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going with the flow for the most part
RT @ElizabethHoyt: On Pinterest: a sign saying "Woman Cave aka, Laundry Room." No. Nononononono. My woman cave does not have a washer and dryer in it!
RT @maiseyyates: Watching #MegaMegalodon is like watching @Discovery strip down to its pasties while tearfully singing "Let Me Entertain You." #SharkWeek
RT @jessamyn: Smithsonian needs help transcribing their bumblebee collection. Come on nerds, this is the job you were born to do.
RT @KinleyBaker: If you've ever felt bad about not being a "nice" woman read Fanning the Flames by @VictoriaDahl It's amazing.
RT @tiffanyreisz: If I had a dime… Sigh… RT “@ChristaDesir: Sometimes the New Yorker cartoons delight me:”
RT @YasmineGalenorn: For that matter, men don't deserve it either--there are some male victims of domestic violence & usually too embarrassed to speak out.
RT @YasmineGalenorn: Doesn't matter if you're a porn star or a librarian or a woman deserves domestic violence.
RT @bigleaguestew: Mo'ne Davis makes history as first girl to throw Little League World Series shutout
it's friday. and it's home time! first it's "stop by the metro station and pick up dinner" time, though.
RT @GrowlyCub: Dear author, if I can't figure out from your own website in what order your series was written/is to be read, your website fails.
Woohoo! Perfect treat to come home to after a long day! Thanks to @SarahMAnderson1!
RT @notjustanyboggs: Help, Twitter! The "US readers default undescribed characters to white" thing is well-known, but have there been studies of it?
i think i need this for my macbook: (via a coworker)
RT @NWSMobile: What is the WORST hurricane you can remember? Today's #xkcd webcomic post seems pretty accurate: h/t @NWSWilmingtonNC
RT @mostlybree: "My book isn't romance, it has a plot and magic and stuff." No.
Dinner and a view with baby bro
RT @NaliniSingh: RT: As part of the @Gollancz festival, I'm going to be doing an AMA on Reddit at 9.30am GMT August 13th (4.30am EDT / 9.30pm NZT). :-)
RT @MsAnnAguirre: Before you send hate, examine why you feel it's vital to engage a content creator with negative feedback. Pls talk to your friends instead.
RT @MsAnnAguirre: Finally, I can't speak for all creative people but strangers sending me hate -does- impact my mental health. I can only block so much.
RT @nbcwashington: This woman was rescued from rising water at Sligo Creek Pkwy and Kennebec Ave in Takoma Park. #TurnAroundDontDrown
RT @ChuckWendig: life hack: don't be a jerk #lifehack
RT @suleikhasnyder: Because apparently I have to clarify = I would like non-sufferers -- i.e. the media -- to couch mental illness as a disease, not "demons."
RT @caseoftheKink: Yes it is about race because the police would not have done this to white teen. They would not do this to a white community.
RT @DelDryden: MT @HarveyFierstein: Don't fuck w/ depression. It's merciless. All it wants is to get you in a room alone & kill you. Take care of yourself.
I've got the energy and time to tidy my apartment, so I'm going to roll with it
RT @mostlybree: Tweeting about depression is an act of rebellion. Being vulnerable on the internet is generally a terrible plan. But you're not alone.
RT @BenKuchera: If you are struggling with depression and don't see a way out, call and get help: 1-800-273-8255. The world is better with you in it.
RT @Meljean: From my blog: Live Chat at 6:30 Eastern/3:30 Pacific!
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