Tonight more than ever, feeling the truth of the adage (?) that children are but lent to parents, briefly. They fly away, as they MUST.
No words. "Cape Town Has Created a Disastrous Memorial to Nelson Mandela" - CityLab
I kind of like this. I mean, what could go wrong? "Device Changes Your Mood with a Zap to the Head"
Going on a "Mars One" type mission would be my worst nightmare (especially if it actually made it to Mars).
RT @JohnFugelsang: The 85 richest ppl on Earth now have as much money as the poorest 3.5 billion so give 'em that tax cut they need to create jobs already.
.@NestorARamos De nada! Looked @ online comments: "Herr Bahlke" lol! @wernerbahlke on used Munich transit '74-80, i.e., 34 to 40 years ago!
Nice job @NestorARamos: pithy summary of our chat & emails, plus interview w/ @wernerbahlke! #Boston #transit #mbta
RT @paulgoldberger: I had no idea the term was coined in 1964, for Islington in London: As 'Gentrification' Turns 50 via @Curbed National
Photo app modifications of photos of real things.
So, this was the view today from the great lawn at Crane Castle in Ipswich, looking at Plum Island.
.@True_Urbanism omg, that's ridiculous..! Had no idea. Pity the residents waiting for UPS or FedEx deliveries. Pity the delivery drivers!
Why do cities/towns re-use names? My address is 3 xxx AVE., but my muni also has a 3 xxx ST. (SAME name & nr!). Deliveries get confused.
Berlin, with bits of Dresden looking on. (Thinking of Adam's imminent departure and feeling a travel itch myself...)
RT @new_toon: Well I have another #weeklynein for you. It is captioned by the seasoned Nihilist @NeinQuarterly.
Ears starting to bleed: young woman behind me, pre-event @ Harvard Hall, saying "like" every. other. word. in. every. sentence. JUST STOP!
.@kmazz Totally read this in conjunction with brilliant Orlando Patterson ("Zola of the Caribbean") interview:
Going offline now. These tenterhooks are getting too uncomfortable... #coakley2014 #maelection
The Coakley / Baker race for Gov in Massachusetts is a cliffhanger! Unbelievably close...
RT @aarieff: Ah, the playgrounds of yesteryear!
RT @queerlitprof: After discussing #Adorno, students conclude: Things were never better before. They're just worse now. @NeinQuarterly
"That's the feeling we should aim for in the real world,..." Interesting. (Marginalia not mine; library book.)
So looking 4ward to visiting. RT @Harvard: Enjoy a look inside the new Harvard Art Museums
Must-read piece by @NiceMangos in reply to Ben Affleck on radical Islam: "Your heart's in the right place but..."
.@dianefischler lol! Maybe he wants to try on being one of *these* people (who txt b/c their houses are too big)? :P
My bedroom in Amsterdam. There will not be an exam tomorrow morning. #books
Just ...speechless. So depressing.
Beautiful shot...!
RT @BostonGlobe: .@GlobeOpinion editorial: #MarketBasket’s only solution is to bring back Arthur T. Demoulas
TY, Rebecca Solnit. A letter to my dismal allies on the US left
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