Ok, i’m just going to come out and say it…I love Starbucks. - http://zee.me/status/165
lol someone just announced they were unfollowing me on Twitter because of this...and did! lol - Zee.
wifi, plugs, comfy chairs, familiar atmosphere, chilled music, friendly staff - Zee.
yep :) intentional mind - Zee.
I'm sorry. - Hookuh Tinypants
I'll say it: I like Starbucks coffee. Maybe it tastes burnt to some people, but I like strong coffee in my cafe au lait. And, they have soy milk. - Ha3rvey (on hiatus)
Starbucks coffee isn't strong, it's definitely burnt (and often times tastes "stale"). There's a definite difference between the two. I love strong coffee. Which is why I *don't* go to Starbucks. - Hookuh Tinypants