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Zack W. Handley
Paul Kedrosky: Infectious Greed : The New Fear of Intimacy -
"I agree with Andrew and object fully to a view the digerati are replacing meetspace with FB, twitter, et al. I see 100% opposite. Of Course, F2F continues to be the most valuable way to spend our time with any human(s). More and more of my friends have relegated FB to photosharing and Twitter to self promotion, knowledge sharing, & meme monitoring. I believe --moving forward- only communications occurring off of this social (public) grid will be valued and desired. I dont have any studies to back this up but I challenge you to tell me about the last extremely important information you learned in a public (non private) setting. It doesnt happen." - Zack W. Handley
Zack W. Handley
Paul Kedrosky: Infectious Greed : Who Gets Rich(er(est)) From a Groupon IPO? -
"It appears (from eyeballing it) that *almost* all creatives/entrepreneurs get screwed and the commodity dollar providers and LPs make out like bandits. Lesson: If we could just get more people throwing money around, the innovation will accelerate like gangbusters!!!! ha ha" - Zack W. Handley
Zack W. Handley
Paul Kedrosky: Infectious Greed : China's Shift: Sleeping in Internet Cafes -
"Gaming? YES. Porn? Absolutely forbidden in EVERY internet cafe I visited in my 3 weeks in China. I traveled across the country and there is NO PORN being viewed. There are actually state monitors walking up and down the aisles while you surf the internet. They are looking over your shoulder and YES the Great Firewall of China does exist and is very effective at censoring BOTH political (negative Chinese stories) and pornographic sites. Believe that." - Zack W. Handley
Zack W. Handley
Paul Kedrosky: Infectious Greed : America in the World -
"Let's see some real information. Pings of current statistics show _nothing_. How about a time line. How about some causality. Heck, how about some correlations. Nahhh, too hard. It's horrible here, it better most places!. Our readers aren't inquisitive. Bahhh!!!!" - Zack W. Handley
Zack W. Handley
Paul Kedrosky: Infectious Greed : Field Notes -
"Taibbi is here -- as ALWAYS- a talented writer (a little left for me) but why not go for the meat, Matt. Goldman Sachs (according to Michael Lewis's brilliant The Big Short) is the Meat. They defrauded AIG into insuring subprime paper. They created the market shorting Credit Default Swaps. They created synthetic short CDS when the market was not liquid enough (created and sold short securities that were not shortable bc no one would loan them). They shorted the large IBs until the contagion spread to their shares and they ran to Mommy (US) to stop the pain. There was a lot of crime to go around but isn't FRAUD the easiest to prosecute. They committed fraud." - Zack W. Handley
Zack W. Handley
Paul Kedrosky: Infectious Greed : The Shorter Bill Gross -
"You travel in the same circles as Buffet? You work in a high end hotel? ....PuhLeeeze... Don't confuse Buffet's upside goals for his shareholders as subscribing to the scat you shite..." - Zack W. Handley
Zack W. Handley
Paul Kedrosky: Infectious Greed : China's Statistical Factory -
"The Chinese will *LEAD* (snicker) the Globe in the post American Centuries from what I hear in the comments here and elsewhere. I have nothing but high regard for the Communist Party, these crony capitalists (used to be bad word , til Obama did it) and single minded.. ...aka murdererous... business genuises Own the future from what I hear. They Make stuff ! If their accounting system differs with the West it is by design and a Competency." - Zack W. Handley
