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going with the flow for the most part
RT @laura_carter: If we didn't have library, what would we do? Who would we hire to do it? Who would apply? These are the Qs to be asking says KH #newmetrics
RT @23andMe: Happy Earth Day! Remember, we pass more than just DNA to the next generation.
RT @sarahw: The next print edition of the Oxford English Dictionary won't be out till 2034 at the earliest, if ever.
apparently my credit card company noticed i used my card while i was moving. they upped my limit. thanks, but i'll just let that sit there
RT @alissaknits: Yarn is in there somewhere. “@FakeLibStats: Librarian monthly expenditures: 25% housing; 25% caffeine; 25% books; 25% alcohol”
And alcohol is higher. #truth - Marie from iPhone
I really need to start getting ready for bed earlier
:twitch: error in cosmos. tetraethyl lead *was* challenged by charles norris and alexander gettler
edits done for the night, time to walk laps in the apartment as i watch last night's episode of cosmos
giving myself another twenty minutes to enter these edits from @helgagrace. i don't think my back can stand this chair much longer
RT @AveryFlynn: Hells yes! @LynneSilver is giving away 2 books at the Betting the Billionaire party! Wheeeeee!...
RT @ReadKennedyRead: Librarians need to present outside library conferences. EdCamps are filled with administrators in OK. Speak to decision makers. #tlchat
RT @KING5Seattle: Netflix plans to raise prices for new subscribers:
also, this may push me over into actually getting around to buying a supportive desk chair
i kind of like line edits because i can circle each one and check it off as i accomplish it #revising
RT @ChuckWendig: IF YOU SEE TACO EAT TACO — the department of homeland tacos
RT @iferlohmann: Words related to beavers or marshes, that start with the letter E. Wine does not help my typing skills.
RT @DCPoliceDept: Anyone with information about the shooting that took place near the @nationalzoo call 202-727-9009 or text 50-411.
Because of @skeskali (& @booksNyarn), I'm watching ouran high school host club
RT @Tuphlos: And I thought she was joking, but she was not.
RT @Tuphlos: Heard from a librarian friend today someone asked for a book on bipolar because they'd looked in the bible, but it didn't have all symptoms
Next question: which should I slather onto the French toast casserole when it's ready?
Oooohhh! I'm better prepared for alter who's #RT14 baking bonanza than I thought I was
RT @wetatvfm: RT @novapbs Do time travelers tweet? Scientists haven't ruled out the possibility. via @novaphysics
Well, I guess since we didn't have civil war in the U.S. in 2008, we pre-empted the timeline where John Titor builds a time machine…. - Victor Ganata
RT @drmabuse: An attempt to pinpoint the funniest cities in America. Chicago tops the list. NYC above LA and SF.
French toast casserole made with cinnamon bread and sourdough (and bits of bacon) ready to bake
RT @DCPoliceDept: Shooting_1717 hrs._3000 Connecticut Avenue NW
RT @nbcwashington: Increased police presence at Woodley Park and Cleveland Park metro stations after reported shooting outside zoo:
RT @FishWithSticks: I finished making my #RT14 giveaway pins! You have until May 9 to order #TwitterPins
why i like doing business with friends: they "gently" nudge me when i forget to do pay their bill.
RT @PBS: In DC on 4/26-27? Join @PBS & @NOVApbs for #SciFest. 1000s of activities. All ages! @USAScienceFest #pbsTHINKday
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