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going with the flow for the most part
RT @nbcwashington: HEADS UP: At 9:43 a.m., a moment of silence will be happening to remember the victims of the Virginia Tech massacre.
RT @shannonstacey: I really want to see BEARS from Disney Nature, but I need a promise no ill befalls Mama Bear or babies. Like a SWORN BLOOD OATH.
so, washington monument's reopening:
i'm pretty sure i got a little bit of windburn on my way to work. :headdesk:
It's sunny, mid-April, and I'm dressed like this
RT @capitalweather: Mixed bag of precip pushing E of 95, finished W. Final flakes of “winter”? One would think so, but this winter has 9 lives seems.
I may have picked up a second grill "pan" the other day...which I can also flip over and use as a griddle!
RT @Christine_dAbo: Doing a Snoopy dance - NAILED is out!
RT @Christine_dAbo: Doing a Snoopy dance - NAILED is out!
How bad is it that I want to crawl into bed right now?
RT @erinaleach: Like, people think librarians are pinup girls with sexy glasses and hair put up. But it's mostly just cat sweatshirts and sensible shoes.
RT @iferlohmann: Don't swing that way? How about
RT @iferlohmann: Feeling blue? This video should cheer you right up
Not at all surprised mom used this to send me something
RT @helgagrace: Going to go ahead and plug The Lesbrary; we review all kinds of stuff, have no deadlines, and are awesome: #LJlgbtq
RT @ReadingRockets: Ken Burns invites you to join WETA on the National Mall & recite the #GettysburgAddress Apr 16 & 19 (12-4pm)
RT @davekellett: Today's Comic: C'mon, Ben & Jerry's Copywriters. C'mon.
mmmm...a good lunch makes me feel able to conquer the afternoon workload
RT @tomandlorenzo: #CalltheMidwife and #TheBletchleyCircle together offer some of the most unique women on television:
RT @twhiddleston: "What makes a great villain?" Look no further: British bad guys & beautiful cars. Oh yes, it's #GoodToBeBad @Jaguar
RT @twhiddleston: "What makes a great villain?" Look no further: British bad guys & beautiful cars. Oh yes, it's #GoodToBeBad @Jaguar
RT @shomaristone: Good Tuesday Morning: "Be a rainbow in someone else's cloud." -Maya Angelou
i may have gotten a little flip in the writing of that recipe
Bacon, Spinach & Cheese Mini-Quiches
If I ever have a kid and therefore a baby shower? No.
The fruit of your loins? - Betsy
*snort* - Katie
"The ring is just sort of an aside. It's a $2500 gold and diamonds." Yeah, I'd like an appraisal like that.
Tasty!! I'll post the recipe of sorts on the craft blog later
RT @WalmartNewsroom: @erickmsanchez Thanks for bringing this to our attn. It was an honest mistake & we've changed the signage & replaced it w/ the correct #.
RT @erickmsanchez: Walmart on H St. in DC. English speakers allotted 25 items in Speedy Checkout. Spanish speakers allotted 20.
Finished mini-quiches! Just waiting for them to cool down
RT @capitalweather: PM Update: Showers overnight and tomorrow; cold by late Tuesday snow?
RT @alsnyder02: Hey awesome library people, Who's got great examples of intergenerational programming?
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