Zack W. Handley
Paul Kedrosky: Infectious Greed : The Shorter Bill Gross -
"Wow! Free Market support is now equal to facism OR "small-town right"??? (thanks Mustard!) Hilarious...I guess, if u don't believe in free markets. Paul is smart enough (though his dinner party circuit wont allow, not that his position is tenable) to understand what the current Obamatrons have wrought but everyone else w/out pressure should Wake the F Up. Obama was Never the Messiah, his decisions are NOT ALWAYS right. IF you think they are, you are an Idiot. Bill Gross understands this, as does Buffet and virtually Every other large investor out there. Wake the F Up." - Zack W. Handley
Zack W. Handley
Paul Kedrosky: Infectious Greed : China Says U.S. Needs Adult Economic Supervision -
"Geeze I wish IntenseDebate had a "block commenter" widget for visitors.... Debate is healthy, but you can't have a true debate with the NPD afflicted. Somebody needs some help. Great Blog Paul! Great Twitter too!" - Zack W. Handley
Zack W. Handley
Paul Kedrosky: Infectious Greed : The Big Takeover: AIG, The Fed, etc. -
"Paul, I luv ya BUT, did you just reference Rolling Stone???? Seriously, I do know it is Matt Taibbi who is a whip SMART wack job that is as ELOQUENT, opinionated, and certain of his opinions as they come. A REALLY smart guy..... for a journalist. I like reading him every once in a while and he is very critical (EVERYTHING is STUPID) of everyone without many solutions of his own. However he participated in one of the most satisfying television moments of my life on Bill Maher: Taibbi, Bill Maher & Mark Cuban and their partisan spouting were literally obliterated by the late Tony Snow and his truly AMAZING intellect. Tony knew every stat (that they did not) and caught every fabrication cold in its tracks. True Genuis doesn't have to yell 'Fire: in the theatre... BTW: That's what this "Depression" Is and I know you are seeing that by now with your investments....I am." - Zack W. Handley
Zack W. Handley
Paul Kedrosky: Infectious Greed : Michael Lewis: The End -
"Reading the description of how the brokerages were creating synthetic CDOs for sale and short was jaw dropping , and immediately understood.... simultaneously,,, therein lies the problem... I read this article after the Gladwell article in the New Yorker "“I don’t think anybody was being venal or corrupt. It’s not a scandal as we normally understand scandals,” he says. “It’s a case of the system being, the risk models being broken, the system not functioning as it should, regulation not being appropriate to what people were doing.” Tinker with the risk models, increase the regulatory structure, Gladwell says, and the problem is solved. That may not be as emotionally satisfying as punching out a CEO on a treadmill, but it’s a lot more comforting." WOW. f'ing WOW." - Zack W. Handley
Dave Winer
Brave New PAC ad aired today on Hardball -
Brave New PAC ad aired today on Hardball
The new post-Partisan candidate: Barak Obama! whatever. - Zack W. Handley
The ad came from a PAC, it didn't come from Obama. - Dave Winer
Zack W. Handley
Fresh blood for the vampire (Camille Paglia/Salon) -
Paglia understand what most democrats don't: "But the one fundamental precept that Democrats must stand for is independent thought and speech. When they become baying bloodhounds of rigid dogma, Democrats have committed political suicide." - Zack W. Handley
Dave Winer
McCain is a creepy little coward. He's scared of the press, what'll happen when the Russians threaten him? Hide in a corner till it's over?
