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Just realised how hard introducing myself to Americans is gonna be. My name is Zee. ‘Zee’, ‘E’ ‘E’. Zed doesn’t compute here. -
What's hard about it? - Dave Winer
Zee-ee-ee! - Rochelle
well i got a blank stare when i first said it in Starbucks. The barista asked, how do you spell that? I said "Zed", "E", "E". Received a blank stare...Then I said "Zee", "E", "E", which then got him a little more confused... - Zee.
To be fair, Zee is a pretty ridiculous name isn't it? - Mark
Mark's a bit shit too. Might as well be "Scratch". - Zee.
Is there a story behind your name, Zee? I always kind of thought it was a nickname... :) - Lindsay
@Lindsay oh my name is actually Ziad (pronounced Zee-add). But it's been Zee to virtually everyone since 11 - Zee.
Hallo, Mr. Ziad! - imabonehead
Got it. They might think your name is just the letter Z. We don't do Zed here. It's true. - Dave Winer
It's all good. I'm just gonna, my name's Zee. Yeah, like the letter and grin. :) - Zee.
@Dave are you at TC50? - Zee.
@Zee -- unfortunately not. Busy with rssCloud stuff, and as you know, they've been pretty hostile to RSS. You might want to ask them why. - Dave Winer
One of my good friends in NY is called Zlatina, and everybody calls her Zee. Don't worry. ;-) - Rubin Sfadj
Hmmmmm, I have had a few friends who went by 'Zee' and have never had a problem. They just said, "Like the letter, just spell it out." - Anika
@Anika yeah - think thats the best route. - Zee.
Zee, also we drive on the right side of the road, so be careful crossing the street. :-P - Pete D from iPhone
And parents of kids under the age of 8 will know your name just from Noggin: - Anika
I actually know two whole people, Americans nonetheless, who have the legal name "H". So they answer "just H" and people just go haywire. Can't help you with the American mindset. - Martha
Just say " I'm Z to the ezee" - Eric - Let Me Know
Here's an idea. Make up some long incomprehensible name that begins with Z. When you get the puzzled look, say "My friends call me Zee." They'll like that for two reasons: 1. They don't have to remember the name and 2. You said you'd like to be a friend. Americans generally like this. :-) - Dave Winer
Great one, Dave!!! - Martha