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going with the flow for the most part
RT @twhiddleston: "What makes a great villain?" Look no further: British bad guys & beautiful cars. Oh yes, it's #GoodToBeBad @Jaguar
RT @twhiddleston: "What makes a great villain?" Look no further: British bad guys & beautiful cars. Oh yes, it's #GoodToBeBad @Jaguar
RT @shomaristone: Good Tuesday Morning: "Be a rainbow in someone else's cloud." -Maya Angelou
i may have gotten a little flip in the writing of that recipe
Bacon, Spinach & Cheese Mini-Quiches
If I ever have a kid and therefore a baby shower? No.
The fruit of your loins? - Betsy
*snort* - Katie
"The ring is just sort of an aside. It's a $2500 gold and diamonds." Yeah, I'd like an appraisal like that.
Tasty!! I'll post the recipe of sorts on the craft blog later
RT @WalmartNewsroom: @erickmsanchez Thanks for bringing this to our attn. It was an honest mistake & we've changed the signage & replaced it w/ the correct #.
RT @erickmsanchez: Walmart on H St. in DC. English speakers allotted 25 items in Speedy Checkout. Spanish speakers allotted 20.
Finished mini-quiches! Just waiting for them to cool down
RT @capitalweather: PM Update: Showers overnight and tomorrow; cold by late Tuesday snow?
RT @alsnyder02: Hey awesome library people, Who's got great examples of intergenerational programming?
Yay! Internet is back on at home! Needed to do additional unplug replug of coax cable in addition to power :s
RT @washingtonpost: #BREAKINGNEWS: We have won the Pulitzer Prize for public service for our coverage of Snowden's NSA leaks, along with @GuradianUS.
i've been saying for years the primary thing i'm picky about when it comes to food is texture: (esp. tomatoes!!)
saw a pic of @mbdunneback and his mini-me at the ballpark & now i want to ditch work and go to the nats game. except, no nats at home today
RT @shilohwalker: @younglibrarian is also kinda tall and moves very fast, so you have to catch up with her. #RT14
RT @shilohwalker: So, everybody, if you have Qs at #RT14, look for @younglibrarian ... she's the friendly lady with ...kinda strawberry blonde, IIRC, hair.
RT @PoPville: Get Psyched Paris Hilton Fans:
RT @lillie_80: @shilohwalker Take breaks. Give yourself permission to leave the madness for some alone time.
RT @shilohwalker: Got any recs for surviving #RT14? Can you @ me with them?
RT @Tuphlos: sometimes it DOES work when you add "of Khan" to the the end of every book title. #collectiondevelopment
RT @juljames: And...a second giveaway! Not on FB? No problem! I'm giving away two more ARCs of IT HAPPENED ONE WEDDING at my blog:
i am just doing the :headdesk: thing over the fact that there's even a remote possibility of snow this week.
RT @capitalweather: Snow potential index: 1/10 (↑) Outside chance rain Tues ends as snow/mix at night. Strong spring front coming thru.
i *really* need to constantly keep a pad of paper with me to jot down tasks i want to do so i don't off to do them & then completely forget
RT @SmartBitches: In 1994, Riverdance debuted as an interval act during Eurovision. It's 20 years old!
The only raise on I'm not completely sacked out on my couch right mow is because of the fire trucks that just went screaming down the street
I'm trying to convince myself to go do my grocery shopping. So far, no luck
dammit! i have to change my address for my driver's license in person.
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