This might be the most ludicrous statement yet. Dave has become talk radio of FFeed (and I'm a liberal). - Michael W. May
Name calling always elevates the discourse. Bravo! - Zack W. Handley
In his twisted little mind, that's why he picked Palin - so he could easily invade russia - just listen to cindy - - jeneane sessum
scared? Isn't he the guy who has open conversations with the press in his bus just a few ago? We respected all 4 of these candidates before the election, let's not demonize them. - Andrew Warner
Andrew, great -- let's go -- put Palin on a bus with reporters and let her answer some questions. - Dave Winer
Calling McCain a "creepy little coward" is not going to help Obama, Dave. The election is going to be won by attracting voters in suburban Columbus, Ohio, and places like that. You may convince them that Obama will be a better president. But you'll only piss them off by calling McCain a coward. - Rex Hammock
Well Rex thanks for sharing your opinion. I'm tired of tiptoeing around the egos of creepy little cowards like McCain and Rove. So unless you get the First Amerndment repealed, I'm going to keep saying what I think aobut these creeps and cowards. - Dave Winer
Dave, in all fairness it seems like Rex was speaking to the effectiveness of your communication and not your right to say what ever you wish. I agree that we don't want to top toe around the egos of McCain and Rove, but I would also hate to push away the people whose votes will essentially decide the election; those people are on the fence. - Jackson Miller
Well I don't go for that effectiveness stuff. It's as if every one of us was a pundit on some cable news show. Remember what happened when the two Republicans (Murphy and Noonan) said on MSNBC what they really thought, not just what they were *supposed* to say. That's how I want discourse done. What Rex was saying to me disgusts me more than if he thinks McCain is a great guy, the perfect leader for our country, if he really believes it. Telling someone to STFU is totally un-American and I reject it. - Dave Winer
In other words Rex was WRONG and because he's my friend I'm going to say it perfectly clearly because I don't want even the slightest chance that he doesn't hear me loud and clear. - Dave Winer
And if you don't believe it can be that way read this post and celebrate the coolness of our form of government. - Dave Winer
Dave, can you point me to where Rex said STFU? I can't find it and it seems out of character. - Jackson Miller
I didn't say STFU. I love it when you say stuff. I'd never tell you to STFU. I said I don't believe you are helping your cause of getting Obama elected by calling McCain a creepy little coward. That's my opinion. Period. - Rex Hammock
Note to everyone else: My skin is thick and Dave Winer is my friend. I don't mind him telling me if he thinks I'm wrong -- even loudly and clearly. I wouldn't have posted my opinion publicly in this thread had I not wanted to discuss this publicly. What I won't do publicly is get into a feud with him. Dave and I agree on many things, even when we start out thinking we don't. Sometimes, even political things. - Rex Hammock
What I heard is this: It is your opinion that I should STFU. - Dave Winer
I agree with Rex. While I don't agree with Dave, I think he's working against his cause by taking the low road lately. - Ernie Oporto
hmm... sure McCain seems scared... kind of like when he was in Vietnam? Boy, making it through that has to be a piece of cake compared to - "the Press"... good one Dave... you came out on top with that comment. - Ken Stewart | ChangeForge from twhirl
In context, I think it sounds like Dave is referring to the fact that McCain is preventing his (not very well-known) running mate from participating in the Sunday news shows, as he tweeted earlier. ( This is all the more unusual given that McCain has repeatedly referred to the media as "his base." - Karim
What Dave has done is what we used to refer to in my neighborhood as "calling someone out." :-) Not to be Dave's apologist, but it happens occasionally when a) you have testosterone and b) someone REALLY pisses you off. :-) - Karim
I'm sorry you heard it that way. I'm never going to tell you to STFU. Hell, I had to use Google to see what it meant. - Rex Hammock
Robert Scoble
So Is Chrome The Fastest Or What? -
Fast but it keeps crashing on some pretty basic power surfing (pandora, gmail, ff, reader...) - Zack W. Handley
Hasn't crashed for me yet. - Roberto Bonini
Hasn't crashed for me either... - Bhavesh
No crashes yet, however I can't use Facebook with it. It's better than expected for a beta. - Mo Kargas
It uninstalls really fast ;) - Jemm
when i say "keeps crashing" I mean more than once;-) - Zack W. Handley
@Sean, it's unusual, because other Webkit browsers handle the same Facebook parts (like the comment links) with no problems. - Mo Kargas
Every browser is fast the day it's launched. And then they find security issues and plug them = slower. Then they create an add-on architecture = slower. Then they figure out advertising = slower. The list continues... until the next browser hits the market and we talk about how fast IT is. - Douglas Karr from twhirl
@Mo @Sean Similar problems with Facebook - however the new Facebook is pretty ropey in Firefox for me too - not quite as bad as Chrome but does stall from time to time doing certain things. - Richard Peat
the update to chrome fixes the facebook issues - Rahul Das
Fast. +1 Sean - Dave Martin
Douglas Karr wins the thread. - Chris Hollander
Zack W. Handley
Paul Kedrosky: Infectious Greed : RNC/DNC: Crisis? What Crisis? -
"Conventions are commercials (MTV videos in the DNC case) designed to attract voters. Bad economy is as close as either party will go the credit mess for fear of losing viewers. Plus McCain (w his Substantial real estate holdings) & Obama (with his felonious real estate buddies & shady deals ) probably dont wanna really bring this up." - Zack W. Handley
Leo Laporte
I think we'll look back at this and say, this was when the American century ended and the Chinese century began.
