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RT @NatteringNinny: In not clairvoyant but I suspect the #MarketBasket job fair might look like this
RT @skymominmass: For every MB employee threatened, there are scores of customers who stand with them, nice try BOD @SaveMB, @moreforURdollar #MarketBasket
RT @JordanMeehan: Solid read. #MarketBasket | The Last Stand for the Middle Class Is Taking Place in a Parking Lot in Massachusetts
RT @evgenymorozov: Here's a trend: the growing abundance of public data is matched by the growing scarcity of public funds. Big data: the obverse of austerity.
We had some very forceful weather in Beverly/Boston North Shore this morning, but nothing like that tornado touchdown in Revere. Wow...
RT @anthrocite: Item costs $4.99 at #marketbasket, $5.99 at #walmart, $8.69 at #stopandshop. Hurry up and accept ATD's offer!
RT @Grategatsby: Just saw a #MarketBasket on the @NBCNightlyNews - glad to see it getting national attention. People Over Profits. #MarketBasketStrong
RT @BostonDotCom: #MarketBasket rally recap: Directive to employees & customers was 'keep it up'
What a beautiful, clear, blue-green summer morning to start the day with today.
And the employees are the key to the success of this (#MarketBasketStrong) business model. <- verbatim from labor law prof on @RadioBoston
Trainor on @RadioBoston talking abt strong customer support. Indeed, I'm boycotting #MarketBasket (not that I enjoyed going to Stop&Shop).
Listening to Tom Trainor talk about #MarketBasket on @RadioBoston. Go #MarketBasketStrong!
Ok, this 12-image slide show (and text) is revolting: "$500,000 Closet" (Its owner looks Botoxed to death, too.)
RT @josephboutilier: Exciting precedent set by Portland city council, blocking #tarsands oil from transpo in city. #oilandgas #climate
Not sad about missing the protests in d/t Boston right now. #proneither
RT @universalhub: Protesters reach State House. Argument erupts over who can stand on top steps. 2-step solution needed
RT @growingwisdom: Around sunset tomorrow here's what the radar should look like. That line will be moving south.
2/2... then answer ph call /message. I return to Twitter, & the article is gone. App reloads to 'refresh' feed. Such BS. Making room 4 ads.
1/2: More & more, I see Twitter (& sometimes Facebook) as unworkable. Say I'm reading an article (in the Twitter app) on my phone, but...
Been saying this for a while. And walked it w/ own kids: Ivy League Schools Are Overrated. Send Your Kids Elsewhere.
Totally awesome response from Gloucester to #gordoncollege: No Snark Sunday: What the Hell, Gordon? | The Clam
RT @Gooner_Lopez: “@steveannear: Runners from @RunKeeper are going to race a Green Line train. #MBTA” hahaha
Just learned about this group, Garden City Coop, which plans to bring a food coop to #BeverlyMA *Love* it.
I *seriously* do NOT know how anyone can get any work done in coffee shops. Even w/ headphones on, *their* music volume "wins." Ugh.
Needed to search my old blog for "chthonic," which returned these 3 entries from 2010. #nightmare #fashion #urbanism
This: I was a TSA agent, and the new airport cellphone rules wouldn't stop an iBomb | Jason Edward Harrington
Having pretty HOT weather, & predictably MANY ppl r driving like, well, assholes. Fresh reports of accidents maiming cyclists add to fear.
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