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Religions who accept evolution as fact.
This is based on the US population right? Because I'm sure this varies wildly based on nation - Mo Kargas
yeah, thats right Mo - Zee. from IM
If The Church Of The Flying Spaghetti Monster was on there it would be the highest. :P - MarkCarras
Is this the traditional Darwinst theory or does it also include off-shoots and derivatives? - Ken Stewart | ChangeForge
Sorry - this should correctly read: 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100... - Louis Gray
Traditional Darwin's theory is 150 years old and out of date and NOBODY "believes" in it any more. But evolutionary biology is thriving. While there are interesting debates about details within the discipline, there are no serious "offshoots" of it. - Bora Zivkovic
wait - 8% of JWs think evolution is correct?? - Chris Cotsapas
Wait, I'm so disgusted by this thing. Are we seriously saying that less than half of all Americans believe that evolution is fact!?!? That's the real shame here. - Greg
This is a good discussion: http://scienceblogs.com/gnxp... - Bora Zivkovic
So Jehovah's Witness is not exactly Darwin's witness. I'm shocked, shocked I tell you, and I damn well deserve to be. Tase me bro. It keeps me on the tips of my toenails. I'd be curious to see where Taoists and Sufis rate on this chart. Strange that the two best ones were left off. Is it that the researcher was not evolved enough to know this? - david beckwith
I wish this broke Anglicans (Episcopalians, etc) out from other protestants ,,, curious where they stand - Sean Reiser
The mainline group is disturbingly middle-of-the-road, it really should have been broken out, at least into two groups. - xero
in my conversion, I was taught that using our mind and common sense was important while interpreting the Bible - Sean Reiser
You also can't just look at the Bible itself. You have to look at how and why it was constructed, how it has been translated, and who did all of that. What were their motivations. What were the times like when they wrote it? How much of it was political or just wise at the time vs how much might be "divine". I feel pity for anyone who believes that the Bible et al, in the non-native language is 100% the divine word of the deity, letter for letter. They're just incredibly naive. Metaphors are a grey area tho - xero
Agree with Louis - evolution fits in with every religion. Who's to say God didn't use evolution to create man? - Jesse Stay
I'm sorry, Sean, but if you used your mind and common sense, you'd negate the fundamental tenets ofa religion. You have to blindly accept and not question what you are supposed to know by faith (i.e., without your brain). The Christian Bible, the Quran, the Talmud, all of them depend fundamentally on the notion that faith is what cannot be proven or understood. This is why Buddhists rank higher than any other religion. For one thing, it started as a philosophy that was turned into a religion. - Greg
That's it. I'm moving to Buddistan. - no name
That's interesting. I never knew a Muslim who didn't accept evolution as a scientific fact. - Anika
+1 Louis! - Zach Landes
I like to think of myself as a Buddhist Mormon. I think you can do that, philosophically at least. - Jesse Stay
@Greg - I can't really agree to that. I haven't read a text yet that ever really says to not question. They generally say to have faith for the things you can't answer. It's the humans teaching the religion that say to not question. - xero
@xero Sorry, but just show me where in any religious text it says that by thinking you will know peace, or God, or have salvation. It's quite the opposite. In fact, many of the parables of Christ show someone thinking instead of doing and be reviled for it. You can't be a true thinker and be religious. A day's worth of honest and fearless thinking will remove any doubt as to religion and religious texts. They are machines to control thinking and to root out independence. - Greg
Well the Qur'an tells you to question and to think. That thinking and the search for knowledge are the highest goals you can achieve besides being nice to your family. - Anika
@Anika, from my studies (admittedly without help of an imam or sheikh) the Quran is the most open as to the limits of questioning and thinking. Al-Hajj 22:76, Al-Baqara 2:108 but most of all Al-Maeda 5:101. I know that the line all questions go back to Allah for decision is a common refrain throughout the Quran. This is a circular proof and cannot support the notion that thinking is highly vaulted in Islam. - Greg
1 Thessalonians 5:21 "Prove all things; hold fast that which is good.", James 1:5, Most all of early Proverbs, Ecclesiastes 7:11-12, D&C 46: 18, D&C 130: 18-19, D&C 131: 6 - xero
Christian teachers tend to dissuade followers from questioning things, because it invariably leads to a length of time of doubting everything. Which means you might leave (and so does your money). But good teachers know you have to go through that and arrive at your own conclusions to have any real faith in anything. Good teachers help you through that time. But if you attended public school, you know there is a shortage of good teachers. - xero
@Greg: I don't think it was ever just because they were "thinking", it was generally because they were "doubting", which comes from thinking with limited knowledge. - xero
Vatican just renewed support for Darwin's work. - Phil Boiarski
I posted to my blog on the subject http://xeronos.livejournal.com/2608... - Greg
While i can get behind evolution on a small scale there are many thing which i feel don't make sense. The leap from single celled organism's to me is just to fair of a jump. If we take survival of the fittest as a guiding principle there's bit of the way we are that to me make no sense. - Jamie Vidamour