Really? (Please note that my question was more of a shock reply. I heart Leo but on this one, I just do not see his logic.) - michael sean wright
Load of crap, Leo! Did you hear the cheering the Chinese had for the USA athletes? - Hal Rottenberg from twhirl
Hoping that we're fast approaching real globalism and a single country can't dominate. I think the more we all rely on one another, the less likely we will try to kill each another. - ·[▪_▪]·
Maybe you will. Sorta doubt I'm going to be dazzled by pretty lights and think it signals the end of America. Don't get me wrong, it was a cool opening ceremony, but I don't think that has much bearing on who's century this is. - Mark "Rizzn" Hopkins
Big fan of yours, Leo, but you'd be better served sticking to tech. With all due respect, that's a pretty vapid statement, sir. - Art Lindsey III
What determines the ownership of any century? Is this a national penis measuring contest? :) - Mo Kargas
America may be on the slide a bit with the economy and the current foreign policy, but to say this is the century of China seems like a big reach. As for Globalism, the world has a long way to go. Look at Russia and Georgia. - Matt Leake
I'm just looking for the Human Century. Let's just all join together and live in peace - I don't care who the leader is as long as we aren't killing each other. - iTad
The Pacific Century. Maybe David Wingrove will be right after all. - Akiva
Totally, Leo! Chinese olympiads will kill Twitter. And then Google! - Adam Lasnik
I fear this may be happening as well. It's rare I see people have a contrary position to yours, Leo, but the convo on Metafilter ( is also full of insight. - Rick
Wow! I sure hope not. What a loss for humanity if China is *the* world leader. - Brent Logan
No American spirit and wisdom is able to stand as the world leader Leo. Have faith in your own country for Gods sakes! - Colide81 (James)
He's drunk or something folks. Move along, nothing to see here. - Josh Haley
Our country has too long ignored the world whilst also given the world the bank note. I'm with Leo. - Michael W. May
I'm with MWM and thus with Leo. - Akiva
Insightful and provactive comment. China is truly sending a message. - Darrell Bell from twhirl
I don't agree with MWM saying that the USA has ignored the world. Intact we are one of the largest helpers of the world. The USA gives lots of money to poor countrys, we have many charitys that go all over the world helping people. - Colide81 (James)
I can certainly see the sun setting on the US as leading the way toward anything globally useful. China doesn't really have any non-conscripted fanboys, either. Pomp and Circumstance can get you warm and fuzzy, but i'm just not buying it anymore. - ɐ ɯıʞ sıɹɥɔ
wow defensiveness shows weakness and there a lot of defensiveness around this tweet - Xavier Vespa from twhirl
you people liked this post? that is frightening. hell no! China is a dead end. if it is a Chinese Century it won't be the Chinese in China! too many people you blue state lemmings! they have no resources. they are like the damn BORG! - NoahDavidSimon
Xavier, wow, what a grossly unqualified, thoroughly baseless, and obviously useless statement to make. People are expected to defend what they say. It's not a sign of weakness, it's a sign of discourse. Sheesh. - Akiva
Chinese century? As america goes so goes the world. So if this is the end of the american century, this is the end of the chinese century as well. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Wow, now its a red state vs. blue state thing!?!?! You want to talk about lemmings? - Darrell Bell from twhirl
If China were a stock, I would short it. It is a country poor in natural resources and "rich" in people. Raw ingredients from all over the world are being shipped across the oceans (powered by oil) to be turned into finished products by cheap labor, then shipped around the world (powered by oil). That doesn't make sense in a world of expensive oil. And it certainly doesn't make sense as robotics keep improving and as nanofab becomes viable. - John McCrea
Just to add more fuel to the fire... Why does America owe China so much money? Why are most of the consumer goods made in China? When was the last thing you bought that said, "Made in America?" Sounds like a Global economy to me. The days of America being afforded the luxury of the arrogance of some the comments here are long gone. That is not red state vs. blue state. That is not... more... - Darrell Bell from twhirl
I agree, Akiva. We should expect people to give a defense of their knowledge and beliefs. We have the choice whether to be persuaded or not. - Melanie Reed
