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I LOVE that she's NOT tight-lipped. Is TALKING! RT @FastCompany: Watch A Girl Grow From Zero To 14 In Four Minutes
Interesting topic -> "How the Modern Office Shapes American Life"
RT @sapinker: Ayaan Hirsi Ali: Here's What I Would Have Said at Brandeis - #shameonbrandeis
International builders soak up the Vancouver model -> moving from Granville Isl. (to Great Northern Way) a blow, imo:
RT @BrentToderian: International builders soak up the #Vancouver model. Congrats @UrbanLandInst @ULIBC, great buzz from Spring Meeting!
Merrily merrily... RT @Raffi_RC: tweet tweet tweet your tweets ~~> gently down the stream ~~>
RT @FreeLindsey: Marxism: A Narrative in Photographs. Chapter 1. @NeinQuarterly
lol MT @ramit: I have reports abt people matching on tinder because they have a shared interest of "Ramit Sethi's IWT." My life is complete.
But first, latte / caffeine. #priorities
Feeling oddly wiped out. Drove to Wellesley to drop daughter off, hit Costco on way home, now unpacking. Too much driving. Time for walking.
"1/5 to 1/3 of wild-caught seafood imported into US was caught or trafficked illegally" <- goes for sushi too. :(
Ayaan Hirsi Ali is a (feminist) hero. Brandeis, you done failed here.
Wondering if there's an app that turns your iPhone into a loupe (magnifying glass)? If not, can someone build it, pls? Thanks!
Dismayed, but (even more dismaying) hardly surprised. MT @BloombergNews: NSA knew for at least 2 yrs about Heartbleed
RT @frankejames: The Fight for the 4 Freedoms: Teresa Power Walks to Freedom for All People with Down Syndrome
RT @frankejames: Yeah! Music video: Teresa Power Walks for Freedom! Pls Sign: #disabilityrights #DownSyndrome
Indeed! RT @RobCottingham: Fantastically simple @xkcd explanation of how #heartbleed siphons info:
The life domestic: baking cake for nr 1 son's 23 BD tomorrow, + nr 1 daughter, who had BD 20 last month, is down from Wellesley. Full house!
RT @1Password: Heartbleed is breaking my pixelated heart into bits. We’re offering a 50% discount across all platforms, to make recovery a little easier.
RT @quantifiedself: “I learned that for me the act of tracking is the project itself.” Fit 50s, Sound 60s: Maria Benet on Active Aging:
Repeat performances are determined by past events.
[grumble grumble If you ask me to write for free, at LEAST give me a "by..." byline instead of saying "it's not our policy" grumble grumble]
My review of California Design at Salem's PEM: Living and Selling the Dream Special mention to @vpostrel #glamour
. @pomeranian99 @PoliahuCDA There are some 'gnarly protrusions' I'd like to see 'extracted' from the trunks of the criminal tree attackers.
"What Happened to Canada?" nplusone mag <- Good read, channeling Klein's Shock Doctrine.
A big "WTF???" -> Trolling for Dollars: Patent trolls are no laughing matter, though a comedian has taken them on"
RT @ebkent: .@FortuneMagazine laid the foundation for #Placemaking w/ "#Downtown is for People" by #JaneJacobs cc @leighgallagher
.@NeinQuarterly Cannot unsee...
.@tanneryseries I did! Just blogged my review of the exh'n (it'll be in Art*throb next wk, I think), but I want to write abt yr event, too.
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