IT'S MICHAEL!!!! #grease2 #coolrider
only #coolrider can jump the length of the pool! all the scorpions fall in when they try. the cheerleaders take balmudo out #grease2
#coolrider arrives and jumps down on his motorcycle!! sleeveless leather vest, spiked hair and all! #grease2
and the scorpion arrive trashing the luau!! #grease2
their pool boys look so damn cold in the water #grease2
stephanie and johnny are heading to the pool of enchantment #grease2
the cheerleaders are *so* put out that stephanie is the queen of the lani kailani luau #grease2
stephanie's the only one who can keep their love alive! never forget stephanie!!!! #grease2
ahhhh! the mountain of whitewashed motorcycles #grease2
and stephanie goes into her fugue state. #grease2
RT @SegravesNBC4: Secret Service just tackled 2 concert goers who jumped fence trying for front row #TheConcertForValor
but yay for paulette for putting johnny in his place!!! #grease2
interesting that a 1960s high school would let a student wear a corset and panties set as a june bride. #grease2
stephanie has no faith in her man, #coolrider. "i'll never see him again!" #grease2
oohhhh... "deadman's curve" with the requisite skull and crossbones. #grease2
#coolrider shows up to the talent show!! and the chase goes on! "johnny!!!" #grease2
RT @amlibraries: Nominations open for Lemony Snicket Prize for Noble Librarians Faced with Adversity
a guy who can draw a heart in one line and nest them. he's so sensitive!!! #grease2
i did want to one day wear stephanie's purple dress, headband & black leather jacket outfit #grease2
this self-reflective song from michael always felt a little out of place, even though it is right on target. #grease2
i think johnny's lucky that stephanie didn't pop him one after he threatened michael/#coolrider #grease2
"what do you want johnny?!?" and he officially declares them as an item officially over. #grease2
"i give credit to who i want." "to whom." jeez, michael. #grease2
i blame michael for my love of hearing a guy with an accent. #grease2
stephanie has the same problem with #coolrider that lois lane had with superman. their guys wore something obscuring their eyes. #grease2
stephanie and michael meeting to discuss shakespeare and steph starts talking about #coolrider #grease2
seven year itch homage! #grease2
"that's the dude who popped balmudo!" "look who he's popping now!" #grease2
awwwww!!! the kiss to the crown of the head. "i'm the one who can't stop shivering now." seriously, steph! the accent!! #grease2
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