop in a diaper to protect it.
thankfully, my ankles are strong in their weakness. they go out from under me frequently, but i rarely fall
stopped at target on my way home and managed to twist my ankle on way home from there. there will be an icing party tonight
RT @boothheather: What they don't know is that the craft is bait: I'm going to try to rope them into a book group. #librarylife
RT @SashaDevlin: Because fighting EVERY DAMN DAY to say "I'm a person & I matter" is some tiring shit 15/15 *mic drop*
RT @laurakcurtis: OK, next thing I am going to give away on my blog is a back-to-school item for the offbeat :D
hey, @e_bookpushers! you're in the starting still of this video from @romancewriters!
RT @heidicullinan: Dear @twitter: I'm on your site every moment I'm at my desk. I go to FB once a day and swear when I do. Do not become Facebook2.
RT @angelajames: Can someone invent a social media platform that they don't then totally fuck up for users just for the sake of the almighty dollar?
RT @laurendane: I used to think it was that people are ruder because it's the internet. But threatening to "rape" someone "to death" = you are awful
RT @laurendane: I simply cannot be convinced that anyone who would threaten to come to your house and rape and kill you is "a nice guy usually" no.
RT @AlishaRai: Actually, no victim blaming in the 1/2 hour I've been watching so far. This could maybe be better for my blood pressure.
RT @AlishaRai: Interesting to watching news coverage of #Ferguson in another country. More screen time. More critical of police. Not so much victim blaming
RT @jackiebarbosa: Saying things like "People who don't want to get arrested should stay home" is saying "You don't have Constitutional rights." Annnnd block!
RT @inkyelbows: Teachers: If students mail re: I'M BORED/NAKED! or my @judyblume illus, I'll write back:
RT @juljames: Want to know about the hero/heroine in my next book? The details are at my blog. And I'm giving away 5 signed books!
RT @mostlybree: ProTip: don't sell your proofreading services by contacting authors with lists of not-actual-mistakes & offering (with typos) to fix them.
RT @TessaDare: Just to be clear, this isn't a new novella--it's a re-release of the first novella I published:
RT @TessaDare: The new title is HOW TO CATCH A WILD VISCOUNT, but yes it's that (totally not paranormal, promise!) werestag story.
RT @glecharles: We did CS gas exposure in basic training, in 1991. My most vivid memory of Army experience, even over jumping out of airplanes. Awful.
RT @TaraTLK: And finally, it's National Humanitarian Day. Seems apt.
RT @TaraTLK: It's National Aviation Day, chosen since it is the birthday of Mr. Orville Wright. H/t
RT @NotifyNYC: #SilverAlert: Michael Sakis M/W/85 missing from 14 Av/162 St, QN. Only speaks Greek w/Life Alert Bracelet. Call 911
RT @saladinahmed: Sign in the Ferguson library. Intense. ht @_rachelhartman
it's almost midnight. which is bedtime. i should crawl into bed, but i'm *so* not sleepy. a little on the tired side, but not esp sleepy :S
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