RT @ShelleyAnnClark: Really, @TIME? "Feminist" as a trendy word that should be banned? I'm sorry you're sick of hearing it. I'm sick of living in a sexist world.
RT @TropeHeroine: This baby? Oh, no, this is my non-secret baby. My secret baby is at home with her secret nanny, obvs.
RT @meganf: Because that's how *I* did it. It's a job, not something you can just fall into. Remind me not to give advice anymore.
RT @meganf: Irked: Person asked for agent advice, I said 2 find agents who rep what you write. Person replied that's too hard. WTF were you looking for?
RT @sarahlapolla: I wrote a blog post about the "cool kids" of Twitter (who you should simultaneously embrace and avoid) - http://glasscasesblog.blogspot.com/2014...
RT @Sonali_Dev: Need suggestions for movies/shows/books based on CA politics/elections.
RT @librarycongress: Magna Carta Symposium Dec. 9: Scholars, historians and contemporary thinkers will discuss how Magna Carta’s po... http://www.loc.gov/today...
so, should i go for the coke now or wait until i'm zoned out and drooling at my desk when it'll *really* help?
RT @washingtonpost: The disturbing ways that fast food chains disproportionately target black kids http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs...
RT @ShelleyAnnClark: Y'all. Please find me this box and let me sit in it. http://jezebel.com/proof-t...
RT @ami_with_an_i: @HuisceBeatha every time someone says 'used ebooks' I lose years off my life.
i can already tell i'll be going for a coke later today...ugh.
RT @FarrahRochon: “@kaiawrites: @RomanceinColor working on an AA WW2 histrom novella now” [Niiiice!]
RT @washingtonpost: Australia put cigarettes in standardized packs with graphic labels - and they're working http://www.washingtonpost.com/news...
This morning feels like the start of a gorgeous spring day. It's November in the northern hemisphere
as much as i *dearly* would love to crawl back into bed now that the writing goal for the day is accomplished, it's time to work
unironically, pandora just began playing "u can't touch this"
while i did not wake before my alarm went off, i'm still up earlier than i planned
RT @MayberrySarah: So, readers who enjoy my books,who else do you like to read? Trying to work out where I fit in the book universe! Thanks in advance!!
whooo!!! tuned into the concert for valor in time to listen to dave grohl until @MalloryBraus calls
RT @FarrahRochon: And that's my promo for today. I actually typed those tweets with a cheesy smile on my face, hoping to convey my excitement.
RT @SegravesNBC4: Fence jumpers busted trying for better seats #TheConcertForValor https://twitter.com/Segrave...
and the graduation caps fly into the air! #fin #grease2
"will i ever score?" "there's nothing wrong with just liking each other." go sharon!! #grease2
seriously. dolores is the best in this movie #grease2
and dolores breaks up with michael because she's "sort of got another man on her hands right now." #grease2
and michael is jacketed by johnny! #grease2
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