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.@dianefischler lol! Maybe he wants to try on being one of *these* people (who txt b/c their houses are too big)? :P
My bedroom in Amsterdam. There will not be an exam tomorrow morning. #books
Just ...speechless. So depressing.
Beautiful shot...!
RT @BostonGlobe: .@GlobeOpinion editorial: #MarketBasket’s only solution is to bring back Arthur T. Demoulas
TY, Rebecca Solnit. A letter to my dismal allies on the US left
.@CodySkidmore Yep. Can't believe these Turing testers, e.g., who think it's really abt some weird "libertarianism." It's abt common sense.
I just signed this. Market Basket Customer Loyalty @moveon
RT @jeremyhobson: Suited Executives touring my local Star Market just now, overheard talking about #MarketBasket
Just signed #MarketBasket customer petition: Market Basket Customer Loyalty @moveon
RT @Tammy_is_here: Please sign this and share the hell out of it! #MarketBasket - Market Basket Customer Loyalty @moveon
RT @thewanderingjew: (Pass the wine...) RT @LizPW: Most accurate #MarketBasket article you will read. Thank you @GloucesterClam
RT @Jaxthemomma: #MarketBasket has a PR firm? They are doing a lousy job. Remind me never to hire O'Neill & Assoc. via @bostonherald
RT @mydemoulas: It's happening, come on down and support #MarketBasket
RT @carolrobidoux: Viewed more than 50K times today, this story strikes a chord with #MarketBasket supporters. Raises questions too:
RT @gardengn0me: My latest article on #MarketBasket saga & the fight to #bringbackartiet . This time with GIFs! #MarketBasketStrong
#salem #boston friends, I just donated to Funeral costs, medical bills for Jimmy. Can you help? #LGBT
RT @MarketBasketBOD: Contrary to recent reports, Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney are not on the @MarketBasketBOD.
With this (typical) board, that would not be surprising...
RT @BostonGlobe: #MarketBasket rally set for 11 a.m. Tuesday in Tewksbury as company says it won't pay employees who don't work
Great analysis of US corporation, mantra of shareholder (vs stakeholder) primacy, & why #MarketBasket is important.
Well, in that case I hope the board gets sued.
lol /cc @ToriKlassen RT @rayne_2: I've noticed Homeopaths without Borders aren't lining up to treat the Ebola outbreak..
Usually don't read HuffPo, but this is good: 7 Things to Consider Before Choosing Sides in the Middle East Conflict
Wow, way to go! RT @Jennicab: #MarketBasket wow Customers have spoken raised 6,700 in 3 hours for
RT @frankejames: 10 reasons we will overcome #climate change --> #3. The cost of solar has fallen by two thirds ht @ChristopherNFox
RT @NatteringNinny: In not clairvoyant but I suspect the #MarketBasket job fair might look like this
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