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10 anos con Mafalda / 10 Years with Mafalda (Spanish Edition) e-book
Download here Quino 10 anos con Mafalda | lit 10 anos con Mafalda . ★ Buy Book 10 anos con Mafalda / 10 Years with Mafalda (Spanish. Mafalda : A Classic Comic Strip for any Age | Sylvia Liu LandCover of Mafalda comic strips book ( 10 Años con Mafalda ). Entre Dos Mundos: Mafalda Manolito (Manuel Goreiro, Jr., 29 March 1965): The son of a Spanish (Galician) shopkeeper, more concerned with business and money than anything else. I loved reading it as a kid, but it wasn ;t until recently when I read, . They ;re not just books , I told . Subgenre: Humor, Spanish language. Even though some of . I found it pretty hard to get some of the humor sometimes because of the language barrier; in fact I actually think that it ;s easier to understand a Spanish novel over this comic ;s humor. The book is a ten year retrospective of Mafalda , the comic strip drawn in the 60s by Argentinian cartoonist Quino. Genre: Comic strips. That would be the edition I saw when I was doing the snooping to see if there was something in English. 2011 INTERNATIONAL LATINO BOOK AWARD - Best Reference Book . ISBN: 9687723521. I don ;t read Spanish much . 5 stars. "my review...22 years later about Quino's master piece." When I first read "Mafalda" I was about 6 years old - yuqicad