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going with the flow for the most part
RT @ShelleyAnnClark: I have internalized the message that because I am a woman, a physically small woman, who writes about sex, I should just expect harassment.
RT @ShelleyAnnClark: I know this has gotten lots of attention the past few days, but I'm linking to it again.
I think I'm going to start calling my cube the Dunneback Memorial Library, Part Deux
RT @ScrewyDecimal: Oh, you know, just a walrus in the library. Same ol', same ol'. (With thanks to @nyaquarium.)
RT @jaciburton: I’ll gift 5 digital copies of @ShannonStacey’s FALLING FOR MAX. @ reply me with #jbwin . Winners chosen at 5 p.m. Central. Go!
RT @washingtonpost: TSA is offering up to $15,000 for ways to help shorten airport security lines
RT @meganf: I think that anyone who has a book in them that they finish means they're qualified to write a book. Maybe not a GOOD bk, but a book.
RT @meganf: "Just because a person has a degree in English Literature, should they feel qualified to write a Regency period romance?"--a review of WNTB.
RT @capitalweather: BWI is setting cool records in part bc it actually is cool, but also bc of station location:
RT @gcaserotti: Now Hiring - Deputy Director for Digital Services I'm looking 4 a partner #libraryjobs #LITA
RT @JustBethanne: A reader is not always a buyer/consumer. #altbookstore #libraries
RT @WriterAHaughton: I might have arranged this cover differently. Maybe it's just me.
RT @capitalweather: We heart today's DC weather. Signed, The Capital Weather Gang
RT @czammarelli: Is it too late to get everyone to refer to log-ins as loggins? #DontFightIt
RT @TaraTLK: Rooibos will be like champagne, a geographically indicated name. "Rooibos tea trademark awarded to South Africa"
RT @tomandlorenzo: The cast of #SleepyHollow is in dire need of a style intervention. You're resting on cute, Tom Mison:
RT @LibraryReads99: Nominations are due on Friday! What September books are you looking forward to?
RT @nbcwashington: Got an idea on how to speed up security checkpoints at US airports? If so, that idea could be worth as much as $15k!
RT @SaintEhlers: If you saw this cosplay at SDCC pls read pic via @thepopcultureco Police need info!
i moved "next door" to retired coworkers cube because it's one of the biggest in my section & other coworkers didn't want to move
back at work to find my computer had been moved (as requested) and now i have to finish vacating my old cube.
RT @spann: Shooting video of a tornado on your street is bone headed and dangerous.
RT @spann: Shooting video of a tornado on your street is bone headed and dangerous.
RT @MJeglinski: Looking into cat sitters in the North Raleigh area. If you have suggestions, I'd appreciate it.
RT @DCdotNerd: I don't write fiction, but...use a bath crayon to jot ideas when in the shower. Brilliant!!
RT @librarymary40: Dealing with the staff hoarder
RT @megcabot: I hate the term "guilty pleasures." I don't feel guilty about anything I love!
RT @SuperWendy: Rode elevator w/ security guard who was very calm & professional. Then learned this happened moments before #RWA14
People! I had forgotten I'd bought this! Lunch!
while i do need the space on my phone, clicking "delete originals" after transferring photos to laptop from it makes me twitch
RT @MollyOKwrites: I'm trying to think of some great historical romances with single dad heroes... anyone think of any?
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