Alex, 'As America goes so goes the world'? That is incredibly apropos. Look at what became of the Roman Empire and the world which followed it. Earth covers earth. - Akiva
China is an ancient culture as regards (and in comparison) to the culture that is currently recognized as America. Both countries have allowed factions to 'push and pull' at their respective mainstream cultures (as has any country, past or present) to define their place on the world stage at any given moment. But it is not linear in description. It more follows an illustration of bread dough being punched and kneaded. No one stays on "top" for any length of time on the world stage. - Melanie Reed
Whilst it may be hard to see the USA losing its global influence; I think that China will begin to exert more influence as it 'catches up' with post-industrialisation, post-modernity and the new digital convergence. If only China could do something about its public relations image. Maybe it should start blogging. - Chris Loft
It's easier to see when these things happen to you personally -that the old phrase "money makes the world go round" gets more true with every passing year. Governments are not the powerful institutions they are perceived as being: it is the money behind them. And that can switch "country" hands in a deal. Hence, the old phrase: "Them that has the gold rules." Not kind-heartedness or intelligence. When times are "peaceful and good" for a nation it is easier to ignore this. - Melanie Reed
Somehow, I don't think that China will be the next global champion of freedom, I could be wrong. - Robert Hafer
As regards the cheering this way or that, I'm a bit reserved on that considering that we had reports that the Chinese people were only days before the ceremonies "being schooled" on what was appropriate behavior and conversation to visitors to their country. There are also issues of imprisoned who are not allowed freedom of religion in China as well. Indeed, visitors were told they would only be allowed 1 personal Bible into the country. - Melanie Reed
As for World Peace, first you have eliminate petty dictators and oppresive regimes; to do that you need a world body that doesn't allow dictators and the like as members. Maybe a body like this will replace the UN some day. - Robert Hafer
What I mean by as america goes...Our economy really drives and is linked to the economies of the other developed countries. You can see this if you watch the markets of the developed countries. They tend to go up or down together. China's economy is inextricably linked to ours, so if our economy begins to fail so too does China's. If Americans stop buying Chinese goods, China will no longer have enough money to pay for their expansion. And not a lot of money from the goods made in China we buy stays there. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
It's something like for every $100 of Chinese made goods purchased only about $4-6 stays in their country. They are actually more vulnerable to spikes in the price of raw materials because of how their economy is set up. Oh and plenty of things are still made in America...just not a lot of high tech stuff. You can actually find many American made goods if you go to Home Depot or IKEA. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
People see China as this huge manufacturing juggernaut when really they are just the manufacturer of choice for most companies at this time. But they are actually having to close down factories now as it becomes too expensive to make goods there. And the companies that looked to China to drive down costs will continue to look elsewhere to continue to cut costs, particularly as the price of raw materials continues to rise. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Didn't we use to say the same about Japan in the 80's? - Braga
Alex, I want what your on "As america goes so goes the world." Rubbish. China may have need America to where it is today, but a middle class that is said to grow from 100m today to 700m by 2020 drives domestic demand. I only saw a figure yesterday that 90% of wood imports into China remain in China. They may take a hit if America goes under, but they'll still keep growing - Duncan Riley
I, for one, welcome our new ping pong playing overlords. - monkeystick
This is why I love certain people when they talk tech their knowledge of politics is absolutely laughable. - Thomas Vincent
That Leo equates a Communist countries Potemkin theater with the future of a nation is more revealing about how little Leo gives serious thought before making these kind of statements. I can't help but wonder if he would have had that same opinion if he was there suffering through long lines, bad air quality and jet lag to attend in person. But then Leo ought to be smart enough to differentiate between theater and real life or maybe he has been to one too many Steve Jobs keynote. - Thomas Vincent
I remember when the Japanese where going to take over the world. Then, they had a near Depression....... - Dan Sleezer
For those with thoughts about Leo - Ernie Foss from twhirl
Wrong button, about Leo's thoughts on China, I make the suggestion you read the book series The Forbidden Kingdom a three book paperback set, years old now but so advanced in it's true vision of the future. - Ernie Foss from twhirl
I'm not so sure. The mass orchestration of people as "pixels" in the opening ceremonies had a <a href=""></a> "Olympia"</a> feel about it, and the symbolism of the children handing the flag off to the military was (probably deliberately) a bit chilling. It may be my cultural bias, but I'll take the much more inspirational opening of the last summer Olympics in Greece - give me messages of individual initiative any day. - Technodad
Yikes! I better get my family some smog masks stat - Zack W. Handley
If nothing else, China is learning quickly how to play the PR game. They're consistent in their foreign policy (kill all the citizens you want, just keep the raw materials coming), their domestic policy (worship the almighty RMB all you want, just keep the religion and protests toothless), and their national ambitions (R.E.S.P.E.C.T.). Their opening ceremonies were appropriately (for them) massive and intricate. They won't be ignored any longer. - Kawika Holbrook
While you can't exactly stick your fingers in your ears and la la la your way to thinking China's not catching up fast...there are still a lot of areas that the US can remain competitive in. It's not the end of the American century. America needs to reinvent itself. To do so, you need to understand what you're up against. Accepting 3rd party China analysis fed to you by journalists with no China experience themselves isn't going to cut it. Hop on a plane and see for yourself if possible. - Christine Lu
Duncan Riley - First off, use "your" and "you're" correctly if you are trying to win an argument so as to not detract from your points. Secondly, if you have been watching the markets, you can see a direct effect to all of the markets throughout the world, except for those that run counter to our economy (such as Brazil because their economy is based heavily on energy commodities such as oil), from the decline in the US economy. It's direct. It's real and it's measurable. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
And I didn't make up those numbers on how much money from China's manufacturing actually stays in China. That's from NPR. You can look it up if you want, but don't say that I'm smoking crack without doing your homework first. And what does China's imports of wood have to do with how much they make for goods that they export? Anyhow, think about it. China does not design most of the products they sell. Their factories are mainly contracted by multinational companies to make goods at lowest cost. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
And it's a fact that there have been a number of factories in China that have had to close down. The fact is that America isn't as downtrodden as people would have us believe...but the outlook ain't all that great either. The world isn't getting any smaller and neither is the pool of available resources. If things continue as they have been, we will all be in the toilet. Americans, Europeans, Chinese and everyone else. But the rich will stay rich. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Zack W. Handley
Paul Kedrosky: Infectious Greed : The End of Naive Contrarianism -
"Reflexive contrarianism can never win long term and will be proven wrong quickly however: " the market's investing pack is usually right:" is generous if not reckless. I still consider myself contrarian if polled though most don't hold me to it and simply call me difficult or cantankerous" - Zack W. Handley
Zack W. Handley
Paul Kedrosky: Infectious Greed : China's Cement Fixation -
"I think the most interesting part of this cool crowdsourcing is how much larger China's cement (or seement as they say here in Texas) production has been for the entire data set and how small their GDP remains. BTW I am betting most of the US Cement is probably made in Mexico by that rich guy whose name escapes." - Zack W. Handley
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